Guy from the audience plays drums with Foo Fighters. Wheels. Pola Croatia 19-06-2019
Richard Greenbury is on fire!!!

Pola - Croatia 19/06/2019

  • Greg and_Machiko
    Greg and_Machiko far, the BEST video capture of Richard the drummer. Cannot get enough of the video. Thanks for sharing your talent in holding the cell phone still. FIVE STARS.

    • Lars Hollstein
      Lars Hollstein

      normally I would say ... dance rock feel ... fuck your phone! this time I let it go through!

    • Maestro

      So good!!

    • Shawn Sato-Veillon
      Shawn Sato-Veillon

      @cerve92 "filmed by an humble Huawei P10 lite" no way!

    • Maureen Woodard
      Maureen Woodard

      I’ve come back to this several times cause I love Richard

    • Striker Bowls
      Striker Bowls


  • Southern Outfitters
    Southern Outfitters

    My hero, he’s ordinary…

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa


  • Michael W
    Michael W

    Uk forever 🇬🇧 give Richard a job 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • baba jaga
    baba jaga

    Tu byłem. Tony Halik 2021

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson

    I'm gonna expect this crowd surfing for talent at every FF concert.

  • John K
    John K

    "This motherfucker can play the drums"

  • Krijg Wat
    Krijg Wat

    "Guy from the audience" is a great artists name.

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    Fuckin Absolute Lived it brother!!! King Richard

  • Flo D
    Flo D

    These two are amazing! Speaking of Richard and the cameraman!

  • Rajiv Dangol
    Rajiv Dangol

    This is truly beautiful.. Sooth soul in deeper level. Thanks for sharing man.

  • Dunleav

    fuckin nailed it

  • Flo D
    Flo D

    I love how the drumstick broke at 8:19 and he finishes it one-handed. 😂 This dude is a killer!

  • Flo D
    Flo D

    This was one of the best live performances I've ever seen - considering the circumstances.

  • MR. D.
    MR. D.

    Yeah okay..sure...

  • Bronco Billy
    Bronco Billy


  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    Later that evening…that security dude is talkin to his wife when she asks “did you see that drummer dude everyone is talkin bout”? He quietly and angrily walks away. Lol

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    I’m not a fan of his style. It takes away from the fundamentals of drumming-said by every other jealous mfer 😂😂

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    Guess I’ll never take a sign to a FF show. Don’t want Dave mistakenly bringing me up to show everyone my ass.

  • P W
    P W

    Working in investment banking now. What a talent!

  • Christopher Karlon
    Christopher Karlon

    He heat the stage up, soo talented guy... He got a great story to tell now....

  • Bobby Blaze
    Bobby Blaze

    Finally somebody who can record a live performance without making a shaky mess with piss poor audio. Thank you

  • andyquinntv

    5:54 is an amazing moment. Imagine having Dave grohl standing in front of YOU in awe of your performance. Can tell by the drummers face that he’s blown away.

  • andyquinntv

    Holy shit did that guy nail the drumming. Epic performance

  • Mk Sports Cards
    Mk Sports Cards

    Love this video! Did anyone notice Richard threw one drumstick behind him before they were done, then the second one….that’s talent!

  • Christophe Bertaux
    Christophe Bertaux

    absolutely amazing

  • Zubin alias
    Zubin alias

    That’s what we live for

  • Clayton Mayer
    Clayton Mayer

    Fucking awesome video

  • zigzag posers
    zigzag posers

    Every drummer watching this thinks could I do that ?!? That stress infront of thousands of ppl , playing whole song live with foo fighters on the stage in that level … I’m a drummer myself I’m telling you Richard he is a experienced drummer very much

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush

    I stumbled across this by accident but now I come back to watch this once I’m a life time performance from a gay outta the crowd. I don’t know the band but you gotta love how humble they are to give fans a shot.

  • spreadhead4201

    I love how in the first 2 seconds of Richard playing, Dave just “knows” and laughs and points at him like “this guys got it”

  • Tim Hudson
    Tim Hudson

    Literally whatever he is doing Monday morning cannot compare. Well Fu*king done Richard that was awesome. Dave Grohl what a legend - he understands what that meant to him

  • Clark h
    Clark h

    Waiting for "Foo Fighter RICHARD" to reappear in another gig..

  • Phillip Van Rensburg
    Phillip Van Rensburg

    just imagine how he must've felt, what a moment in his life. Mad skills on the drums BRO!!

  • Mike

    that was really good considering the circumstances and no headphones.

  • B Wazy
    B Wazy

    08:15 - Homie be like “there goes my job” 😳😂

  • Burk

    I'm not a fan of foo fighters but i am fan of this guy

  • Antoine Scotto
    Antoine Scotto

    this drumming is actually better than original imo

  • PotatoGamerHD

    That fill before the first chorus on the drums! got the crowd going and the band smiling haha! love it!

  • Zynpar09

    This is a dream come true for any drummer

  • Josiah Mathew
    Josiah Mathew

  • Ian

    IT'S A FIX, this will have all been organised months in advance! BANDS HAVE ALWAYS DONE CHEESEBALL stuff like this. Dave Grohl always this shit to waste a bit of time cos his vocals aren't strong enough to carry a full gig. All this crap gives his voice a rest.

  • ImportedFromSerbia

    Imagine the scene in the bar, Richard sitting next to you, and you having a chat with him, he tells you his story, this story!!! Your reactions is “get the f out of here”. 😁😁😁😁

  • MTB Jim
    MTB Jim

    Great job getting the audience involved... time of his life.

  • Justin

    Imagine throwing the sticks of destiny when you finished. RIP.

  • Tim Townsend
    Tim Townsend

    On par with Scottish Tony

  • Julian

    So staged it's boring

  • Luke

    My smile continually gets bigger as the video plays on!

  • Somiran Sharma
    Somiran Sharma

    Anyone watching in 2021?

    • cerve92

      Fun fact: untill June 2021 this video has only 25k views

  • Pillsbeforesex

    Pola arena.. roman empire.

  • Brandon Appleton
    Brandon Appleton

    “My confidence” I played guitar hero once or twice… My ability is equal to a second grader. 🥴

  • Aditya Mukherjee
    Aditya Mukherjee

    song name?

  • Gary Winner
    Gary Winner

    This made my eyes sweat.

  • Francek

    Its Pula* not Pola!

  • Aftab Mohammed
    Aftab Mohammed

    The chap holding on this phone is a legend. Thanks to you the thousands who watched this video and enjoyed. 5 stars to you man.

  • Funky Doolittle
    Funky Doolittle

    Dave can call me motherfucker any time if could play drums like that...

  • Luke Cook
    Luke Cook

    Foo fighters - can you play the drums?… Richard - hold my beer.

  • Redwood On The Beat
    Redwood On The Beat


  • Henrik Rónai
    Henrik Rónai

    Most impressing thing for me is he like needed 30 seconds to adjust and get used to it and found the tempo

  • Sven Heiter
    Sven Heiter

    This sure put a smile on my face

  • Ashwin Poojary
    Ashwin Poojary

    This dude played better drums in 9 minutes than Lars Ulrich could in his entire career 😅

  • Ino145


  • Artan A
    Artan A

    This is the power of music, bringing people together. Just beautiful

  • LFCBenH

    This is the best video on the internet

  • Derek Sparks
    Derek Sparks

    God damn!

  • wellbi

    Great drumming. And I imagine that Dave Grohl is what Keanu Reeves would be if he was an extrovert. Great video.

  • Opening Doors
    Opening Doors

    out of rythem sorry guys cant you hear?

  • Hollander

    Ik word echt kankerziek van die LOI reclames godverdomme

  • cxb13

    Foos seem to bring people up from the audience on the regular. Has anyone ever just been awful?

  • fred kerlin
    fred kerlin

    The sick aluminum curiosly escape because crayfish routinely handle to a worthless feeling. literate, macho algeria

  • Akash Biswakarma
    Akash Biswakarma

    Very well played he can possibly be one of the best drummers in the world

  • Fly Hawk
    Fly Hawk

    "A moment of greatness, however, brief will stay with a man forever" -The Replacements

  • Lohkie2_ _3
    Lohkie2_ _3

    Him 15 years later: bro did I ever tell you ab.... Everyone else: YES WE KNOW!

  • sax1607

    They didn’t know what Pula is city of a lots lots of bands and musicians.

  • David Muriithi
    David Muriithi

    Too fucking dope

  • R D
    R D

    i almost cried for the guy he was incredible beyond words so profesional what an absolute star to get up ther and just perform like that seamless faultless he brought his game takes some nerve top guy

  • Jefke Intwestvlaams
    Jefke Intwestvlaams

    why does this video have so many dumbs down? This is a fucking awesome video, credits to the person who filmed it so steady and 500 thumbs up for the drummer kid who can drums likes hell :-D

  • Angela Piper
    Angela Piper

    The nippy whip peroperatively grip because waste unknowingly exercise atop a nutty icon. oafish, jobless europe

  • heyeunhae

    holy shit

  • Alidarso Denny
    Alidarso Denny

    Thats a good drummer love how he handel it

  • lokidokiyoki

    i will now stand up from my seat and proceed to clap for this man

  • Daniel Erhard
    Daniel Erhard

    This is my dream every time I go to a concert. Only difference I play the guitar

  • Thomas

    It’s the f**kin’ Catalina wine mixer

  • WeAre1ne

    whoever is recording this please get a job where you record you will make millions

  • Daniel McEnrue
    Daniel McEnrue

    This video is incredible. Feels like you're there! Can't get over those fills!

  • javier rivera
    javier rivera


  • Javier Alonso Berlanga
    Javier Alonso Berlanga

    Maybe he is not the best drummer, but has two big balls to play

  • Steve Brunet
    Steve Brunet

    That made me cry

  • Andrew Handley
    Andrew Handley


  • Daniel E. Diaz
    Daniel E. Diaz

    I have no words to say how this whole video made me feel

  • Ian Goldsmith
    Ian Goldsmith

    if someone could of told the microphone grabber to not be so prominent .......

  • AdamP

    Did you touch my Drumset?

  • Testeroso

    He was very good throughout but felt very reserved. It was actually to give justice to music and not play the first strings. Very smart drumming. Then at the end he just blew my mind

  • Relief By Music
    Relief By Music

    he knows the song. watcing my fav band, ofcourse he knows it lol

  • travis sekutt
    travis sekutt

    hey if that guy’s son ever watches this, your dad is fucking legendary for that

  • Paul Summerfield
    Paul Summerfield

    Is the drummer in his own band?

  • Caleb Newton
    Caleb Newton

    I was smiling through out this entire video. I love it when the band let's a fan play with them and are surprised when the fan actually knows how to play.

  • David Sue
    David Sue

    Hello! Can you help me? Listen to my new song, War Horses! Here in my ISdowns chanel!

  • The Black Simba
    The Black Simba

    Omfg… this was so amazing!!

  • toot

    It's Pula, not Pola