Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?
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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Judle _
    Judle _

    Sadly I don’t like mushrooms

  • nova

    I have a new zombie apocalypse plan

  • MDK

    So what you telling us is we have an avg of 60 years worth of food inside most supermarkets yet people starve,

  • Filo Sofia
    Filo Sofia

    Well I cried at the end.

  • iilovelavalamps

    matt pat

  • ichhabganisgemakt

    The first items you should eat are milk products like yogurt or milk or cheese or smth cuz they can expire faster than for example a bag of chips

  • Unlined Photon
    Unlined Photon

    Matpat isn't partial He doesn't care if you have a verification tick or not he ain't hearting you 😭😭

  • Boofy

    Assuming Evan is 17 years old or older and the average age of an american is 80 he HAS lived a long life, Evan will die of old age before dying of no food.

  • michael florido
    michael florido

    take into account the seeds from the fruits and vegetables, can be put in the soil provided by the store giving him another year or two of food

  • Cat Cake
    Cat Cake

    I thought sad it’s always a twist with a twist was good this time

  • TooStonedForThisShit

    6:21 I have never been in a grocery store that has windows that can be opened. They are literally just glass walls.

  • Xavier Mendoza
    Xavier Mendoza

    food theory idea: what is gluten!?

  • Eleonore Bugbee
    Eleonore Bugbee

    What about the stuff that’s in the warehouse and the chillers and freezers not on the shop floor, not to mention other areas such as the break room, offices etc some stores even have a little cafe in them

  • Bush Raptor
    Bush Raptor

    this is one of my favourite videos you have ever made matt

    • Bush Raptor
      Bush Raptor

      and team

  • itsjustCadin(;

    That's really cool to know

  • Hamza Abdel Mohdy
    Hamza Abdel Mohdy

    What about pickling food?

  • Lollipop Bob
    Lollipop Bob

    well in a super market surely there will be soil, fertilizer and pots, maybe he could build a small greenhouse near the window. A good use for all of his human waste.

  • otto leeverink
    otto leeverink

    well you can last longer some foods can grow inside off the store you see compost turns back in to soil just like youre stool yes it sounds grose but you need it to grow food instore fruit contains seeds. and potatoe's just need a dark place to sprout new plants. the vitamins as long as they stay dry and dark can last decades beyond theyr expiration date. and instead off eating 3 times aday witch you do have to do in the beginning because off fast spoiling food like eggs cheese bread and fruit meats but you can skipp a meal you dond always need 2000 calories because you need that when working a normal day but over time you dont need to do very hard work canned foods can go over 50 years in theyr can. also powdered foods and candy ca change theyr flayfor over time they are still eddable no you dond need all the amino acids every day also sugared food like serial or cany dont realy go stale they lose their taste and just taste like sugar. water from the store will stay good for a period of time but dont let it get to hot because there are still bacteria in the water witch overtime can become toxic because the water in the bottle is stagnant and also canned meat does expire yes after theyr 2 year date they will become uneddible. Oh ad if he does need more mud and there is no radiation in the groung or air he gan get more fom outside the windows next to the store.

  • Zeynep Demir
    Zeynep Demir

    I would kms after eating all the junk food

  • raeven pitts
    raeven pitts

    If he can open the window to smoke the meat then he isn’t locked inside.

  • Mr_NastyNate

    where does this "Evan" get his water resources from, there cant be like an unlimited source of water to drink and to give to the plants

  • Julia Hamon
    Julia Hamon

    I always think abt this thank you

  • ITnugget

    nice to know

  • cupid valentino
    cupid valentino

    mmm shitrooms my favorite

  • Jameson Segler
    Jameson Segler

    The issue here, even with all the amino acids handled, is the other portion of Evan's nutrition. Yes, his vitamins and minerals are handled in the early years from the supplements, but once even's food supply consists only of potatoes, mushrooms, and non-perishable foods, Evan's going to run into problems. At the very least he'll be at risk for Ricketts, because once the dairy spoils it'll be difficult to find a proper source of vitamin D, for example. I for one would absolutely adore a follow-up video about how Evan evades Victorian and Medieval vitamin deficiencies, or if he even can.

  • Deanna Martin
    Deanna Martin

    Let me hit you woth a better theory hpw about a CVS? It's got food and even medicine! Like to get Matt's attention

  • Shadow Drags
    Shadow Drags

    If you were traped in a Walmart you could live forever literally

  • King DsB
    King DsB

    Mr beast say hi

  • JuneSongstress

    Theorist: "that one person was curious about in the comments..." The 20+ People That Liked Said Person's Comment: "Are we a joke to you?"

  • Kacie Ross
    Kacie Ross


  • SimDoughnut

    Hmm, no power or water, and no refrigeration, but apparently Evan is incapable of breaking a window and leaving the grocery store.

  • frosty barrel
    frosty barrel

    This is oddly interesting

  • Nathan Moreno
    Nathan Moreno

    I like your channel🤘

  • Mario Cervantes
    Mario Cervantes

    Why not grow food? Don’t grocery stores have seed packets ?

    • Mario Cervantes
      Mario Cervantes

      Nvm just got to the seed part😂

  • Håkon Råde
    Håkon Råde

    Ah yes, who wouldn’t want to live on potatoes and mushrooms! XD

  • skunk9341 zk
    skunk9341 zk

    You forgot about the restockers area matpat, although I guess that doesn't matter considering you can survive infinitely either way

  • TTG Email
    TTG Email

    Thanks for the happy end

  • Joe Wilkinson
    Joe Wilkinson

    Well you are right about one thing Matt. Your string of theory channels are way past their expiration date.

  • martane

    You can refrigerate the foods though….theres fridge

  • KeepingUpWithKenza

    why does that Luke guy look like the person on TikTok who always plays a predatory older boyfriend w/o boundariesssssss

  • Poppy Clare
    Poppy Clare

    Climb out the window haha

  • M.A. Lucky Cousins
    M.A. Lucky Cousins

    Couldn't they just get out from the window when ur using the fire tho

  • WhtxD xu
    WhtxD xu

    wait at 2:41 2000 calories ? It wasnt 2000 kcal ?

  • Kalila McConville
    Kalila McConville


  • João Barros
    João Barros

    those last 13 years are a bit bs to be fair. you would most likely die sooner than you would be able to survive with 2000kcal of vodka every day.

  • Keith Brewer
    Keith Brewer

    All you gotta go is look at which food item lasts the longest and when it gets rotten is when you die

  • Vanessa B.
    Vanessa B.

    Well, as long as they have a restroom available and cleaning supplies, probably quite a while.

  • king swizz320
    king swizz320

    i want to see this again but in a costco you have everything generators food etc.

  • Haven and Olivia❤
    Haven and Olivia❤

    Comically large spoon.

  • Juju Monzon
    Juju Monzon

    What is 1+1matpat pls idk

  • Cooper Reed
    Cooper Reed

    How'd you get your thumbnail picture? Did you ask a nearby Kroger or Walmart if you could move their inventory and take a picture?

  • The Breille Show
    The Breille Show

    Me. Who made this script.

  • The Breille Show
    The Breille Show

    A little zero sugar coke I could eat a bunch.

  • jojohaj1087

    He would be able to still be able to stay alive for sooooo much longer than fist said because he can always replace some of the frozen foods that he wouldn't eat and he'd be able to toss the meats and such in the giant freezers in the rear of the restaurant and prolong the shelf life of meats and its depending on how long he could keep the temperature down as long as he shoves a few pallets in the freezer right away. On top of that there's still more pallets of food to be unpacked in the back. He'd theoretically wind up in a similar ending as this video.

  • brick phone
    brick phone

    sounin like tarkov, tho fr make a game theory on tarkov, or a lore vid

  • Mel Robertson
    Mel Robertson

    Several hours until they unlocked it the next morning........... yes I'm a smartass

  • Kala Kalim
    Kala Kalim

    7 o' clock in the morning Pickin' somethin' nice to eat in the evening... I'm in the snacks department When the exit doors lock quickly...

  • xxxtortila

    finna be drunk when i die

  • Erlandas Sliauteris
    Erlandas Sliauteris


  • Matthew Beesley
    Matthew Beesley

    Where's Jennifer Connelly?

  • Sevalecan

    So basically if I want to save money on food I can just live off mushrooms and potatoes.... Wait, is this the solution to world hunger?

  • Cedric Davis
    Cedric Davis

    All hail the mushroom


    Evan is smarter than the average shopper (Maybe he's a dietitian or an extreme survival genius) He looks like a guy who was preparing all he's life for the Doomsday. And having decided that the best place to end up was in a grocery. But what if aliens or creepy creatures enter the place. Are there guns or weapons to save him. If not, he could die sooner than expected.

  • Durkey

    Aye bro I work at stater bros.😂

  • Nicentoastytoast

    Knowledge plays such a huge role in this, all the meats could be preserved as pemmican in the first week using the grilling section in combination with the deli machines. Plus I mean let's be real here, would we rather have a bag of stale potato chips with mold on them, or be an indigenous tribe which survives on only whale blubber? Humans are pretty adaptable machines and tasty food is a luxury

  • GeoRush

    Our Lords & Saviors Potatoes & Mushrooms!!! 🤤😂🙏

  • gr1m sloth
    gr1m sloth

    What about water? Yes he can eat mushrooms for the rest of his time but what about is water. That can’t last long. Especially if he is in a drought for 2 to 3 years.

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop

    I just wanna know how you got that thumbnail.

  • Piotr Żwirowski
    Piotr Żwirowski

    If he cures the meats in salt and dry ages them they will last much longer than a month

  • TycoCaliFox

    Pretty sure after awhile Evan would be dead or moved on before he even gets to year 10 let alone year 1

  • Matthew Montalvo
    Matthew Montalvo

    I’d guess about 4 years or however long it takes for drinks to go bad or run out

  • Johnny Deleon
    Johnny Deleon


  • Josh Mason
    Josh Mason

    Great video was about to lose my mind though if you hadn't brought up farming.

  • Crimson spokes
    Crimson spokes

    Is owo here yet

  • Rohan Person
    Rohan Person

    maybe if you were to compile all the small suggestions that couldn't warrant a full episode, I got one to add to that list: if you went off of traditional calorimetry, how long could you power a computer off of a day's worth of kilocalories? or conversely, if humans could live off electricity, how many kiloJoules would you need every day?

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith

    Now I want to grow mushrooms

  • Samuel Martin
    Samuel Martin

    8:11 pickles actually no they last forever I think you should check your facts with those

  • ChaosAgent7 gaming
    ChaosAgent7 gaming

    Sheesh 👍

  • Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan

    I think one thing you can add could be that they wouldn't be needing as many calories as it is a very sedintary lifestyle.

  • Mayson Taylor
    Mayson Taylor

    i was about to say "Its up to mrbeast" in the comments then i saw it

  • ?

    Plot twist: you were in omega mart

  • Nightshadow4000

    Food theory idea can you live off of spoiled food

  • Jen


  • Brayan Teodoro Santiago Pascual
    Brayan Teodoro Santiago Pascual

    Just by seing the store i instantly quit.

  • Cayden Herring
    Cayden Herring

    Buc-ee’s would end this whole man’s career

  • Jacob Oddie
    Jacob Oddie

    Until my liver gives out

  • Martha Hawkinson-Michau
    Martha Hawkinson-Michau

    The only possible flaw I see in the math on this episode is the frequency with which one should add more compost to the soil beds. More compost should be added at regular intervals to maintain soil fertility. About every 1-2 years. Also, “Evan” shouldn’t need to use a campfire setup to smoke his meats and dry the produce. Most stores sell barbecue grills of one sort or another. Much safer in this scenario.

    • Gra Inc
      Gra Inc

      Evan produces additional "compost" on a daily basis. Also, assuming there's an access hatch to the roof, in the fall there would be leaves, which could be brought inside and composted. Actually, he could do his composting on the roof, keeping the smell out of the store.

  • JeremyJJMill5

    Yes but........ What about a Walmart...?

  • Green Mario
    Green Mario


  • Green Mario
    Green Mario

    shut up Mathew pattern

  • Connor Hartman
    Connor Hartman

    Okay but imagine walking into an abandoned store in a wasteland and just seeing dead Matthew or alive Matthew

  • Jacob Bell
    Jacob Bell

    This is definitely a result of that bird movie with Sandra bullock called blind side

  • bren.

    Actually he could last longer if he fasts by drinking water

  • Nice Goo
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  • Nice Goo
    Nice Goo

    Wendyhe will die😭😭😭

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    Nice Goo

    Wow wow just wow😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Nice Goo
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  • Nice Goo
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