Food Theory: You're Eating Pasta WRONG!
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Pasta is delicious but it is not always the healthiest option on any given menu. So, I wanted to see if there was a way to change that. Can we make our pasta healthier by doing the LEAST amount possible? Call this a hack, but I think I've found the SECRET to healthier pasta. What is it? You'll have to watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Emily Shwake, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Koen Verhagen, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Queen Dani
    Queen Dani

    As someone who struggles with their carb intake and is studying biochemistry, this video was not only super enjoyable to watch, but so informative! Awesome video 🥰

    • Forland


    • Christopher castleman
      Christopher castleman


    • Chunguslavania obama
      Chunguslavania obama

      @Hamox same 😳😳😳😳

    • Mc Donalds
      Mc Donalds

      @brutus the vandal so now do you see

    • Mc Donalds
      Mc Donalds

      @brutus the vandal ye but queen Dani (who has issues with carb intake) will eat more carbs thinking reheating it will make it healthy but since it has close to no difference and they will be eating more of it he/she could die have heart issues or die younger

  • Stickman Animations
    Stickman Animations

    Me: eats the entire olive garden Manager: please stop you've already ate the god dang building

  • Solute Service
    Solute Service

    I favourite thing there is the minestrone soup

  • Majestical 195
    Majestical 195

    "Yeah, he's back" 😂😂😂

  • vanderrich cendana
    vanderrich cendana

    eating pasta somehow makes me dizzy, but interesting tho

  • Alcor The Wise
    Alcor The Wise

    Now this brings up another question for those of us making several sittings worth of pasta to last a few days... How about the fridge life of pasta that's been reheated and cooled repeatedly!

  • Fred Fuchs
    Fred Fuchs

    Should have sold that Olive Garden stock long time ago it's tied in with Red Lobster

  • TG Unisona
    TG Unisona

    And all Italians scream in horror

  • Pink & Blue
    Pink & Blue

    That's funny, because I find cold pasta to be 10000x more tasty

  • Marta Gemignani
    Marta Gemignani

    I'm Italian and I really don't know how I ended up here, anyway in Italy we eat pasta everyday and we still have one of the healthiest diet in the world so, maybe, pasta isn't that bad.. 😂

  • Rossonero95

    This video drives a dagger through every Italian's heart who decides to watch this video... Re heated pasta?? NO THANKS

  • Ro Gaming
    Ro Gaming

    Mr funny bone man's brother disliked

  • nidoqueen106

    Yeeees cold pasta!

  • Jonathan Cruz
    Jonathan Cruz

    I just run 5 miles in the morning then 5 miles at night when I eat olive garden

  • Matt Scheifley
    Matt Scheifley

    Why does Matt act like Olive Garden is closed

  • X J
    X J

    In your face mom, she always lectured me for leaving all my food to cool, turns out is healthier.Also I always reheat my food so its another L for you mom.

  • sum

    "sorry was that too real?" YES r u ok 😭

  • Tbird1945

    The fear I felt reading the title as someone who works at a pasta restaurant and basically live off it

  • JR

    UMMMM, Enjoy good pasta cooked correctly! AND WALK MORE! or try low carb, or Hakka pasta, and still walk more. One time reheated pasta for lunch the next day will do in a pinch, but re-reheated pasta is ruined, and not worth the effort.

  • Price Rookie
    Price Rookie

    But isn't the raw ingredients of cup noodles and pasta alike went through the process heating and cooling and reheating when we're eating it already? or am I wrong about something?

    • Clarissa 1986
      Clarissa 1986

      Nope you're right. Cup noodles are fried and then they lose water because of this process. And then they become dry. They are fried in hot oil. This makes them lose water. Which makes them hard, stiff and resistant against spoiling. They become dry. And then you reheat them again by boiling them in water :)

  • Darkestlight

    As a long distance runner and person who loves working out, pasta is my lifeline

    • Clarissa 1986
      Clarissa 1986

      @Darkestlight I feel with you. I know how it is to be short on pocket. I don't have lots of money aswell. Sadly we can't all live with best diet... Only those who have the money for it can...

    • Darkestlight

      @Clarissa 1986 I’ll have to consider that. The reason I’ve been sticking to simple starches is because I’m broke broke so I’m just taking what I can to efficiently gain energy

    • Clarissa 1986
      Clarissa 1986

      Go keto and perform even better. Because glucose storages in your muscles are emptied quickly. Aborigines who travel far distances in sprint are in ketosis and burn fats from animals they ate. This is why they perform so good and their muscles do not become tired. Because they get constant resupply of energy. Based on their body burning down fats by transforming them into ketones. Which the body then can burn as replacement for glucose. And in fact ketones are even more healthy on the brain and body than glucose is. Because they do not trigger excessive insulin reaction and do not harm your arteries. Which glucose absolutely can do. Something that science already knows. A process called glycation in scientific circles. Which describes the cell aging and damaging effect of glucose. Keto gives you less peak performance in terms of strenght. But it gives you MUCH better endurance in long term medium performance. Perfect for long distance movement :)

  • potato girl
    potato girl

    H hi can you please please please talk about type one diabetes i have it so like what foods are good and bad and good porshon sizes my name is maddie

  • Lesbeano (Fihrenyh)
    Lesbeano (Fihrenyh)

    Me, who only eats cold and reheated pasta already: I'm 10 multiverses ahead of you :)

  • ackthbbft

    9:15 so funny you mention that, I play most youtube videos at 1.5x speed, too LOL

  • Boi

    I died when he said tony starch

  • Melanie G.
    Melanie G.

    Not me eating pasta rn 👁👄👁

  • vance hooper
    vance hooper

    My dad told me about reheating things like potatoes makes the carbs healthier just like what you said about pasta

  • Kaylie Devany P
    Kaylie Devany P

    He sayed Audible too many times XD

  • Kaylie Devany P
    Kaylie Devany P

    Don't go to John Hopkins University.

  • Iron3 Ethan
    Iron3 Ethan

    You can never not have enough bread sticks

  • Turtbuger

    Is it bad eating cottage cheese by itself just a question

    • Steven Universe
      Steven Universe

      *[I used to do that and still do but i also eat strawberries with it. its really good]*

  • Someone on the internet
    Someone on the internet

    What's Olive Garden? Some restaurant?

    • I like food
      I like food


  • TheGreatnessThatIs_AlexanderKendraLevi

    I have T2DB

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen

    As a diabetic whose next appointment with my nurse practitioner is next week I think this information might come in handy - especially since I am getting my A-1-C tested after a heat wave. But I have to wonder if this is so for people like my nephew with celiac disease. Would this be true of gluten free pastas as well?

  • Pete Nielsen
    Pete Nielsen

    Pastabilities is a restaurant in Syracuse, New York's Armory Square. Or at least I hope it is still in business with COVID. Don't worry though, they probably did not originate the pun you used.

  • DecayedWolf

    As a Type 1 diabetic, this video pleases me greatly.

  • moviemaker2011z

    Here's the thing about pasta being healthy or not. It's a simple matter of understanding that in life there is no perfect answer and that it's always bound to change. For me I see it this way, there is no real definition of healthy as much as it is just a series of moderate eating and exercising behaviors. You can't lose weight by just eating healthy (not effectively at least) and you can't just lose weight and keep it off by exercising alone. It's a balance of eating right and exercise. I've seen people who eat junk food though not alot in any single sitting that do go and workout and keep their bodies in good condition. Mind you they are not buff or anything but I would say they have the typical healthy body look. They do eat healthy foods too like salads or fruits and vegetables but they do eat some junk as well. Honestly that's what I have taken from life and have been running with. Eat well, and do the occasional work to burn the load and you can pretty much be healthy by some definition. I'm sure I'm wrong and that the "health experts" are going to bombard me with their educated education with oh this and that is absolutely and you need to blah blah blah. But like said this is just what I have seen and learned in my personal experience with being healthy or not. Its different for everyone and that's fine.

  • Agent Office
    Agent Office

    Isn't it cold from the box

  • TheRealSimone


  • Jacob Gaeth
    Jacob Gaeth

    That intro reminded me of the time Red Lobster had to ask my stepdad and his uncle to leave because they were eating too much of their endless crab legs.

  • Francesco Civita
    Francesco Civita

    What is unhealthy is not taking into account the possibility to eat less and tastier. Eat less and better quality. This video is not about how to make pasta healthier, it's about how to keep your unealthy style of eating tons of carbs reducing their impact. What's unhealthy here is your approach to food. But this is a cultural problem

  • Emilyn

    Listening to matpat’s videos after having to take a year’s worth of bio notes makes me so happy because I get to be like “ahhhhh!!!! I know that!! It’s the thing!!! He’s doing the digestive track! The amylase in the mouth!”. I love these channels so much!

  • Joseph Juan Aliaga Valenzuela
    Joseph Juan Aliaga Valenzuela

    I’m a simple man living in Italy.. I came here to dislike the video cause this is (almost)totally bullshit. (Unless you live only on USA , in that case makes sense cause you fuking overdoit) Have nice day uwu

  • The Gay Alien
    The Gay Alien

    Watching this while eating reheated pasta that has nothing I can actually eat in it because I can’t have gluten, tomato, or red meat

    • Agent Office
      Agent Office

      Try cold Italian pastas

  • Alex Ac Mi
    Alex Ac Mi

    Really gross

  • Eli

    i lit have spaghetti in the fridge rn

  • Jett Martin
    Jett Martin

    0:52 what tool can I use to get the same effect

  • Bill Both
    Bill Both

    You are so full of crap. Pasta unhealthy? Please explain the last 1000 years in Italy and other Mediterranean nations where pasta is the primary source for food. Also Olive Garden is the Denny's of Italian food.

  • Asasir

    Cristo Santo, no!!!!!

  • fuferito

    He's got Dhar Mann serving him his pasta. These two creeps deserve each other.

  • Neurax worm official
    Neurax worm official

    Dont chew just make it drink it

  • Andrew Kendy
    Andrew Kendy

    What would happen if you eat all the food in the world

  • None Of Your Business
    None Of Your Business

    Video: Reheat Ur pasta bCause it healthier Me, who doesn’t care very often: KK I already eat microwaved macncheese

  • ThereisnoGodzilla

    I like eating cold spaghetti its good for a couple of days.

  • Thegpshow 2197
    Thegpshow 2197

    I think I'm cheating because I naturally have a faster metabolism but I would not recommend in winter because I'm always hungry

  • 𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕠 巛 Dank Memes
    𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕠 巛 Dank Memes

    1 semcond

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    I like the sauce straight out of the jar

  • TheGamingWeeb _
    TheGamingWeeb _

    Why do people act like you don't need carbs when you do need some

  • The muffin Seed
    The muffin Seed

    I am so happy that I can relate to one of my favorite ISdownsrs and with the soda and pasta in Olive Garden. IT IS TOO GOOD MATPATT!!!

  • Timorhy Painter
    Timorhy Painter

    I don't care if I die of diabetes,you will NEVER microwave my spaghetti Bolognese

  • GP “georgi” 123
    GP “georgi” 123

    Does it affect the amount of energy absorbed? If the starch is not broken down.. you may not reap the carbs benefits energy-wise? Can someone enlighten me on this? :)

  • Frieza2011

    Hey Matt and theorists! Try not to use the "moment on the lips" line, it might trigger someone working through an eating disorder. It was made by history's best pr man, Edward Bernays. It was made to help increase cigarette sales around the same time being skinny was starting to be "fashionable". He was the reason why ton of restraunts would offer cigarettes to women instead of desserts. It is now used in pro ana blogs and for other eating disorders as well. (He is also the reason America loves bacon.)

  • Sanno van Voorbergen
    Sanno van Voorbergen

    This video would have been helpful if it came out two weeks earlier, BEFORE my science unit... No hate ofc

  • Yoyo_legend256

    I don't eat pasta I eat noodles lol

  • Dextrician

    6:36 ur wrong because if you reheat pasta more than twice it won't be good anymore

  • Paul Savage
    Paul Savage

    olive garden is not italian food. go to italy and see, real pasta is healthy

  • Bold Balgansuren
    Bold Balgansuren

    Me eating normal pasta thats very fresh while watching: 0-0 O-O -_- * dead

  • Joe Mallen
    Joe Mallen

    give me al dente or give me death.

  • sirus

    Not me living of carbs

  • michelah kintzel
    michelah kintzel

    blm 5:11

  • Pink Boi
    Pink Boi

  • Skylargamming

    not the blm fist LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Charlotte Star
    Charlotte Star

    3:21 me eating French Fries while watch this video🤡

  • Drip dollar store kid
    Drip dollar store kid

    F o o d

  • Mr.Grumpo

    Being a type 1 diabetic and part Italian this will help me A LOT with pasta(plus it just makes me happy when people talk about stuff that involves diabietes.

  • Null

    I feel like Olive Garden is going to make a only account except it’s going to be an Only Carbs account.

  • Smiley

    As a person with an unhealthy obsession with pasta. I can say alot of pasta was eaten in the making of this video

  • Maxwell dourado
    Maxwell dourado

    Team 2x

  • Pew pew productions
    Pew pew productions

    Thanks I’m diabetic

    • Pew pew productions
      Pew pew productions

      Type one

  • Smithers Family
    Smithers Family

    I do biology and MatPat is all right thanks

  • Smithers Family
    Smithers Family

    matpat that is not you at olive garden that is me at olive garden

  • Saber Light
    Saber Light

    This feels like a Minecraft farm.

  • hah no
    hah no

    I really want pasta now

  • BookLover

    Who else just finished the intro and already liked the video?

  • Matt Kradelman
    Matt Kradelman

    Olive garden is forbidden by my Italian Heritage

  • Sage

    Me who eats cold’s called pasta salad

  • the random pineapple
    the random pineapple

    Can confirm my family is a family of pasta lovers also I think reheated pasta tastes better than fresh pasta and anyone else any other takers

  • Hex Rag
    Hex Rag

    i forgot about the food pyramid... that was some weird learning that basically teaches nothing.TO BE FAIR i did learn it in food ed which you couldn't fail

  • TheAdvertisement

    5:20 Therapist: Tony Starch doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Tony Starch:

  • just memes
    just memes

    Can somebody tell me what food will make me fatter plz

  • Olmin lopez estrada
    Olmin lopez estrada

    Spaghett is not pasta thumbnail advice and u never said hot Spaghetti was bad lol

  • A random person
    A random person

    But..... Isn't this basically a waste of carbohydrates which means a waste of food? Exercising makes your body healthier but this doesn't provide any health benefits.

  • LunaBit

    Watching this while making Spaghetti is a ride.

  • Samuel Sandwich
    Samuel Sandwich

    What I got from this is instead of eating cold noodles I should eat hard crunchy noodles.

  • KingKlaus

    Omg I love trust me I'm a doctor!!

  • Blitzz Nottingham
    Blitzz Nottingham

    I knew it. Now I feel even better that I always prefer a day old pasta, pizza, peach mango pie, etc 🙌

  • RainBowVN 2909
    RainBowVN 2909

    Hey Matpat, I'm a fan and i want to tell you that next time you need someone to taste the food you doing research on, call me :))

  • Mike Mayers
    Mike Mayers

    when i make pasta i make the whole 500 gramm pack with 1 kilo of beef ;)

  • Riley Chilson
    Riley Chilson

    Resilient starch is now called restarch

  • Brandon Townsend
    Brandon Townsend

    It's probably reheated pasta you're being served anyways

see you soon
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