Singers First Auditions vs Last Performance (Singing Shows)
These artists' first auditions were MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD!??

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Singers First Auditions vs Last Performance (Singing Shows)

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  • Sarah Valdes
    Sarah Valdes

    Louis audition kills me every time lmao

  • ags rainbow
    ags rainbow

    ikr that guy was kinda good but pitchy and ?¿

  • L&L world channel
    L&L world channel

    admit it, we all opened it coz of roomie and 1d

  • Collins Chan
    Collins Chan

    18:11 lol

  • Painting with Avipsa
    Painting with Avipsa

    Where is Calum Scott ?! 😭

  • Athena Mumma
    Athena Mumma

    1D placed 3rd.... after Rebecca and Matt...

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Audrey Lynn
    Audrey Lynn

    Love how Joel is calling Les Mis opera lmao

  • Leeyum’s spoon 🥄
    Leeyum’s spoon 🥄

    I see Harry styles, I click :)

  • savannah paz
    savannah paz

    That is actually not liams first audition it was actually in 2008

  • FAWMusic

    it bothers me how many people are saying little mix should be on here. like, i agree, they’re not bad singers and they were the first group to win x factor, but they don’t have their audition clips. the only ones available are like 5-10 seconds and that’s nowhere near enough to judge on.

  • jdog flip
    jdog flip

    im irish and im offenndeddad you cant say niall horain its niy all hor ann

  • Buddy Jones
    Buddy Jones

    Joel with the bald spot.

  • Anne Wisely
    Anne Wisely

    1. I had to look up how to pronounce Niall's name when I first became a fan, too. 2. I agree Liam's was the best x factor audition. 3. Susan Boyle is Harry.... ifkyk

  • Carla Mollica
    Carla Mollica

    fun fact: when Louis auditioned he originally sang Mr. Brightside but they weren't allowed to put it on the factor and he only had 10 minutes to air and so they asked him to sing a bit of another song and still to this day I want to see his original audition ;-;

  • giacomo koko
    giacomo koko

    The word "Pitchy" was said 15 times in this video

  • Banana Head
    Banana Head


  • Amelies Rezensionen
    Amelies Rezensionen

    Wow, with most of these, I didn't even know they were on a casting show.

  • Kaylyn Hofer
    Kaylyn Hofer

    Saw Harry Styles so I clicked!

  • The Best Vacuum Collector
    The Best Vacuum Collector

    no little mix?? I'm offended!!

  • lol ally
    lol ally

    I loveeee u

  • Maggie May
    Maggie May

    Pause at 7:53 you won’t regret it

  • Gerkox

    The only audition of fifth harmony I wanted to see was Camila Cabello so I was kinda disappointed

  • Iara Cristina Silva Pereira
    Iara Cristina Silva Pereira

    no way he didn't react to little mix, they were the freaking first group to win the xfactor

  • Carolina

    React to Zayn's vocals got me shook and Harry's as well 🤩

  • Helene Tschernja
    Helene Tschernja

    Thumbnail: Harry styles. 5 sec into the video: Harry styles. Directioners: OUR LITTLE BABY HE CAN GROW

  • lianna kopycinski
    lianna kopycinski

    but One Direction actually came in 3rd…

  • GAV

    Oh no not Louis audition We don’t talk about that

  • Nina Vvv
    Nina Vvv


  • Paula Garcia
    Paula Garcia

    Olly and Harry 💙

  • Shannon M
    Shannon M

    Everyone in the comments: "One Direction!" Me: "Was... Was that Joel in bed with Susan? Lol"

  • Liana Drummond
    Liana Drummond

    I thought Carley Rae Jepson was like 15 when Call Me Maybe came out! Couldn’t understand a word of her audition.

  • Nicole Peaslee
    Nicole Peaslee

    I remember seeing Kelly Clarkson win and she was trying so hard not to cry. Give her some credit!!!

  • 36+6=38

    9:29 here after Niall's whole Nile and Ni Al thing

  • 36+6=38

    8:56 thank me later or now

  • Da_pimp_iz_ere

    I didn’t even know most of these people were on x factor

  • Leonora Grace
    Leonora Grace

    I am currently cringing at the fact that he called the performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" opera. DUDE IT'S MUSICAL THEATER

  • Lin's Life
    Lin's Life

    Love how this Whole comment section is about One Direction lol

  • Kelly Owens
    Kelly Owens

    Although Matt Cardle didn't become popular the way One Direction did, he does have an amazing voice, you should totally check him out.

  • Titania Racquel
    Titania Racquel

    Okay how old is Simon then😳😳,,,how old are these judges Shirrrrrr one direction sounds great man

  • Lari K
    Lari K

    one d were in 3rd place😭😭😭

  • Loba Étoile
    Loba Étoile

    I love James Arthur. He has great songs. And Leona Lewis deserves much more recognition.

  • Phương Nguyễn
    Phương Nguyễn

    you know what i do when i get bored? watching Liam's best vocal live on youtube and everything seems good again

  • Tiferet-Emuna Roche
    Tiferet-Emuna Roche

    Liam was so good at his audition, it's crazy.

  • TPWK 💚
    TPWK 💚

    Harry on the thumbnail is like performing a demon summoning ritual to call me

  • Sugarist0

    What is this video? “Joel making fun of accents?”

  • Alex



    U did a good thing by putting HARRY STYLES on the thumbnail... EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • Imshortitsok06

    The Adam Lambert version of “A Change is Gonna Come” is amazing. The whole performance, put together, showcased the passion behind the lyrics of the song. And let me just say he’s obviously something special since Queen chose him to be their new frontman.

  • m mm
    m mm

    as someone who wants to be a singer these videos u make helps me .🥰🥰༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • I Krehoff
    I Krehoff

    Joel hate to break it to you but people still wear "THOSE VANS!!!!!!"

  • Kymmberliestarr

    You and your one liners saving the internet.

  • Lion Games
    Lion Games

    2:02 the ironic song appeared but the ironic camera no (my whole life was just a lie)

  • Simply Rose Witchery
    Simply Rose Witchery

    those hair cuts from one direction was the shit back in those days XD

  • Gertie Games
    Gertie Games

    im a simple gal i see a 1D member i clicky


    Okay but kelly just looks like 3 different people


    I see harry, I click

  • Amir Higher
    Amir Higher

    Very contant

  • Nerissa Azeez
    Nerissa Azeez

    Two of my favourite boys in one video. Joel and Harry 💙😭

  • Karolina Kuetter
    Karolina Kuetter

    Everybody loves One Direction

  • TheLazyDuck

    Trouble Maker is not by Maroon 5? WTF AHAHAH

  • olivia ray
    olivia ray

    One direction came 3rd right????

  • Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams

    You're a bully, the way you talk about people. Like, have a more constructive focus on your comments. You have way too much of a following to talk about people like this. It's every video you do. You're leading people with your opinions and commentary, have a less judgemental way of doing it. Focus your judgement on vocals, those are fair.... as long as you're objective and constructive. But ripping their clothing and getting personal..... poor form mate. You're actually pretty fair on the vocal comments, especially when you mention that song choices are most likely to do with the show. But generally I feel like im watching someone bullying multiple people on a public platform. Why do people follow you so religiously when you're like that? God knows

  • Shreya Dutta
    Shreya Dutta

    i'm here for harry .......... hands down

  • Georgia Packet
    Georgia Packet

    My boy Adam Lambert is incredible, he had massive balls aswell to audtion with Bohemian Rhapsody but of course he does great, also sang with Queen on the actual show along side the other finalist, it's rediculous that he didn't win the show but i'm convinced he's winning at life seeing as he gets to tour with Queen.

  • Oscar Martin
    Oscar Martin

    Chris Daughtry???? i think he was on american idol, right? and he is awesome!

  • Thami Magalhães
    Thami Magalhães

    Me: he should look up at Louis' stuff Him: watches Louis' aUdiTioOn 🙃

  • Ella Wastesson Ullmark
    Ella Wastesson Ullmark

    One direction kom faktiskt på tredje plats.

  • Eisen ._.
    Eisen ._.

    "and he placed 2nd"

  • Idid Y. O'motha
    Idid Y. O'motha

    Everyone came for One direction haha

  • idiot burner
    idiot burner

    Hi, I'm Harry, I work in a bakery

  • idiot burner
    idiot burner

    Simon Cowbell, I know, you want your money, BUT PLEASE WE DON'T WANT YOU

  • Jay Hogan
    Jay Hogan

    Leona Lewis, or whatever her name is I forgot it, sang somewhere over the rainbow, you can’t sing that song like that, it’s wrong

  • Andrea Chavez Ibarra
    Andrea Chavez Ibarra

    Dinah jane, Lauren and Ally are my favorite singers of fifth harmony 🤩, they just have very good and different voices.

  • PrincessPoohs

    TIL I dreamed a dream = OPERA 😂

  • Laura Renee
    Laura Renee

    Not hating or anything, just pointing out that Susan Boyle was singing classical theater, not really Opera. Some people mess that up a lot. As a theater person, I needed to say this, lmao.

  • Caden Reyes
    Caden Reyes

    That isn't actually Liam Payne's first audition he auditioned back in 2008 but he didn't make it far but he returned two years later and ended up in One Direction

  • Archuverjun Bartolome
    Archuverjun Bartolome

    Joel do comparison between Pentatonix vs Original

  • Aubrey

    If u r Here for 1d 8:55

  • Conrad Smith
    Conrad Smith

    I sang Cry Me a River by Michael Buble in High School with a jazz band behind me. Everyone said I sounded just like Michael. It was definitely a highlight of my high school years.

  • Michelle_In_Multimedia

    I still like those vans😂

  • Gracie McCullough
    Gracie McCullough

    wHo wOn oVeR oNe diReCtiOn

  • Gracie McCullough
    Gracie McCullough

    I JUST KNOW Joel is a solo harrie

  • Ann G
    Ann G

    Kelly Clarkson... I watched that whole first season of American Idol on tv. She was brilliant every single episode! By the end of the season though she was so hoarse. Then she won, was crying happy tears and then had to sing that song! She still brought tears to my eyes!!! To this day I’m still one of her biggest supporters!!! 💕

  • Robyn vlogs
    Robyn vlogs

    No one: Really no on: Louis Tomlinson: Oh, It’S wHaT yOu Do To MeEe!

  • Devorantem dolls
    Devorantem dolls

    Jepsen didn't write "Call me maybe" alone though, she had a LOT of help from Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench. You can hear that very easily if you're familiar with Josh's music, and he actually references that he helped writing it in one of his other songs "Here's to the Zero's". The Lyric goes "They say, 'Where's the next hit, baby?' God, how could I top Call Me Maybe?", I think most Mariana's Trench songs are FAAAR better then Call me maybe though ^^

  • mommy says im special
    mommy says im special

    6:56 OH NO. NOT THE G4 NOT THE G4!

  • Valtuem

    Roomie: says something slightly critical Editor: Hell's Kitchen violin squeal

  • Aaron Abbott
    Aaron Abbott

    Jordin came in and auditioned with a Celine dion song and was COMPARABLE to Celine at her peak. No wonder she won, easiest decision ever made by a record label.

  • Sally Newman
    Sally Newman

    Louis's audition was so flat. How did he get through?

  • anime party
    anime party

    Please tell me someone got you on the fact that Susan Boyle's audition was not operatic but a musical theater piece. Please tell me out of the 3K comments someone else got you on that. Lol.... Not everything with round vowels is operatic. lol.

  • iCarly

    in louis tomlinson's audition, they actually stopped him and he sang a different song, mr bright side i think (idk where i heard that so this could be completely wrong), but couldn't air that one cuz of copyright

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo

    Harry Styles and One Direction and the other 'winners' are rather like slaves in the Simon Cowell production company. You know....

  • Adrianna Tate
    Adrianna Tate

    It’s funny how Adam Lamberts first audition was Queen and he ended up actually singing with them

  • Lola Grace
    Lola Grace

    The fact that Little Mix wasn't on here is literally a CRIME

  • marina 19a
    marina 19a

    not louis' first performance 😭😭😭 OOOOUISWATCHUDURUMIIII

  • Sumaya Bakr
    Sumaya Bakr

    i cant believe he didnt include little mix. they were literally the first group to ever win the x factor

  • yakine kawthar
    yakine kawthar

    15:00 كأنو اغنيه لبؤساء بتع سبيستون 😐❤

  • Amy Elizabeth
    Amy Elizabeth

    Adam should have won. Easily.

  • Memma

    Liam’s audition sounds a little like Michael Buble