THE FIRST 10,000 DAYS ON MARS (Timelapse)
The story begins in 2024 when Elon Musk and SpaceX launch 5 cargo ships to Mars. They land at Erebus Montes, paving the way for future humans to land, the construction of Mars Base Alpha, plants to grow, and later for a self sustainable Mars colony.

This Mars colonization mini documentary also covers what it is like living on Mars, how many people will be landing during each launch window mission, the Starship fleet, and how the Martian colony grows over the years, between 2024 to 2050.

Additional footage from: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, European Space Agency, SpaceX, AI Space Factory, HASSEL, Tesla, The Boring Company


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  • Ярослав Сибрятко
    Ярослав Сибрятко

    The question is, how much would it cost?

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    marcus konjengbam

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    EdRonn Panti

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  • Michael Heider
    Michael Heider

    First base will be next to a cave/ lava tube.

  • Timothy Perrigoue
    Timothy Perrigoue

    We have a planet that needs all that expenditure. This is Bullshit.


    hell of a surprise if they get off the ship and find some living there already who knows maybe space cowboys

  • Michael Dussault
    Michael Dussault

    Your not leaving this planet unless it's in a bag so this nonsense is just that nonsense

  • q80aziz

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    This time frame is extremely optimistic

  • Joshh__

    I don’t want Elon Musk to take control of Mars

  • StarChomp

    We can speculate as much as we want but all this depends on the first few people reach the planet. Many things can go wrong though Dying at launch, dying mid journey or dying once you reach mars because they couldn't execute the plans

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    I can only see one error in this video, Blue Origin. They haven't even made it into Space yet, Jeff Bezos ( WHO) is only interested in making money from rich folk. New Glenn you say, I say what Glenn! 🤣

  • eugeneforge

    This timeline seems overly ambitious, but the methods by which a Mars colony could grow and eventually thrive is at least plausible. I was looking forward to the first humans on Mars but seeing a permanent base and then colony within my lifetime would be amazing.

  • Leonard Larrisey
    Leonard Larrisey

    Will never be able to breathe the atmosphere. I'll stay on Earth


    If human need -63°/-81F temperature 🌡they use to live Antarctica


    Human don't have enough oxygen in earth. Imagine having oxygen in Mars. I think it's dream that wouldn't come true

  • Henry Nu
    Henry Nu

    Year 2048. You mentioned elon musk open the 1st gigafactory in mars. So high hopes. Elon musk still kicking and strong at this age. Wow

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  • Henry Nu
    Henry Nu

    Wow. You really spent time time doing this video. Bravo. Very detailed and inspiring

  • Discas do mano Odair Da Costa
    Discas do mano Odair Da Costa

    What is the point of thinking about creating living conditions for humans in other planet 🌎 if all humans do is killing it? Despite the signs of nature’ mom, due the greed and their ego, they are killing our planet. WE ALL GONNA DIE.

  • Heine anker Jensen
    Heine anker Jensen

    10.000 dayes 150.000 thousand people wow wow wow, im eclined to say. Being able to make greenhouse gasses to make it a habitate producing food and fish and much more. Atv to move around on the red planet.

  • Random Cubing
    Random Cubing

    The moment the Mars Government is established, we fucked up

  • Ronald Weir
    Ronald Weir

    Just imagine Siberia without any air until we get global warming started. Lol

  • Sempioen

    Can’t they first make some kind of ISS and make the base while they wait in the space station?

  • Luiz Röcker
    Luiz Röcker

    Everything is so beautiful on simulations. I just want to know how the human body structure is going to adapt with the new environment?!

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall

    Why would anybody want to go to MARS? We haven't finished destroying this planet yet!

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    butt meth

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    Agent 47

    Racist. All the actors should be black.

  • sean

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  • Decanus Severus
    Decanus Severus

    I wish colonization still worked like before where anybody could go “well I’m broke let’s pack for the colonies” it makes sense though given back then you could make yourself useful upon getting there whereas know I guess most people would need to have predetermined roles after filtering out candidates and years of training for maximum efficiency.

  • Hector Mancia
    Hector Mancia

    All this race to get there sounds to me that they know our earth will be screw in the next decades... Either by a cataclismic magnetic reversal or by the oceans devouring the continent's due to global warming... Or both toguether.... Just the mega rich and powerful will scape

  • Dominic A
    Dominic A

    Why so long for first marriage in Mars, they should have it done on the first week and try having babies and see if they turn out humans !!

  • Reno Wardhana
    Reno Wardhana

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    Abhay Bhatnate


  • Choi Chingis
    Choi Chingis

    Once man kind completely uses solar system, people be like: what is up with the neighbor galaxy?

  • MEDiAgamer

    How accurate is this video?

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    Rashed Habahbrh

    0:27 the sound I need it

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    2054 First murder on Mars. 2058 first civil war.

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    yvonne andreassen

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    Hebrew Abraham

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  • Senti Nel
    Senti Nel

    What about meteorites and asteroids? Won't they pose a challenge?

  • Merk Ridge
    Merk Ridge

    None of the first crew are construction workers. No heavy equipment were sent either in the first or second waves of starships. This is all fantasy. Noting to see here

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    Kelvin Angel

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  • m alexandru
    m alexandru

    You forgot about de protests on earth with the theme:"we don't want to work for mars"

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    Neel Shah 9625

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    Efre Cabilitasan

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  • Daily Clouds
    Daily Clouds

    The first city should be name "Elon City" Maybe the father of Mars civilization.

  • Analekt

    Funny video, entertaining to watch but nothing real in it, just wishful thinking.

  • The Clueless Gardener 😄
    The Clueless Gardener 😄

    good luck with that

  • JustAndrew

    Ok what i find controversial abour Mars in general is the term of martion.Like dude your parents or you are from Terra or Earth and at the same time you come from a country(e.g.USA,France,U.K,Germany,Romania,Hungary,Russia and so on).So stop with the term of martian.

  • Rui Mota
    Rui Mota

    Nice video but I still prefer to take care of planet Earth at first place. There's a lot to do here. But this video is a dream, a nice dream in fact, for Mars colonization but fails exactly in the last part. Green houses producing oxygen to outside, wouldn't it escape to space due to its density? And can anyone mention a plant that survives at -20ºC to -60ºC? Plants need water, have water and water freezes at 0ºC. Try to put a vase in the freezer and follow what happens to the plant.

  • DeeWunn

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    Josh Hardy

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    SCMM Lamarre

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  • Ajaysingh Thakur
    Ajaysingh Thakur

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    Marcus Bailey

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    Mrtoker Archvile

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    Dev Sharma

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    Pully Rodriguez

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  • LordOfTheFlies

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  • Samelius Astraton
    Samelius Astraton

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  • Caonabo Javier
    Caonabo Javier

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  • G

    Even if this takes millions years to come to life or even if it doesn't happen like we think it will, I think the greatest thing of it all is that all of this comes from humans brains. Humans from the past never thought we would have the technology we have now. The greatest thing for me about space exploration is pushing the limits of our intelligence as species and resolving the challenges. Dreaming about the unthinkable and making it happen. I think that enthusiasm is the whole point of humanity and hopefully the newer generations will also develop new technologies. I believe we will. I wonder how far we can go just by using our brains.

  • Alpaca

    If by the time we can live on mars, earth can stil support life it would be a miracle

  • Micro̸wave And To̸aster
    Micro̸wave And To̸aster

    I think that a future human government will be like the United States or the EU. Every planet is independent in their own way and has their own government bur they all contribute to humanity as a whole

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    Pyro Maniac

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    Dava Harmison

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    Bliss WKC

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  • Lex Dunmon
    Lex Dunmon

    in 2095, the UAC discovers the "Argent Fracture"; shortly thereafter, mars becomes overrun with demons.

  • Captain Purr
    Captain Purr

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    Guy Michaud

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    L A

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    James Dean

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  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson

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  • Maynk Rajora
    Maynk Rajora

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  • Jeff

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    anime fan

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  • N A
    N A

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  • MFTN2

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    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade

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  • Girish Margam
    Girish Margam

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  • Alex R-T
    Alex R-T

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  • Alex R-T
    Alex R-T

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