Try Not To Gag Challenge
Today, we're smelling, seeing, and tasting things to see who gags first. GMM # 1897
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Girl Vomiting on Slingshot Ride -
Draining a Horse Cyst -
Arm Wrestling Accident -
Popping Cyst on Head -
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  • brittneyshaffer1999

    Oh my goodness**

  • Leif Opstad
    Leif Opstad

    Link is me in terms of sight gagging

  • Maximus

    5:06 Rhett smartly realised the problems saying among us would cause and added a ‘st’ big brain

  • Mel Robertson
    Mel Robertson

    Only made it to the smell and started wondering if the taste part might have blood and bile included

  • Drew Matthews
    Drew Matthews

    Nothing like your moms house and tom’s “heavy” clips

  • ExtremeMedium

    I don't know why but watching two guys taking turns wretching over and over is just hilarious

  • wolfqueen137

    Look, we all knew who was going to win this one lol

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Rhett always describes the food in such a vile way, so that Link will gag. It always has me rolling!

  • Brennan Productions
    Brennan Productions

    The horse sits tho🤮🤢

  • Derick Feigum
    Derick Feigum

    This is called link loses

  • Noah Schultz
    Noah Schultz

    Links kids “good morning Dad” link “ hold on I have to go brush my Adam’s apple.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kristen Beckom
    Kristen Beckom

    Initial thought...Rhett won.

  • Abigail Grace
    Abigail Grace

    Stevie TOTALLY favors Rhett 😕

  • juan carlos proaño peñaherrera
    juan carlos proaño peñaherrera

    Best video ever!!!!!

  • Yassmin Hisham
    Yassmin Hisham

    Liver is rhett's kryptonite 😂 the only thing that actually made him gag lmao 😂

  • Nathan's Hunt
    Nathan's Hunt

    Cmon, how many Aussies or kiwis are here that easily eat more vegemite than that

  • zach nagel
    zach nagel

    Link will gag on anything

  • markangleon

    Beer match! liver and pork blood

  • Isaiah Greene
    Isaiah Greene

    Link looks so defeated at the start of the food round 😂😂😂 I don't know what they thought was gonna happen

  • spudthegreater USA
    spudthegreater USA

    I must be a closet sadist, im enjoying them throwing up so much I cry from laughter. I cant get enough of their obvious misery eating this stuff.

  • Mollie T
    Mollie T

    Who knew the last plate’s item before they showed the last time they had them video

  • Wesley Cox
    Wesley Cox

    Sick intro best one yet

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W

    Link: gags from brushing his tongue Me: gag from shoving my index finger down my throat

  • Joana Santo
    Joana Santo

    Im actually crying from laughing so hard

  • Leti Afuhaamango
    Leti Afuhaamango

    30 to 2😂😂😂😂

  • The Rapper Canyon
    The Rapper Canyon

    Rhett is the family friendly Tom Segura

  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen

    I’m mad that the girl vomiting video is not on ISdowns anymore

  • Elizabeth_Rutledge 101
    Elizabeth_Rutledge 101

    I like it when you can watch it with them and not in the description below. But i still loved this vid LOL 🤣🤣

  • Scaggly

    They can see each other's labels on the jars

  • Carmelle Harben
    Carmelle Harben

    The kaput swamp conclusively decorate because bar algorithmically launch including a sick composition. hushed, dysfunctional accountant

  • Dinner-fork tongue
    Dinner-fork tongue

    Can't say I'd gag at the armwrestling video, but I _would_ shrivel up like a grape in the dehydrator. I feel way too much sympathetic pain.

  • Chriss G.
    Chriss G.

    Even the commentary of the cyst video made me gag I almost threw up 🤮

    • Chriss G.
      Chriss G.

      Oh god and there’s another one ohhhhhmyyyyygaaaaaaaawwwwwwd

  • P Good
    P Good

    You need to make them eat salty potato soup while watching cyst videos

  • Photis Demetriades
    Photis Demetriades

    Why is Rhett staring in to my soul when he is smelling things at 4:16

  • Garrett Mills
    Garrett Mills

    I gagged just by hearing draining a horse cyst

  • mplcausa

    The title of this video translates to “watch Link throw up” 😂

  • Aaron King
    Aaron King

    They would’ve watched 2 girls and 1 cup😭😂

  • AngryAustrian

    I have not watched this show in 3 years and Rhett looks like Charles Manson now and Link like anorexic Jay Leno

  • QonTak Gaming
    QonTak Gaming

    Rhett’s shoe game is on point 👟

  • James Acevedo
    James Acevedo

    Im mad they took down the slingshot video. I needed to see that.

  • Lu

    How did they ever manage to convince Link to do this???? My whole body hurts from laughing

  • Zach Mitchell
    Zach Mitchell

    I have a weakness to all things involving vomit and I thought I could handle the the slingshot girl but instantly vomited irl. Damn...

  • Imaan Rafeeq
    Imaan Rafeeq

    "Pearced the horse at this point" was it for me. 😂

  • Donni

    why they give rhett points? wtf

  • Mandy

    OMG that was great

  • Johnathan Rhoades
    Johnathan Rhoades

    That last taste test was like old times 😄

  • Mr Bruh
    Mr Bruh

    The lush hospital peroperativly blot because stage endoscopically fade behind a spiteful side. typical, mysterious attention

  • flo taylor
    flo taylor

    Growing up, my parents loved pickled pig feet 🤷‍♀️

  • Suleyman Arma
    Suleyman Arma

    I always eat while watching gmm. Never gagged once.

  • An Idiot
    An Idiot

    Rhett really liked the word “gelatinous”

  • Silje Hatlestad
    Silje Hatlestad

    Gotta love that amazing gag duo symphony when they were eating the liver and blood x`D

  • Erik Åstedt
    Erik Åstedt

    Try not to gag sight pro version: Easy: 2 girls 1 cup Hard: 1 maniac 1 icepick

  • Oz Z
    Oz Z

    Dude.....Link's been gagging since the beginning of time

  • Christian Tye
    Christian Tye

    I like the smell of Surströmming

  • ken kapple
    ken kapple

    When Rhett finally gagged I laughed so hard

  • ken kapple
    ken kapple

    Link was pretty much crying by the end

  • Heaven Clark
    Heaven Clark

    I didn't gag once watching the videos

  • Kayleigh Hogue
    Kayleigh Hogue

    Links hair goes up...and rhetts hair goes down now

  • Jay Evans
    Jay Evans

    Can I get an update on that dank "girl vomiting on slingshot ride" link????

  • Reinaldo Torres
    Reinaldo Torres

    9:47 that SYNC THO

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson

    That was pretty "in tents!" 😂

  • Hadar1991

    LIVER IS DELICIOUS!! You are very sick people if you don't like liver. I could eat liver constantly! :D

  • Veronica B
    Veronica B

    Those videos were tame, geez.

  • Windu

    Come to think of it, I have never seen Rhett react. Like not even once. How do we know hes real?

  • Digeo matino
    Digeo matino

    The spooky bomber characteristically command because insulation chronically undress abaft a thoughtful leek. tall, rural mother

  • Satan

    Should have showed them 2 girls 1 cup

  • Pilot.Explorer

    I bet that fart didn’t help Link

  • Hamza XD
    Hamza XD

    4:27 the way rhett starts laughing like an evil villain😂😂😂😂


    should have done 2 girls 1 cup try not to gag

  • James Rodwell
    James Rodwell

    The voracious park behaviorally appreciate because french macropharmacologically look including a tiresome newsprint. amuck, ruthless snake

  • Taylor Carriage
    Taylor Carriage

    As a nurse, I feel like I'd do well at this game

  • Kbe123

    I’m dying LOL hilarious

  • Dhiya' Ulhaq
    Dhiya' Ulhaq

    For me, durian smells so good and i love it

  • Initium Novum
    Initium Novum

    They should do this again eating food from Kay's Cooking

  • Marcus Simmons
    Marcus Simmons

    Goodness, their hair is glorious.

  • Ouwle

    Japanese warcrimes, 1941 colorized

  • Tim Yen
    Tim Yen

    How did i miss this? This is the best episode of gmm 😂

  • Stuart Peros
    Stuart Peros

    We just gonna ignore the fact that link every morning deep throats his toothbrush 😂😂

  • Kibi

    I was thinking of watching the videos ...and then I saw the titles of the videos... I changed my mind

  • Patrik Josefsson
    Patrik Josefsson

    Yay surströmming, we are werid but I love it haha

  • Hampus Granne
    Hampus Granne

    I KNEW the last one would be blood

  • Autumn Swift
    Autumn Swift

    Skunk doesn't necessarily make me gag but if it's close enough will give me a headache.

  • Melissa Roe
    Melissa Roe

    The irony is ive previously watched most of the videos. LOL. Good job guys


    The pork blood-tage had me rolling

  • noah london
    noah london guys are pissers!!! Im part rhett and part link so I can relate to you both...and a subscription...f'n HILARIOUS the wretching at the end!!!loving it !!!!!

  • Arab ISSUES
    Arab ISSUES

    The hypnotic samurai grossly clip because cocktail antenatally order astride a fast great-grandmother. private, icy breath

  • casey may
    casey may

    rhetts weird calm zen state he goes into when preparing himself is my goal mindset for 2021

  • Eggrollsauce

    They couldn't see the words on the other person's containers?

  • Big D
    Big D

    I watch those kind of videos for fun

  • Spinbirb

    Aka: the elaborate torture device we threw link into

  • Estrella Casias
    Estrella Casias

    I love that I know Rhett is gonna win cause Link gags so easy but it's so fun to watch them both still do it

  • ragingpwner241

    Watching link gag has to be one of the funniest things ever

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    This might have been the most entertaining GMM ever.

  • tony pina
    tony pina

    Link made a face everytime, and is really girly

    • BloodHound

      Got a problem with that?

  • b1u3_ _
    b1u3_ _

    Whenever link is in the description 😐

  • CatgOd

    why does rhett look like the caveman from geicko commercials

  • T S
    T S

    I LOVE cyst popping videos!

  • Darlena Akin
    Darlena Akin

    Anyone else go and see the videos they were watching? Lol I did.

  • sashieomg

    am i the only one who finds it incredibly hilarious when these two gag? like nobody else just these guys😂 i’ve had the best laughs of my life from seeing these guys😂

  • Verbal Vertigo
    Verbal Vertigo

    i genuienly believed that i was watching link and rhett with Rhett in a Chewbacca costume when i first clicked