In this video, Jeff the Logan, tricks unsuspecting doofuses in to purchasing a very dodgy crypto currency. It feels as if they want it to be dogecoin 2.0, so they can make a lot of revenue...
*mister krabs saying the word 'money'* Is it a scam?? you decide ;)

*I've since edited out what I've been told is an innocent crypto-pumping bystander* - Not the see, things like this usually don't happen when you are public about who runs the operation.


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  • rosario marsiglia
    rosario marsiglia

    notice how the hoodie of the second guy reads 'suspicious' :p

  • Carl Younger
    Carl Younger

    That's a really nice looking display.

  • Joshua Luke
    Joshua Luke

    When you showed the cartoon clip to prove how un-funny it is I genuinely and involuntarily gasped and said 'OH NO!'. Like that was my instinctual, biologically driven reaction.

  • Joshua Luke
    Joshua Luke

    The hero the internet needs.

  • Ian Xanthar
    Ian Xanthar

    Thank you for all the definitions, I’m Illiterate!

  • mario zaal
    mario zaal

    Im amazed there are even people that take that piece of shit logan paul even serious.

  • Toothless Aggression
    Toothless Aggression

    that was sharingan attack?? bruh

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman

    11:15 His fucking shirt has "suspicious" on it... you can't make this shit up.

  • R0N1N

    To think this guy sat down with Sadhguru

  • Reshirex


  • Nate Adams
    Nate Adams

    Please, some more

  • Qiyu

    Next time i find myself about to do something that's too good to be true, i'll convince myself to do that with tons of self sarcasm so i'll have my doubt and think twice, thank you Ian

  • Ettrix

    Idubbbz is slowly turning into the crazy local guy in Horror Movies that warns everyone, yet no one believes him.

  • SchizoidTravis

    Just realized he has a katana zero shirt, truly based!

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    So many people say Mr.Beast is number one but I’m not simple minded enough to believe that. We all know who’s the fucking GOAT

  • Thin Lizzie
    Thin Lizzie

    Logan Paul is such a sociopath man, so is his brother. Like sociopathic and narcissistic to a degree where it's funny because they lack self awareness so badly.

  • Mason Furlong
    Mason Furlong


  • danny wood
    danny wood

    That Logan Paul south park character is fucking hilarious

    • thespecialedkid

      he really isnt

  • Brandon Evans
    Brandon Evans

    Does is hoody say suspicious by chance

  • MrAtime77

    Wait… are you saying Logan Paul would scam his fans?!?! But he’s legit he boxes and stuff

  • HungryIronWolf4

    Wow this is the first episode of this channel Ive seen, but I totally love the outrage at Logan Paul and his group of assholes and rejects. Cant believe he has followers supporting this garbage, super happy that there are people calling him out on this bullshit.

  • The Anti-Life Equation
    The Anti-Life Equation

    Mike seems like the guy who calls everyone around him “coach” and took PE WAY too seriously in school.

  • cade layton
    cade layton

    I just got an ad before the video of another one of these shit coins me they said in the ad that it was fun to invest like it’s fun to play videos games

  • reb TM
    reb TM

    more pls

  • BigDave309

    Epic Katana Zero shirt

  • Neighborhoodbully

    Springy the Springfield spring. Season 10. Episode 20. 05:15 into the episode not this video but the actual episode🤣

  • genxoutlaw

    yes please, make more vids about grifters 🤘

  • Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis
    Sofascialistadankula Megadonakeratosis

    Where's the insulation background??? I thought you built a room in someone else's attic without them knowing.

  • McPuffenstuff

    Dink doink to the moon, rip to those calling it a scam and watching from the sidelines ✌

    • The eye
      The eye

      Just found one of the suckers about to lose his house

  • Alex Toulan
    Alex Toulan

    0:42 That iced coffee looks like it's been sitting around since your last video.

  • Jacob Parsons
    Jacob Parsons

    fullly tatted up you think the spider skull thing is cool? i would get that in grade 8

  • Barstool Clips
    Barstool Clips

    repeated the same scam again with crypto zoo just used nfts this time buy an egg nft and sit back and collect zoo coin tokens

  • Jubnx

    The marvel hat and the backround is on point

  • CooliMeanBool

    wtf ur all tatted now?? i miss kickstarter crap idubbbz

  • Generalpoonslayer69

    do more

  • Demi

    lol i like how i immediately recognized that katana zero shirt

  • Bëñ Khãvkīñ
    Bëñ Khãvkīñ

    Gumbo Jun pp HBO bobby and BB minimize bunny boo Shannon Wyatt lunch nn webbing examinee circumferentially

    • Name's Deez
      Name's Deez


  • abijanu_101

    I am very late, but congratulations on your marriage

  • Clayton Delaney
    Clayton Delaney

    If dubbz doesnt own some crpto

  • Wiled man 24
    Wiled man 24

    I wanna see you challenges him to a boxing match a few months ahead and bulk up before the fight.

  • Connor terrell
    Connor terrell

    I love the game on your shirt holy fuck

  • ZORUKENgames

    kickstarter crap energy and I missed it so much! DX

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N

    The worst part about the internet is that it allowed any meat head to become famous

  • イカ

    Why "surgically" remove his spine? Where's the fun in precision, just hold it well and pull, simple.

  • 水MIJU

    My favorite part of this whole thing is Mike not having a fucking clue how any of this works so he's just like "Just keep doing that shit you're already doing, whatever that is, but even more so and it'll be the hottest coin."


    wait until he learns about rug pulls

  • Busha- T
    Busha- T

    Just when I was starting to soften on Logan Ian comes through clutch and reminds me he’s a narcissistic douche

  • Dillon Ready
    Dillon Ready

    I bet no one knows he is wearing a katana zero XB1 shirt on

  • Grace

    Whoever paid that Mike guy should get a refund, he couldn't even remotely commit to what he was saying. The words kept getting stuck

  • Franz Fuchs
    Franz Fuchs

    douj? it's DO GEE

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob

    Can someone tell me what the anime on ian's shirt is? Thanks.

  • The Raven
    The Raven

    Keep doing Scam videos man. Let people know what they are dealing with. 👍

  • Saifia Benzaia
    Saifia Benzaia

    In 5:59 this kid is trying to do lord x from a fnf mod and he fails like a shit bag like wtf who does that ????

  • Jacob Lowe
    Jacob Lowe


  • Jeffrey Grant
    Jeffrey Grant

    I like this video

  • E Zach Lee Wright
    E Zach Lee Wright

    They should have had a cute anime girl for their cartoon mascot instead.

  • MrCrazylegz54

    ISdowns hid this from me for a month wtf

  • David H
    David H

    Is that a Stanley fatmax?

  • Scott

    when the fuck did he get those tattoos looks good

  • BananaMug Bus
    BananaMug Bus

    Your videos are for some reason always a cure for my loneliness and downs syndrome

  • T. Webster Productions
    T. Webster Productions

    Hear me out, is it possible this is satire? Hence all the tongue in cheekness, fake salesman voices and why they haven't been sued by South Park?

  • unrefusableoffer

    how is that there are so many retards who keep these guys floating.

  • viperkilla123

    Basically the new version of pyramid schemes

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    Everytime I go away from this page and come back he more and more like a racist from the American History X

  • The Steampunk King
    The Steampunk King

    Dude Ian is lookin fuckin ripped

  • Plankton

    Congrats on ur wedding man

  • Nefff

    After 6-7 years I have returned to idubbz youtube page and what is this? Ian has gathered some meat around his arms, he's married and he's got tattoos?? Glad the short hair is still present :)

  • Reuben

    New fan/subscriber. Love the videos I've seen so far!

  • OmegaNerd


  • Im Geekin
    Im Geekin

    If your dumb enough to buy into this then you deserve to get all your money took

  • Rebellion

    best thing i see in this video is ians cut, and the logitech mouse

  • scoochie goon
    scoochie goon


  • M4DD G04T
    M4DD G04T

    Idubbbz is starting to look like Walter White

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor

    His face is soo Jimmy Savile

  • Malachi Green
    Malachi Green

    i have a theory that idubbz is so rich he can afford to replace his drywall every video. he just forgot to take it down this time

  • Willi Baker
    Willi Baker


  • Troxlarz Gent.
    Troxlarz Gent.

    Idubbbz you look like a white supremacist

  • giannis xalkis
    giannis xalkis

    U are my favourite simp ❤️

  • Bruce Lee Hee
    Bruce Lee Hee

    Nice hipster tats

    • AK 95
      AK 95

      HBD MJ

  • TridentLion

    I can't stand Logan's friend Mike.

  • harrison rexhepofski
    harrison rexhepofski

    nice katana zero shirt that game is fire

  • West Oz Cards
    West Oz Cards

    OMG you my spirit animal.

  • Jonsly

    Wow Ian you beating on a piece of styrofoam was such hilarious epic comedy

  • MagnusScot

    Damn why is Logic so mad?

  • Nathan Mecey
    Nathan Mecey

    The fucking fake marvel hat, iconic

  • Tymer_knot Holt
    Tymer_knot Holt

    Ian, you are lacking intensity and focus compared to past content cops.

  • TruthHurts

    As someone who has been in sales for 6+ years, they’re really shitty salesman.

  • Gask3944

    We need more content cop and fan mail

  • MrVipitis

    There is a great Defcon talk on exploiting scammers. They looked at emails that were spammed from some people and meant to do a pump and dump. I believe you can do the same with crypto "scams" - where there is less regulation.

  • Arnold Dominguez
    Arnold Dominguez

    Holding my doink 😂😂😂

  • AK 95
    AK 95

    If he uploaded this video with the title “Content Cop - Logan Paul” with a little police skit, this video would have blown up

  • Will B
    Will B

    Please talk about the FullSend/Wizza scam


    Like Logan don’t have enough 💰

  • Daniel Moss
    Daniel Moss

    Surgically remove his spine? You're assuming he has one in the first place..

  • Where was Paw Patrol on 911?
    Where was Paw Patrol on 911?

    This is the Ian I miss. I love angry Ian

  • Cameron Headrick
    Cameron Headrick

    big ups!

  • Will

    This is essentially the closest thing we will get to a Logan Paul content cop..

  • Dr._Pie

    LaCroix. Content Cop flavor

  • Onemeteor 1
    Onemeteor 1

    im glad Ian is still poping

  • Charles Burrall
    Charles Burrall

    bruh hes so chunky