Mars Perseverance Capture Volcanic Hill Covered with Five Black Planets on Mars
Mars Perseverance Capture Volcanic Hill Covered with Five Black Planets on Mars

  • Monkey Ball
    Monkey Ball

    Why in hell do they keep saying black planets? On Mars can you see something that you cannot see here on Earth?

  • 차호박


  • Мekhman Mekhman
    Мekhman Mekhman

    Муравейник марсинский , и летающие муравьи .

  • Scott new world photography
    Scott new world photography

    Planet or UFO ???

  • 062241kdp

    What good are these videos if you can’t explain what we’re looking at? Waste of time.

  • earthling john
    earthling john

    *Reported as Spam or Misleading*

  • Dead Vlad
    Dead Vlad

    пыль на камере и они думают, что это посторонние планеты смешно наблюдать

  • Catherine Breitfeller
    Catherine Breitfeller

    Planets ??

  • Max

    Люди , вы реально продолжаете думать , что вы одни ? Это какими придурками надо быть😭😭😭

  • Patrick Nahon (dit NAMS)
    Patrick Nahon (dit NAMS)


  • Direita Brasil
    Direita Brasil

    They are not planets, are UFO's.

  • N F
    N F

    Eu não acredito nesses objetos no céu de marte ,a Nasa não fala nada sobre isso,para mim é montagem 😀

  • Duane White
    Duane White

    How can those B5 black planets on Mars obviously they're alive and you don't know what they are

  • Jason Wright
    Jason Wright

    Yet more Dust/Dirt. For starters it would be impossible to be planets. Planets that close to Earth would cause all kinds of gravitational anomalies. It could even move the Earth out of its current orbit. Even a small sized planet would cause gravitational anomalies.

  • gor069

    If these are planets then why don't they reflect the sun like any other planet would?

  • fernando ricarte
    fernando ricarte

    Poor god believers completely scared to face the truth.

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson

    I watched this and wondered if this channel had for whatever reason, (probably “views”) messed with the images, in other words it was false. Just been on the NASA site though and downloaded some of the public raw images. The UFO’ s are on those too. You have to zoom right in and look for them. They are a long way off from Perseverance, but too far to be Ingenuity. To my mind these things are real and intelligent. The rabbit hole is therefore real and the questions requiring answers are exponential. Perhaps the first is are they ET craft or could it even be our own craft that are there already in covert classified missions to Mars. Crazy shit .....

  • Ray Bilverstone
    Ray Bilverstone

    So what are these black planets they keep talking about🤔.

  • Salvatore Renna
    Salvatore Renna

    Perché non tradurre anche in italiano

    • Arian Karagiozi
      Arian Karagiozi

      Dice che ci Sono coline vulcaniche e 5 pianeti per'io penso che Sono ufo perche' I pianeti non possono essere neri

  • John Bassett
    John Bassett

    Sing Along With Follow the Bouncing Ball !!! My Favorite Break in the movie theater !!!

  • snjmriguy1

    No cable.

  • Юлия Никитина
    Юлия Никитина

    Почему нет комментариев к ролику? И почему эти объекты только в ваших сюжетах? Не фейк ли это случаем?

    • Ivan Paez Cabo
      Ivan Paez Cabo


  • Omar Muthana
    Omar Muthana

    Thanks for sharing

  • Jeramie James (jeremysart)
    Jeramie James (jeremysart)

    It's either dust on the lense or cosmic radiation causing anomalies with the camera/electronics. ISdowns sucks at recommending quality channels these days -_-

  • Reprogram Your Ass
    Reprogram Your Ass

    Well, if that's planets, how can we see them outside the lit-up sky? And they're black, so.....It would have to be inside the atmosphere.

  • Рита Беретарь
    Рита Беретарь

    Зря звук убрали.

  • Fido

    what is the name of the 5 black planets? are they from our solar system or from another system?

  • Nasreen Malik
    Nasreen Malik

    That means we can't see those 5 Planets from Earth!?

    • Reprogram Your Ass
      Reprogram Your Ass

      It's weird. They are black, out in space. And we see them outside of the lit-up atmosphere? Something isn't right.

  • Jim Eby
    Jim Eby

    There black starships that aliens live on and travel around in space. Like the death Star in Star wars. No we know why we see UFOs on earth. It's just the atmosphere on earth filters out the black star ships that we can't see them.

  • philippe ricou
    philippe ricou


  • japeking1

    Pixel dropouts from cosmic ray hits?

  • Zdenko Jerbic
    Zdenko Jerbic


  • Владимир Волин
    Владимир Волин

    А что если любопытные "сферы" это форма жизни такая?

  • Nmon

    Its fake unless comes from China

    • John Bassett
      John Bassett

      With a 30 Earth Day Gauranty !!!

  • SPACE talks
    SPACE talks

    I see a hill small hill near my house. It doesn't mean that it is a volcanic hill. And what is that thumbnail? A "W" In the sky???

  • Rena Vogel
    Rena Vogel

    Na toll. Und wo bleibt die offizielle Stellungnahme? Bei uns in Deutschland wird alles, was das betrifft totgeschwiegen. Was hat die Elite zu verbergen. Weshalb werden wir ständig für dumm verkauft?

  • GoogleGilbertLevinMars

    Fungi and life on Mars! GOOGLE: Dr.Gilbert Levin!

  • R Gjr
    R Gjr

    Could easily be CGI. With video technology improving, it won't be long before human actors are obsolete.

  • Kenny Sherrill
    Kenny Sherrill

    The money is buried under the big dubbya.😋👍❤🇺🇸

  • Marek Tokarcik
    Marek Tokarcik

    black planets, pixel dropouts, dirty lens, swamp gas..what about meteo baloons idiots.. ... these are spheres over the hill no further then few kilometers hovering in the air.. no wonder any other inteligence will not contact us. We are just violent blind apes.

  • Star R
    Star R

    Are those plants? If we get in Mars we might finds more plants to travel faster

  • Ronald Belken
    Ronald Belken

    Thats only the paparazzi ... my question is what if they found life I mean so much as two nats fucking anything that walks crawls or flys what approach would they use to release it to the public would it be made by our president or will yall sit on it and be released in a scientific manner so as not to disrupt mankind what if someone or something came up to the rover and started taking a piss on it what then ??

  • Ganesh Muniswamy
    Ganesh Muniswamy


  • Abhimanyou Bhadu
    Abhimanyou Bhadu


  • VIP

    There is no life on Mars

  • Daryl Brown
    Daryl Brown

    A little bit of windex would clean those black planets up nicely.

    • Eli Ronan
      Eli Ronan

      @Xavier Graysen Definitely, I have been using KaldroStream for years myself :)

    • Xavier Graysen
      Xavier Graysen

      a tip : you can watch series at kaldrostream. I've been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.

  • The Amazing Mystico
    The Amazing Mystico

    Schmutz on the lens.

  • Hollow Robert
    Hollow Robert

    Where are the planets???

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      they are stupid those are UFO 🛸

  • TheStarzzguitar

    These are stills. Nothing is moving. The Ken Burns effect

  • glentorn53

    Definitely NOT planets.

  • Stephen

    I wonder if the core of Mars is still molten...I'm guessing not or very little.

  • Валера Велерьевич
    Валера Велерьевич

    Объясните что это такое, пакет ашановский летает?

    • АзиМут - М49 RU
      АзиМут - М49 RU

      Скорее Алиэкспрессовские пакеты

    • АзиМут - М49 RU
      АзиМут - М49 RU

      Их там много, летает

    • АзиМут - М49 RU
      АзиМут - М49 RU


  • Alfredo Aparicio
    Alfredo Aparicio

    Son las esferas del dragón..versión black!

  • dutch

    The planets need to get in the gravityline of mars and colide some planets have the water others bio to some day become just like earth maybe still a million years away, its weird and cruel to create live on earth for every individual to live arrround 100 years on a planet sitting their for millions of years we really are just a peace so small in this whole event, i mean 100 years ? and only let the children carry al that knowledge to the next generation and so on, is Jesus or God kidding us ? 100 years is a joke really stupid to make it all that small over those millions of years.........

  • Mandie Marie
    Mandie Marie

    Are we seeing UFOs or what….

    • SPACE talks
      SPACE talks

      @Charlie Rogers Music hey you!! What is meant by UFO? You don't know the meaning of UFO and you comment on youtube. The actual meaning of UFO is "Unidentified flying object". According to you the UFO is only alien object. People need to know the truth before they comment in social media.

    • Mandie Marie
      Mandie Marie

      @Charlie Rogers Music I have been telling my family for years now… I knew it… lol

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music


  • Mandie Marie
    Mandie Marie

    What the hell are those black dots… wtf

    • earthling john
      earthling john

      @Marilyn Boyd Do what i do and report every one of these videos as *"spam or misleading"*

    • charles stuart
      charles stuart

      If it was dust it would be there all the time.

    • Marilyn Boyd
      Marilyn Boyd

      Dust and an idiot trying to fool you! Is it working?

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music


  • Blas Yado
    Blas Yado

    En los primeros videos, esas esferas negras están posadas sobre la falda de la montaña que se ve enfrente de la cámara, son trece esferas en línea recta horizontal... Ahora salen con el chisme de que son planetas oscuros... Por qué no dicen de una vez, qué tipo de seres inteligentes habitan en Marte! Y casualmente las cámaras siempre andan como el puerco, viendo para abajo!... Y cuando hacen tomas panorámicas salen todas borrosas.... No pasa nada si ya dicen la verdad... Y también lo del rayo de luz que se ve en otro video.... Probablemente la mayoría de los que vemos los videos, no seamos científicos, pero dista mucho a que seamos tontos... Y más por lo que creo que muchos hemos visto aquí mismo en la Tierra....

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      ellos no quiren que usted sepa la verdad esos son UFO and they have a base in that planet and we will never know because MARS is too far,

    • Julio Galvis
      Julio Galvis

      Tienes razón... jejeje los científicos no pueden darnos alguna explicación razonable ante estos ovnis...pero todos sabemos que lo son....las personas del mundo tienen miedo de asentarlo y guardan silencio cuando uno les comparte estas imágenes...hasta que nos acostumbremos a aceptar la realidad...

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller

    Dogpoop photoshop

  • Guillermo SAINTE CLUQUE
    Guillermo SAINTE CLUQUE


  • MatterIsNotSolid

    You need to post the original link to the picture. Otherwise it's fake.

    • Monkey Ball
      Monkey Ball

      @Charlie Rogers Music I agree with you!!

    • DeuceGenius

      @Charlie Rogers Music how can you tell? do you have a close up photo?

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music


  • Arturo Vásquez
    Arturo Vásquez

    Pero... ¿de qué planetas estamos hablando? : Marte es uno de los 9 planetas del Sistema Solar, y los planetas "no andan por ahí" como si fueran lunas de Marte!!!!

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      por fin usted habla la verdad de que planetas estan hablando esos pendejos ellos cren que nosotros semos estupidos.

  • Mak Per
    Mak Per

    How long will perseverance will last on Mars because it is getting kind of boring.

  • durval ricci
    durval ricci

    Fake news, made in Paint

  • Brad Pitts
    Brad Pitts

    I don't believe that they are planets

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      those are UFO and yes they live there and yes there is OXYGEN there to look at the sky is BLUE.

  • Darrell Harding
    Darrell Harding

    at 2;06 left side of the mound you can see somthing black out of place moving up the side of the mound dont look right

    • Alice Brown
      Alice Brown

      Looking left, c nothing.

  • Naseer Mohammed
    Naseer Mohammed

    The stones look like River running

    • SPACE talks
      SPACE talks

      @Charlie Rogers Music And who know your brain is brainwashed. And who knows that you are science denier. If you don't know about a thing it doesn't mean it is wrong.

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      there are rivers and lakes on that planet but we will never know because NASA will never tell us the truth. they will never tell us the true NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER this what NASA STAND FOR. AND who knows maybe there is Oxygen too who knows maybe this government has people there already.

  • barbara stewart
    barbara stewart

    the last time i said what is the dark object in the sky i was told it was dirt on the lens.

    • Blanca Camacho-Bonet
      Blanca Camacho-Bonet

      @Riki B. 🤣😂 who would've know those damn angels were us🙊

    • Riki B.
      Riki B.

      @Blanca Camacho-Bonet Yeh, the fallen angel(s), damned to earth! ...😂

    • Blanca Camacho-Bonet
      Blanca Camacho-Bonet

      @Riki B. Maybe. Those damn angels thrown out da heavens...tis tis...😂

    • Riki B.
      Riki B.

      @Blanca Camacho-Bonet Probably our cultural remains before we were banned to earth. Paradise lost!

    • Blanca Camacho-Bonet
      Blanca Camacho-Bonet

      @Riki B. I have found many architectural designs and sculptures buried or expose after wind storms in many vids/pics.

  • jose duvanis Sanchez
    jose duvanis Sanchez

    eso no son planetas , son objetos voladores que quiza tienen ese volcan como portal de entrada a su mundo subterraneo marciano

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      eso es verdad

  • Mitch Batten
    Mitch Batten

    Likely camera ports in the backdrop or ceiling for aerial views.

  • jose cristancho
    jose cristancho

    La nasa no se pronuncia dobre estos objetos que aparecen en sus videos,hay inquietud a respecto

  • George Tucker
    George Tucker


  • Érico Sechini Filho
    Érico Sechini Filho

    A mesma farsa de sempre Nunca dá pra ver o que realmente é a imagem no céu do suposto planeta vermelho 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Christopher Reynolds
    Christopher Reynolds

    Whoever writes these headlines needs to back to primary school and learn English. They are complete nonsense. They look like a bad translation from Russian.

  • Ernest schoenmakers
    Ernest schoenmakers

    An asteroid or maybe Jupiter.

    • Marek Tokarcik
      Marek Tokarcik

      or swamp gas

  • 들길바람따라

    dust on master cam sensor. Every sol night dusty winds on Mars. Dots move turn with cam zoom

  • my tube
    my tube

    What are these please

    • Charlie Rogers Music
      Charlie Rogers Music

      🛸 UFO

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper

      @my tube welcome

    • my tube
      my tube

      @belly tripper thanks. 👍🏻✌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper


  • Alexandre De Oliveira Camargo
    Alexandre De Oliveira Camargo

    Onde está a câmera de alta definição essa é pior que a do meu celular

  • Kot Kotov
    Kot Kotov


    • Arturo Vásquez
      Arturo Vásquez

      @Alice Brown UFO

    • Alice Brown
      Alice Brown

      NLO, translation please

    • Arturo Vásquez
      Arturo Vásquez

      Да... Теперь они называют их "планетами". 😮

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