NASA's Mars latest Updates images of mars by Mars Rover news update |*Exclusive* | Blue Dune |
Credit:NASA's Mars latest Updates images of mars by Mars Rover news update
Once in a Blue Dune. Blue dunes on mars, once in a blue dune on mars review. NASA Releases Stunning Image of Mars: Blue Dunes on the,

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NASA Releases Stunning Image of Mars: Blue Dunes on the,
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Photo Image:

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

How The Elites Use Secret Knowledge About The Universe...

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  • Karabi'R RannaGhor
    Karabi'R RannaGhor

    For more about Perseverance:

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  • Aslan Umbatov
    Aslan Umbatov

    С космоса могут номер машины читать А с около Марса все не могут разобраться,то же там

  • Krishanthi Dissanayake
    Krishanthi Dissanayake

    This stone something like massive blue Gem hidden in the Mars black sand.

  • kevin mahaney
    kevin mahaney

    Nasa does so many false color images its hard to say what it is.


    The possible animal life in the Planet Mars. La posible vida animal en el Planeta Marte.

  • Maria Socas
    Maria Socas

    Como la tierra no hay dos

  • Roberto Rowe
    Roberto Rowe

    Qué ocultan porque en blanco y negro ,? Porque no en su color original ? Se ve que ocultan lo verdadero No es bueno

  • Colleen A Steeves Bos
    Colleen A Steeves Bos

    What an amazing find.

  • Maria Zelia Roncaglia
    Maria Zelia Roncaglia


  • Prim Napa
    Prim Napa

    "Petrified bear"😁

  • Kumary Thankappan
    Kumary Thankappan

    പട്ടി ചത്തു കിടക്കുന്ന പോലെ ഉണ്ട്

  • Ольга Бондарева
    Ольга Бондарева

    Скажите пожалуйста ,ну КТО это такой синий и большой там лежит ,оно живое ?

    • Нина Примкулова
      Нина Примкулова

      Написано: синяя дюна.

  • Аскар Бекбосынов
    Аскар Бекбосынов

    Не надо их перетаскивать на землю

  • silvia sanchez
    silvia sanchez

    q cosa mas rara !!! no parece ser solo arena!!!

  • Icaro Soares
    Icaro Soares

    The rocks of Mars only debox!

  • Frank Nagelski
    Frank Nagelski

    There trees not sand dunes

  • Galina Shumeleva
    Galina Shumeleva

    Спячка медведей.

  • Prince Creations
    Prince Creations

    Amazing ❤️

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    Cris amper


  • Ravindi Jayawardhana
    Ravindi Jayawardhana


  • William Zee
    William Zee

    All is great and wonderful, but for a trillion and half spent what are we accomplishing? Is it livable or not? What purpose does it evidently serve?

  • Bhaskar rao Jayavarapu
    Bhaskar rao Jayavarapu

    Previous I had seen

  • Bhaskar rao Jayavarapu
    Bhaskar rao Jayavarapu

    Block hole

  • Andrzej Pac
    Andrzej Pac

    Nasa nie pokazuje wszystkiego

    • Andrzej Pac
      Andrzej Pac

      @Danuta Madej na ziemi też znajdziemy dziwne skały lub kamienie uformowane przez naturę

    • Danuta Madej
      Danuta Madej

      Witam mam wrazenie ze to nie z Marsa !

  • Luis Manuel Iniguez Velazquez
    Luis Manuel Iniguez Velazquez

  • A2Z videos
    A2Z videos

    Fake editing

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    Shahinur's Recipe

    আসসালামুয়ালাইকুম আপি 😍❤️

    • Karabi'R RannaGhor
      Karabi'R RannaGhor


  • GoogleGilbertLevinMars

    Fungi and life on Mars! GOOGLE: Dr.Gilbert Levin!

  • Nasreen Malik
    Nasreen Malik

    Just a Shadow of the Hill or Sandune!What is giving the Blue color or Camera tricks?

  • Wanda Millarea
    Wanda Millarea


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    Unity TV


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    UK Mix world

    আসসালামুয়ালাইকুম ভাবী 💖🤲👍

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      Karabi'R RannaGhor

      ওয়ালাইকুমাসালাম ননদিনী

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    adel%enz ع س

    يبدو انها نباتات متحجرة او بكتريا . مر عليه ملايين السنين ..

  • Assdf Aasddf
    Assdf Aasddf


  • Eneas Tavora
    Eneas Tavora

    Abstract art images! Great...! (...the music is bit annoying)


    If there were humans where the cities are, you didn't find a single city on Mars. And don't shoot deserts and bricks. That's useless.

  • Prathibha YR
    Prathibha YR

    Nice video.

  • Miguel GONZALEZ
    Miguel GONZALEZ

    Some how I'm still not convinced,

  • manuelpedromacedo Macedo
    manuelpedromacedo Macedo

    Estamos a ser manipulados.Marte é habitável😉

    • Rosinaldo Maia Maia
      Rosinaldo Maia Maia

      Há vida micobriana em Marte e outros planetas, inclusive anfíbio,podes crer.

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    Maryam R & vlogs

    Nice 👌

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    silvia sanchez

    q maravilla !!!

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      Rosinaldo Maia Maia

      O que é isso amigo?

  • Pam Nay
    Pam Nay

    Great video! Thanks for sharing

  • A H KHAN
    A H KHAN

    These are odd-shaped rocks looking different shapes even found in our earth.

  • JC Media
    JC Media

    Thank you for the wonderful video today too.~~ It was so good!! Have a nice day~😃👍👍44

  • Jonathan Castro Tello
    Jonathan Castro Tello

    Bemo alas o en el desierto que es depronto seré superiores , juicios de Dios.

  • Dolly’s passion
    Dolly’s passion

    Assalamu alaikum apu

  • Flippblood Canada
    Flippblood Canada

    Interesting share my friend. Amazing images of blue dune! 👍

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    정호 하모니카TV

    Good morning friend 💘 무슨 흔적 인가요?

  • Armando Selva
    Armando Selva

    No encontraremos otro planeta igual al nuestro.Cuidémoslo es lo poco que queda .

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      @Bruno Vieira I think the Andromeda Galaxy has a trillion stars. Multiply that by all the other galaxies with a trillion stars or 200 billion or so. It's mind boggling. We will some day figure out how to get around Einstein's speed limit and will be able to go anywhere in a flash without having to worry about the time aging factor. Someday we will be able to control the power of a black hole or an entire galaxy. Would love to time travel a million yrs into the future or a billon or so yrs into the past and visit Mars in a snow storm. Would be so beautiful.

    • Bruno Vieira
      Bruno Vieira

      @John Lee Yeah, most of them i guess. my point is that we are discovering so many of them that our planet is not as unique as we thought, specially kepler-452b. Just imagine the billions of earth like planets we don't know about that can potentially be habited.

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      @Bruno Vieira It would seem that by chance some of those would be inhabited.

    • Bruno Vieira
      Bruno Vieira

      Ja encontramos dezenas de planetas como a terra, muitos deles em zonas habitaveis. Estao é demasiado distantes para la chegarmos. cientistas estimam que existem 40 biliões de planetas como a terra na nossa galaxia.

  • michael miller
    michael miller

    On a Martian desert on a horse with no name...How about Peacock Doldrums ? Suite Judy Blue Eyes ?

  • قناة ندى Nada channel
    قناة ندى Nada channel

    Its very Nice and Good luck 👏 👏 🌴 💚

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    عالم فيفي

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