Film Theory: Kung Fu Panda, The REAL Reason Po is the Chosen One!
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Did you ever expect me to cover Kung Fu Panda? Loyal Theorists, never doubt the extents I will go to for a theory. Today, we are getting to the center of Kung Fu Panda's biggest question - why is Po the Dragon Warrior? Now I know we can just say because the plot says so, but I am a man of science and overanalysis! There has to be a logical explanation of why this panda is the chosen one. It turns out, I was right! Let's dig in!
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Credits:Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Ellerbrook Schmitz
    Ellerbrook Schmitz

    sure, pandas seem all cute, but if you get to close, make them mad, the are still very strong and surprisingly fast with sharp claws and teeth to eat the bamboo. someone snuck into a panda enclosure, and they very badly injured him

  • MultiColor Cartoons
    MultiColor Cartoons

    6:45 "Checkin my theories,checkin my theories. Tap.

  • Blue Moon Studios
    Blue Moon Studios

    I don't think KFP is perpetuating body stereotypes. I think it's the opposite, which makes all the body shaming important.

  • sam van der plas
    sam van der plas

    The whole trilogy is underrated😇

  • Dennis Hierzer
    Dennis Hierzer

    liked it until body positivity lol

  • syi tiger907
    syi tiger907

    I love tigress

  • Selena’s Silly Show
    Selena’s Silly Show

    7:58 Chewy is mine!!!!!* my kitty cat ‘s name! :3

  • The Other Side of the world
    The Other Side of the world

    matpat: why I hate pandas and you should too matpats son: daddy why are you talking bad things about pandas?

  • lostbladder

    Pandas are cute. We can keep weird pug breeds alive who suffer for their existence, but cute panda bears deserve to die out? We as a species drove countless species into extinction. We can’t try to preserve this one?

  • Jr Rp
    Jr Rp

    Fill theory : who will be the dragon warrior Me: why not the original panda that red pananda

  • koduzziN

    "Finally a theory😂😂"

  • GemTale Gaming
    GemTale Gaming

    Hey mat if do u watch anime?. And if u do whats your favorite anime? 😁

  • The Nerd-Bot
    The Nerd-Bot

    > MatPat: Talking about how Shifu and the others making fun of Po for his body type is both mean-spirited and wrong scientifically. ...wasn't that the entire point of the first movie? Like, throughout the films, it's demonstrated that Po's weight is his greatest asset for his fighting style, focusing on using the momentum of his foes against them, and countering their strikes with his own mass. You're _supposed_ to feel like Shifu and the Five bullying Po is wrong because in the end, it's shown that they _are_ wrong.

  • Elijah Kret
    Elijah Kret

    Film Theory is Film Facts

  • CGF /:
    CGF /:

    The thing about body is so true I’m not the best body type lol but I am extremely athletic

  • toetoe sengprachanh
    toetoe sengprachanh

    China: the dragon warrior😲 Usa: what? *watches Kung fu panda* Ohhhhhhh

  • Brian_ Tulin
    Brian_ Tulin

    Ima go rewhatch the movie for the sixed time now cuz i love the movie

  • Cody Schnell
    Cody Schnell

    Lost me after the first five minutes

  • Ashraf Fuseini
    Ashraf Fuseini

    make a theory about coco

  • mr illis
    mr illis

    Pandas are used as creepy political currency for the CCP.

  • MonkeyFeed

    HBO max is really goof. I canceled netflix bcuz of it lol. also hulu sucks. I have to pay AND have commercials? wth

  • Number One
    Number One

    Why would you want to save china?

  • Pufferfish2206

    All three are available in Canada last time I checked I haven't been on Netflix in a while.

  • Samara Peoples
    Samara Peoples

    Pandas fail at everything in life tho even being bears

  • adamthecoolkid 9
    adamthecoolkid 9

    Me realizing that im not subscribed: i hope nobody finds o- Matpat making a theory on why i wasnt subscribed: "DREAM LEVELS OF SPEEDRUNNING RN"

  • Bolita 64
    Bolita 64

    The BEST tennis players IS from my country (Spain, Rafael Nadal)

  • Kian George
    Kian George

    bro who needs china they are literary war ready against India

  • Mickey Bekele
    Mickey Bekele

    I never noticed, but why do they all have human teeth? Kinda creepy ngl

  • LaLa plays RMG
    LaLa plays RMG

  • harpreet dhaliwal
    harpreet dhaliwal

    What about the other pandas in the village because I don’t see them eating bamboo but they are eating dumplings and other foods so why aren’t they energized like po

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    The real question his son is gonna ask “Mommy, why does daddy spend so much time talking to himself in the closet?”

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    can't wait for 2040 Matpat Jr debunking his dad's theories

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Was your son's first words "But that is just a theory."

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    "Dad, why do you always take notes when we watch disney movie"

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Imagine Oogway thought about all of this in the split second he raised his finger

  • Dinesh Naidu
    Dinesh Naidu

    God bless nord VPN

  • Ruben Mols
    Ruben Mols

    00:00 ik

  • Marco Piolo Lavaro
    Marco Piolo Lavaro

    "Why I Hate Pandas and You Should Too" Lord Shen: Yes, and I love this site

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen

    So if im thin as a twig i can fight? Well not realy as thin as a twig but im thin

  • Ethan Bradshaw
    Ethan Bradshaw

    China doesn't need saving.

  • Colston Brandon
    Colston Brandon

    Love how he shouted out Cormier 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Knightshoot

    0:53 uhh.. scorpion from mortal kombat

  • Poper

    guess i don't need to do diets any more

  • Astral Sky
    Astral Sky

    I started laughing when the pandas started to fall in 5:31

  • Luka Tadic
    Luka Tadic

    oogway chose po because oogway saw the past and bla bla... he says that in the 3rd movie

  • Theodore Demos
    Theodore Demos

    When he deflects the cannon ball in the second movie he literally spins in the shape of a yin yang

  • Vimaladevi Shanmugam
    Vimaladevi Shanmugam

    Dude all the comments are funny

  • 23Fists

    Liked for not one, but the second and third pandas falling xD

  • SurveativeCraft

    He is the dragon warrior because Oogway pointed at him

  • Ithil

    me thinking: kung fu panda was about embracing who you are and overcoming sterio types Me *cause everything matt say is true fact*: guess i was wrong ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯.

  • Js

    🆘️ I'm spamming in hopes coverage might help the situation in Colombia where the police and army are killing and dissappearing people from the streets because we protest the government. Please like and talk about it. Outside pressure might help to stop the murder of civilians!!!!

  • Cooper Chilcott
    Cooper Chilcott

    Australia has secrets of scroll, Kung Fu 1 and 2 on Netflix

  • Abigail Neokle
    Abigail Neokle

    I didn't know mat pat had a son. I hope it's going well for you man, take care.

  • Tiger gaming
    Tiger gaming

    I live in the UK

  • Steven Fasano
    Steven Fasano

    military grade sounds so cool until your in the military

  • Miguel Maliwanag
    Miguel Maliwanag

    U know superman his parents died and then he become a hero and po mom died then u know...

  • Drei Drei
    Drei Drei

    Jesus Loves all of you

  • Anthony Urban
    Anthony Urban

    serina williams has no business being in this article.

  • Elijah

    Btw Anthony Joshua was knocked out during a spa and they still went on with the match, the fight was already decided. He only had a few days to recover from the spa which is why he lost. So yes Having a body like Joshua's gives you better chances of winning

  • smayan buildz-#builder
    smayan buildz-#builder

    fun fact for matpat - bamboo isnt wood, its grass

  • Owine Liu
    Owine Liu

    When he said ghī Me:*living in china*IT MEANS WIND OR AIR

  • nancy church
    nancy church

    Yes, body shaming is bad. But so is enabling obesity. If everyone would stop obsessing over body image and just worry about being healthy we'd all be doing better.

  • Whirl Tempest
    Whirl Tempest

    panda is not a panda!

  • Senator

    There is also roy nelson who exactly dosn't look like UFC FIGHTER

  • Ruben Pascual
    Ruben Pascual

    Po has a good heart and that is what makes him worthy

  • Brandon Bernard
    Brandon Bernard

    Say dad? Baby: theory

  • Kluci Řehákovi
    Kluci Řehákovi

    the sponsor of nordVPN was really manipulative. You truly are a master of the kung fu MattPatt

  • Kuoran (Kevin) ZHANG
    Kuoran (Kevin) ZHANG

    a moderate amount of Chinese don't know that Kong Fu Panda is filmed in US

  • wawensky Deronvil
    wawensky Deronvil

    This video sounds like some body positivity

  • Not Specified
    Not Specified

    I really hope you have a quiet dark room to lay down into between filming these

  • Jm Concep
    Jm Concep

    So thats why I made a taekwondo blacj belt cry bcus Jm heavy lol

  • Stephen Durnan
    Stephen Durnan

    Matpat: "who doesn't love panda's?" Me: snow leopards, peacocks.

    • Capsirus

      An incredibly pissed off ox

  • A K
    A K

    4:55 greatest tennis player in history* you are welcome

  • Luther Augustine
    Luther Augustine

    You sound like a longer version -hits blunt-" . Makes so much sense

  • Iif Hudzaifah
    Iif Hudzaifah


    • hornet is void
      hornet is void

      Calm down kid

  • Rectrix 722
    Rectrix 722

    There was one time we’re I wore water resistant shoes and thought I could walk on water was when I was younger I almost drowned


    I have no problem with PaNDa

  • Jason Woodruff
    Jason Woodruff


  • Sergej Simic
    Sergej Simic

    Maybe Tigress could be Dragon Warrior i think she deserves that

  • The Panther2706
    The Panther2706

    It's a good video but I don't think that you should promote being obese saying that it's good, of course you don't have to have abs but a lot of health problems can come from being overweight.

  • Temna Senka
    Temna Senka

    You want the real reason, watch Kung Fu Panda 3. Oogway explains it in like 45 seconds.

  • Ian Luk
    Ian Luk

    Mat: Why do all of the animals have teeth? Viper and all of the bird characters: Am I a joke to you?

  • Wilson Moscare
    Wilson Moscare

    Why would we preserve the pandas for the sake of china??? They're conquering lands that isn't even their's. Plus they are the reason for covid. If anyone deserves to die it should be them🤬

    • Carrus Brick Productions
      Carrus Brick Productions

      How are they the reason for COVID?

  • OctophonesTheSanitizedOctoling

    every time i heard kung Fu panda my 6 or 7 to 9 year old mouth would go *kUNgA fuGA panDAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay

    6:53 natural inclination can be defeated by will power.

  • Drake Kay
    Drake Kay

    2:36 The funny part about the current 5. Po chose them by mistake, lost the real list, and replaced it with another list by mistake..... :D There are no accidents.

  • Ro

    My biggest problem with the movie was the body shaming. I'm pretty big and never once had any of my fellow martial artists say anything negative about my weight; unless they're getting frustrated at trying to rugby tackle me and failing. In fact i'd say a good 50% of my kung fu and mma clubs have a BMI above 30, weight really has very little to do with skill in martial arts.

  • Portobello Mushroom
    Portobello Mushroom

    Lol Matpat inadvertently DID answer the question about creepy human teeth since Po's diet was so different from normal panda diets

  • Himanshu Thakur
    Himanshu Thakur

    Casually throws pandas from trees

  • Alien Ape
    Alien Ape

    They are beyond dumb and we need to let them go. Keeping them around because we think they are cute is wasteful and pointless

  • Hahny

    thats smart

  • Gabby

    Guess matpat didnt watch kung fu panda 3 sad

  • Sbonga 6
    Sbonga 6

    More cushioned midsection 6:16

  • Sbonga 6
    Sbonga 6

    I'm watching this from my school comp lab and bout to get kicked out coz I'm laughing so hard

  • HeNrY !
    HeNrY !

    James harden is another example

  • Emma Kramer
    Emma Kramer

    You gave me soooo much confidence in the first 6 minutes of this video 🥺💕

  • WreckinPoints11

    I feel like introducing a fourth theory channel should be an ATLA reference.

    • Capsirus


  • Mark Esmalla
    Mark Esmalla

    Also in po's backstory the pandas were powerful people and po's dad almost defeated the enemeis if it wasn't for the cannon and their nubers

  • Maitreya Dasari
    Maitreya Dasari


  • Metal Steel gaming
    Metal Steel gaming

    Man the intro