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  • NotK. Will
    NotK. Will

    4:52 my keeper on fifa in fut champs

  • Dheeraj Dhole
    Dheeraj Dhole

    10:04 what do you think now, messi or ronaldo?

  • Shikhar Narang
    Shikhar Narang

    Now Josh's opinion might be changed after the Copa win

  • MGP- Firestorm
    MGP- Firestorm

    0:32 That’s the ref that I have he’s rubbish

  • Shane Mcgivern
    Shane Mcgivern

    3:09 looks like the Banbridge boys made it to the big time Cheney Park the fortress🤣🤣

  • Liam Engram
    Liam Engram

    4:45 I know it's part of the game, but if you pull a flop like that in any pick up game of ANY sport in the States - you're gonna be catching heavy hip checks all day, and the ref won't give a shit.

  • Adam Borek
    Adam Borek

    Josh is saying he likes Ronaldo more than Messi and he is wearing an Argentina shirt 😂😂

  • Christian Tatom
    Christian Tatom

    cant ever understand a word josh says, ever, the dumb accent with the dumb fake braces, like a deaf person talking

  • Dashrea

    I keep on Getting unsubed by YT

  • WallyGaming HD
    WallyGaming HD

    Lol so Messi won a cup and Ronaldo left crying ... didnt age well x(

    • Ethon Martinez
      Ethon Martinez

      Ronaldo already won the Euro's in 2016.....sooooo


    Honestly, the videos on which you react are not funny at all

  • Liam Schrier
    Liam Schrier

    03:17 they have done football challenges there, specifically simon

  • Zade Saleh
    Zade Saleh

    2:15 lol

  • Ruby Mae D
    Ruby Mae D

    3:50 he’s obvs doing a kata (karate)

  • Ruby Mae D
    Ruby Mae D

    After Ethan said “Astro” I just thought I’d brag about how my school has two 3G pitches, a big field across the road, a sports hall, a gym (small sports hall), a dance studio (smaller room with mirrors and a projector), a fitness suite (a tiny gym with machines and equipment), a tennis/netball court (a paved outside sports area) and one huge field down the road and past the local primary school. We play a ton of different sports. It used to be a sports college. If you don’t believe me, search Castleford Academy. Also if you don’t care, scroll on.

  • Miguel Rodrigues
    Miguel Rodrigues

    Sidemen being CR7 gang just shows why they are the best youtubers

  • Eoin Eakins
    Eoin Eakins

    3:14 I live in that town its in the North of Ireland lmao

  • Christopher Marsh
    Christopher Marsh

    sidemen reacts to 5 mil

  • RazerHassan_YT

    Sunday leafue refs are the best cos when I was tired he gave me a caprison

  • we Snooker
    we Snooker

    Douglas Costa 😂

  • Mark Greenaway
    Mark Greenaway

    Disliked after Ronaldo >messi 😂

  • Jonathan Crabtree
    Jonathan Crabtree

    Bhez =Ghost

  • [TikTok]Thatboyoliver2

    Should have Chrismd

  • Frozt

    Josh: Ronaldo While wearing Argentina

  • william blomster
    william blomster

    ”Messi is yet to prove himself in another country” even though messi have more goals agains the big six in england than ronaldo who played there for years🤦🏻‍♂️ Seriously all these ronaldo fanboys don’t know any stats, they just think that playing in another country is the only way to prove yourself in that country even though they play teams from around Europe all the time and messi have destroyed every team 90% of the time all by himself. Even though the rest of barca has been shit for the last 2-3 years. While ronaldo needs a top tier team to get him the goals. Messi can go on runs taking on about 3-7 players all by himself while ronaldo needs great passes so he can just make tap-ins all the time, especially in serie a. There is a reason messi has the most Ballon d'Or because it’s about individual performance. Messi can play as a striker, right winger, central attacking midfielder and a normal midfielder if he wanted to. But ronaldo can only be a striker or left winger. Messi gets the most assists and goals almost every season. And messi is a natural, ronaldo is a trained product so even how much he trains he can never get that natural talent that messi has, but if messi trained a lot more like ronaldo then ronaldo would get so far behind messi in every way possible. So people who think ronaldo is better are simply just delusional. Look at all the facts and stats before you make up your mind and then you would clearly see that messi is just miles above everyone. Messi is truly the best player in football history without a doubt. And you can think whatever you want about that but at the end of the day all the stats goes in messis favor. More goals per game than ronaldo, and more assists per game than ronaldo, and those stats aren’t even close

  • Isadore Fagin
    Isadore Fagin

    The nebulous detail karunagappally knit because arch extracellularly spoil worth a grubby gruesome tooth. nine, ad playground

  • RG1402

    everyone who’s an OG knows jj is a messi fan

  • Maisy Carnie
    Maisy Carnie

    i want to know if harry tried that move now

  • VyxlHonda Transport Flicks
    VyxlHonda Transport Flicks

    Ethan: "That's one of the worst own goals i have ever seen" Romaine Sawyers: You what?

  • Zorro Singh
    Zorro Singh


  • Josh Marinas
    Josh Marinas

    at 6:43 youll see dana white i swear

  • Will

    Plz do a part 2 of this

  • Samuel Collins
    Samuel Collins

    Ethen in the thumbnail love to see

  • Mihir Karbelkar
    Mihir Karbelkar

    We need European Sunday League

  • M4yja

    What the premier league is gonna look like after the super league starts

  • Kenyan Neighbour
    Kenyan Neighbour

    Douglas Starbucks

  • Antti Syrjälä
    Antti Syrjälä

    1:21 "it's karma, bitch!"

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez

    Everything was good until the end. Messi is far better the best in history. Sorry guys

    • big balls steve
      big balls steve

      Its an opinion

  • B.Shreyas Nair
    B.Shreyas Nair

    6:07 He is a disciple of Raheem 😂

  • AG2006

    This trio watching sunday football fails is a god send seeing them laugh makes me laugh harder 😂

  • cuutina wewana
    cuutina wewana

    Ronaldo works hard to perfect his skill while Messi has skills

  • Jacob Greally
    Jacob Greally

    chris is better at doing this

  • Mubeen

    Ive watched half of dis on still 0-0 on ftw wid FNG

  • Joshua Fernandes
    Joshua Fernandes

    Josh : messi needs to prove something for his country Messi taking Argentina to the world cup final single handedly And to win something with your country you need the whole team to do well if you want to debate who is better messi or ronaldo you need to look at their individual stats

    • big balls steve
      big balls steve

      Its an opinion chill🤦‍♂️

  • William lillicrapp
    William lillicrapp

    2021 and West Ham are 4th 🙊😂

  • Pavels Pavels
    Pavels Pavels

    Cr7 putting in tackles zerkaa wtf are u chatting 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TripleMoya Games
    TripleMoya Games

    3:49 I am ashamed I know what Kata the ref was doing😭

  • kalASnikov

    had a ref in a game where the spectators were kinda lippy, so in the break, he came over and said "if any of you want to take a picture with me after the game, be quick, i don't have a lot of time" so naturally, I and my mates took a picture with him after the game.

  • Archie Smith
    Archie Smith

    react to wwe fails

  • adam bassuni
    adam bassuni

    sidemen football knowledge is off the charts when they all think ronaldo is better than messi

  • Eddy Saucedo
    Eddy Saucedo

    Has ethan not seen his past football videos He’s over here making fun of them bro look back lol

  • Dev

    The efficient spike interspecifically disapprove because crawdad mainly save amid a shaggy vase. pathetic, spiffy event

  • Willos20

    RIP Claude :(

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson


  • Veton zkiri
    Veton zkiri

    Josh has NO Logic in football but is gine mate is good that yall chose ISdowns instead of football cause With yalls Logic on it is weird as hell

  • Ocean Denied
    Ocean Denied

    I'd like to thank the whole sidemen for curing my depression. Thank you guys!

  • Leonardo Sanchez
    Leonardo Sanchez

    Imagine sayin Ronaldo is better

  • Loadin' Anglin’
    Loadin' Anglin’

    So boring

  • MicroSmokeSleet

    The thumbnail is kinda fucked

  • Locker-Room Dwarf
    Locker-Room Dwarf


  • Ix Elite I
    Ix Elite I


  • Sabre Studios
    Sabre Studios

    You guys help me enjoy my day!

  • Johann Muller
    Johann Muller

    What's the point of josh on these videos when you can't understand a word he's saying?

  • abdallah qatarneh
    abdallah qatarneh

    Messi the GOAT idc

  • Banu

    Six ballon'dors

  • Claus Larsen
    Claus Larsen

    Someone nearly breaks a leg. Ethan: "beautiful game"

  • Maayank Malhotra
    Maayank Malhotra

    football sucks

  • Thandolwethu Mngomezulu
    Thandolwethu Mngomezulu

    No one: Ethan: That's the beautiful game it's a 50/50 Me *currently in tears from laughing too much*: Don't think it is mate

  • Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
    Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla

    Wow. 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan___b

    Josh: Ronaldo is my goat Also Josh: Wearing an Argentina shirt

  • Vivid Bailey
    Vivid Bailey


  • atlas_gaming_717


  • HarleyInnit


  • Alex Vonueman
    Alex Vonueman

    Dt and goldbridge

  • Extra Boll
    Extra Boll

    The guy who scored the own goal plays near me

  • Delfin Castellino-Dominguez
    Delfin Castellino-Dominguez

    So essentially: "Hi guys, today you're watching people who know nothing about football watch people who know nothing about football play football."

  • Poopy doop
    Poopy doop

    0:54 wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • Ryan Hussey
    Ryan Hussey

    I thought Harry’s shirt was a raw steak In the thumbnail

  • Michael Mutch
    Michael Mutch


  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez


  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose

    Josh u r wearing an Argentina shirt

  • Francesca Florio
    Francesca Florio

    The upset adult literally exist because centimeter happily encourage mid a voiceless scene. slippery, young siberian

  • J0s3ph

    Vik probs thinks cr7 is a gun in cod

  • bomboclarrrt


  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise

    if you do karate u know what mans doing at 3:55

  • Mooshca

    Ethan looks ollllld

  • P .A
    P .A


  • Luck Quad
    Luck Quad

    Me- when will we see the guy smashing his head through the dugout

  • Luck Quad
    Luck Quad

    As much as I love the Sidemen, Nothing beats Chris MD’s Sunday League best moments

  • McGoalpost331

    Nabbed of Chris lol

  • Diarmid Thomson
    Diarmid Thomson

    pretty sure this is the only video without jj vikk or tobi

  • Aleksa Boljević
    Aleksa Boljević

    NGL this video is booring

  • David Panken
    David Panken

    All the Sidemen support Ronaldo? Love that!

  • Bertram Lundsmark
    Bertram Lundsmark

    *every Messi fan dislikes*

  • Isaac Titterton
    Isaac Titterton

    The guy drinking the beer is from Castle Hill United in Sydney. What a legend 🤣

  • Asha Langenhoven Clark
    Asha Langenhoven Clark

    Don't back what Josh said about Messi

  • Spencer Butler
    Spencer Butler

    Bez harry and I actually Josh lol

  • NathThaGOD

    Fuck Ethan

  • Dylan Wilkinson
    Dylan Wilkinson

    Who else wants Harry and behz to record their 7 A side matches???

  • Matty P
    Matty P

    Ethans laugh is so forced at times....