Mars 101 | National Geographic
From its blood-like hue to its potential to sustain life, Mars has intrigued humankind for thousands of years. Learn how the red planet formed from gas and dust and what its polar ice caps mean for life as we know it.
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Mars 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

  • National Geographic
    National Geographic

    Mars is one of Earth's closest neighbors in the solar system, but it's a completely different world than the one we live in. What intrigues you the most about the red planet?

    • BellForkliftInc

      If they need a forklift up there be sure to give us a call

    • Dr. Jahtka
      Dr. Jahtka

      Life doesn’t exist on Mars. We launch new missions to divert people’s attention from US failures in battle field .

    • hansel labrosse
      hansel labrosse


    • arbeen karbala
      arbeen karbala

      Way too cold to live there

    • Party Quest
      Party Quest

      nothing really, it's not special to me, i like jupitor much more.

  • Yoshuwah Stegall
    Yoshuwah Stegall

    Who is here in 2021

  • Pulastha Chakraborty
    Pulastha Chakraborty

    It is a recent case

  • Pulastha Chakraborty
    Pulastha Chakraborty

    It is awsome

  • Pulastha Chakraborty
    Pulastha Chakraborty

    Yes I also heard that nasa found life sign on mars

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma

    Nice but some this were wrong

  • Lol Gameing -XD
    Lol Gameing -XD

    Your discovery it's just dreaming lol I believe there is no lifetime on mars

  • Jupiter

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  • Юрий Казаков
    Юрий Казаков

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  • rayson raypay
    rayson raypay

    Carbon dating is unreliable. We’ve not reached equilibrium. The universe is not even close to being billions of years old

  • Mars

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    • cofin

      yo whats good can we live on you if the earth will end?

  • Lol Gameing -XD
    Lol Gameing -XD

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    • Lionel aiden salama
      Lionel aiden salama

      No its a dust

  • All IN ONE BOY!!!
    All IN ONE BOY!!!

    u forgot about perserverance rover !!!

  • Jio Arcali
    Jio Arcali

    what if there are already lives lived in other planet and they extinct... and now, we could experience it?

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence

    Just stop polluting the Earth no need to find other planet. Pfff

  • Manish Panchpal
    Manish Panchpal

    looking for inhabiting mars ? here's what you need to know.

  • hunter Scott
    hunter Scott

    Mars is the most earth like planet in our solar system and it could very well have life on it but underground.

  • Gerald Kariuki
    Gerald Kariuki

    It becomes scary when you see all these frantic research being done.the end might be very near and they know it.

  • Neon Leon Jacobs
    Neon Leon Jacobs

    Imagine we were in space

  • Maximiliano Hevia
    Maximiliano Hevia

    Rei Hino / Sailor Mars

  • Camera man
    Camera man

    I love these videos but I have a problem with Zoning out so :p

  • Peter Kinyanjui
    Peter Kinyanjui

    i will open the first Guest house in mars

  • Munabo Lwali
    Munabo Lwali

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    anh tuấn

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  • Mahesh Chandan Behera
    Mahesh Chandan Behera

    i love mars

  • മാക്രി ഗോപലൻ
    മാക്രി ഗോപലൻ

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  • Anuj D
    Anuj D

    Cool How the mission names got better with time *sad fact : Mars express is not a kids movie

  • Hugo Oliveira
    Hugo Oliveira

    esse vidio é muito bom

  • Hugo Oliveira
    Hugo Oliveira

    eu sou brasileiro

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown

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  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown

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  • George Siontas
    George Siontas

    Named by GREEK god ΑΡΗΣ - ARIS NOT Roman Get your facts straight.

  • norpan506

    3:14 Always those cartoon pictures, zzz zzzz zzzzz

  • Valentina Maya Nathani
    Valentina Maya Nathani

    What is billions of years ago there was life on Mars but no people or aliens or something like that lived on that that could also be why am I just being dumb and stupid🧐🧐🧐

  • Musfik Ahamed
    Musfik Ahamed


  • [*] Şhůīčhį Šåįhāŕą [*]
    [*] Şhůīčhį Šåįhāŕą [*]

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  • Cherry May Castillo
    Cherry May Castillo


  • Kingsley Saseri
    Kingsley Saseri

    Mars is rusted iron

  • Alyzza R
    Alyzza R

    3:04 why does this remind me of Wall-E

  • Alyzza R
    Alyzza R

    Mars: I miss being blue :( Earth: it’s ok brother at least we are kind of the same Also Mars: yea

  • Ethan Castillo
    Ethan Castillo

    If we go to mars we'll have longer summer breaks.

  • Ravi SV
    Ravi SV

    2:58 why there is no mention of mission mangal.....India's ISRO visit to mars....only project to successful visit Mars in it's first attempt

  • Günay Werner
    Günay Werner


  • Abhay Mishra
    Abhay Mishra


  • A S
    A S

    Pour ceux que ça intéresse, j'ai fait une vidéo d'un peu plus de 10 minutes sur ma chaîne youtube sur l'histoire d'Opportunity, le petit rover qui a arpenté Mars pendant presque 15 ans !

  • Sbe HD
    Sbe HD

    Planet Mars look like apex legends

  • Atharv Prasad
    Atharv Prasad

    where's India reached the mars

  • I play Roblox Edward park
    I play Roblox Edward park

    Planet Mars is going to be disappearing in July 4th 2078

  • knowledge by Gulshan ma'am
    knowledge by Gulshan ma'am

    Very bad 🤣

  • lost 2weeks
    lost 2weeks

    A colony would be cool and I hope we are able to get that done but building up a civilization there makes no sense as it would be way easier to do that in the antarctis and even on moon. And terraforming the whole planet will never be possible, you can't just turn a planets core on again and build up an atmosphere which can sustain itself, so I guess these visions are just a way to make astronomy or space more attractive again, otherwise nasa and spacex wouldn't have gotten so far and that's awesome

  • Nature Waters
    Nature Waters

    How about we start taking care of our planet earth! Instead of looking for another planet to destroy just saying...😒 I’m staying here, I’m an earthling not a Martian. 😁

    • Alex

      Mars is a dead planet

  • mia hooton
    mia hooton

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  • Donri


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    CBSE education

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    • ashish dileep
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  • Sindre Oliver
    Sindre Oliver

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  • Ϟ Tokyo
    Ϟ Tokyo

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  • CBSE education
    CBSE education


    • ashish dileep
      ashish dileep

      How cow?

  • Eric Gadberry
    Eric Gadberry

    Why would we not try to colonize Mars? Imagine how quickly the human race could do it if it became a "Global commitment" All the wars we fight cost trillions and develop new science constantly. What is the point of life without a goal.

  • Srinivasan CR
    Srinivasan CR


  • Mars

    I feel so exposed...

    • The Earth
      The Earth

      Yes these nat geo earthlings are like that...You need to know how to keep secrets like me.

    • Enderman6408

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  • 酒井正覚

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    • The Earth
      The Earth

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  • Me̶llɪɴdra

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  • karel luchmansky
    karel luchmansky

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  • James Tropicals
    James Tropicals

    You can look at earth through a telescope on Mars

  • Domcelicious

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said "If you were to have the power to turn Mars into earth, you'd also have enough power to turn Earth back into earth." So I don't think going to Mars is a great solution.

    • Enderman6408

      It's a great idea though. We're going to let Earth rest for once. Letting it cool down for the first time.

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  • Zaid santana
    Zaid santana

    The planet Mars in a long time ago it had water

  • Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler
    Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler

    Did you ever see that statue in Marseille, France... She's cute! Maybe, they're looking for her! It's a Knights of Cydonia song I think!



  • Pranav

    I like to terraform planets 🪐 🪐

  • Dani Lee
    Dani Lee

    on 2020 the Perseverance Rover flew to mars and landed Feb 18 2021.

  • evandro cobbs
    evandro cobbs

    elon is watching

  • Aim Fire
    Aim Fire

    Watching space documentaries makes me wanna apply for nasa, space x, etc. but I don’t have a degree tho lol

  • Sarah Cutie TV
    Sarah Cutie TV

    If there is no signs of living things like bugs and flies or trees...then no human can live in Mars...time and money wasting research...

    • Ibby

      yeh but if we at least fine some body parts of the creature that could show that life on Mars is real. Plus there was water on Mars and back then no humans were living on Mars so maybe some kind of creatures used that water.

  • Mars


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  • Ghazala Bibi
    Ghazala Bibi

    How is it possible that intelligent people watching this believe it to be real, when in reality it's just pictures of some EARTH's random locations photoshoped professionally and stating its Mars - yeah right - keep dreaming.

    • ashish dileep
      ashish dileep

      Oh if you didnt know rovers have cameras to capture pictures

    • ashish dileep
      ashish dileep

      We have sent rovers to Mars bro STOP spreading false info

  • Peaceful Vision Quests
    Peaceful Vision Quests

    If I had a space company I would build a return only rocket and park that bad boy about a mile away from wherever the first mars habitat is proposed. Since the first settlers will only have a one way flight there. If that rocket ever takes off I would charge the country of whoever's using the refurn flight 1 billion dollars for the use.

  • Noobie Craking
    Noobie Craking

    im very thank u

  • The Explorer
    The Explorer

    We are going to discover something on Mars this time around

  • Lorainne Dela Cruz
    Lorainne Dela Cruz

    Perseverance rover is waving from Mars!

  • Mark Yohana
    Mark Yohana

    I ain’t gonna live in -142 celsius 😂

    • lost 2weeks
      lost 2weeks

      27°C to -110°C

  • Trendsnow

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  • Shirley Villanueva
    Shirley Villanueva

    Cool I love space

  • Taylorimanim

    I think humans should leave Mars and every other planet alone. We destroy everything we touch.

    • Taylorimanim

      @lost 2weeks the planet...

    • lost 2weeks
      lost 2weeks

      What is there to destroy?

  • Tiago83

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  • Melissa Selby
    Melissa Selby

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  • Melissa Selby
    Melissa Selby

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  • Jonathan Serrato
    Jonathan Serrato

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  • Easy meaning of Lalitha Sahasranamam
    Easy meaning of Lalitha Sahasranamam

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  • Isa the Rebel
    Isa the Rebel

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    • ItzToby YT
      ItzToby YT

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  • Kristen Lo Giudice
    Kristen Lo Giudice

    How are scientists sure of what they are saying about millions of years ago on Mars sounds like a bunch of bs

  • Rob Webber
    Rob Webber

    That big gash along the .iddle of Mars looks more like a planet gashed it in some kind of a planetary collision?. More than a once, water course.

  • Mr Duke
    Mr Duke

    fun fact: only rich people such as politician can visit mars in emergency

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