Qualifying Highlights | 2021 French Grand Prix
Who came out on top in the battle for pole?

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  • shivanshu shekhar
    shivanshu shekhar

    Wait for 8 for lewis

  • Cosmic Gibber
    Cosmic Gibber

    Will Max be ever breaking the world record for being the longest or will he end up being a Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1? Kimi won it after 6, Alonso /Hamilton/Vettel won after his 3rd. Unfortunately he is another Nigel.😩

  • Cosmic Gibber
    Cosmic Gibber

    Will Max be breaking the world record for being the longest since Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1?

  • jimmer tubigan
    jimmer tubigan

    Verstappen is so unstopable in this season 😍👊

  • Eric G. Vilella
    Eric G. Vilella

    0:32 Wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • T P
    T P

    Bottas has gone fast-est

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    It's great to see Perez finally giving Verstappen some teammate support. It has perpetually seemed like Max has been fightint a 1 v 2 at the front.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    It's great to see Perez finally giving Verstappen some teammate support. It has perpetually seemed like Max has been fightint a 1 v 2 at the front.

  • Dina Evangelio
    Dina Evangelio

    i love the belly dancing f1 car

  • Oki Doki
    Oki Doki

    Ver - stap -pen and a like a in start

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      i wonder if the 2020 Mercedes car is faster or the same speed as this years red bull🤔

  • Scott Daniels
    Scott Daniels

    He "Zeroed" in on that F Board.

  • Mickey Smiths
    Mickey Smiths

    I hope Max wins

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Ferrari ne zaman yüzümüzü güldürecek ne kadar beklemek zorundayız

  • Marko Gelic
    Marko Gelic

    MAX ON POLE, Red Bull vs Mercedes

  • crxdelsolsir

    Anyone notice the Honda powered cars have really come alive and essentially top 7 consistently. If Yuki was more consistent or the 2nd Alpha Tauri was driven by an experienced driver ALL Honda powered cars would be in the top 10 easily.

  • KennyEye

    Red flag for the guy being way out the way...

  • kbulenda03

    Man, Perez is the best choice that Red Bull could have made. The amount of points they're getting even when Verstappens tires blow up is insane.

  • Abhinav S
    Abhinav S

    Tsunoda is so overrated the guy literally does nothing but crash

  • AlexTheEpic

    Honda must be longer at formula 1

  • Nayeli Baños
    Nayeli Baños

    Felicidades Checo Perez!!! Desde Mexico para el mundo!! 🏆 🇲🇽

  • TheUKNutter

    Tsunoda is crashing EVERY quali now. Mate you’re going to give yourself a really bad name.

  • Bradley England
    Bradley England

    I don’t understand pretty much anything the announcers are saying but I’m still drawn in for some reason.


    Bravo Checo Perez 🇲🇽👌



  • The Legend
    The Legend

    Verstappen is only on pole because he’s got the fast car

  • MJI 006
    MJI 006

    i wonder if the 2020 Mercedes car is faster or the same speed as this years red bull🤔

  • süleyman büyükalaca
    süleyman büyükalaca

    Ferrari ne zaman yüzümüzü güldürecek ne kadar beklemek zorundayız

  • Rudolf Graspointner
    Rudolf Graspointner

    The name is pronounced "verstuppen"!

  • Chazas

    When Redbull is faster even on Merc tracks and by a long mile.

  • ZeroN

    You guys keep spoiling the race winner before the race highlights are online😐

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus


  • Alexander AK
    Alexander AK

    Sooo Honda for another few plz? 🤧

  • Adventure Australia1
    Adventure Australia1


  • Robert Lynn
    Robert Lynn

    I'm glad Formula One return French Grand Prix.

  • The brummie Rail enthusiasts
    The brummie Rail enthusiasts

    Red bull unbeatable this season

  • starbwoi 1
    starbwoi 1

    I think Hamilton team mates are deliberately messing thinks up for Hamilton to prevent a non-white person from breaking Michael Schumacher record, well they did it in 2016.

    • starbwoi 1
      starbwoi 1

      @Lęgø you are the kind of people who defend racism so your point of view has no points.

    • Lęgø

      Race card pulled by a ham fanboy. Why am I not surprised.

  • lorty lilian
    lorty lilian

    Go merc lewis

  • Vishu Gautam
    Vishu Gautam

    Belly Dancing formula one car !!! 😂😂😂

  • Olivier

    Il est chaud Verstappen et il a la voiture. Ca sent bon. Pilote français, voiture française et circuit français 👌

  • Ndong isaac
    Ndong isaac

    La f1 est l un des meilleurs sports au monde si la fia ferait aussi des course dans les pays africain il aura du monde pour assister cette première

  • Emilio Kristian
    Emilio Kristian

    Tsunoda car twerking at us

  • loisirs


  • Brinda Mcnally
    Brinda Mcnally

    The innate day metabolically meddle because jeep prospectively order pro a careful train. past, flashy karen

  • Junior Mints
    Junior Mints

    The lively germany operationally crush because korean coronally press despite a scintillating trapezoid. coordinated, exotic disadvantage

  • JHCM

    Verstappen 👍💪😃

  • stevejh69

    Tsunoda should be forced to start from Japan, not the back of the grid. He needs to do some growing up before he gets an F1 seat!

  • adam foong
    adam foong

    I think max just kick 2 of driver out of the race xD

  • Tom

    I fell asleep

  • Abdu Rasheed
    Abdu Rasheed


  • Paulo Castro
    Paulo Castro

    Formula 1 na bandeja ao vivo .

  • cool thought
    cool thought

    7th race, it looks like Redbull really have a faster car than Mercedes. There are several drivers in my opinion who are potential champion and just need a car and a team to bring the final edge for a winning formula. Ferrari has improved a lot and hopefully they will keep improving through the season.

  • 111baf

    0:39 nice short shifting

  • Elestro Music Games Fun
    Elestro Music Games Fun

    Is the HAAS-team crash testing F1 cars for safety research?

  • Xian Mikel Ocampo
    Xian Mikel Ocampo

    Fun Fact: The top 5 drivers all have 2 digit numbers that are the same! 33,44,77,11 and 55!

  • Raymond Malan
    Raymond Malan

    Go R.B Honda. Keep the Heat on L.H. The Cracks Will come.

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound

    When will Schumacher be gone? This stinks of sponsors over talent, which he is obviously lacking.

  • ejune98

    Why is gasly up there

  • JoJo77

    Goooo max !!

  • kekinian Chanel
    kekinian Chanel

    VTEC kick in😂

  • YT 98
    YT 98

    If Hamilton can win this championship he is for sure the GOAT

  • Buster0783

    Stroll... ... 🤭 not able to get a time set in Q1...

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe

    What kind of drama will happen?

  • ItzJordan19

    verstappen to win

  • Rodro Zil
    Rodro Zil

    Redbull is so fast that's 🔥🔥

  • james grames
    james grames

    Qualifying is better than races. Also 2:12 "only 13th fastest for George Russell" that sounds weird.

  • Áureo Manuel
    Áureo Manuel

    Team Redbull 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Scottish Cat Gaming
    Scottish Cat Gaming

    The year of HONDA ! Let's gooo

  • Shiny

    Fun Fact: A Haas scored in Q2 for the first time in 2021

  • thomassosa65

    WORST announcers in any motorsports, PERIOD. In my lifetime of watching F1, Sky Sports is the most odious coverage there has ever been.

  • George O'Callaghan
    George O'Callaghan

    Did anyone notice that lattifi was outqualified by Russell by only 0.002 seconds. That's impressive from Nicholas and worrying for George.

  • Filip Drozdowski
    Filip Drozdowski

    Super Max

  • Ajithab Sankar
    Ajithab Sankar

    The VTEC Just kicked in Yo!

  • Ayush C
    Ayush C

    Max max max super max max max super maxx max max super max max super super

  • Krtin Narayanan
    Krtin Narayanan

    Never underestimate Checo despite starting P4. He is amazing at starts(Remember Baku P6 start?) and can be right up there with Hamilton!!!! Also Props to Gasly for being the most consistent mid-field qualifier this year ! He is literally outperforming the car !!

  • MaFd0n

    These red flags are a joke, they would red flag if someone spins in monaco while they're racing in paul ricard.

  • CrankHD The Lappenz
    CrankHD The Lappenz

    Mazepin better than stroll. He will be World Champion

  • agbor taku junior
    agbor taku junior

    Now we all know redbull has the better car. So don't wanna hear cry babies come talk about car when Hamilton wins.

  • Ezdi Sunzha
    Ezdi Sunzha

    Gasly x Kvyat with this years car would be intersting.

  • Scott R
    Scott R

    Max and Lewis to take each other out first few corners, and then watch the tension rise 🙌

  • DJ CD
    DJ CD

    Now lets send it Max

  • wong hao hao
    wong hao hao

    thought grosjean was making a comeback on the french grandprix?

    • wong hao hao
      wong hao hao

      ur mom

  • Vishnu B
    Vishnu B

    For the pole sitter to be not in the thumbnail, i wonder who's bought who for what price!

  • The Easy Way
    The Easy Way

    F1 Thumbnail , are misleading

  • luca PIZZAIOLO
    luca PIZZAIOLO

    Sainz Wins this GP....🤣

  • Loom Mexatron
    Loom Mexatron

    Verstappen has truly nailed it.

  • Regős Levente
    Regős Levente


  • Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By Smartphones

    Never expected to see an F1 car twerking.

  • Mike

    Masi let's the red flags rain lol

  • Rebekah L
    Rebekah L

    Esteban Ocon: the most quinticencially French on the grid. (French team, French, French GP)

  • Rebekah L
    Rebekah L

    Nikita Mazepin: the only rookie not to have caused a red flag in qualifying (that I can think of)

  • GT-MASTERS League
    GT-MASTERS League

    Why is this commentator shouting so loudly? it's annoying. I can see perfectly well for myself.

  • Tzeff's Main Channel
    Tzeff's Main Channel

    Having driven on the virtual version of this racetrack I have to admit: under 1:30 is a VERY very fast laptime! 0.o'

  • MrJonesITA

    im from the future, redbull gonna get in trouble for cheating

    • JustViggo64

      😂😂, yeah no

  • Startovací Balíček
    Startovací Balíček

    "tsunoda is the biggest wonderkid since verstappen ..... " im so glad i predicted quite opposite that he will be extremely disappointment in f1 season -

  • RaulJosh97

    Tsunoda made a record by gettting a red flag every race in his f1 career

  • bmxer4ever

    Let's keep our fingers crossed that the RedBull has the race pace to go for the win in front of the Mercs today. Checo for the podium? I wouldn't bet against a RedBull 1-2....

  • Kuldip Prashar
    Kuldip Prashar

    0:31 Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle 😂

  • Abk Lhayy
    Abk Lhayy

    0:31 Boogie Check

  • Rameez Siddiqui
    Rameez Siddiqui

    Why didn't they showed Gasly or Sainz laps 😶

  • Propan Butan
    Propan Butan

    Worst looking track

  • tomyinn

    S P I N O D A