The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story
The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story is a documentary feature that tells the story of famed boy band impresario Lou Pearlman. The film tracks his life from his childhood in Queens, through discovering mega-bands *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys, and chronicles his later life, including his perpetration of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history.
This is the first time this story has ever been told from the perspective of the people involved, from the Boy Band members themselves, to Ponzi scheme investors to Lou’s childhood friends. Interviewees include : Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC), AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Aaron Carter and Ashley Parker Angel (OTown).
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  • Stephy

    Aarons reaction to Lou being a predaphile was way over the top. I think the ones who protest tooooooo much that it didn't happen just makes me think they themselves were the ones abused. I hope not but that's how it comes off to me

  • jas s
    jas s

    Every band who signed after *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys were straight dumb. They HAD attorneys, they got the legal advice and STILL signed lbs

  • Lily Magana
    Lily Magana

    I think Aaron is in deep denial and that perhaps he was a victim in ways others were not.

  • Robert Cox
    Robert Cox

    Lance Bass and his mannerisms remind me a ton of Trey Kennedy

  • Martha Hazard
    Martha Hazard


  • stilldownwiththemutantunderground

    It's still so wild to me that it was Backstreet Boys vs N*Sync in the U.S. Nothing against N*Sync, but here in Sweden it was 100% Backstreet Boys vs Westlife.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Lance seems like he is the kind of friend you feel lucky to have.

  • Rylee

    My heart breaks for Aaron. His mannerisms are indicative of somebody that was very seriously groomed from a very young age and shielded from ever needing to think for himself. His manner of speaking, his phrasing, everything he says is very clearly evasive. I have hoped for a long time now that Aaron is able to break free from this hold and truly find himself before his time here is up, and I'll continue to hope so. 🙏🏼💙💫

  • Tiara Johnson
    Tiara Johnson

    Aaron is on something.

  • David Klein
    David Klein

    There are no Facts... Lou understood this just as all con artists do. Absolute Truth is elusive and perception is everything. He could have been President!

  • FSDR Future Space Defense Research
    FSDR Future Space Defense Research

    Funny how they call them BANDS.

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson

    Why all the hate for Aaron Carter? He beat Shaq!

  • heather e
    heather e

    I feel so awful for Aaron. He obviously got it the worst.


    The music is so bad, today. But i was 17 back then. And yes i loved it. 😍

  • human being
    human being

    Are you sure aj mclean isn't chris nunez

  • MR 0-fuks PoliticallyINcorrect
    MR 0-fuks PoliticallyINcorrect

    Lou from that first bowling photo just looks like a total creep

  • laminage

    The only thing that Lou Pearlman had in common with Berry Gordy Jr., is that they both had Paper Routes, but Berry Gordy delivered in a White Neighborhood in Detroit MI., and they didn't want him delivering them their Newspapers.

  • Gaby Rdz
    Gaby Rdz

    Is Aaron Carter trynna convince us or himself?

  • Samum 5
    Samum 5

    I remember as a 17 year I worked old as a babysitter for two months in the summer. I could have been partying, relaxing on the beach or whatever else. But I decided to earn some money and later go on a trip to Paris with my friends. After those two months, I was told that unfortunately, I couldn’t be paid due to the family’s financial problems. One of the most humiliating moments of my life. Nobody spoke for me: not my parents, not my older brother who was there with me when I was told that). And I was too shy to speak for myself. Biggest slap in my face ever. I feel the boys’ pain and helplessness when they saw those checks. Three years of hard work every day of the week. For $10,000.

  • Samum 5
    Samum 5

    The way his school “friends” talked about Lou Pearlman, they basically excluded him from their “cool” circles because he was different. Asses.

  • Jason Q
    Jason Q

    1:03:39 shuh upp guiz! 🥺 he was teaching me diamond pushups. That’s an essential skill. 😭

  • Anamer

    The names of his many businesses are so the USA, anything that sounds big, or claiming to be top of the world impresses so many Americans.

  • לוי ישראל
    לוי ישראל

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Aaron was touched obviously 1:03:30

  • Paris Wolf
    Paris Wolf

    Working every day for two years... 730 days. 10,000 / 730 comes to... $14 a day to be a famous pop star. Wow.

  • Kelsey Gray
    Kelsey Gray

    Aaron saying that Lou taught him how to do pushups, dude was severely overweight why is he teaching anybody how to exercise. It sounds sus

  • Malachi Murphy
    Malachi Murphy

    Did this white boy just compare Lou the Scammer to Berry Gordy?!

  • southerncajuncharm

    Dear Aaron, Stick to music, cuz you’re a real shitty actor.

  • AdamsSiren Adventures
    AdamsSiren Adventures

    My favorite Boy band Boy singer and Girl singer The Backstreet Boys N'sync Britney Spears Aaron Carter Dream Street Lil Bow Wow Lil Romeo LMNT

  • Pha Ny
    Pha Ny

    The concept of 5 members comes from Jackson 5

  • Brittnie Nichole
    Brittnie Nichole

    Aarons pupils are HUGE

  • Geraldine Tirwomwe
    Geraldine Tirwomwe

    Wow that Aaron Carter is goooonnnneee...such a same...I loved listening to him when I was young. He needs serious help. 😟

  • E Pappas
    E Pappas

    I could never go understand how parents just hand over their children to complete strangers

  • Rich Burbank
    Rich Burbank

    As a straight male Lance was my man's growing up as the oldest male of my group but with a 12 year old sister to lead. Lance is still my man's, he single??

  • Big Theodore
    Big Theodore

    The things that me and my friends didn't understand during the 80s was that you have to pay back everything that you take or that you think they give you. They will pay for anything but you have to pay it back every single penny

  • Big Theodore
    Big Theodore

    I used to live in New York and a lot of the girls that showed up with paid to bring their friends out but they never told their friends they were paid and others just didn't have anything to do

  • brittney jones
    brittney jones

    Aaron carter just makes me cringe so hard

    • In The 90s
      In The 90s

      C'mon, Aaron Carter has been through so much more than you could imagine, give him a break he is clearly having trouble talking about this.

  • kel n
    kel n

    Wow! No comment.

  • XGlite015

    22:05 thought Philip Synour Hoffman was interviewed

  • Mary V
    Mary V

    I'm a pretty broken person but Aaron Carter seems so lost. Its a shame to see. He is hiding something dark and sinister that happened to him. PS- Lance Bass looks great! He looks younger than Justin Timberlake, crazy.

  • bubokeeper

    Jaime French brought me here

  • Gerry Brennan
    Gerry Brennan

    We certainly CANNOT forgive Lou for the total blandness and utter banality of the fifth rate music-truly a criminal sound and crimes against music and hipness.

  • Johnny Organ
    Johnny Organ

    Genuinely didn't know about all this, being a guy from the U.K. Missed it all somehow. So I found this extremely interesting and eye opening. Constructive criticism? A bit slow at the start, I was about to switch off about 10 mins in. After that - I found the subject matter fascinating. And everyone involved in the interviews seemed genuine, if sometimes a little misguided in their humanity. No one apart from Lou Pearlman comes across as a bad person. Most of them still look like they are still reeling from the chaos. You can't say all that about a lot of modern documentaries. I get the impression the film makers were trying to be as genuine as possible to the story needing told, without the use of overly dramatic music to score sympathy points for people who already deserve our sympathy just by telling their side. Large round of applause from me.

  • MrMatthiasSchneider

    The guy from O-Town is really articulate.

  • Jennie Diday
    Jennie Diday

    Mind BLOWN. AJ looks better now than he did back then. Also, talk about traumatizing. The first real person that breaks your trust always leaves a mark, and this was a biggy.

  • αndrσmєdα

    took me a while to realize that the crackhead looking dude in the beginning is aaron carter!

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith

    Qanon is 💯% Drain the swamp

  • Shaunicere Jones
    Shaunicere Jones

    After watching the documentary, the one thing that resonated me the most is out of all the people Lou managed and worked with, Aaron Carter seemed to have suffered the worst.

  • Mandee Zee
    Mandee Zee

    "whos my real big poppa?" -lou pearlman

  • Charlye'Charleston

    *Who run the world?!!* FRAUDS.

  • Horned Luna
    Horned Luna

    I've always liked Lance 🖤

  • Adi Lopez
    Adi Lopez

    Ashley Parker still so 🔥🔥🔥😭❤️

  • ziblot123

    What a bunch of yoyos. Didnt they realize they were like the MOnkees without talent. A bunch of jerks who can strut and pose and act like punks. Its an example of whats wrong with America. The cheap underside of America. Its like a Potemkin village entertainment. They probably had to pay these people to play their stuff. They were paid what they were worth. But its a very interesting story. I lived in Central Fla aroud this time. Saw the blimps. But the boybands, what hype.

  • B B
    B B

    As a teen in the late 90/00s, NSYNC was my favorite band but as an adult I actually love BSB's music a lot more...... although I will say my all time favorite boy band song is Bye Bye Bye. This was a great documentary. Lance Bass should consider producing more documentaries.

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    I'm so glad the music industry will never be able to manufacture grounds like this again. Social media has blown up this entire brand of fraud.

  • Edward was
    Edward was

    I feel so sad for Aaron Carter he looks so sad himself I really hope he does get the help and support nick really needs to get him

  • Beau33

    Is Aaron Carter pretending to speak in a British accent

  • Beau33

    I think Toni Braxton went through the same thing. She wasn’t aware that all the nice lifestyle things she enjoyed came from her earnings

  • Beau33

    I was a Backstreet Boys fan. I always associated Nsync with the younger fans

  • Beau33

    Having money is not success.

  • Beau33

    The cost of fame. You can only push your child towards fame because you want to live vicariously through them, your own missed opportunities. Greed and fame come at a cost.

  • Kelsey Mueller
    Kelsey Mueller

    Alan's story broke my heart. May he rest in peace.

  • Donald Greer
    Donald Greer

    So now we know “Tanning Bed” is Aaron Carter’s trigger words. He almost snapped his fingers at the camera.

  • Thony

    Aaron Carter= The sane voice of reason. The truth. Doesn't care about being relevant.

  • Josie

    Oh Aaron. I’m concerned about him.

  • Bea Dangerous
    Bea Dangerous

    Lance & his mom seem like sweethearts. 🖤

  • Holistic Chef Niki
    Holistic Chef Niki

    I'm sorry, but why is Aaron Carter in this?

    • In The 90s
      In The 90s

      Lou also helped him with his career. Something tells me Lou is literally the reason Aaron is so messed up.

  • Emma Kantz
    Emma Kantz

    TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS???? dude, if I had been working on a band for 3 years and put my life into this for 3 years, and my dad was sitting next to me, and the management handed me TEN dad would’ve sucker punched them. that is disgusting.

  • Tatmomtoo Brooke
    Tatmomtoo Brooke

    Aaron is off his rocker!!! Lou was a creep. Stop trying to protect that dead Pos.

    • In The 90s
      In The 90s

      tsk tsk tsk

  • Tom Forsythe
    Tom Forsythe

    If a guy drives a Rolls, and doesn't have a girlfriend, something is sus.

  • Jomotree Dogwood
    Jomotree Dogwood

    Aaron Cater is the king of denial. Lou had a hold of him.

  • Ada Ai
    Ada Ai

    This reminds me of Perfect Blue sooo much. He was so odd

  • learning for everyone
    learning for everyone

    Justin was so beautiful in that group. But i think they used that to make money. Just the video tearing up my heart you can see how they used him

  • Dean Murphy
    Dean Murphy

    Song 34.00????

  • Mullet태형이에

    Whatever Aaron Carter says is questionable. I mean, look at him. And that info about him selling 5 million records before turning 10 is false. Check it out.

  • anjana vadiveloo
    anjana vadiveloo

    The unused brian revealingly guess because acknowledgment seasonally exercise but a thick arm. absurd, grotesque parrot

  • eastsidemuu

    damn they got ripped off just like NWA & TCL smh... dude was mad greedy

  • Chango Pardo Muzik
    Chango Pardo Muzik

    Wassup with the Carter boy getting so emotional over Lou PervMan

  • Tine Wordsmith
    Tine Wordsmith

    So basically, Lou did the Kpop treatment when it comes to contracts 😭😂 EDIT: most kpop labels are infamous for this kind of debt-based contract. They will deduct your living fees, training fees and production costs from your pay. 😤

  • uRthisOpportunity

    The whole thing is sooooo gay.

  • Harmony Harmony
    Harmony Harmony

    How did these parents not get the creep vibe from Him, just looking at him and then hearing him talk and his demeanor and all I mean red flags all over the place especially the touchy feely thing ... breaks me heart to know these moms were partying with lou too using his tanning bed and pool and house as their playground too and just completely blinded by the idea of being rich and famous .

    • Jazmin Santiago
      Jazmin Santiago

      I’m willing to bet my life savings that he was associated with Epstein and that disgusting enterprise as well. He was a creep that prayed on these kids and their families while getting payed millions of dollars doing it. On top of that, then running a Ponzi scheme on mostly elderly people?? Simply sickening.

  • View Film
    View Film

    Ok I've watched this three times. Fantastic documentary!

  • Christina Mussared
    Christina Mussared

    "If I were the Backstreet Boys I would have hated us too." Idk why but that made me snort lol

  • Eric Systrom
    Eric Systrom

    I can't watch anymore. I wanted to hear all the tawdry pedophilia that went down but, the real crime here and why I have to bounce is the music. It's disgusting and, I hope all of them rot in prison know....get it in the showers.

    • Michaél Richardson
      Michaél Richardson

      The Bidens are one's too.

  • Siggy Mueller
    Siggy Mueller

    I love how AJ reads that quote of Lou at the end and then laughs and says: "well, that's bullshit!"

  • Heather Willarose
    Heather Willarose

    I’m 45, so I had aged out of the boy band phenomenon. However, I have two younger sisters that went mad for *NSYNC & the Backstreet Boys. My mom and I took my younger sisters to an *NSYNC concert, and these girls would scream, cry, and completely lose their minds! It was insane!

  • Luke Z
    Luke Z

    You seem SO gay Aaron

  • jorazz16

    I heard Lance Bass produce this documentary. Excellent work. I would love to see more of his work. Is there more out there that I don't know about??

  • Ljance Jjang
    Ljance Jjang

    Lance is still my fave.

  • Ljance Jjang
    Ljance Jjang

    OMG.. What happened to Aaron Carter?? Poor guy.

  • Mau Alminario
    Mau Alminario

    Why is Aaron Carter even included in this interview? He's an addict and his reaction or interview is NOT in no way true because what he will just say are ALL LIES. He's Pro Lou obviously.

  • Nakitah Morris
    Nakitah Morris

    Classic sociopath

  • Ms.NoName

    Aaron Carter is in some serious denial. Oh wow 😯

  • sabrina felber
    sabrina felber

    Thank you for this documentary that clears up these events I never understood the entire thing.

  • mrrpggamer2

    Honestly wtf is wrong with Aaron Carter? He's the only one that was defensive and saying positive things about Lou. Also he looks like he's been on a lot of drugs, as he doesn't look well physically also.

    • Emi Kikuno
      Emi Kikuno

      Well, he has some serious health issues that force him to take lot of drugs for the pain. And he's probably in denial because he was abused.

  • Digmer

    lance hasnt age a day.

  • Katherine Duarte
    Katherine Duarte

    What I really want to know is..When is Aaron Carter's ISdowns Original coming???

  • Eya Bettaieb
    Eya Bettaieb

    Aaron looks like he was used so much , like a maid ... How can he still defend him and cry like that ?

  • Mullet태형이에

    And despite this, none of those Western reporters call out these boybands as manufactured???????? 🤬

    • kate

      there's definitely a double standard. Its really disheartening

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster

    DaFuq the Carter boy cryin about? Dude was a criminal and stole hundreds of millions causing death in some cases...geez bruh