*LIVE* THE END OF FORTNITE!? (Sky Fire Live Event Season 8)
Fortnite SKY FIRE Live Event - Full Event Season 8 New!
► Event starts at 1:13:47 - Use code "ALIA" to be on stream!
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  • Unknown Ranger /leader of Unknown clan
    Unknown Ranger /leader of Unknown clan

    Ali- I love your vids I am subbed

  • Mason-Fishy

    Dr Slone: I won’t bring you home… Joe Biden to US armies in Afghanistan: *Thinks of Dr Slone* “I won’t bring you home unless you cry for it.”

  • Will the Thrill
    Will the Thrill

    Ay yo remember when jonsye said the reboot vans were your way out well we just reboot the cube

  • Almaz Beshier
    Almaz Beshier

    I think the mother ship is powered by Kevin the cube

  • Aram Fares
    Aram Fares

    You was in my lobby

  • Shahzain Yasir
    Shahzain Yasir


  • Mohammad Fahad Khan
    Mohammad Fahad Khan

    Dead reaction

  • Linda Loflin
    Linda Loflin

    When slone was hacking the second door my game crashed

  • Romina Romo
    Romina Romo

    I didn`t get to play fortnite cause my little bro kinda broke my intending switch controller's :( T^T

  • Franky D
    Franky D

    Season seven chapter 2

  • Phantom playz
    Phantom playz

    I love it how he didn’t notice it turn blue

  • Andrew Neilson
    Andrew Neilson


  • Andrew Neilson
    Andrew Neilson

    My best friend was in there and you did not know that was sick I am your biggest fan

  • Aro Hiles
    Aro Hiles


  • Janey Thomas
    Janey Thomas

    That was nutty!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    Players: WE WANT KEVIN THE CUBE Epic: Alright you want kevin then take 100's of them

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi

    Fortnite is like the only game that has sick live events

  • Richard Humes
    Richard Humes

    every one knows whats happens because of you spoiled people so you made people allready know whats happens

    • Richard Humes
      Richard Humes

      Am not trying to be mean om just sayin

  • Abdul-Aziz Kala
    Abdul-Aziz Kala


  • Mary Ann Dube'
    Mary Ann Dube'


    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Is it me you’re an only one I saw the henchman

  • Weeklygames_YT

    I was at. The event it wasn’t the best

  • Barbara Dorfling
    Barbara Dorfling

    kevin is still blue at misty medows

  • flower Days WorldSad
    flower Days WorldSad

    CANT WAIT NEW PART YAYYYY OH sorry for saying PART but i hope you all understand

  • nabisa ali
    nabisa ali

    That's why I shouldn't liten

  • Emily Roberts
    Emily Roberts

    Ali A the aliens gave the henchmen a job look after the eggs

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    I think they’re going to bring back teams like Ghost or Shadow but for dark light Kevin, or Carl. That should be what we call the blue one

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon


  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon


    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      I saw it soo cool

  • Bre Sancrant
    Bre Sancrant

    Hi ali-a

  • Jaxon’s Plus ultra gaming
    Jaxon’s Plus ultra gaming

    Yo Carneg I’d sicklkkkkk

  • autism emiley
    autism emiley

    Men in black vibes definitely

  • Dalia Louis
    Dalia Louis

    Cold man

  • sennx.

    0:33 Don't tell me that isn't Tilted Towers

  • Yungprank Rebel
    Yungprank Rebel

    Is it me you’re an only one I saw the henchman

  • Alfie Monk
    Alfie Monk


  • brandi pearsall
    brandi pearsall

    It’s gonna be so cool Alyea if you if you even with just text it’s gonna be cool

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone

    Really wish I could've been there to be in the final live event... 😢😔

  • Marisa Tabuzo
    Marisa Tabuzo

    Yes kevin is back yes

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean

    Silver zyg

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean

    I was in the vidio i was behind him woo

  • Unstoppable

    The event was sick

  • NelC163

    I did the live event


    at 0:45 my skin is in the bottem corner the darck super man

  • Amber Mark
    Amber Mark

    I saw it soo cool

  • The Kid VYBE
    The Kid VYBE

    11:10 actually that cube right there is Kevin’s sister Kacey

  • Kristi Merritt
    Kristi Merritt

    I couldn't see you

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    I'm not watching live but I'll still like

  • Kristen Southworth
    Kristen Southworth

    The cube

  • Kristen Southworth
    Kristen Southworth


  • 148 Race
    148 Race


  • Marc Meguerdichian
    Marc Meguerdichian

    Not the one that you were following when the io hacked the doors

  • Marc Meguerdichian
    Marc Meguerdichian

    Alia did you see a doctor slone because that.was me

  • Kishan Mistry
    Kishan Mistry

    Ali a can I play with you I don't have any wins

  • Zmerchant gaming🎮🎧
    Zmerchant gaming🎮🎧

    I knew it

  • gio Direno
    gio Direno

    I miss the old days kevin...

  • Minecraft_kid

    “the cube” has a name ya know his name is kevin and his blue brother kelvin the cube

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    I’m not going out to the bed lol I’m gonna try again lol 😝 I’m not sure 🤔 but I’m just gonna get it back and I have my hair

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    I just ran into the car and ran out of

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    Alia: I’m gonna go to sleep now lol I’m bout to go

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming


  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    Okay I don’t have a lot to go back and orange orange maybe I can see you guys tomorrow if I want you know

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    I have to get a new vape store and green orange green

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    I have a lot to say I don’t want you anymore I just want you know

  • Denver gaming
    Denver gaming

    I’m not sure if you I want you

  • Leisha Beaudoin
    Leisha Beaudoin

    Names of 11 and then

  • Mathew Rosales
    Mathew Rosales

    I am vs. SuB

  • Ethyn Pufhal
    Ethyn Pufhal

    For what I know I u littarly recorded me too

  • TheRealHarry

    Level 110

  • Jasmine Hope
    Jasmine Hope


    • Jasmine Hope
      Jasmine Hope


    • Jasmine Hope
      Jasmine Hope


  • LegendaryIceDragon 123
    LegendaryIceDragon 123

    I stop playing fortnite because they copied apex Legends respond teammates and copied mirage decges . And blood hound scanning people and foot priest. And why I left fortnite they took the stuff out

  • GoldNinja93

    I honestly think everyone hates the "To be continued in season 8" XD lol it leaves you on a cliff hanger XD

  • pz44

    What the song

  • pz44


  • pz44


  • Emma Clydesdale
    Emma Clydesdale

    Fun Fact: if you see when the mothership went boom you can see Turk holding on a chicken

    • Emma Clydesdale
      Emma Clydesdale

      @ryanhughes2020 same

    • ryanhughes2020

      Ye I saw that 😂

  • John Jones
    John Jones


  • GG


  • Evan Bellock
    Evan Bellock

    i got stuck in the shooting range because I jumped in but I couldn't jump back out

  • Fortnite flosser
    Fortnite flosser

    Ali a you are the beast

  • Fortnite flosser
    Fortnite flosser


  • Mark Kemp
    Mark Kemp


  • Avanindhra R
    Avanindhra R

    I love your intro song it is insanity

  • JP Coetzer
    JP Coetzer

    I got level 299

  • Finlee grimshaw
    Finlee grimshaw

    I missed it ;(

  • Kayden Naidu
    Kayden Naidu

    I got to level 218 and I promise I swear on my life I didnt buy my way

  • Maya Arviv
    Maya Arviv


  • Alisha hughes
    Alisha hughes


  • aidan paulson
    aidan paulson

    I reached level 113 in season 7

  • storm King
    storm King


  • storm King
    storm King

    I'm storm king

  • storm King
    storm King

    Ali a you are winer you denied me

  • Mohammad Abughalion
    Mohammad Abughalion

    Mrtop5 wasn’t wrong

  • Jesse Dalton
    Jesse Dalton

    I was on vacation when the live event happened so I didn't get to do any of the stuff that's why I'm watching the video so I can see the life

  • TheLizardKing11

    So many kevvvs

  • Sharon Gonzalez
    Sharon Gonzalez

    Me lvl 90

  • Sarah Postmus
    Sarah Postmus


  • Ashley morales
    Ashley morales

    You need your own icon skin :)

  • Effect F4zza
    Effect F4zza


  • Nightmare

    The season is broken

met gala
2,1 m.
met gala
2,1 m.