Food Theory: GrubHub Lore Just Got Weirder...
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Theorists, this is quite the event. After my first theory about the strange lore of GrubHub and how it is MOST DEFINITELY a future timeline of Jimmy Neutron, they responded. That's right! GrubHub themselves wanted to weigh in on our theory. This is unexpected. This is groundbreaking. This is CONFIRMED! Theorists, we were RIGHT!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Grubhub

    We've got some more information we are ready to release to the public at this time. Like this if you want us to drop it in the clue folder 🔎

    • Shadow nightmare bonnie Nightmare
      Shadow nightmare bonnie Nightmare

      You . my man whyyyyyyy

    • Sussy Boy
      Sussy Boy

      btw umm your app never works

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      calter 44ol


    • MetalMan1245

      Your move, Gurbhub.

    • Emmy Summer
      Emmy Summer

      Bahahaha it’s Grubhub

  • jen e
    jen e

    i just watched some grubhub ads and jimmy is not jimmy his name is steve i wonder if he changed his name so everyone would stop calling him nutron

  • jen e
    jen e

    is it a coincidence that i want to do something like this for science fair

  • Scorpio_soup

    OH MY GOSH Make a is Wendy's Evil episode!!

  • Shadow nightmare bonnie Nightmare
    Shadow nightmare bonnie Nightmare

    You making me hungry

  • Siha Rakhet
    Siha Rakhet

    I'm sure someone has already said this but, the photo of Milkshake Girl and the cut out face of Taco Guy that says "Save the Date", isn't 'save the date' used a lot in wedding invitations? Could they have been engaged at one point before she got together with Chicken Sandwich Guy? Or maybe MSG and CSG had a different relationship? Food for thought is all.

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk

    I literally came here from r/grubhubhentai

  • K & C ST
    K & C ST

    i- dont know but "taco guy" looks like bobby from

  • Sussy Boy
    Sussy Boy

    we need part 3

  • Skygazer


  • Paul Jarek Tybura
    Paul Jarek Tybura

    im late but 6.22 is my birth day

  • Cookie Games
    Cookie Games

    I'm concerned over what's in the GrubHub good to cause everyone to...hallucinate the way they do...would make sense being in the JN universe as his inventions always had a way of turning sour

  • Gabriel Kawa
    Gabriel Kawa

    Man, this is mind-blowing stuff

  • little bit of everything
    little bit of everything

    Bru...I live in the DFW area Gainesville to be exact

  • TheWolfLover's Side
    TheWolfLover's Side

    Omg...Grubhub and Wendy's?!

  • Henry DA pro
    Henry DA pro

    0_0 Look at the arrangement of the houses either the whole theory was fake or they rebuilt the whole area

  • Dragon Wolf
    Dragon Wolf

    matty's got the fast food places talkin'

  • Adrian Henry
    Adrian Henry

    Why don’t you meet search up blah blah i

  • MrAwesomedude96

    The first video popped up in my recommended a bit ago... I thought it was just some random clickbait video. Now, halfway through this one, I'm thinking my entire life may be a lie lmao

  • Jared C
    Jared C

    I really wonder if this was planned from the beginning or if Grubhub used similar things just for fun and decided to run with it when people started to point them out.

  • william riggs
    william riggs

    “ IM WALKING HERE ya got a problem about tha-“

  • Stephen Chow
    Stephen Chow

    *GrubHub product department meeting after MatPat's first GrubHub video:* Random intern: Hey guys check this video out, Food Theory thinks we have lore! Marketing Lead: How many subscribers does Food Theory have? Intern: About 3 million, why? Marketing Lead: So what you're saying is, GrubHub *does* have lore... Marketing Team Associate: But, we don- Marketing Lead: Do you hear that? That's the sound of the GrubHub lore that we definitely have and that better be on my desk by noon.

  • Mano Mano
    Mano Mano


  • Macayla Warren
    Macayla Warren

    I don't know if it means anything, but does Jimmy's/Taco Guy's carpet look like the same pattern in The Overlook Hotel from The Shining to anyone? Or is that just me? I have watched this video so many times and just noticed this 😂 any thoughts?

  • NEØ MemeYard
    NEØ MemeYard

    Bro how when you explain this it makes so much sense my mind is like..😱

  • Emmy Summer
    Emmy Summer

    It was hilarious that his theory was ACTUALLY confirmed by Grubhub XD

  • Alê USA
    Alê USA

    Honestly I've seen some of his merch ''ads'' and the backpack is WORTH IT

  • Vector Entertainment
    Vector Entertainment

    i love how mat started talking like 3 times faster than normal when he got exited looking at the pics in the box 5:00

  • Texas_ Rose
    Texas_ Rose

    I figured out the house in the background is actually Cindy Vortex's house from the show. The house is tan and there is a blue car in the driveway.

  • Carly McManus
    Carly McManus


  • Adriel Tolentino
    Adriel Tolentino

    He's gone insane with power. He writes reality now!

  • thorninjag

    please don't make food theory cookware, Matthew!

  • Julia

    Wow you Are Smart 😳

  • Finley Halford
    Finley Halford

    a gulp!!! WOW lol

  • •OwoAshes•

    Oh gosh we don't need another fnaf

  • Jake Wade
    Jake Wade

    6 tacos Large fry Chocolate shake Purple flurp Jimmy and Timmy having lunch?????

  • Loulou Star
    Loulou Star

    But like... maybe they were just letting you see inside the dog????

  • CJMT

    food theory backpack!!!

  • grammie Myers
    grammie Myers

    I found the skyscraper was out of place I think that they are in a parallel universe

  • Nurul Mustafa
    Nurul Mustafa

    This video is on my 🎂 bday

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

    What happened to the flaming hot shirt being a part of the merch even though it says food theory

  • Charlie Films inc
    Charlie Films inc


  • Charlie Films inc
    Charlie Films inc


  • Charlie Films inc
    Charlie Films inc


  • Charlie Films inc
    Charlie Films inc


  • Sparky Minor
    Sparky Minor

    Engagement engagement engagement

  • meme reposter
    meme reposter

    11:53 thats exatly what happ... Shuts down celphone

  • S.O.S MT
    S.O.S MT

    See me World. See my friends pain, it's not fair.

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker

    Do more jimmy neutron please?!

  • MidniteTheDSiXL

    Pretty sure the photo with the mechanical parts on the dog's hip was just showing the dog is a robot/has mechanical parts and not a whole...parallel universe that's evil XD You guys did get a blueprint showing some connection between Goddard and the taco guy's dog, no idea why Mat went off the charts and delved into a parallel universe. But then again it's MatPat, I don't know what I should have expected XD

  • Chicken Mc Nuggitos
    Chicken Mc Nuggitos

    I love how salad lady is so cute and normal looking in the unreleased animatic but in the ads she looks like she's going to *_"I'm going to find you. I am going to track you down. I'm gonna harvest your organs and put them into my salad."_*

  • Bobs place
    Bobs place

    Who are the sushi people in delivery dance

  • Samuel The human being
    Samuel The human being

    Pregnant lady lives in the blue house salad lady lives in one of the red roofed houses that’s blue aswell but pregnant lady’s house isn’t as blue as the house next to the bag but salad lady’s is and In one of the commercials there names are different his name is Steve not jimmy

  • Ryan Karsten
    Ryan Karsten

    Matpat, what about that one episode with pizzas are haunted match that up with the animatic I think that the pizza monster relates to 3rd picture/moving cartoon. the uniform is yes a candy bar uniform but it's also could be a 1970's old Wendy's uniform. Matpat was Wendy's sign for Halloween one year


    My dad works at Oakley and Hawkeye where’s the shades from his job

  • ZiningStudio’s

    1:42 plot twist: he was talking about himself

  • Amiel rhey Alano
    Amiel rhey Alano

    idk but that box rlly killd milk shake girl or did it what if jimmy intended it what if evil jimmy was mad beacuse they broke up WHAT IF HE LURED MILKSHAKE GIRL ON TAKING HIS DOG ON A WALK AND PURPOSELY KILLING HER that explains why milkshake girl is on the other ad that ad was the original universe where jimmy NEVER KILLS MILKSHAKE GIRL hmmmmm seems VERY sus if u think about it if the orignal jimmy made this ther woud be a safety system and look how acurate the box when it killd the milkshake girl while on a walk what if the fireworks was a distraction so ppl wont notice hmmm sus AMONGUS

    • Amiel rhey Alano
      Amiel rhey Alano

      sorry if my spelling sux

  • Joey and Polly
    Joey and Polly

    I, m still waiting for the is Wendy's evil theory

  • stupid Villager #87
    stupid Villager #87

    Man superwiibro08 remade the delivery dance Capture the 80s

  • Preston K. Productions
    Preston K. Productions

    You are a hokey man.

  • Joy B
    Joy B

    Omfg this is absolute MADDNESS!!!!

  • cloudy_day gaming
    cloudy_day gaming

    “Where’re there is lore, there is matpat” by far my favorite quote ever

  • POV dylan
    POV dylan

    I want a food theory cook hat

  • The Humen Thing
    The Humen Thing

    Mat... what have you DONE

  • Raquel Omoghan
    Raquel Omoghan

    GrubHub is the CIA in the ad is that the dad and the mom are fighting in the baby gets a ton of fries in his mouth but there across the table GrubHub is force-feeding GrubHub is the evil dimension

  • Reaper81

    Hey Where’s Waldo that’s what I was dressed as when I watched this

  • glory to idk
    glory to idk

    grubhub marketing amases me first memes and the lore

  • Gregory Sopkin
    Gregory Sopkin

    whats your name

  • will hero player
    will hero player

    I have new clue about omega mart on top of the building it says this it is not real or something like that

  • Freeman Vashier
    Freeman Vashier

    OR, Wendy's partnered with them after seeing the taco animation with the selling point being, they can make the taco's into Wendy's and you're the one that created the multiverse idea out of simple marketing lol

    • Freeman Vashier
      Freeman Vashier

      OH, I also hope you've cut a deal with GH for all this promotion work you are doing for them. I mean you could be influencing what they include in their next ad. In that case you should be getting paid as an advertising exec.

  • Raytilto

    even if it's fake it's fun

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    Are we sure GrubHub isn't just playing into it? None of it is actually real but they're like "Just send them stuff and keep them talking."

  • Candace

    I bet he is going to make another

  • loverrlee

    Wow someone at Grubhub knows how to advertise lol

  • @FY

    What is even happening anymore

  • KindleSalt

    Holy grub, GrubHub is a ARG

  • Vinda_da_lua

    If the pizza plushie doesnt have a label written "sandwich" I feel betrayed.

  • Frostbite

    the fact that wendys and grubhub commented on this lol

  • TeroaScii

    I don't have much time on this comment. Before those-those things hear my keyboard clacking from a mile away and come swarming my bunker. But. Why does the package say confidential? I'm pretty sure Grubhub isn't a government thing.

  • maxwell pete
    maxwell pete

    I love that GrubHub is going along with it XD that PERFECT

  • æœ

    The Wendy's universe must be evil

  • æœ


  • æœ


  • threecutepl

    Matt spends a whole 2 minutes talking about his merchandise that he "wore since Memorial Day" to get you guys to buy his stuff. Please stop.

  • Amogus

    Theory: What if The Tan house next to Jimmy Neutron and Cindy’s house is Trixie and Sheen’s house?

  • Cosmic Trey
    Cosmic Trey

    "He cloned the world, creating a slightly different version... and that world was then trapped in 'the dark dimension'. A purposefully made replica made once=/=other parallel universes. Unless we're assuming the same thing happened elsewhere on a large scale, or many times. That's a leap.

  • Sister Rose
    Sister Rose

    I'm pretty sure the mechanical parts are a cross section my dude lmao

  • Superlative

    This a month ago

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    yall grubhub AND wendys commented on this video- matpat managed summon the gcu and the sassiet restaurant chain known to man with a single video. (this also implies that whoever runs those accounts WATCHED this vid-)

  • Feed Your Brain
    Feed Your Brain

    I dont even care anymore

  • dOg

    3:26 Film Theory: the Backyardagains Have Dead Body's in Their Windows

  • Ligh7 Foo7
    Ligh7 Foo7

    The pink letterbox in the red circled photo is the same pink as Jimmy Neutron's lava lamp.

  • shadow studios
    shadow studios

    Wait Matt pat is a father? He still sounds 16

  • SizableSplash shorts
    SizableSplash shorts

    My apron that I would like to get would say, “f#@$ it. My food sucks!

  • gjgvjdfjvghjfsvj


  • tails doll chao Heartless Roxas
    tails doll chao Heartless Roxas

    That's not Jimmy Neutron he doesn't have Brown eyes

    • Crunch

      Parallel universe lol

  • Mr Yee
    Mr Yee

    I think the alternate univers theory is built off a lazy animator, just changed the taco models to wendys stuff

  • Nova

    Im from Bedford... never expected to be name dropped....

  • lil marshin
    lil marshin

    Hold on if you look closer at the circled house you can see a shadowed figure in the window now I compared it to jimmy of course but why we he be in the window scouting to see the death of milkshake lady.I could be proven wrong but I looked very closely that looked like jimmy but now that I think about it maybe the evil jimmy clone might be in the same universe as the original jimmy neutron .like I said I could be proven wrong but something tells me that If a new jimmy neutron show is coming it’s probably the original jimmy vs evil jimmy

    • lil marshin
      lil marshin

      @Crunch ok

    • Crunch


  • Nicholas T. (Numberblock 27)
    Nicholas T. (Numberblock 27)

    Why did the creator do of Grubhub make the characters the JN Characters and JN universe the same universe? Wut is da reason Bhind dat???