Marvel's Wolverine - Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2021
Insomniac is developing a new Marvel game centered on Wolverine.

  • Mister W
    Mister W

    Villains I’d like to see: • Sabertooth • Omega Red • Romulus • Lady Deathstroke • Viper • Daken • William Stryker • The Hand (group) • Reavers (group)

  • wieRd_Virals

    Anyone noted Tamil in this trailer

  • uri attias
    uri attias

    Insomaniac should make a deadpool game

  • Ivan Mulyadi
    Ivan Mulyadi

    To fight Wolverine with a knife is the dumbest thing...

  • Bond Gabond
    Bond Gabond

    Day 9: Hulk and Sabertooth would make great boss fights!

  • The Nerd King!
    The Nerd King!

    Who else clicked on this (without reading Its full title) thinking it was a new movie?

  • 681 Prasanth P
    681 Prasanth P

    Tamil words 🥳🎉🎉

  • J.D. Elliott
    J.D. Elliott

    I'm going to have to buy a PlayStation

  • 誰でもいたくないのさ


  • Lance M.
    Lance M.

    🔥🔥🔥 Glorious Purpose!

  • Aditya Dwivedi
    Aditya Dwivedi

    Beat it ! BUB..

  • Romes Republic
    Romes Republic

    "Not actual gameplay" has got to be one of the most disappointing phrases in gaming😒

  • Robert J.
    Robert J.

    Is this a remaster or brand new?

    • Ghost

      Brand new

  • M&Ns

    The old starcraft 2 intro eh?

  • Dumb_LifeEXE

    Insomniac carrying marvel and ps with their games

  • Craig Court
    Craig Court

    we need to start focusing on Gambit, it should be his turn in the spotlight but still happy for this game

  • Wolvie

    Amazing outfit 💪🏻 loved that flannel

  • Caiusus

    So, Deadpool finally remember of his friend...

  • Rockstar music ke
    Rockstar music ke

    Is it Tomorrow already 💔💔

  • Stick Man
    Stick Man

    The fact that Insomniac is making it, makes it even more psyched 😬

  • Leonard Dement
    Leonard Dement

    That is awesome. That poor guy is dead.

  • Daniel Ursaciuc
    Daniel Ursaciuc

    slice and dice some onions?

  • G L PRO
    G L PRO

    X-men origins Wolverine was a spectacular game and the portrayal of Logan was as it should have been..raw and powerful

  • Durai Arasu
    Durai Arasu

    How many of you found tamil word in the menu board and ' கிடையாது ' in the trailer

  • Manga Fanatic
    Manga Fanatic

    Wolverine getting new classic suit

  • Guy Ben Tora
    Guy Ben Tora

    how will the health work? wolverine cant die and bullets basically do nothing to him. how will we lose health?

    • Tony Khairy
      Tony Khairy

      Adamantium weapons probably

  • Nick Kamp
    Nick Kamp

    insomniac is making this oh this gonna be heat

  • mohan prabhu
    mohan prabhu

    Has anyone noticed tamil words?? 0:19 (cocktail in tamil)

  • Muthu Vel
    Muthu Vel

    Tamil 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AVATAR3117

    Claws come out time for some fun

  • Jo Lugo
    Jo Lugo

    When is this coming out?

    • Jo Lugo
      Jo Lugo

      @Tyler1248 wow that a long time

    • Tyler1248

      Google said 2023

  • Riley X
    Riley X

    If the combat is as brutal as the XMen Origins Wolverine game then Im down.

  • Deuce Loosely
    Deuce Loosely

    How the hell are there any bars left in North America that don't know to just leave Wolverine alone so he can sulk and drink in peace?

  • Sridhar appu
    Sridhar appu

    Letters are in Tamizh language is in that board🤩🤩 very happy👌

  • It’s your KaijuXrd w
    It’s your KaijuXrd w

    Was that William bill from left 4 dead

  • Bond Gabond
    Bond Gabond

    Day 8: I hope Steve Blum is voicing Wolverine.

  • Mr_Mathan_killer

    Thamil ❤️😘 kadaila

  • Blaine Johnson
    Blaine Johnson

    This going to take place in the Insomniac Spider-Man Franchise??

    • B Bland
      B Bland

      It’s m rated so who knows but they know that would sell like crazy

  • Harrison Bergeron
    Harrison Bergeron

    "Not Actual Gameplay" = wait

  • KlyntarNage

    Hopefully they release this game on 2022 so that we have something fun to play in order to wait for spiderman 2

  • Marin dj
    Marin dj

    What kind off monster are you? THE WOLVERINE!

  • Ty kamen
    Ty kamen

    Moral of story is don't pick a fight with Wolverine

  • wouldacouldashoulda

    insomniac never misses

  • Myrecek Myrekac
    Myrecek Myrekac

    It great of course , but omfg imagine Marvels Daredevil


    தமிழ் ❤️

  • thameemul Ansari
    thameemul Ansari

    Finally the world seeing tamil.

    • thameemul Ansari
      thameemul Ansari

      @Nayan Barooah Tamil words written on the board

    • Nayan Barooah
      Nayan Barooah


  • Cringe Lord
    Cringe Lord

    Bro if this gets a gameplay like a mixed blend of Ghost of Tsushima, Assassins' Creed, and Spiderman... this would be awesome.

  • DHARANI i am profet
    DHARANI i am profet

    Tamilan da....

  • VisuallyAmazing

    Insomniac here becoming the new Rockstar, releasing amazing game after amazing game while Rockstar is re-re-re- releasing the same game again with basically nothing new and recieving a mountain of hate

  • ajgray21

    This better be as bloody and brutal as the og wolverine origins

  • Sean V
    Sean V



    Do you know when will it come out?

  • Sobanraj

    Who ever noticed the tamil words ?

  • Siva Subramanian
    Siva Subramanian

    Tamil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face

    What song is this

  • DJ

    Would have been much badass if the claws came out slowly

  • BRŸ thèçrêatęr
    BRŸ thèçrêatęr

    My favorite marvel character lets gooo!!

  • interesting facts (AJF)
    interesting facts (AJF)

    Tamil 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shon Zkii
    Shon Zkii

    please be gore

  • Climb House
    Climb House

    தமிழ் ❤️

  • jdude222

    Really hope Steve J Blum provides the voice

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar

    0:19 tamil language

  • Marc Dumont
    Marc Dumont

    As long as it's not Square Enix again.

  • Emmanuel Der
    Emmanuel Der

    that's a great bass line

  • Jk Haski
    Jk Haski

    Wasn't he supposed to be finally dead

  • •Roblox TT'S•
    •Roblox TT'S•

    if only this was a movie..

  • Kalel Victoria
    Kalel Victoria


  • MemeVerse Origin
    MemeVerse Origin

    We didn't even saw a face. only *1 hand* was enough to give _goosebumps_ and cHiLlS

  • Andromedus Z11
    Andromedus Z11

    Wolverine is boring and overrated.

    • Andromedus Z11
      Andromedus Z11

      Oh look, a 12 year old making moms joke. Do better kid.

    • Doofenward

      Ur moms 😾 is but she told me it wasn’t

  • Twenty Shades Nerdier
    Twenty Shades Nerdier

    Just let Insomniac become MCU Of Video Games please!!!!

  • ewolfenden

    that's it, come on, 15 more seconds couldn't hurt

  • r g
    r g

    🎵🎵 Lyrics 🎵🎵 At the dark end of the street That's where we always meet Hiding in shadows where we don't belong Living in darkness to hide our wrong You and me At the dark end Of the street You and me -- James Carr

  • Guilherme011

    Meu deus uauaaaa

  • Jeremy Green
    Jeremy Green

    🤞 for a better run the second time around

  • Gearswitch819

    Just hope this is better than wolverine's revenge... that game was 🔥

  • Sullivan Dmitry
    Sullivan Dmitry

    At 0:18 you can see a license plate that reads HLK 181. The issue of the hulk comics that wolverine made his first appearance in.

  • meta ttron
    meta ttron

    The Extended trailer: The Camera Pans out and presents Wolverine with a dress

  • Shep Raynham
    Shep Raynham

    Everything is more extreme and so becomes mundane.

  • Steve!

    This actually looks hype

  • Asaduddin Khaja
    Asaduddin Khaja


  • Jakesterpop

    Is there a timeline on Spider-Man and Wolverine?

  • Mj

    Can someone tell what song this is?

    • denjezz

      "the dark end of the street"

  • Caleb Wilson
    Caleb Wilson

    Take my money

  • CSH

    Is it open world

  • Seaborn Gaming
    Seaborn Gaming

    No words even needed. I’m absolutely ecstatic to see this

  • Farkyrie

    hopefully PS5 are in stock by the time this comes out.

  • Lorenzo Rosso
    Lorenzo Rosso

    Well, they proved that it's possible to have a massively popular franchise and not be able to make anything out of it, because those who liked the Avengers game, are either lying or are children.

  • neither enemy nor friend
    neither enemy nor friend

    Is this gonna be open world or linear?

  • Jay Adams
    Jay Adams

    Wolverine is my favorite

  • Social_Warfare

    Better be story driven and not shitty hack and slash lol

  • WR

    Does it hurt when they come out? Everytime

  • Y solomon
    Y solomon

    can someone please tell me the intro song, so classic


    Now this is what I’m waiting for

  • Reagan Rose
    Reagan Rose

    Currently shitting my pants

  • hunter - Z
    hunter - Z

    Any tamilans here 😂😂 After reading Tamils signs in the functional western bar??? Hit like adichi Namma power rah katunga makkkale .

  • Demarkus White
    Demarkus White


  • Christian Coates
    Christian Coates

    Great song choice 🎶

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    that music of his triple bibrenium blade that's enough

  • Django Leo
    Django Leo

    Claw came out way too fast and the blades look FAR too clean.