Demi Lovato and Drew Get Honest About Difficulties of Growing Up as Child Stars
@Demi Lovato sits down with Drew for an emotional interview to discuss the reality of growing up in the spotlight starting at a young age, and the unfair treatment of celebrities sometimes by the press.
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Demi Lovato and Drew Get Honest About Difficulties of Growing Up as Child Stars

  • Jangu Creates
    Jangu Creates

    I can’t with Demi’s smirk all through the beginning

  • Harry Pizza
    Harry Pizza

    Rich women talking about their addictions is fun

  • Sonia x
    Sonia x

    This one didn’t sound like an interview it sounded like weird convo but being very professional. Wanting to speak out but you dont properly.

  • blah

    Why am I always seeing ads for this show

  • Green party of Wakanda
    Green party of Wakanda

    Try growing up ugly and ginger and poor

  • Kaye-Lynne Muller
    Kaye-Lynne Muller

    Pedophiles everywhere, expose them ladies don’t keep it a secret. Hollywood’s open secret.

  • elizabeth gutierrez
    elizabeth gutierrez

    The short hair makes her look older

  • Gundam117

    Jesus this is disgustingly cringe 🤢🤮

  • Mary Siobhan
    Mary Siobhan

    I wonder if demi got frozen yogurt after this

  • Silver

    Number one thing that stuck out right away, Drew saying Demi was in a safe space. 💝

  • Enrique Ruiz
    Enrique Ruiz

    Demi el Vato is such a Karen and privileged girl who thinks the world revolves around her. Drew is cool though. Very down to earth woman.

  • Victor Velarde
    Victor Velarde

    Drew legs 😂😂

  • Sleepwell Cutie
    Sleepwell Cutie

    Why does demi look black ?

  • Capz Allison
    Capz Allison

    Drew is on coke in this video

  • Lex Diamond
    Lex Diamond

    This junkie still around?

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    Rich and well off must be so hard 🙄

    • tired

      @jmsl 910 what's harsh is putting a small business on blast to your multi millions of followers all because they sell inclusive options

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      harsh you guys, harsh

    • tired

      @Paijah Hollingsworth she was actually triggered by the sugar free and gluten free options lol! apparently people with diabetes and celiacs shouldn't have treats because it will trigger Demi!

    • Paijah Hollingsworth
      Paijah Hollingsworth

      Dude, she has a horrible life. She couldn’t find sugar free options at a frozen yogurt place, remember? 🙄😔 (I’m being sarcastic btw 😂)

  • GR

    Expected the comments to be a bunch of "My life as a millionaire was so hard," or " The rest of us have trauma, too, we just didn't have millions of dollars." Very pleasantly surprised.

  • Chip Bobina
    Chip Bobina

    *F R O Y O*

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    Wtf is that😂😂

  • b2kzangelalwayz

    God Demi is annoying.

  • Olivia VanderVelde
    Olivia VanderVelde

    I didn’t even know drew Barrymore had a show

  • Well Shit
    Well Shit

    Demi looks so ugly with this hair

  • Singers Unite
    Singers Unite

    Both fit

  • Elena Hernández
    Elena Hernández

    It's never too late to set boundaries with the word. PERIOD.

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee

    I love Demi! She came across so well in this interview. It seems like she is doing better

    • Lexi Sanderson
      Lexi Sanderson

      No she isn’t she is rude no offence

  • Robyn Marie
    Robyn Marie

    I’ve never been a fan of Demi especially after her live about the yogurt shop 😧

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      what is this yogurt comment about?

  • Jeff Capezzoli
    Jeff Capezzoli

    Drew feels awkward, i could see it, because Demi kinda looks like a Disney Villain, kinda LOL

  • Jaimee Archibald
    Jaimee Archibald

    This show is poison

    • Jaimee Archibald
      Jaimee Archibald

      @jmsl 910 that's hardly any of your business

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      why do you think that?

  • Charlie From Starkville, Mississippi
    Charlie From Starkville, Mississippi

    Well, they were both drunks.

  • H Soko
    H Soko

    Love to you Demi and Drew.... The two of you started way too young in "the show business". Not an easy life. You have both shown courage.

  • Mary Fifita
    Mary Fifita

    First time watching this

  • The

    Demi needs a donut pronto

  • nessa verne
    nessa verne

    Demi looks alot she in her 30s now

  • Joseph Gorman
    Joseph Gorman

    Bring Britney Spears Amanda Byrnes and jennet McCurdy

  • Anthony Liberatore
    Anthony Liberatore

    Boo hoo! Go spend your money!

  • Google Account
    Google Account


  • Red Robin
    Red Robin

    Demi is such a beauty and talent; I was so upset when she overdosed and feared she would not live. So great to see her healthy.

  • luana alves lauves
    luana alves lauves

    she looks beautiful, im happy she is alive

  • Mel

    There should be 💯 % openness about what’s gone on, and who’s crossed the line, these actors need to put integrity first instead of their careers to stop this poison which is the abuse of kids!! Even if they can’t name names because of legalities, surely they can hint !! They only keep quiet because of the fear of having no career!!

    • Mel

      @jmsl 910 yes

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      or worse... maybe?

  • Bonnie Jackson
    Bonnie Jackson

    It shows how 20 years apart and nothing has changed in the industry, or got worse

  • Lillith Hunts Media
    Lillith Hunts Media


  • Jeanne Martin
    Jeanne Martin

    The "Hiii" at the beginning... Iconic!

  • hofhat

    Demi Dumbfuck

  • lemonkissed201

    this poot lovato?

  • leo alcaraz
    leo alcaraz

    Who gives a damn about methhead Demi Lovato surprised she’s not brain damaged from all the times she’s ODed lol

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      @Kai omg, for real?

    • Kai

      She does have brain damge actually.

  • Billy Stajcer
    Billy Stajcer

    Sugar free frozen yogurt

  • Jenny Talks
    Jenny Talks

    "It's never too late to set a boundary with the world." Thank you. 🤍

  • Quirky Quips
    Quirky Quips

    Don't know who photo shopped the thumbnail image but I gasped at Demi's face as it looks like she got a facelift, making her look actually WAY older! NEVER do that again!

  • Jay-Jay Khan
    Jay-Jay Khan

    “What do I get to do to play?’’ She is such an entitled brat. She hasn’t aged well, looks like Eliza Minnelli.

  • Jay-Jay Khan
    Jay-Jay Khan

    Why is this coming up as an advert? I love you Drew, but don’t shove this show down our throats. Also, Demi looks awful with that Chucky Doll hairstyle and botox.

  • Anthony Roberts
    Anthony Roberts

    Wow rich people that we have zero in common with talking about their rich childhoods trying to act like normal people while I live off instant ramen because it's all my welfare check allows me to afford.

  • JnTmarie

    I hope they reach out to Billie Eilish . Like to see Drew interview her. Love the fact both of them have a foot out with high chunky heels.

  • Jenni Boo
    Jenni Boo

    Demi's looking rough man

  • Muzeez Hodillo
    Muzeez Hodillo

    When the press throw questions at me, it's not that I've got a problem answering it. It's the tone they might be using in the question. You can sense that they're not being 100% nice. The way they might wording the question like they're trying to embarrass, humiliate you or trying to insinuate other things. I AM an open book but I want to talk about things unprompted.

  • Hi There
    Hi There

    Is this a real conversation? Making mountains out of molehills

  • Sasha Kanetani
    Sasha Kanetani

    That giggle at @6:32 adorbs

  • Donald Franka
    Donald Franka

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  • Jewlander

    They look so waxy it’s kind of scary,I think regular people at their age look so much better because of no pressure to stay young and beautiful

  • jennyf308

    If we keep going maybe we can get Chris Harrison charged with the Kennedy assassination

  • You Wish Bishhh
    You Wish Bishhh

    🥱 🥱 🥱 😴 💤

  • Debra Sloan
    Debra Sloan

    When is this women going to stop being the victim ?

  • Asa Khalili
    Asa Khalili

    Demi's only a little over a year older than I am, but her music especially with Skyscraper and If I fall has gotten me through some really dark times. I feel like she's a godmother to me lol

  • Jeddah San Pait
    Jeddah San Pait

    Drew is like a therapy doctor you don't know you needed..

  • RayoomTa KWT
    RayoomTa KWT

    You can leave the spotlight , you can’t stop being an artist ... there’s a huge difference between suffering from attention & suffering from YOUR NEED for attention . As an artist no one know anything about I DID NOT CHOOSE MY PASSION FOR .... at 6 years old ! I knew it made me happy like every child enjoy playing with toys, I can’t stop making art , can you stop breathing, thinking, feeling ! If I stop I’ll lose my life not my job in TV !

  • Basma

    The reason why this question at this red carpet interview made me so angry is because things u have delt with as an 16year old girl is not just an individual case of Demi at a Disney cast .. it’s a struggle of so many girls and women that men don’t even think about like we, the victims do. Because even if one woman personally did not experience patriarchal violence in form of rape or sexual harassment, we know it’s so internalized in society that us, who suffer, think constantly about it because the danger is everywhere. So his question made me angry because of his ignorance of our daily struggle ! Every third woman or girl experienced it, think about it!

  • Christina Ford
    Christina Ford

    This is THE most LA conversation I’ve ever heard

  • ct2 snipez
    ct2 snipez

    Nothing but a cracked head

  • Shirley

    Thank you Drew for wanting to live your life soulful and helping others speak their truth. Thank God for Normalcy instead of makeup in shadows. Stay in the NOW.

  • afrenchyinlondon

    Demi is still in denial... and it's not shaming her, and I really hope I am wrong.

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      CA sober is NOT a thing see AA for detes

  • Ori

    demi looks like she is using as much spray tan as ariana now

  • Maria Perna
    Maria Perna

    Drew is an icon.

  • Karla Charlotte Andrade
    Karla Charlotte Andrade

    I’m afraid of this new look on demi 😕

  • Sarah Maroon
    Sarah Maroon

    "an open book with boundaries" that resonated so much

  • hanna


  • First Last
    First Last

    Drew looked like Josie Grossy when she said "hi". I'm here for it.

  • Tintin Tinternet
    Tintin Tinternet

    Does Reece have bellspalsy? It is induced by stress.. the paralyzed left side of her face. It's important to contact a Dr.

  • Jamo Best
    Jamo Best

    Why isnt she crying about her froyo?

  • Life's Abeach
    Life's Abeach

    I can't stand when celebrities whine about their privileged lives ... If you're a celebrity, and you're a screw-up, you would probably be a screw-up even if you weren't a celebrity. Reality check!

  • shmutube

    Hope they become dear friends 💗

  • x x
    x x

    Drew's foot / leg .....

  • John Jacob Astor
    John Jacob Astor

    Love Drew but all these episodes I’ve seen, from the Paris Hilton to this, it just seems like the premise of this whole talk show is “a safe space for 1st world problems and privilege.” Their prime demographic is limited to put it mildly... 😑

  • The Swagnificent Mick
    The Swagnificent Mick

    I'm so glad they were able to talk because Drew totally gets where Demi's at. Interviewing after the doc must have been so hard, like how do you answer some of those questions in front of a room of strangers? I'm glad they've been able to learn that it's okay to set boundaries and not have to answer a question that makes you uncomfortable! So much love for these two 💗

  • Patience Collins
    Patience Collins

    You don’t have to answer their questions. You’re not an animal just because you have an entertaining talent. You’re a human.

  • ialeixo84

    The whole "I pay the bills" thing never really occured to me when thinking about child stars. It really does change the dynamic and parents have to be wary of that and know how to handle it to still raise their kids the best way possible.

  • Seaturtle Poppy
    Seaturtle Poppy

    This might have been commented many times ... but I don’t care: I can’t help but wonder if the problems of obtaining fro yo will come up.

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson

    I wish her well, but I really dislike the damaging things Demi is doing now.

    • jmsl 910
      jmsl 910

      for example? (honest question)

  • Karessa Mareko11:11
    Karessa Mareko11:11

    Great convo guys xoxo

  • Ka Pi
    Ka Pi

    Why is infant labour only legal if it's in hollywood? I thought we agreed kids need to be in school and not paying their parents rent

  • Jacky

    Sweet girls, sweet women... beautiful conversation.

  • Serena T
    Serena T

    If it hasn’t been healthy for her and is making her such a terrible person, she could just leave it all behind and trying living a normal life. Plenty of child stars have done it. It’s kind of ironic to continue chasing after fame when it hasn’t been good for you.

  • Karina Quishpe
    Karina Quishpe

    The watermelon cake was miserable for anyone that had struggled with eating problems

  • Thomas Vain
    Thomas Vain

    It's interesting that Demi and Drew started out as child stars who were financially supporting both of their families. It's not right to make children the breadwinners of their family. That is too much responsibility to put on a child.

  • Thomas Vain
    Thomas Vain

    I really admire Drew Barrymore. She really had it rough as a child star and was doing drugs at 10 years old. Her mother just used her for fame and fortune. She grew up to become a great actress and producer. She is so smart and insightful when she speaks about the Movie Industry.

  • Emmett Thornton
    Emmett Thornton

    Demi looks like a black gospel singer

  • SuperTuffgirl

    Diabetes walkin’. You can be a good influence and make the world a better place, or you can make it worse. The choice is yours Demi.

    • Donald Edwards
      Donald Edwards

      When has she said she has diabetes?

  • Kary J.
    Kary J.

    They think people all remember what they’ve said during these childhood interviews? Most people aren’t retaining that information. That must give them some peace. There maybe some obsessive types that care, but honestly the average person consuming entertainment gossip forget about it an hour later.

  • Breeze E
    Breeze E

    My friend is a rising singer and I told her when press ever asks her something she doesn’t want to answer to just laugh and joke “sorry - password protected. Next question.”

  • princepeterwolf

    "It's never too late to set boundaries with the world" that was powerful

  • shruti tripathi
    shruti tripathi

    Demi looks like Chris here, Am I the only one who thinks so?

  • Kyle Ellis
    Kyle Ellis

    Demi was not a child star. Children and tweens liked her, but she was a niche celebrity. A disney star is not a child star, because that requires broad appeal and talent. Drew was in roles adults liked and commended her acting in.