Wanted to share my personal thoughts on the entire Blizzard controversy

  • Dephraction

    Government too. Trash ass politicians and parasites

  • Taylor Shin
    Taylor Shin

    WoW(Blizz) should have released Realm Reborn looong time ago... But they've been caught by greed, bad treatment on employees is one of the sympthoms of greed, and faded away themselves. Hongkong? doesn't matter. Hong-Kong actually elected pro-China representatives later, anyway. It's just a political matter, not on quality of games we gamers are interested in. Sexual harrassment? As Asmon said, it's just black and white matter. Easy to solve. But since closing Hearthstone and its all pro-gaming followers, lackluster expansions, and no new nor actually refreshed IP... Blizzard has lost it... /sigh

  • qaib thai
    qaib thai

    zack, stop trying to say you want to be a normal person. it's just life. the thought of public events scares the shit outa me. you are a responsible son who loves your mom and dad, and you will do anything in your heart to help them. some bloodlines are meant to be anti-social. cant help waht's in the genes. i dont know if you are being stretched thin financially or stretched thin managing your time with your parents. i live with my parents and i put them on a healthy diet. then they must go walking. my mom is almost 70 and my dad is almost 80. they are senior citizens already. but i make sure they drink their water, their vitamins, their kefir and get plenty of exercise. the best you can do is to hire a reliable care-giver who will fulfill their needs. you have a full-time career and cannot tend to their needs. money is king in this world; and it's the difference between living in a house or living in the streets. if they need your help financially, dont help too much otherwise you're just enabling them. you also need to move out of the house if the house is being piled and piled with boxes, supplies, and accesories. the energy of the house needs to flow like an air conditioner. if it's always crowded and cramped up, it breeds a sickness, metaphorically. you also need to buy a house with a big property. if you want to continue buying stuff for your mom, you are running out of room. a 200,000 house should get you 10 acres and a 2000 sq feet home. u can build a walking track so you and your mom can go on joy walks and u can plant trees for her. when humans stop moving, they die. humans need to continue moving and fighting to be healthy. we have to follow this rule. walking is the cure to most problems. instead of buying cigarrettes for your mom, buy cigars. or wrap your own tobacco. cigarettes have too many chemicals, whereas making your own raw tobacco cigarrettes will extend her life and her habits for a little bit longer. also, in terms of your business and organization. there is a reason business owners hire bosses and employees to do their work while the business owner goes on vacation. if you find the right people to be the extension of your soul, they will do the job for you perfectly. and if they fail or steal money, just fire them, send them to jail and get new ones. i grew away from video games too. i rarely play mmos anymore, and i quit shadowlands after 3 weeks of playing. im in my 30s, and what seems to be more important is my health and having as much sex as i can. you need to go to thailand and find your raging hormone identity there.

  • Bangor MC 3rd
    Bangor MC 3rd

    Blizz: "How DARE you expect us to work on the product while this is going on?!" Fans: "Ok, how about you give us free subs while you stop work to sort this shit out?" Blizz: "Ok, let's not get CRAZY here..."

  • Ingo Knieto
    Ingo Knieto

    You know its a serious topic when his eyebrows stay in place for more than 30 seconds

  • Dean Beyers
    Dean Beyers

    Women and libtards be like: "OMG he touched my back when he was passing behind me SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" You people are insane....

  • Oklahoma Hank
    Oklahoma Hank

    This is a civil case, so “prosecuted” or “found guilty” are not appropriate. “Found liable” or “sued” is better. The presumption of innocence is also for criminal cases. Unless separate criminal charges are filed, no one is going to jail. Blizzard can fire some people and write a big check and make it go away, but they need to do a lot more. They need a ground up redo of their corporate culture.

  • We Keep Truckin
    We Keep Truckin

    i saw the writing on the wall when i saw George Soros partnering with Blizzard

  • LaFawn Sweeten
    LaFawn Sweeten

    Sounds like working for AT&T and Spectrum.

  • Johannes Nagengast
    Johannes Nagengast

    Well even that shit happens in 6 Months or a year nobody will care about It anymore, sadly that’s how it works.

  • Stephen Gonzales
    Stephen Gonzales

    I could really care less about the political stuff. When a game is good. Play it. If a game is bad. Dont play it. We need to get out of our feels and just enjoy the games. Who cares who makes them? In a perfect world this sexual harassments stuff happens everywhere these days and some companies can keep this stuff in the courts forever. On the job stuff you can just quit. Blizzard has been trash ever since they got bought out by Activision. These people could probably band together and make a new game. Blizzard is too big to fail at this point.

  • Stephen Gonzales
    Stephen Gonzales

    Ima ignite the stream........ DIABLO 2021!!!

  • Brian

    lol, just re subbed.

  • Sama Lass
    Sama Lass

    I remember when Ryans Toy Review got in trouble for some kind of blind advertisement to children, which is another low hanging fruit . What about the fact that the kid is being used to make views??? Are advertisement policies more important than proper custody of him???

  • mark

    Asmons community is toxic af

  • Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach
    Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

    In America you are innocent until proven guilty, Twitter has changed that it would seem. Even if the suit just proves that most of these people suing Blizzard are just people with an Axe to grind (I'd be willing to bet a healthy amount are.) it doesn't even matter, Bobby bent the knee and has been firing damn near everyone with any talent at Blizzard. If I were Bobby I'd defend my staff until there was hard-proof they did anything at all, as of right now there is none. All they have are stories, some decades old, and a single photo of a hotel room with a picture of Bill Cosby years before his transgressions came to light. This could all be genuine and Blizzard truly did have sexual misconduct running rampant at their higher levels. Or, and this is something folks are forgetting, this could be a Vic Mignogna situation all over again. I could just as easily see a bunch of screeching blue hairs and soy boys coming into Blizzard, getting upset that their shitty ideas get passed up on and then making a big deal out of nothing as I could Blizzard being staffed by sex pests.

  • Thork the Mighty
    Thork the Mighty

    I truly love the videos on this channel, even more than the asmon content (which I also love).

  • mokeish

    Yeah pretty much a Cosby moment.

  • MichaelChiklisCares

    Sexual predators should be hanged in big city Vatican.

  • fairamir1

    It someone working at Blizzard is not happy there.....all they have to do is quit...period...

  • Alehcks

    When it went from Blizzard to Activision Blizzard, it died.

  • Not-a-fan-playing


  • A Leaf
    A Leaf

    THIS guy is the number 1 twitch streamer? Take a fucking shower.

  • Dennis Llewellyn
    Dennis Llewellyn

    I remember when WOW stole the hi end raiding guilds from EVERQUEST because they wanted the feedback to create the best game ever. They need to get back to that attitude and have some community buy-in and input, these need to be the most important aspect for them, its the only way I see to come out of an issue like this better then when you noticed the problem!! Here's to hopes that WOW goes back to its starting point!!!!!

  • Dennis Llewellyn
    Dennis Llewellyn

    Hate to see this happen, but at the end of the day just make the best game possible , and get your damn house in order!!!

  • MrHydra12

    I appreciate your view a ton Now I wish fellow fans would quit pulling the “hey everyone it’s hip to be a square! Let’s boycott WoW!” like you do you boo

  • Auris LA stabdis
    Auris LA stabdis

    I played Wc2 and later 3 way too much back in the day, Blizzard was genuinely a company to look up to no matter if you were a gamer or developer. Their quality and track record were excellent. Sadly after or even during WotLK company started to change. And in the last few years, it became one of the if not the least liked gaming companies to me personally. 180 shift in opinion makes me just sad and disappointed in this whole situation.

  • Patrick P
    Patrick P

    They need a new big boss (or getting the old one back)

  • Christopher Hooper
    Christopher Hooper

    Maybe I can just go play a legion private server and call it a day :(

  • yellow6100

    its Blizard. to you.

  • Edward T Madrigal
    Edward T Madrigal

    Honestly never played a Blizzard game before, but I grew up as a gamer, and envied my friends who were able to play WOW. That being said, it’s a shame how much Blizzard has fallen, and as a gamer I hope that they can bounce back from this. But from the looks of it that’s probably not going to happen. Love your take on the whole thing. 😌

  • TheDarkNinjaX9

    Cool dude this Zack, he remembers me a bit of Asmongold

  • MrOrangeonion

    Ohh noe its a molerat Edit: With a BEANIE!

  • thePhished

    its funny how the eyebrows thing is just a bit for his stream... not much of it is real lol

  • Sedated1990

    shower time

  • Merco's Gaming
    Merco's Gaming

    It's been really sad to see the downfall of Blizzard. All of the corporate changes and greedy business decisions that go with it were bad enough. This company is really giving us no reason to support them.

  • Niklas Dufåker
    Niklas Dufåker

    Well said! I cant wait for the Asmongold reaction video.

  • Overkillius

    10:47 The blizzard realm reborn is all of the blizzard vets comprising new indie studios like Frost Giant. Turns out they got lucky and got a head start when Blizzard all but pulled the plug on SC2. Blizzard will likely become Activision's Bioware: a name too big to kill, but it will be a lifeless husk of what it once was. Also fans will deny anything wrong with the company that owns the name and will continue to buy their call of dutys and mass effects as if it is only a disease contained inside of the now bad blizzard/now bad bioware

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K

    What is way underrated is the topic brought up about Blizzard and their employees being at such odds with their players, prospective players and the community in general. When I played WoW I used to be an active forum poster, the feedback from devs was condescending and snobby. A lot of things I talked about needing to be addressed or added since TBC times, I got scoffed at for only to see them eventually happen too late many years later, and after I quite the damn game after the Cata expansion. They act like players don't know anything, as if a life time gamer, adult and Computer Information Systems graduate would have no clue about what they do or about game design/development... Not to mention the corporatocracy and the money grabbing mentality, where quality of life and aesthetic improvements are put behind paywalls. Blizzard holding off on giving players content they want until they can maximize profit from it, rather than focus on quality.

  • Marcus Meins
    Marcus Meins

    zack fair XD!

  • TealWolf26

    10 years ago I wanted to work in the games industry. I'm glad I dodged that bullet. That's 10 years I got to enjoy games instead of 10 years hating the thing I'm passionate about because of the corporate culture. I don't want the sacrifices and hardships of these employees to be in vain.

  • NerdyDan

    this is about to cancel cancel culture.

  • Not this Time
    Not this Time

    Starcraft 2 came out in like 2012 lol

  • dwyrin

    So this is why "sylvanas" wanted to burn down the world. checks out.

  • Hector Heckel
    Hector Heckel

    Imagine wearing a beanie in July. The madness of it.

  • Battlestar Gaming Channel
    Battlestar Gaming Channel

    so he quits wow or not?

  • AngelousDraven

    Glad to see ya playing FF14 you are going to love Heavensward. I running through Shadowbringers right now and hot damn is it good. A game that can move you to tears and give you ups and downs you know has to be good. Looking forward to hearing how you like the rest of the expansions leading up to Endwalker.

  • Eugenio Eulindo
    Eugenio Eulindo

    Blizzard had being like this from a long time, but in the past people had such love for the company that they was virtually incapable to see fault on the company. Now that they made clear that they don't care about their base through inconsiderate business, aka "you guys don't have phones" or "Warcraft III Remastered" debacle people start to see how they really are.

  • Stefan B.
    Stefan B.

    Blizzard is over. All empires rise, reach a peak and then decline and disintegrate. It's a historical fact and law of nature that nothing lasts forever. To quote from Polish black metal band Mgla's fourth track on their "Exercises In Futility" album: "Every empire, every nation, every tribe thought it would end in a bit more decent way." There's no decency in the demise of any empire. Disney will also crumble and others will take its place. Nothing is forever.

  • Xerdar36

    Who would’ve thought EA.. we lost the title or worse video game company… lol

    • Marcus Meins
      Marcus Meins


  • Xerdar36

    So please Blizzard con 2021 sounds like it’s going to be interesting this year..

  • L prophit
    L prophit

    good one

  • Bloodreav3r

    If Blizzard is ever to come back to its former Glory im the first to buy and play the shit out of WoW again, but until then i wont touch their Games because every Expansion since Legion was a Giant let down

  • demonsluger

    Lets just say if the Blizzard employees have time to tweet they have time to make the game good. If blizz was a good company and cared for its costumers they wouldnt let shitbag tweets slide.

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    Kind of funny coming from a guy that dated a pair of tits...

  • demonsluger

    What i dont understand is why the employees didnt walk out earlier. Dont they have any self respect and dignity either that or you harass the boss back because that is the only language douche bags understand.

  • demonsluger

    The best that could come out of this is that both actiblizz stop being a thing.

  • Karakzanskruff

    as someone who wasnt even old enough to game during the "good old days of blizzard" to me blizzard is just the next doors greedy gaming lootbox company, and i could never understand why people claimed they loved blizzard so much

  • Bob Rooney
    Bob Rooney

    That was sad.

  • Porta House
    Porta House

    take Michael Jackson, take the Catholic church. If enough people are saying something chances are its true. Why do people bother trying to deny it?

  • K.O. Hakala
    K.O. Hakala

    Blizzard should be given the time of day at court.. however.. I am not the court.

  • Emil Filipov
    Emil Filipov

    it was pretty funny when they said they are working on providing the employees with a competitive salary and stuff. Like.. Bro, your company is literally the biggest meme when it comes to salaries in the gaming industry.

  • Hull breach detected
    Hull breach detected

    Wow should have ended with wotlk, and replaced by another game, either wow 2 or another mmo project. They managed to milk this franchise for an incredibly long period. They thought they can just get away with reskin expansions forever, but this was going to happen eventually, it was only matter of time. This court case just acted as a catalyst. Blizzard lost innovation and became one of the biggest reskin developer that ever existed.

  • chocoluver18

    There is always second chance.. wanna go to conference

  • Phil Jeavons
    Phil Jeavons

    I wonder how the Diablo team is doing there….

  • wez gee
    wez gee

    watched you for years.. always thought your a bit of a nerdy geek n miles away from my walk of life but still i watch you alot.. and your vid about being humble hits home alot i think thats why i like you not so much that your humble but the fact ive gone from that to this .. where peoples feelings are more important than peoples clothes lables... we're only here once and i hope everyone has the best exeistence possible :) love you all

  • Tiny Mike
    Tiny Mike


  • akse

    Maybe I'm bad but I respect the games not the people who made them(so much). So no matter what happens in the background I just love the game. If the game gets bad because bad development choices and greed for money etc. I dump the game. Maybe I try to find a way to play the old version which was good etc. I don't care. I just want to play the good game.(did play pirate vanilla wow -> later on classic and I do play 1.06 Diablo 2 which was the best for me) Maybe it originates from the time when no one knew what Company or who really made the games in the 80-90s. Sure there was some sort of logo but I didn't really think about it. Just waited to get into the game and get rid of the splash screens. Because of this I think removing all the references to Alex Afrasiabi from the Classic WoW feels kinda bad. I respect what he made to the game.. all those storylines etc. Now removing them feels kinda bad. Of course the guy is a scumbag(?).. but yeah I don't like removing the good things he did in the past. It's like some artist made amazing work and later on killed someone and was senteneced to prison and afterwards all his work is being removed.. Of course behaving bad is wrong but I can't really spend my time to worry about people 10000km away from me who I don't have any idea who they are. Otherwise there probably would be a lot more people to worry about in Syria or Myanmar Africa etc. who probably starve to death and don't have enough medicine etc. Yeah I just wonder why people get so upset by some mistakes (not saying this is small really but maybe compared to some other mistakes..) when there are mistakes being made in the world that gets thousands of people dead all the time. Yeah idk. Afrasiabi made good things for the game. Though not sure whats his problem with alcohol and women.. (?).. I tend to get a bit more flirty with women when using alcohol but I don't have an intention to drag them to the room or something like that.

  • Andromeda Nightshade
    Andromeda Nightshade

    I feel like you are a voice for us "little people", maybe not intentionally but at any rate the way you spoke on this matter echoed a lot of thoughts that me and my friends are having. I have not played wow in about 2 weeks now and I have mixed emotions about playing because a lot of what is happening definitely tainted a lot of my happy memories playing blizzard games. I guess we all have to wait and see what happens but they have a lot of work to do. Thank you for speaking so openly and honest about how you feel on the situation.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Blizzard games were so good in the 90's that they killed off whole genres: Starcraft nearly killed the RTS Diablo 1&2 nearly killed the ARPG WOW killed the MMO And look what shit products they bring out now...

  • Aaron

    Every time I hear that this investigation has been going on for 2 years. I think about why California DOJ got involved, and how blizzard HR department failed so spectacularly. This is WAY beyond unacceptable, they want us to just "fuhgeddaboudit" and pretend like everything is normal, THE FUCK ARE THEY SMOKING OVER THERE?!?!

  • Matt Onorato
    Matt Onorato

    who cares

  • Stormy

    It's really surreal, seeing someone who propagates toxic masculinity and sexism on a daily basis, criticizing Blizzard for their working conditions. And then give commentary on sexual harassment.

    • IG

      Even so, does that make what he's saying wrong? He's still allowed an opinion on the matter.

  • RhiaBlack

    When they had Hordecon, and Cannibal Corpse's lead singer decided to trash on Alliance and basically tell people who play that faction to kill themselves, and only AFTER there was an uproar, it was 'oh it was just a joke'. Bro-culture was front and center on that stage. They didn't care about anything but money and the more popular of their playerbase. I've been witness to harassment from GMs on tickets, I've been witness to men inside the game harassing women, including myself. I've watched an entire BG get derailed because they found out there was a woman playing in it. There are too many little boys in mentality who still play this game, and too many men who refuse to step up and tell their fellow co-workers and gamers that no, being d-bags to a woman just because she's lacking in male parts is not okay. As soon as Activision took over, it went downhill. Metzen and all the others, they actually cared about their game. He went from 'we'll never sell out, we love this game', to 'woops, lol, they wiped my ass with a million dollars and promised me more, guess I'm done guys!'. I feel like Activision is the culprit here. Look at them, man, they're responsible for COD. COD is a hive of scum and villainy and 12 year olds whose mommys let them play on the internet with strangers. They're the reason this is happening. I know people who worked as GMs for them way back in Wrath, they loved their jobs. They still want to go back, more so now than ever because they feel like there needs to be more voices telling them it's not okay. They love the game as much as I do. Amazon is going to be watching this closely.

  • Charles B
    Charles B

    Well said. Loving the beanie by the way

  • Bam Bamelowsky
    Bam Bamelowsky

    The hole story is just sad. Have no more words...

  • PNizzleFoShizzle

    My therapist: who broke you? Me: my dad, my ex and blizzard

  • Jared Heckel
    Jared Heckel

    The Bill Cosby comparison made a lot of sense to me. My introduction to Blizzard was my older brother bringing home Warcraft 2 when I was 6 years old. I don't remember much about that night other than watching the opening cinematic with him, and being completely floored by what I was looking at, but I loved the world of Warcraft from that moment. Then came Diable and Starcraft with a similar effect, but it wasn't quite the same. Warcraft for me has always my brother and I's thing. Into our 30's. Bad product for 10 years aside, now the entire experience feels bastardized and gross.

  • Anticipated

    This is exactly what I said about Bethesda when Fallout76 was absolute dogshit. We invest all this money into game companies, and they shit all over us.

  • AmbientOrange

    I look forward to the day when I can return to wow in good conscience.

  • Noxus Reaper
    Noxus Reaper

    Drake and Josh is now tainted as well as blizzard D:

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams

    Shareholder profits are more important than what the produce.

  • Manuel L.
    Manuel L.

    Yea the homeless looking guy sitting at home making twitch streams and youtube videos has to know a lot about sexual stuff

  • marsvin55

    Omg started to cry at 3:55 since i hear the tear in your voice. You are just so passionate about the games you enjoy Zack and like so many people we have really loved this gaming company. Its so strong of you to show this vounrability and youre an amazing person. (Sorry for my bad grammar) Hugs from Sweden!

  • Dr. Hibbs
    Dr. Hibbs

    We have crossed swords many times over what feels like almost two decades. Now though- same team, same faction. #WoWvetsStandToo

  • Mynamejacob

    It's interesting to see here how you can be so calm and say the same thing? I want to know why? As in if the same point was brought up and made on your channel, in the same seriousness, there would be a lot of anger behind it, where as here it's more rational and thought-out, and I wonder why that is? To video games fire us up or is it just because you obviously need to get viewers and the channel engaged? This probably isn't specific to you, but I still am genuinely curious why that happens?

  • Frontbattles

    I love how papa Jeff just left right before it all went down! xD

  • Saga Rah
    Saga Rah

    Since “social media” became public more and more of these “top” companies are turning out to be rich frat boi farms

  • Kasyoi

    all these people saying they're quitting wow, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure lol

  • Powcakes

    Well, Brack is stepping down as of 2 hours ago. About time.

  • Mattia

    and then you also have me getting banned for getting a glitch i could do nothing about at the end of bfa.... gotta love blizzard support leaving me in the dirt after playing for years and then having some dude who cant keep his hands to himself go trough my account and removing all my mounts achievments etc. just open your eyes people this company doesn't care about you at all and if you're not a youtuber or streamer with thousands of followers then you are fucked once you get banned for nothing.

  • Just_Wess HD
    Just_Wess HD

    Lads, this is Zack. Not Asmon

  • Satan Sidehoe
    Satan Sidehoe

    Blizzard was good but this isnt the blizzard that it was. Maybe OG's still hang around but the best of them left long ago. Ya'll just crack addicted to the games they made 17 years much so you ask for remasters xD

  • thekkadvance

    You know what? These videos are way better than the stream and main channel hot takes. Don't get me wrong, I get why you do them. Just know that these where you talk after gathering your thoughts are great ( even if its subject's like this that aren't pleasant). Stay safe and peace

  • stephen meinhold
    stephen meinhold

    sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour by the guys at the top and HR ignoring and even covering up misconduct is not a new thing its been going on in the industry from the start but it looks like it is being routed out and brought into the light which has got to be a good thing, people in positions of power have been getting away with this forever so it's great to hear that something is finally being done and the landscape is shifting in favour of the employes, not the managers. we don't want this kind of thing in the workplace and I urge anyone involved or who has witnessed this kind of bad behaviour to come forward and speak out.

  • Cameron JB
    Cameron JB

    I kinda want that beanie tho

  • Ninja seagull
    Ninja seagull

    i watch the whole 16 min and 42 second, just to see when his eyebrows moving!!, yes this is serious

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman

    get over it bro. you play the companies games, you don't work there. stfu and keep giving them your money and years of your life.

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman

    california's laws are garbage. wouldn't surprise me if it's a giant money grab by employees.

  • Steven M. Cunningham
    Steven M. Cunningham

    We The Audience need to take the stage & file a civil law suit. (-_-)

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