Doritos 3D | Flat Matthew Super Bowl LV
Who's ready for a little dimension? #Doritos #FlatMatthew

  • The Jew
    The Jew

    Flat as a circle.

  • half a breadstick
    half a breadstick

    I was yelling at the screen when he ate the Doritos in the vending machine but his fate was already sealed and there was nothing I could do but watch

  • Jay Reacts
    Jay Reacts

    Is this supposed to feel like the Sodalicious commercials from the 90s?

  • ANTIFA-GawdKilla

    these aint the 3D doritos I grew up with. they’re bugles. smhhh

  • Whitty half ballistic
    Whitty half ballistic

    You should of brought the bag outside and then eat it oh well he is flat so his brain would be smaller technically

  • Mr Fortnite
    Mr Fortnite

    Flat Stanley

  • Claudio Oliveira
    Claudio Oliveira

    Moral of the story : Freddie had a beautiful voice

  • Nate Pultorak Music
    Nate Pultorak Music

    While in the doritos machine: "Don't leave, Murph!!!"


    Disliked when I saw jimmy kimmel

  • Malakiyah Amari
    Malakiyah Amari

    I've been looking for them in stores but haven't seen them in any!!😡😡😡😩😩

  • Neck

    God is dead, and this ad is irrefutable proof

  • Austin Causey
    Austin Causey

    Could have gone without seeing moron kimmel

  • iambiglucas

    Matthew McConaughey doesn't pay for his Doritos.

  • LinguineLegs

    I got some of those and they are lit

  • Pink Polkadots
    Pink Polkadots

    I hate this ad, i hate this song, i hate matthew mcconaughey, i hate jimmy kimmel, i hate doritos. This commerical ruined everything for me.

    • Rick Grimes
      Rick Grimes


  • Johnson Patrick
    Johnson Patrick

    This is funny?

  • M

    This would’ve been on old spice level if kimmel didn’t have to ruin it

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce

    I’m eating 3D Doritos watching a 3D Doritos add...

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Well they came back anyone member this

  • itsalberto_real

    I wonder, if you eat regular duritos would turn flat?

  • itsalberto_real

    Hear that flat stanley, you can normal again if you 3d duritos

  • Univ_rse


  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas

    He got his start in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And now he is becoming leatherface for real

  • Der Deutsche-Scotsmen
    Der Deutsche-Scotsmen

    0:33 my exact reaction to any Jimmy Kimmel "jokes"

  • Gavin Resendiz
    Gavin Resendiz

    Great advertising

  • Mia Kye
    Mia Kye

    Lol I love how they leave the comments up

  • bpdubb

    I liked it until the point I saw jimmy kimmel. Than I had to give a thumbs down.

  • Ya boi Axen
    Ya boi Axen

    Listen: why would he eat it in the vending machine?

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Dumb, the chips are *only* spicy flavored. So if you don’t like spicy food, then you can’t try the 3D chips

  • Blake Larpenter
    Blake Larpenter


  • Fisherman In A Box
    Fisherman In A Box

    Boy, do they hate the “biblical description” of Heaven & Earth. You’re correct, Flat Matt: it’s flat.

  • advid01

    I’m sorry, is that not the same product back in the 90’s that were shit and got cut from production?

  • BloxxWhops


  • BackYardBurgers

    Didn’t they have this before?

  • drift lightning
    drift lightning

    #flatmathew Representing us skinny boys when the wind is there #skinnyboys

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean

    No woke Doritos

  • Purple

    *do not attempt if you are a 3D person* Me, a 2D person: >:)

  • Ahsan Sajid
    Ahsan Sajid

    Just had to bring in a woke talk show host

  • Ducc

    Paper Mario with Rtx on

  • Rainboweegee

    This is the most disturbing ad I’ve ever seen

  • monterrey223

    I'm not high enough for this shit

  • Buckeye Phillips
    Buckeye Phillips

    Now bring back the regular nacho cheese and cool ranch in 3D and make all of us 40 year olds happy again.

  • sjtv

    Doritos spent 12 million dollars on this schizophrenic fever dream of a commercial.

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    Reminds me of "The Mask" where Jim Carry says "Look Ma, I'm Roadkill!"

  • Meme Cereal
    Meme Cereal

    What if the vending machine was smaller

  • Tim G
    Tim G

    I used to love hanging out with Matt, but he started smoking pot and now he's all... deflated...... #truth

  • notjesua

    I’ve purposefully watched this around 26 times this man is something

  • Justin Marshall Elias
    Justin Marshall Elias

    He actually died in that vending machine. This is a really avant-garde documentary.

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      A refreshing departure from woke ads.

  • lakshmivallabh


  • jotika singh
    jotika singh


  • camilo quintal123
    camilo quintal123

    I tried doritos 3d and there ok

  • ego_17

    don't B flat, B natural

  • Jaden Kipp
    Jaden Kipp

    Queen fans are typing.......

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    We have come full circle and now the early 2000s will play on repeat!

  • Matthew The Gaming Werewolf
    Matthew The Gaming Werewolf

    Thank God Doritos I love you so much you’re bringing back The Doritos 3-D like when I first tasted the read those original it was like cuts to my mouth and Doritos 3-D fix the problem it’s just like puffy and crunchier


    Russ Coleman got it rough

  • MineSteve


  • Miguel miranda
    Miguel miranda

    That song in the vending machine i want to break free!!!

  • Puupert


  • Dan Fennessey
    Dan Fennessey

    That's brilliant.

  • Nicholas M.
    Nicholas M.

    I thought this was a prescription drug commercial at first

  • L McC
    L McC

    A refreshing departure from woke ads.

  • DB choobie
    DB choobie

    0:30 How about another joke jimmayyy?

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    Reminds me of "The Mask" where Jim Carry says "Look Ma, I'm Roadkill!"

  • JJ 45
    JJ 45

    I don’t eat Doritos because I get paid to


    I’ll be honest I’ve tried the chili nacho cheese 3D and I think they hyped it up too much cause literally it tasted like a bugle

  • Jeff Nameis
    Jeff Nameis

    Dallas buyers club 2?

  • Jonah Gervais
    Jonah Gervais

    This is how life turned out when he found brand

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      Prop Hunt be like: 0:14

  • YeJisoo

    To those who wanted to be 2d. *This Ad*

  • GX Jackson English
    GX Jackson English


  • Pat Shoren
    Pat Shoren

    Aint no way Mathew eatin Doritos

  • Five Nights At Plushies
    Five Nights At Plushies

    Game theory gonna be all up on this

  • fireballtp

    After seeing this commercial, my wife bought me Wheat Thins.

  • Ganon

    This is a good ad

  • Tom Lucitor
    Tom Lucitor


  • Alex E
    Alex E

    Ok, that’s a good ad

  • caeviyon

    This would make a good movie, I would watch it

  • James Hubacher
    James Hubacher

  • Norton's Tiddies
    Norton's Tiddies

    I'm so uncomfortable

  • Gunner Booth
    Gunner Booth

    So are these basically Doritos puffs or are they something else entirely?

  • Raquel NT
    Raquel NT

    Prop Hunt be like: 0:14

  • Burger- Fortnite
    Burger- Fortnite

    I always wondered what happened to Mike tv after he was flattened now I know

  • TheChosen

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  • Jack Adogoff
    Jack Adogoff

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  • cam tu Dang
    cam tu Dang

    0:51 GOD KNOW IM _ _ _ _ _ (the word is stuck) GOD KNOWS IM STUCK

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    When u get tired of anti white propaganda

  • Leo the Editor
    Leo the Editor

    I remember having these in Mexico they were bomb-ass shit I'm glad they're bringing them back for a bit

  • Gong GongTheSecond
    Gong GongTheSecond

    this is hilarious

  • Like Sample
    Like Sample

    Where's all the celebrities? The Rock commercial and now Mathews.

  • null x
    null x

    I've legit still yet to see any fuckin 3D doritos and I'm pissed about it

  • Frank Carsone
    Frank Carsone

    Glorified Bugles. 🙄

  • transforming2013

    He looks like he would stink

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      How Twitter expects drawings to be when they say “where are her organs”


    Ugh LSD is a trip

  • well here we go again
    well here we go again

    Therapist: "Flat Matthew isn't real. He can't hurt you." Flat Matthew:

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      They are not the same!! Such a disappointment! And an insult to peoples memory..

  • NobCogSci

    Flat Stanley

    • Local Cheems
      Local Cheems


  • Budd631

    Flathew. Missed an opportunity there.

    • Local Cheems
      Local Cheems

      no flat Stanley

  • Fancy Turtle
    Fancy Turtle

    I don’t know why but this is my favorite I’ve ever saw

    • Fancy Turtle
      Fancy Turtle

      My favorite ad I’ve ever saw*

  • MaxedGamer

    Before this: Matthew ate a 2d Doritos and became flat.

  • Arturo's Kingdom World
    Arturo's Kingdom World


  • Mark Wenz
    Mark Wenz

    So glad Doritos brought back the 3D...for a tasty treat, nibble one corner of the chip then squirt in some of that cheese whiz stuff...I invented this treat back in the mid 1990's. It's delicious! And really the only way to eat and enjoy a 3D chip...Imo. Try it! You'll like/love it!!!

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide