She is Miley Cyrus (Documentary Film)
She is Miley Cyrus: a fan-made life story about Miley Cyrus -a philanthropist, singer, songwriter, actress and probably anything else you can imagine. "She is Miley Cyrus" is the name of a scrapped musical project by Miley but the title felt very fitting *a poet* Sit back & enjoy.
I own none of the videos or music, all rights to the people who deserve rights! woo.
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  • Roberta Smart
    Roberta Smart

    I adore Miley. I'm 52. She's my idol.

  • Harriet Sadleir
    Harriet Sadleir

    Did she do drugs on the road when her mum was there?

  • Branden Watson
    Branden Watson

    Dammmmnnn get em haters love Miley

  • Amber&Austin Carman
    Amber&Austin Carman

    8:42 I loved her "OH MY GOSH, I'M SO EXCITED! AHHH!!!!"

  • Andrew Patti
    Andrew Patti

    What an amazing documentary. A great representation of her public life and career. So well done.

  • Sophie Addams
    Sophie Addams

    woody allen and feminism...

  • Deborah Campbell
    Deborah Campbell

    I always thought you were a brat until I took the time to educate myself and watch this Mad respect lady My favorite song is the one with stevie nix nailed it! What a great roll model for the human race thank you

  • Bette Lovelace
    Bette Lovelace

    Fantastic 👏👏👏👏never change💜💜💜💜

  • Jae

    Can't stop is one of my all time faves.

  • Niker Boker
    Niker Boker

    Do and be whoever the fuck you want!

  • Niker Boker
    Niker Boker

    Coming from a 50 year old mom, Miley you are amazing. I don’t think you did anything wrong other than changing your brand from Disney to Miley Cyrus. I love you and everything about you you are an amazing woman You are an absolutely amazing singer, and I think you rock at acting. I hope to see you for many years to come if I was your parent I would be extremely proud of you! Shame on all those men trying to shame you for being a woman and trying to express your self and separate yourself from Disney. You’re right you’re not Hannah Montana you are Miley Cyrus!When guys do this shit nobody says anything! If a woman does it she’s a whore and a slut. Shame on them shame shame shame! Miley is paving the way for herself and future women my daughter being one of them.

  • PranaGirl AmericanHoney
    PranaGirl AmericanHoney

    Firm but kind

  • Emily H.
    Emily H.

    Miley’s Bangerz album helped me get through my first heartbreak senior year of high school

  • Wahyudiz Ihsan
    Wahyudiz Ihsan

    Miley Cyrus look face antagonist but charming n beautiful ❤️

  • Marilyn Kate van Drachenberg
    Marilyn Kate van Drachenberg

    The best Man Liam Hemsworth 😜

  • cassidy frank
    cassidy frank

    such a fucking queen. and so underrated

  • day Z
    day Z

    20:08 what music video is this from? does anyone know 😭

    • Erica Buehler
      Erica Buehler

      it was the commercial announcing miley performing for the 2013 vmas!

  • Sergey Smirnov
    Sergey Smirnov


  • Marana Blake
    Marana Blake

    Love her

  • Samantha

    Now as a adult I get why my mom's would trip when she was always like on turn this shit off hillbilly trash no talent please don't no she would get so mad I totally get it now shaking my head I hope she can get good people around her to elevator her she will always be a house hold name

  • Shane Pierce
    Shane Pierce

    Is that billie ray cyrus thats with taylor swift

  • Kaitlyn Allen
    Kaitlyn Allen

    You did such an amazing job putting together and editing this documentary! This is amazing quality! Shout out to you and whoever helped you.

  • Kim Johnson
    Kim Johnson

    This lady can SING! Damn. Most, if not all, of this family are gifted musicians... incredibly gifted! That being said... just perform. You don’t get to tell others how to ‘be’. I’ve got 20 years on the streets, working with the homeless and newly released prisoners. I didn’t come in like a wrecking ball. I don’t have a tour bus nor get to choose what I stand for. I take care of the day to day; food, shelter, safety. My peeps are good. Miley... just sing. Your voice is definitely a gift!

  • Gene Sides
    Gene Sides

    She the one nobody can take that away from her!!! God bless you MILEY

  • Mike Lynge
    Mike Lynge

    She would be perfect for Xanadu reboot

  • no1nestandsalone

    I remember that vanity fair thing and I didn’t see the issue. Why is was a scandal! I thought she looked great!

  • no1nestandsalone

    I’ve always loved her.. and honestly regret missing her Hannah Montana tour. My dad asked me if I wanted tickets! Ugh! 😂

  • Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman
    Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman

    good job this is best fan made doco i have seen yet. Miley is ruling the world now been supporting miley since 2006 and i hope one day i will see her live in concert. she is basically saying be yourself dont worry what other people say about you.

  • jean-francois ouellette
    jean-francois ouellette

    wow You are amazing !!! Please help Paris Hilton to become just a litle bit human like you !!!

  • Lolesio Hamala
    Lolesio Hamala

    The evolution of Miley.

  • Maria Van Der Plaats
    Maria Van Der Plaats

    Unfortentely they turned her in A NEW MADONNA, history repeats....she is a unic person like she is! BE YOU MILEY

  • Maria Van Der Plaats
    Maria Van Der Plaats

    No matter what they say about her; SHE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST!!!! Lots of love from Holland! XXX

  • Angelina Sorokina
    Angelina Sorokina

    I have a new idol now And it’s not Miley It’s you - the author!!!!!

    • Erica Buehler
      Erica Buehler

  • Sharon Pearson
    Sharon Pearson

    Is she an indigo?

  • Sharon Pearson
    Sharon Pearson

    So inspiring..I'm grounded. I wish I was as wise at her age.

  • sAcrEd666 _
    sAcrEd666 _

    3:12 miley 2021 Also. This dog is awesome. Those looks of extreme judgement, I thought only my cat 🐈 was capable of that level


    I love everything about them, grew up w Billy Rae, love how they're family oriented, but to charge , or except $3000 for a ticket changes the way I think about them.

    • Neepa Foster
      Neepa Foster

      I won’t pretend to know how this works but I have an inkling that Disney and their affiliates were in charge of ticket sales

  • Phoebe Lou
    Phoebe Lou

    Very well done! You could sell this! :)

  • Maria Diveris
    Maria Diveris

    This is awesome!!!

  • K8 M
    K8 M

    This whole video all Im thinking and waiting for is... Do...say it...say wreckingball...bring it up, bring up wrecking ball.. Will it happen..will update when I finish video.... OHHH SHITTT- it happened. Chefs kiss

  • The Accidental Bruja
    The Accidental Bruja

    Great editing! If I were her mum, I'd be very proud of her. Miley is such a lovely human. She embodies Christ's word (if you're religious), and if you're an atheist, she truly is all forms of LOVE. Her empathy and drive to help is altruistic and much needed in these times. And, with regard to how she lives her life... Miley says, "This is me. Like it, or get the fuck out!" And, as a 52 year old that uses that motto now, I only wish I had done it at the age Miley did. How freeing to live your authentic self, a life without regret. She has the life I totally wish I had. I am envious, but in a good way. Lol

  • MandyJean

    I love Miley Cyrus

  • Simone Hinton
    Simone Hinton


  • Teodora Pavlova
    Teodora Pavlova

    This was way better than a real documentary .. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Janice

    Excellent! I saw a bunch of stuff I have never seen. Thanks

  • bellamily

    I love this woman. I have loved her every since that first Hannah Montana episode. I find her absolutely amazing. Incredibly talented. So charismatic.

  • Jessi Bucks
    Jessi Bucks

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  • Melissa Rose
    Melissa Rose

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  • Rochelle Kaercher
    Rochelle Kaercher

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  • sammy d
    sammy d

    such a good singer

  • Michael J Masseri
    Michael J Masseri

    I admire her so much he is so beautiful I always heard terrible things about her like she was with that luciferian s*** that goes on in Hollywood and the music industry and she has sold her soul and I always thought oh my God that's terrible. Yesterday's the first day I I never checked her out like look for one of her songs to see her and I was brought to tears to see how beautiful the person she is because it comes out every time. I can't say it did with that pop music stuff she was doing where they made her a sex symbol. But I believe she changed her Direction I truly believe the spirit of the Lord is with her. She does not seem egotistical. Don't get me wrong she is drop dead gorgeous and she knows it but she's and she should. She is a performer so she needs to be confident. Oh my God I am so impressed by her and I've never ever ever ever respected any of these female artists out there. But this girl I will fight for if anyone says that stuff about her.

  • Mercedes Quintana
    Mercedes Quintana

    this is a masterpiece!!! so well edited!! perfectly done props to the editor this is fantastic!

  • k a t h r i n
    k a t h r i n

    waittt this is not a real documentary didn’t realize that until now lol

  • Alexandria A
    Alexandria A

    Been her fan since 08 and love her still. 23 now and feel like ive grown up with her. All of these songs bring me back to a time ❤️❤️

  • Eve Montreal
    Eve Montreal

    She’s is simply amazing, authentic and real! 🙌❤️❤️🙌

  • Alen Ferguson
    Alen Ferguson

    She’s so beautiful with no makeup

  • Paul Mari
    Paul Mari

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  • writer4peace

    Awesome job ... This is obviously a labor of love & respect. Cool. And thanks!!!

  • Jenny Choate
    Jenny Choate

    “Am i gonna be Miley or Hannah today cause I don’t wanna put on the wig” she’s literally me if I had the confidence to sing in front of anyone but I didn’t still don’t

  • Demiana Elecia
    Demiana Elecia

    love her, so genuine

  • susan b.
    susan b.

    Billy Idol likes her, I like her.

  • Harmonie Williams
    Harmonie Williams

    this gave me chills and had me choked up almost the entire time 😭😭🥺😍 love miley

  • Amber Sveinbjornson
    Amber Sveinbjornson

    I’ve loved this woman since her Hannah Montana days. She is such an amazing role model for young girls and our generation as a whole.

  • Geiny

    I grew up with Hannah Montana and man that felt good to watch 😢😌💖💖

  • david flegle
    david flegle

    Davidflegle with you heremiley

  • david flegle
    david flegle


  • {Caramel Sunkissed Vibes}
    {Caramel Sunkissed Vibes}

    I don't fucking care what people think or say about Miley, During the Bangerz era everyone wanted her to be that "good girl" and calm down a bit. Everyone said "I miss the old miley" and when she did calm down no one gave a fuck. But it's ok she is my biggest inspiration. I love Miley Cyrus soo much, No one is bad, the society is

  • Never sleep again
    Never sleep again

  • Never sleep again
    Never sleep again

  • sofiaaa a
    sofiaaa a

    *smiles and goes grab her happy hippie t-shirt*

  • Jory Tinker
    Jory Tinker

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  • Krista Mabley
    Krista Mabley

    Even if her dad wasn't famous. She would be famous.

  • Linda Ratchford
    Linda Ratchford

    The smooth birthday lilly mug because brush thoracically search throughout a silly self. roasted, giddy postbox

  • Aaron Byrt
    Aaron Byrt

    I would like to see Miley work with Sia, Lana Del Rey, and Meg Myers as a quadro for a full album. I'm just closing my eyes on that wish and shaking the bottle, can't even imagine the amazing shit they'd put out together, but I bet...

    • Tita Yo
      Tita Yo

      she has a song with Lana already

  • קישור יעקב
    קישור יעקב

    Selling out equates to doing and endorsing immoral things, and justifying it by stating the publicity means dollars. To many in the industry become puppets of the Left, abandoning themselves, and their Creator to be in the good graces of the business. Sadly, it's the same story for so many artists; Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc. They go in one way, and a few years later, there in rehab, endorsing homosexuality/participating in/singing about homosexuality, going to Satanists for mentoring, becoming more sexual, perverse, Liberal, and atheist. Till the day they breakdown, and try to find themselves again. Respectfully, if one has talent, they don't have to be perverse! Clearly, Miley is very talented! But, this seems to be the ticket to fame in the business. Do as they will, or they spit you out. Many of them admit, "They sold their soul for fame". How many of them are not on drugs, medical or otherwise? Not seeing a shrink? Not suffering from loneliness and a sense of loss? It will be interesting to see where Mileys at in 20 years. Hopefully still alive.

  • Kirstin Frosheiser
    Kirstin Frosheiser

    Great doc, I think she's a great person, very dimensional. And she got to work with Mark Ronson who I actually want to marry. That'll never happen lol.

  • lynn ramadan
    lynn ramadan

    Can she have a Netflix documentary ? Please and thank you 💙

  • sam

    the fact that this is fan made is insane.... the TALENT first of all!!!! second of all... where is the miley netflix documentary????

    • JET JET
      JET JET

      @Erica Buehler if it had closed captions, it would be even nicer

    • Kaitlin Shannon
      Kaitlin Shannon

      @Erica Buehler how long did it take you to make this?

    • Erica Buehler
      Erica Buehler

      glad you liked it!! I wish Miley had an official documentary made :') that was my inspiration to make this!

  • Danicka John
    Danicka John

    im really happy that she found her self and is truly happy

  • EROC

    hey, im from Philippines !

  • AttyDara

    Im waiting for miley in youtube originals

  • Apple Joy Sadagnot
    Apple Joy Sadagnot


  • David Wang
    David Wang

    When Miley out-Dollied Dolly on the song "Jolene", she won my heart forever.

  • James Rhodes
    James Rhodes

    Miley sings to millions of fans and makes them all feel like a best friend.

    • Tammy Sudol
      Tammy Sudol

      they're are thoes that truly Do Knowher like that!!!

    • Tammy Sudol
      Tammy Sudol


  • Erica Wray
    Erica Wray

    Bangerz was a weird time in my life of drinking frequently. A back n forth relationship in the midst of figuring out my sexuality. So some of these songs for me take me back to either fun or cringed moments. There's is no in between 😅

  • Catherine Delacy
    Catherine Delacy

    Eeww woody Allan

  • Annette Cole
    Annette Cole

    Good morning

  • Kalliope

    i loved her at every Step of her way

  • Ain'tGot NoName
    Ain'tGot NoName

    Wow!!!! Omg. Inspiring, my love of miley is totally renewed. Thank you. This is F-+KING GREAT!!!

  • maria cortez
    maria cortez

    She's a grown woman now. 😎😁💕 Back then, she was just being Miley. Always stayed true to herself. 100%

  • Smile Denni
    Smile Denni

    I think ppl forget that this is in fact the stages of growing up, we all go through our innocent years, rebellious years, party years, we find our voice & stop caring what ppl think, then we just choose to be good & do what makes us happy, every year we are changing no one stays the same. She just had to do it publicly.

  • Jessica Highland
    Jessica Highland

    Nothing breaks like a heart is my absolute favorite!

  • Flower Uruguay #FlowerUruguayYT
    Flower Uruguay #FlowerUruguayYT

    Country Miley & Rock Miley are her best versions in my opinion ♥️

  • Flower Uruguay #FlowerUruguayYT
    Flower Uruguay #FlowerUruguayYT

    Love how “The Climb” is always relevant 🙌🏻 a true classic

  • caryn martin
    caryn martin

    43:22 starring Woody Allen???? Wait what??? Nooooo!!!! Oh Miley, you had no idea back then, did you!?

  • Misty Maxwell
    Misty Maxwell

    Can't stand her! I also hate her voice!!!!!

  • Janet Fernandez
    Janet Fernandez

    Outstanding!!! A WOW DOCUMENTARY!!! You are an extraordinary woman, with every thing you been through and your passion is very inspirational 😍🥰 I love how there are many different versions of your self because each versions is a way for someone to be able to relate 🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗 totally love your love🥰😍🥰😍for all the living 🐒🦍🦧🐕🐺🦊🦝🐈🦁🐯🐅🐆🐎🦓🦌🦬🐂🐄🐖🐏🐐🐫🦒🐘🦏🦛🐁🐇🐿🦫🦔🦇🐻🐨🐻‍❄️🐼🦥🦦🦨🦘🦡🦃🐓🐔🐣🐦🐧🕊🦅🦆🦢🦉🦤🦩🦚🦜🐸🐊🐢🦎🐍🐋🐬🦭🐟🐜🐝🐙🐌🦋🐛🐝🐞🐜🦂🪱💐🌹🌺🌻⚘🌲🌳🌴🌵🌿 KEEP STRIVING TO BE A EVEN BETTER YOU AND ROLE MODEL STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗MUCH LOVE ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ AGREE Haters will always hate The hell with them you are better than them 🤩🤩🤩🤩❣❣❣❣

  • Zoey Haskell
    Zoey Haskell

    I prefer Miley's music now than I did as Hannah Montana lol Still don't care for her dad's music

  • Lauren Thomas
    Lauren Thomas

    This made me way more emotional than I thought it would 😭

  • Sandra

    Hi I am a french student who wanted to understand who's Miley Cyrus to know If she has an influence in pop music. So I find your documentary very powerful, I realized through these images how strong Miley was, in the face of everything she went through in her life, she always managed to get up. I admire her, she's an icon. I think she has really changed the music industry in positive, nobody deserves to be shamed, hope the person who will see my comment have a wonderfull life, love u 🤍

    • Sandra

      Oh yes I apologize also if I made some mistakes, I still have some small spelling problems haha