Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!
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I've wanted to talk about Hazbin Hotel for AGES. FInally, I think I've cracked the big question of the show. How many souls does Charlie have to save to fix the problem in her fiery home? Theorists, Charlie means well but ultimately I think she is doomed to fail. Why? There are simply too many souls. Let's dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Jose Luis Sifuentes
    Jose Luis Sifuentes

    There is one problem MatPat. You see, in the episode of Helluva Boss, Cherub, the system on heaven is not what you think. Up there is like the high class and one of the Cherubs said that they see the demons as a filth. And maybe the headmasters at heaven will reject the sinners no matter how hard they try to redeem them.

  • Jose Luis Sifuentes
    Jose Luis Sifuentes

    Also, do a theory about heaven and it’s system of Helluva Boss.

  • Sweetz Warrior :3
    Sweetz Warrior :3

    Sane here I'm an alastor fan and meh favorite character in gravity falls is BILL and I know what ur thinking NO but yes he is really my favorite.

  • lala lala
    lala lala

    Yes soos

  • Myth Mask
    Myth Mask

    Favorite character? Bill Cipher, always.

  • Amos :]
    Amos :]

    PFFFFF- HA ha heh.....sorry.

  • Spacecrash

    The reason he uses those radios was becuase he died during the stock market crash

  • Eli thé best fighter
    Eli thé best fighter

    Bill Cipher

  • almamus

    I am a fan of griavty falls and my favorite is Bill cipher

  • Frosch

    15:56 the book wasn’t stolen “ it’s transactional F@&king you see” 😁 By the way my favourite GF character is grunkle Stan 😁

  • Inferno's Roze
    Inferno's Roze

    Imp... Immediate. Murder. Professionals.... Not Immediate Murder Patrol Sorry, I had to correct it

  • SIMSteven

    Hmmm... just getting around to watching this and something I'd like to point Matt to for further inspiration is Don't Starve. It's a wilderness survival game with a similar aesthetic that has a focus on creating wacky science machines that do crazy things. Oh, and there's also a vintage demon radio that is the root cause of all the problems of the characters you play as.

  • Cursed memes
    Cursed memes

    2:47 its the flying Dorito man

  • Liam Killerx
    Liam Killerx

    My favorite charicter is Bill chiper

  • Sleeping Servant
    Sleeping Servant

    But aren't heluva boss and hazbin hotel, in the same universe and not ours? Heluva boss contains many deaths. So....


    BELL cypher

  • Eben10

    watch the honey cast more abaut hazbin hotel is in it

  • Underlust Papyrus
    Underlust Papyrus

    ah yes, the immediate murder patrol working with the grimoire of a demon names solas, love me some heck of a boss

  • rreeves0710

    They went with Hellavaboss cause some sleez said "I know what they want, another haha edgeyeee comedy... Nobody likes heartfelt stuff. Men dont want musicals like My little pony" The people that cancelled Firefly strike again. They just don't understand (even though the hazbin pilot has more views than all the hellavaboss eps combined)

  • Barnabasr snags
    Barnabasr snags

    Radio demon: Pain and all the Bad stuff from world war 2


    13:23 but my dad is one of them

  • Dudobug045 9
    Dudobug045 9

    Yes soos

  • josef grotegut
    josef grotegut

    old man mcguckit or bill

  • cgautier721

    i LOVE gravity falls and my favorite character is bill

  • Henry During
    Henry During

    Nah bruh but ye bruh?

  • Balued

    I love how I root for the bad guys in helluva boss and their the main characters

  • Jacob Nordmeyer
    Jacob Nordmeyer


  • chip worden
    chip worden

    Bill cypher is my favorite!

  • Ur_cool 111
    Ur_cool 111

    *I had to turn my volume down so my mom couldn’t hear the vid*

  • Shabster

    I watch this all the time but I like charlie and angel more UwU

  • Bonsey Gaming
    Bonsey Gaming

    I would love a helluva boss theory not sure what not sure when (get it)

  • Debiboo

    You're just trying are you?

  • Dakota Lee
    Dakota Lee

    The seven Deadly Sins each have a prince and a game was made off of them and now people(including myself) simp for the character in the games. I knew about the princes since before Obey Me! because I was interested in the sins because of anime

  • Ghostermix

    ok, now do ENA

  • Omar Marbou
    Omar Marbou


  • Omar Marbou
    Omar Marbou


  • James Orlando
    James Orlando

    Bill cipher because he’s a chip

  • Yeeter

    It’s immediate murder PROFESSIONALS

  • the darkness inside Animations
    the darkness inside Animations

    me: sees this video me: wow, Mat Pat's going BOLD this is an 18+ show >w< I'm dying

  • Olyvia Mata
    Olyvia Mata

    so the global death rate thing said that for every 1000 people 7.546 people die.... how does 0.546 of a person die?

  • Maryluna Alcaraz
    Maryluna Alcaraz

    Gravity Falls Fan - Yes Favorite Character - Everybody stop lying It isn’t Dorito It isn’t Marbles ( yes that’s her name XD. ) It’s Waddles He’s the best

  • Focus

    well matt you would know al died in 1933 6 years before that song AND viv came up with alastor in high school before gravity falls was a thing do you think sinners would try to redeem themselves when they realize they can be redeem themselves and the I.M.P is not the immediate murder patrol it professionals its stolas not solas. you would've known that if you just did a google search

  • Nathan Montpetit
    Nathan Montpetit

    Do a theory on helluva boss pls PLS Matpat.

  • Zane Wilson
    Zane Wilson


  • Zvi Strazynski
    Zvi Strazynski

    Yes I am a huge gravity falls fan and did you know that Mark Hamill and Alfred Molina where in gravity falls as the shape shifter AKA "shifty" and multi bear

  • Kaitlyn Kowalski
    Kaitlyn Kowalski

    The owl house king as bill

  • Abyss Void Dragon
    Abyss Void Dragon

    Bill cipher

  • Igobot

    Ok bill cipher died and the demon he turned into is the radio demon and bill's real name is Alastor

  • Salad Fingers
    Salad Fingers

    I am in the same timeline as you said Bill cipher and the radio demon

  • Tully Chunbun
    Tully Chunbun

    They maybe will have to make a contract with Heaven to make redemption possible ... maybe with god I'm french so well , I had to be very focused to understand everything during this video 😂

  • Enkhbold

    2:47 you got me lol

  • You friendly YouTube watch Boo
    You friendly YouTube watch Boo

    What if he is bill

  • Buff Helpy
    Buff Helpy

    I like Mr Dorito( Bill Cipher)

  • Aditi Srivastava
    Aditi Srivastava

    My favourite character in Gravity Falls is Dipper

  • Kraken Studios
    Kraken Studios

    He forgot the lgbt people, thats gonna add a whole lot of people

  • D


  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby


  • Maverick Tenichi
    Maverick Tenichi

    @FilmTheorists (Dont know how to tag in YT) So, .I'll desire before hand. But TikTok gave me some Evidence. That the two Shows are not Parallel but one is a sequel and the other Prequel. During Helluva boss episode 4, while watching the opera. After the lady is crushed and the camera faces the audience. A member clearly resembling angel dust is seen in the audience. Implying angel dust is still currently a Human. Which, is the beginning of the theory, that something occurs in Helluva Boss that affects the rings/circles

    • Some random lad
      Some random lad

      It was confirmed on twitter that the "angel dust" cameo is one of the writers

  • Den Nis
    Den Nis


  • YellowBebo

    Yes iam a fan of gravity falls and bill is my favorite character (bill cipher not easter egg bill) and that is cuz he has the power of chaos.. if you know me then you should know this already but if you dont i have the power of chaos, what does it do? It allows me to do whatever i want.. literally just chaotically do whatever i want BUT what i do causes even more chaos, example: i summon an ice cream cone but this removes ice from my fridge and makes an air vacuum and from there a tornado is made destroying a hut in a desert that was abandoned.. and from there nature does its thing

  • 10.5cmKwk.L52 TigerII
    10.5cmKwk.L52 TigerII

    Has there been an "every show connected to gravity falls" episode? Svtfoe, rick and morty, amphibia, and owl house are what I've gathered so far

  • Emmerich king of snoms
    Emmerich king of snoms

    yes billl

  • Pack Rattus Computer
    Pack Rattus Computer

    Lol, I'm definitely one of those people going down under, lmao most of my friends agree, and honestly out of the group I say 2 or 3 may make it to heaven, and the rest down under plus me xD


    Is bill cipher alastor micraphone

  • Anson CHEN
    Anson CHEN

    bill cypher the flying for some alive urine flavour Dorito.

  • KrazyWhovian

    Is no one gonna talk about MatPat's "Immediate Murder Patrol" and "Solace"?

  • noshe neko16
    noshe neko16

    Fun Fact: Hazbin Hotel: The Pilot came out at my birthday (my birthday was on October 28th)

  • TheSilverPalace

    Is it just me or did Matt say he has CHEATED on in the past and not have BEEN cheated on in the past

  • Kisses Chan
    Kisses Chan

    Before I watched this video, I watched matpat's theory of aot. A few seconds in this video, matpat starts mentioning aot. A COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

  • Actually not creepy
    Actually not creepy


  • Jules Rules
    Jules Rules

    “This dark and VERY adult comedy was aired on-“ Child fans: imma stop you right there.

  • Beans On Butter
    Beans On Butter

    Next film theory video: Why is there no Hazbin Hotel Episode 2?

  • DOB Liming
    DOB Liming

    I doubt even a single sinner can get to heaven. In C.H.U.R.U.B even angels couldn’t go back to heaven after demon related incidents.

  • DOB Liming
    DOB Liming

    When I first saw this, I had only watched the pilot and most of Helluva Boss. Now I am so deep that I’ve looked at the wiki, read a bit of the comics watched all the music vids and have even watched pretty much Hunicast. Safe to say I’m a fan of the show.

  • Zettai

    OH NOES, NOT THIS SHOOOOWWWW edit: okay you made it better AGAIN

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    Why is he saying heck?

    • Some random lad
      Some random lad

      ISdowns's demonetization polices

  • Kat Cat wolf
    Kat Cat wolf

    His favorite character: Alastor (sorry if I spelled it wrong) My favorite character: Angel Dust Your favorite: Idk you tell me lol

  • Cy Poops
    Cy Poops

    I f****** love Gravity Falls also I love Mabel

  • Cy Poops
    Cy Poops

    He knows hazbin Hotel

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    It looks like blitzo is there: 7:46

  • Erick Gonzales
    Erick Gonzales

    Gravity falls fan

  • Callum Emirali
    Callum Emirali

    Bill cipher and dipper

  • Bunny Baby
    Bunny Baby

    I really wish he would actually do some research for this show some day, like he does with literally any other show

    • Rodica Moraru
      Rodica Moraru

      I know i mean îs Incredebel how almost all that Mat Pat sad îs wrong.

  • Mila Londt
    Mila Londt

    Me: -sees Michael from 'the good place'- Also me: *i can finally die in peace*

  • Maksim Petrovski
    Maksim Petrovski

    I am a Gravity Falls fan

  • goblinwh0re420

    now to wait 90 years for the entire series to finish

  • Jack is Bored
    Jack is Bored

    Yes, Dipper Pines

  • Renan Rasim
    Renan Rasim

    İts 2021

  • Paige Spriggs
    Paige Spriggs

    You need to watch Helluva boss! There's stuff going down! I need a theory about the end of ep 5

  • Anthology Of Interest
    Anthology Of Interest

    "In 30 minutes alone the pilot has more content than other shows...(dry cough)". Shows Bing Bang Theory 😅😂🤣 That cracked me up because its TRUE. There is no character development in 12 seasons.(Maybe only Howard and Amy)

  • Michael Dudley
    Michael Dudley

    Definitely should do more theories on this show

  • dustinb42

    I think Allistor is empowered by both radio and podcasts.

  • Oceanglass9000. Watch
    Oceanglass9000. Watch

    I thought Charlie was working to prove it was possible then the whole place could get way more hotels.

  • Gameinations Yt
    Gameinations Yt

    Fun fact your not finished the video but your looking through the comments

  • Mama Yaw
    Mama Yaw

    the canadian joke only holds up if people don't know about all the fked up people from canada *cough* Luka Magnotta *coug*

  • Pogchamp cheems
    Pogchamp cheems

    Why are you talking about harbinger hotel!?!

  • Muffin Love
    Muffin Love

    I don't know if I like gravity falls I was young when it came out and I was scared of that show then. I am now an adult but never watched it.

  • Ebru Birgin
    Ebru Birgin

    Can some one call doomguy

  • Iestyn Skywalker
    Iestyn Skywalker

    My personal favourite gravity falls character is fiddleford/old man mcgucket

  • fallen angel
    fallen angel

    I pressumed he got his powers from all the negative energy on the internet A perfect infinite power source that won't be stopped by a few cat videos

    • Aura Moonlight
      Aura Moonlight

      @fallen angel I dunno, because he died at the time of the “Great Depression”? From what I’ve learned, it was a time where there is just full of sins. No wonder he’s so overpowered.

    • DOB Liming
      DOB Liming

      Because Alastor controls power that has never been seen before?

    • fallen angel
      fallen angel

      @DOB Liming how is she weaker than alastor

    • DOB Liming
      DOB Liming

      If you mean Alastor, then no. He died before the internet was even a thing. Velvet is the overlord of the internet.