Female Singers' Most Embarrassing Moments On Stage
These embarrassing moments are HILARIOUS!

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Today I watch a compilation of the most embarrassing and funny moments that female singers have had on stage. We get to see Ariana Grande accidentally hit two people in the face, Rihanna try on a bra thrown to her on stage and the classic Ciara kicking a fan in the face. There's even more epic fails from Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj & others!

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  • crazyshark_148

    Is Madonna swearing aw frick well um ye

  • Carla Mcdadd
    Carla Mcdadd


  • Elise Kim
    Elise Kim

    "I also drink my coffee with a straw,MMM"😂

  • Carine Roblox
    Carine Roblox

    can i just ask why female? I mean i dont know if you are but it sounds like your insulting woman and tryna bring em down

  • Sky Beckwith
    Sky Beckwith


    • Sky Beckwith
      Sky Beckwith

      Drink myself

  • Sky Beckwith
    Sky Beckwith

    It has been 7 years ago and I was 1

  • TTG

    How is Ariana the MOST FAMOUS GIRL IN THE WORLD lul

  • Matt Gaines
    Matt Gaines

    I love my life is me Brooks 🥰🥰

  • K Gamer
    K Gamer


  • Adrian Maselle
    Adrian Maselle

    That do with the White Dress is gay

  • Ze Human Bean
    Ze Human Bean

    can you do a male singer's most embarrassing moments next pls? I love your videos

  • Amelia Hornbeck
    Amelia Hornbeck

    You went to London

  • OatmealAreYouCrazy

    Welp this is why we love live performances, it’s always different than the album

  • seti alinacrospow
    seti alinacrospow

    roomie be like I'm good okay don't only like female singers me: don't worry roomie we love u

  • Tulip Kedia
    Tulip Kedia

    wait so taylors epic im not gonna jump at the vma's was not here

  • FANG

    No one: Ari hitting two ppl by accident: 👁👄👁 Me slapping u In the face while I’m sleeping: 😏💅✨

  • Richard Kroes
    Richard Kroes

    how do you do that? I wan't my jokes to be taken seriously man. but everytime i make a joke i get laught at.

  • Dhans Durgs
    Dhans Durgs

    Roomie why so cute

  • Fizzomi

    Bro if you wanted to see musical fails on stage, just watch live clips from rock bands in my chemical romance, one of the guitarists (frank iero) kicked the lead vocalist (gerard way) in the balls lmfaoo

  • drawingmaster

    wasn’t ahh it’s a bee ariana grande???

  • Conlon

    11:49 She might as well just be dancing at that point. I mean, why try to pretend when you're so bad at it?

  • Jack sucks at life
    Jack sucks at life

    Tbh I think Joel had a crush

  • Zyhanie Designora
    Zyhanie Designora

    This is so funny

  • xBedwar

    Imagine just saying that you weren’t to visit your friend jacksepticeye casually. Couldn’t be roomie

  • Micro. ps3d
    Micro. ps3d

    You SuRe you have a BrOtHer cuz you just edit your self bruh XD °•°

  • Aarya Deenoo
    Aarya Deenoo

    Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • misscorrine3

    Hi love your videos

  • Sheena Ireland
    Sheena Ireland

    Anyone watching this when Joel quit

  • kanyesigye carlos
    kanyesigye carlos

    lip sing

  • Kara Paine
    Kara Paine

    I was laughing at the title and I didn't even click on it until like 23 minuets later😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • friba isalou
    friba isalou

    5:03 if u listen u can hear daft punk

  • Michael Frazee
    Michael Frazee

    Man's really said "oof" 14:29

  • Swiftie IsMe
    Swiftie IsMe

    HoW dArE hE aCuSe TaYlOr SwIfT oF lIp SyNcInG!!!!! 😂

  • TheWar240_Confirmed

    That one kid that got hit with the mic

  • ᥴꫝoᥴo_XD

    “I have a twin brother” it’s clearly just Roomie being a funny boi XD

  • Mel

    4:43 It's the same when you drop the soap. It's over.

  • Huddie

    Why is it just female is roomie said it’s embarrassing is roomie sexist

  • Nugget

    The way Megan fell though hahahahaha I’m laughing because that’s how I fall

  • Selena Thompson
    Selena Thompson

    I would pass out if Ari slapped me lol

  • sameepa sadaham
    sameepa sadaham

    Imagine this guy as your music teacher..

  • Graceful◇Grace

    1:24 WOAHHH

  • Stupefy!

    Why does Pia Mia sound like Ariana Grande as Cat and her regular voice >:(

  • Murshida Najnin
    Murshida Najnin


  • Sofia Jimenez
    Sofia Jimenez

    Wow how did she manage to hit two people in one concert 🤔🤔🤔😀😀

  • Koen Joosten
    Koen Joosten

    Pls tour in the Netherlands

  • Jasmine S
    Jasmine S

    i couldn't see when Jenifer Lopez split her pants

  • les fede
    les fede

    6:38 holy shit i thought that dancer just groped her 😂

  • Gabriela Dias
    Gabriela Dias

    No one: Roomie:”EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH” “Ariana Grande, probably the most popular girl on earth, just lied down on you, and BY ACCIDENT not on purpose! AND YOU LOOK LIKE SOMEONE *JUST STABBED YOUR MOM*

  • Piper Avoles
    Piper Avoles

    Is it just me or does his hat match his eyes

  • Firas Chourabi
    Firas Chourabi

    2:37 why does she sounds like cat valentine here ? :3

  • swati agrawal
    swati agrawal

    Plot twist - All the crazy stuffs that his twin does is actually him,and these reactions is his twin brother 😏

  • khsmom01


  • swaggy vamp
    swaggy vamp

    Fergie once peed her self onstage

  • ⚠︎︎ ITS CAT ⚠︎︎
    ⚠︎︎ ITS CAT ⚠︎︎

    Joel: “it’s my twin brother” Joel’s TWIN: I M not real I don’t do nothing this is youoooooooooo there ain’t no mole! Joel:………. Joel agian: I am not embarrassingly embarrassing 🙈 you are! Me: this is not funn why would I make this comment 😳

  • Murshida Mary
    Murshida Mary


  • Emil Zanton
    Emil Zanton

    What. Jag viste inte att du hade varit med på fångarna på fortet

  • Ashpl4yz

    Harry does fall , a lot on stage and he likes women of a certain a-a-age (yo peace) we were once five but now we're four-or-or

  • Kylie Gender
    Kylie Gender

    I love Adele so much

  • Jwp Hochstenbach
    Jwp Hochstenbach

    No fiemel

  • unknownbiscache 69
    unknownbiscache 69

    Ngl i thought what they meant by Rihanna was surprised is that she was startled by that woman shouting...

  • PepperKitty

    It’s so sexist to single out females but still really funny

  • Meli

    Madonna being pissed about people complaining that she is late shows how much of a child she really is. They have the right to be pissed that she's late. You are paying for that concert after all. The most basic thing you should be able to expect from it is a decent performance and your idol showing up on time.

  • Crystal

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who drinks coffee with a straw. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Abisoye Sokefun
    Abisoye Sokefun


  • Paloma Almuhammadawy
    Paloma Almuhammadawy

    Oh yeah that's why she

  • Paloma Almuhammadawy
    Paloma Almuhammadawy

    Ariana grande couldn't stop laughing because she sit and the man that was like just like surprised they're looking at her because she sit on him and then she couldn't stop laughing I think she I think she did have to like in the show she would have to like like the man was like laying down that way and then she like down on him

  • Luis Galarza
    Luis Galarza

    That one guy who looked made at Ariana grande after she hit him had the exact same look of anger that John wick had after his dog was killed

  • China McRich
    China McRich

    i have a twin brother and you can tell we’re twins because i have a mole next to my nose like my mom and he has freckles like nobody and i’m a girl

  • Timothy’s How to
    Timothy’s How to

    Katey perry “drop the mic”

  • Sammy Taylor
    Sammy Taylor

    Aahhhh there’s a bee!! Heyyyyyt

  • Karim Harris
    Karim Harris

    Love how you talk trash about Nicki Minaj music but your music is horrible

  • Kelley

    That lady was way less calm about the bee than I would bee (pun intended). I loathe bees and anything that can sting. I don't know why, I'm not allergic or anything. Also, I know I'm not the first and I won't be the last, your accent is awesome. Seem like a cool cat!

  • Monkey Girl
    Monkey Girl

    Um I like The Weeknd

    • Nila Cookie
      Nila Cookie

      Me to

  • BM Music
    BM Music

    Other embarrassing moments that I know : - Katy perry is caught revealing pretending to sing at the flute then she proves she cannot do the flute - Adele forgets the words in Send My Love and curses about it 😂😂😂😂😂 - Beyoncé sings but then her hair gets caught into an air van (IDK how its actually called lol) - Justin Bieber ate and then went on stage : he vomited on stage (that's not funny for him though)

  • Dimple Lou
    Dimple Lou


  • N Pats
    N Pats

    Your comments about the dancer in the Ariana video nearly killed me from laughing so hard. Thanks dude 😂

  • Elizabeth Roskamp
    Elizabeth Roskamp

    i dont understand why they are always mean to girl i am a girl

  • Yanna

    Joel: he lookes like some1 just...stabbed his mom...ore somthing.. Me: ...

  • Miah Karim
    Miah Karim

    Jag är glad att du kan svenska. Så jag kan skriva på svenska hehe😅😂

  • dinkypoo92mkm

    This was good

  • Pushan Devi
    Pushan Devi

    5:40 BTS

  • Ethan Cho
    Ethan Cho

    Roomie you dont have a twin

  • Forgotten

    Katy Perry didn't just drop her mic, she friggin bitch slapped that thing off of the stage

  • Rock On!
    Rock On!

    Embarrassing to watch, I wish they had some talent.

  • Teyn Bequio
    Teyn Bequio

  • Lexie Mikaelson
    Lexie Mikaelson

    ariana smacked him in the face thats why he made that face

  • Kymmberliestarr

    I think Adele is hilarious and I love that she has 0 issues stopping the show and starting over. Most people would be embarrassed but Adele owns it and makes it funny which kinda takes away from anyone in the press making a big deal about it as well. Kinda brilliant.

  • Toki Warheart
    Toki Warheart

    Why do you mimic pewdipie voice? I swear your doing it on purpose because it fails as you react but I know you are trying to sound like him. You even try to copy his editing style. Poor pewdipie.

  • ChiliOnLine

    you need more songs to tour

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  • Mermaid Person
    Mermaid Person

    I’m scared of bees to

  • Saad Saud
    Saad Saud

    6:50 the remembering his wife is going to kill her

  • Jenna2009

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  • Z and F Productions
    Z and F Productions

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  • Michaeljacksonfan Heehee
    Michaeljacksonfan Heehee

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  • The beast
    The beast

    Yo when you went eh ah it broke me

  • Don’t mind me
    Don’t mind me

    Adele is probably the most likeable artist out there, both in terms of music as well as personality

  • Emilio Is Kingen10
    Emilio Is Kingen10

    Roomie: i would never fall on tv Then roomie on swedish tv : ooOOO!!