Weekend League highlights on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with an entire squad of WINGERS! Can we get TOP 100?

Featuring TOTS Silas, Vazquez, Kostic and Many More...

What team should I use this weekend?

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My previous uploads have included:
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Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
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Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc

  • Harry Hesketh
    Harry Hesketh

    If you skip to the gameplay, it was recorded before Silas came out and explained his situation - just couldn’t exactly throw away the whole upload hahahah - SILAS SZN.

    • Enrico Lambert
      Enrico Lambert

      @Lambo Z Lengman how are you doing

    • Lambo Z Lengman
      Lambo Z Lengman

      Harry do Low Low attacking and defensive work rate

    • Enrico Lambert
      Enrico Lambert

      @LGN PSYCHO hi

    • Enrico Lambert
      Enrico Lambert

      @Angad Sohi hi

    • Enrico Lambert
      Enrico Lambert

      @Mr Adventure hi

  • Hamza Yaqub
    Hamza Yaqub

    15:21 "omg whats fonzie doing there" cracked me up

  • Andrew Hunter
    Andrew Hunter

    Do a Middlesbrough past and present please

  • Eivydas Marciukaitis
    Eivydas Marciukaitis

    Can you use all icons with lowest pace?

  • Sam Watts
    Sam Watts


  • Sean V
    Sean V

    For Danny 💙 R.I.P

  • Khalid Agboola
    Khalid Agboola


  • Seba González
    Seba González

    11:23 How does he finsh like this?

  • Ryan Rothman
    Ryan Rothman

    Truly how are you not entertained with this video Tell me

  • EllieS 140704
    EllieS 140704

    Do a team of players with the highest long shots and you can only shoot outside the box

  • Raef Daou
    Raef Daou

    It's amazing how this man is still carrying fifa on his back

  • Ays Perez
    Ays Perez

    No cucurella?

  • Kaleb Krupp
    Kaleb Krupp

    30 and 0? not what I seen

  • rafael castro
    rafael castro

    Ahahahaha 19:23 vamu caralho

  • CoachLarry

    This guy can get a better record than I could in a lifetime using a full fucking Swansea team

  • onPavel

    4:46 Hmmm, Curtis Jones scoring outside the box with his right in the top corner. Wait a second, this reminds me of...

  • Mika van Oord
    Mika van Oord

    RM makelele: “am I a joke to you?”

    • OctoMystic

      He literally said he’s not using icons

  • Lambo Z Lengman
    Lambo Z Lengman

    Low low

  • Lafa

    Legend that was awesome to watch

  • ChrisD. Greece
    ChrisD. Greece

    Hello guys!! I started playing fifa 21 in November!! Then i had and average team, i was a division 5 player and i had 14 wins at fut weekend!! Now i have a 93 rating team, im a division 2 player and i never had more than 14 wins!!! Can anyone answer me why this is happening???

  • Coastal Blade
    Coastal Blade

    I makes happy u respect his wishes hopefully others will the influences

  • Vynn Kayne
    Vynn Kayne

    best african team FUT CHAMPS ?

  • Hilding Hallerberg
    Hilding Hallerberg

    does someone know what kit his opponent has 12:17

  • James Goring
    James Goring

    Do a 30-0 challenge where you flip the squad round so your striker in goal up to your centre backs/full backs at striker

  • alvaro rivas
    alvaro rivas

    Do a draft where you pick the player a the highest wages or the lowest

  • Khalid Agboola
    Khalid Agboola


  • حار Ice
    حار Ice

    Harry can u do a full backs with a GKs except 1 defender u can put with them and the rest a silver team of the week with only one icon u can put with them 😶‍🌫️

  • Reshirex

    Kostic is on the thumbnail twice...

  • Gabriel Sotelo
    Gabriel Sotelo

    What’s you’re camera settings?

  • Perky Harvin
    Perky Harvin

    Full gullit club team?

  • gustavo redondo
    gustavo redondo

    Vamo caralho

  • Noa

    Plz play weekend league for me i need good players

  • Aboody Maher
    Aboody Maher


  • chris warman
    chris warman

    Do a 30-0 0 chemistry team

  • cozmic


  • Shayaan Merchant
    Shayaan Merchant

    Pls make a Squad Builder Showdown with AJ3

  • Hamish Hill
    Hamish Hill

    pov: messi, neymar and mbappe [whats my purpose]

  • Jaden Bartleson
    Jaden Bartleson

    30-0 using centre backs only

  • Lionel

    Waman name is actually Silas from now on

  • Rab Gee
    Rab Gee

    Make ur intro 0-0 Scotland

  • tanto20

    Play a game with both teams in the same shirt

  • joshie g
    joshie g

    He really said aahhh I'm getting hørñy

  • Dan Smyllie
    Dan Smyllie

    “Stilllllllll got not an intro” just is his intro and I’m really not complaining

  • lucasfina123

    mentality monster

  • UnTamed Elite
    UnTamed Elite

    Do a Real Madrid past and present

  • Ryan Mcgrath
    Ryan Mcgrath

    Get that England stuff down

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang

    Harry when he's losing in last minutes: "so you have chosen death"😂

  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan

    Still waiting for the custom tactic for the 10 k likes

  • Роман Макеев
    Роман Макеев

    go fut draft challenge with you love players

  • Gabriel de Negri
    Gabriel de Negri

    Please do one with only brazilians

  • Maksudul Haque
    Maksudul Haque

    FUT champs without slide tackle??

  • Ganesh Phutela
    Ganesh Phutela

    5:45 i thought vazquez is a chef😂

  • Leon Newnham
    Leon Newnham

    I packed griezmann tradeable do I keep or sell. Will his price go up when he gets upgraded?

  • Owl Kasai
    Owl Kasai

    FUT Champs Southgate Challenge: play Fut Champs using a team of only right backs

  • Junior Holden
    Junior Holden

    Harry definitely lost his head and just became an absolute crack head for about 2 mins

  • Yisun Pan
    Yisun Pan

    good vid

  • Paolo.R05

    U should’ve used that marusic CB card, his base card is a RM

  • Saka4Pain🤪

    Corona is good...that's a statement i never thought I'd hear

  • Sohum Mogale
    Sohum Mogale

    nice to c u back

  • Acon Chiu
    Acon Chiu

    The weed bucket hat lol

  • Shabbar Bukhari
    Shabbar Bukhari

    THE KING IS BACK!!!!!!

  • Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson

    Any danger of content coming quicker 🙏🏻😂🙏🏻😂

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    Ok please nobody get upset I just don’t see why everyone is super defensive about using his “fake name”. Someone please explain am I missing something?

    • Mael Jones
      Mael Jones

      He got pressured by his agent into doing it, meaning that he probably dislikes this name

  • Swaraj Koli
    Swaraj Koli

    I really thaught he would get some wings and jump of the sofa for the intro (I was disappointed)

  • Yose Brown
    Yose Brown

    Vamos carajo !!!

  • Luis Manuel Vera
    Luis Manuel Vera

    I mean Caceres RM Inform could have made it throught since he is a CB, and maybe even Marusic CB IF who's a winger

  • adammfox1

    Atal is still one of the best cards in the game that’s insane.

  • Shane Wasin
    Shane Wasin

    The way harry makes people dance in champs, i do in objective friendlies.

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards

    Fut champs challenge of slowest bronzes

  • Eidan Steve Guayara Roa 801 J.T
    Eidan Steve Guayara Roa 801 J.T

    Hey man, what is you cam?

  • Azmi

    Why tf is he not posting like he used to

  • Aran

    Would love to see a no hands challenge. When in possession you can play as normal, but as soon as you lose the ball you can’t press a button. Full reliance on the ai to get the ball back for you. Maybe it’s not even possible, maybe it’s too hard for you.

  • DamnDanial

    day 34 of asking for a Galatasaray past and present for Hagi

  • Aden17x

    Danny Aaron’s Screaming without the S 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Henry Leonardo
    Henry Leonardo

    I’ve been subscribed anddddd GAMES LIKE THESE IS WHY I SUBBED

  • Alessandro Cappelletti
    Alessandro Cappelletti

    U should play a WL with Chancalay!!!

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards

    Its not coming home

  • Henry Leonardo
    Henry Leonardo


  • Ed Whiting
    Ed Whiting

    The length of the video is so satisfying!!

  • Electro Gem
    Electro Gem

    30-0 using only Scandinavian players

  • Billy Chambers
    Billy Chambers

    Someone clip harry saying "coronas good"

  • Ben Isak Lillevik
    Ben Isak Lillevik

    Harry u NEED to do S.S.C Napoli past and present

  • joe lovatt
    joe lovatt

    Whats that fucking hat bro 😅

  • Molos Mucolli
    Molos Mucolli

    These camera settings anyone??

  • joewi100

    how is his matchmaking so easy at like 27 ELO??? I'm literally facing TOTS cr7 within the first 3 matches every week

  • Jay Davies
    Jay Davies

    Do a challenge where you can only score fifa 20 aids goals. Eg El Tornado crosses/Volleys and First time 90 degree finesses 😅 would be an interesting watch.

    • Dhruv Jaitly
      Dhruv Jaitly

      Fifa 19*

  • Why Me
    Why Me

    Do a team of players of 85 and or lower in WL.

  • mohammed

    Nice job bro you are interesting


    Harry can you pls do a tactics video

  • Ahmet Yavuz Şentürk
    Ahmet Yavuz Şentürk

    Galatasaray past and present

  • Tomas Devine
    Tomas Devine

    Can we talk about how Harry is wearing a weed hat what a legend

  • Ghjk Lkop
    Ghjk Lkop

    The king's back :D

  • Simon Niemiec
    Simon Niemiec

    Still…waiting…for West Ham part 2 😞

  • Bence Pócsik
    Bence Pócsik

    You did loads of challenges bro,why dont you do a Weekend league with a God Squad? And show them how easy it is for you to get a 30-0.❤️

  • Daniell Lovell
    Daniell Lovell

    There’s only one Harry Hesketh!

  • Bink van der Wal
    Bink van der Wal

    Robben has a insane hidden interception stat

  • Zach Molyneux
    Zach Molyneux

    Hi Harry my brother said he seen u on Wednesday I think at football he said he said hi ❤️

  • tanto20

    30-0 and you have to spend first half getting as many players sent off as possible. I know you can do it

  • cianツ

    “Ahhhhhhhhh, Danny Aarons is screaming without the S”

    • cianツ

      @Alexander Colreavy agreed tbh

    • Unknown_Individual

      @Alexander Colreavy Danny definitely accepts this if he sees the first 2 minutes of the video.

  • just Clutch
    just Clutch

    Ermm danny aint screaming without the s cuz its now silas if you dont no look at his clips sILAS