I need HELP with my new house...
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Did Linus get a new house? Why is his face in this thumbnail full of fear? Will Brian the Electrician be making a return?! Find out on the next episode of LTT.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High www.youtube.com/approachingnir...

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 Intro
1:14 Intercom
1:51 FIBRE
2:51 Media Console
4:28 Office
5:39 Mechanical Room
9:14 Theater Room
10:18 LAN Center
11:46 VR Setup
12:40 Wireless Control
14:10 Garage
15:23 Outro

  • Heinrich Von Schnellfahrer
    Heinrich Von Schnellfahrer

    get in touch with audioholics for the theater👍

  • Daniel Listh
    Daniel Listh

    What cars/carts are those?

  • doom2avatar

    Prediction: linus is getting older and this channel will turn into the millennial version of "this old house"

  • saul velasquez
    saul velasquez

    Home theater? Linus x Chris majestic collab coming?

  • JaZZa Games
    JaZZa Games

    He needs help from the waht's inside channel as they have a great smart home Wonder what Kind of a video would that be

  • Nico Ernst
    Nico Ernst

    I´m late to the party, but... on the theatre in the basement: Have a professional installer look at it _OR_ do the dampening first, fill it with furniture, and then experiment on your own with the tech. That will make sure that it sounds good to your ears, not the golden-ears-rule-of-law ;) The order I suggest, and followed for a couple installations as a hobbyist makes sure you do not have to change the interior too much and have discussions with the family. Think of it like this: In a movie theatre there is also no choice on where the seats and screen are, so you have to adapt the tech to these two ;)

  • HerkDylanJR

    This is going to be a Baller House when Linus gets done with the renovation

  • JesseFpv

    Who REALLY NEEDS Heated floors ??

  • NigelWasHere

    It’s just missing a texture, reinstall.

  • MTTech

    I think Linus should bring Electroboom into the mix as well. Would make some great content.

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    Home projection based theatres are so cool. There are literally hundreds of videos of the coolest ones on ISdowns. I really like the ones that are made to look and/or feel like a real movie theatre, or the Extreme Themed ones like the ones that look like you are in a ship from Star Wars or Star Trek. Definitely looks like you youtube channels like The RAFCAVE, Techno Dad, Mindseed TV ( if you find his tech and theatre videos and ignore his "occult" content ), That Home Theatre Dude, Home Theatre Hobbyist, Home Theatre Geeks, Family Home Theatre, Home Theatre TV, and Home Cinema Engineer.

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    Call Mike Holmes.

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    Call Mike Holmes.

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    Call Mike Holmes

  • Brian Reeves
    Brian Reeves

    You should contact Mike Holmes to do a cross-over tv / youtube video home improvement project with this new house. You are both in Canada, he can do all the home improvement demo and construction, his HVAC guys can help solve your heat/ac automation problems and he would get a big laugh out of seeing some of your "handy-work" techniques. Plus he could get an episode or two for his TV show(s) and you could get a series of you tube videos. Seriously, contact him and I bet he would get a charge out of working with you, plus they might work a deal with sponsors supplying materials saving everybody money.

  • Aaron Yantha
    Aaron Yantha


  • JD Racing 84
    JD Racing 84

    That's a hell of a space to work with... Might need some changes, but the overall home is gorgeous.

  • FIHaak

    you should ask jay, he'll know about the automation

  • Essential

    If you install a sprinkler system have it link with the doors to turn off and a range finder at the driveway to turn off the sprinkler

  • Davide Busato
    Davide Busato

    Linus, the only husband that thinks about home theatre, videogames, computers, and other stuff before anything else in a new house. His wife must be the same kind, otherwise, I am pretty sure he couldn't change a screw without his wife's consent :P

  • Jaime Ruiz Palacios
    Jaime Ruiz Palacios

    Lmao you know you're old when you get excited over saving money on HVAC

  • James Piepenbrink
    James Piepenbrink

    Damn, son, you want your own room? I don't know, I kinda like my wall-mounted VR set up and server room.

  • Aqua

    you should have a room just with like a ping pong table/pool table/ or like 1 of those basketball arcade machines

  • Nicolás Guerrero
    Nicolás Guerrero

    bro, you should work with property brothers

  • Aro Rebati
    Aro Rebati

    I would say that u use a projector instead of a tv in the theater

  • Aljon Roxas
    Aljon Roxas

    Is that poly b pipe for your irrigation system?

  • Dani

    just bought a house fuck the aesthetic, tech is the way

  • Emanuel Eni
    Emanuel Eni

    for the thermostats look for the homematic Fußbodenheizungsaktor. it s an actuator for floor heating systems. you need the smart valves and it can be controlled from home assistant. they also have smart thermostats that are battery run (you can easily run them from a power supply) and then again though home assistant you can read them. those Germans make cool stuff and reasonably priced for Europe

  • BigmanEkb

    You can control your boiler with moeshouse zigbee thermostat. For water heating you can use a 0/1 smart zigbee valves with home assistant support or wired valves with smart relays. In each zone you can use zigbee temperature sensors by Aqara and control your heating with home assistant. But if you want control AC, you might be able to integrate google nest thermostat as an remote control of your climate. But all automations will be in home assidtant or node red. And don’t forget about ventilation 😎 if you need help, i can review your system for more helpful assistance.

  • EDLuke246

    Holy shit… my house is less sophisticated than this one out of the 90s 🥴

  • Mesa

    Ah ganst Linus Crib series…suck it MTV

  • Erich B
    Erich B

    Home Theater - The number one best thing you can do for an outstanding home theater experience, is sound isolation (both for viewers and people in the rest of the house). If you put all that effort into surround speakers and high quality audio, you want to be able to hear it! Sound isolation arguably will give you a better audio experience than upgrading speakers. Consider including the following options: FRAMING: Walls - decoupling makes a HUGE difference in transmission of bass sounds to other rooms/floors. bass vibrates right through framing if you don't decouple the room. 2 approaches: resilient channels - some decoupling of sound, significant reduction in bass transmission, with minor loss of space/height double walls - you lose about a foot of space in the room, but building double-walled framing does an outstanding job stopping Bass transmission. Ceiling - floating joists/resilient clips - also isolating bass transmission to the rest of the house, and sounds of footsteps coming in. Drywall - 2 layers of drywall (preferably different thicknesses) or one plywood and one drywall (easy screwing), with "Green Glue" between them to add effective mass absorbption. This is especially important for the ceiling, which is harder to isolate than walls Insulation - insulation is helpful, but only for mid-range sound frequency absorption. generally any R-11 insulation is fine, as the above measures for decoupling and mass will have more effect than rocksul insulation over regular insulation. don't hard pack it in the wall either. door - heavy solid-core door with gaskets, sweeps and transition strip window - build a "plug" to acoustically isolate outside sounds from coming in acoustic caulking - between floor and walls, walls and ceiling, around electrical boxes to reduce transmission through holes around electrical boxes First Reflections of audio - typically overlooked in amateur installations, planning the actual dimensions of the room and where to put sound deadening materials on the walls and other accoustic planning, can result in ideal surround experience or sounds bouncing around the room in a way you don't want.

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall

    Nest thermostats run on 2 cables from the stat to the control box. put the box down with the heating controls in basement, use the existing two wires for the power for the nest.

  • Dianne Hahn
    Dianne Hahn

    I hope you donate those cabinets to Habitat for Humanity

  • Christopher Stout
    Christopher Stout

    I'd go with heat pump water heaters. Most power efficient way to heat water and would provide cooling/dehumidification the mech room.

  • kingcarcas1349

    All i know about home theater is........................JTR. This is like Zeos making every room a listening room.......................dude not every room has to support gaming............

  • gillotronique

    So... Screens everywhere but no workshop?

  • Graham Profit
    Graham Profit

    Maybe a bit late, but check out Honeywell’s evohome line. From what I’m reading, you’d need a ATP921R3100 base unit, 3 x BDR91 units (they can each control 4 zones), and 10 DTS92 thermostats. The BDR91 units could control your 24VAC voltage to your existing zone valves, negating the need to replace your zone valves.

  • TheSneakyRaccoon

    We got Linus Tech Tips we got Linus House Tour, all we need now is Linus Shower Thoughts. (or Toilet Thoughts)


    yo imagine your dad building a LAN Party setup in the basement, literally everyones dream coming true

  • TheAssening

    9:42 sure, if I go to Linus' house, Im gonna to bring a game console, he propably doesn't have one

  • Mike

    this just sounds too nerdy, like you need to grow up bro you got a family

  • Lobo crafting
    Lobo crafting

    Maybe the Room Thermostate and steering will work with KNX, a 2 Wire BUS. you don‘t have the 4 Wire Shilded wires but you just need 2, 2 are Backup and if there is no inteference from other wires to the allready installed, you can run the KNX Installation maybe. And there you have some epic cool stuf aviable for KNX.

  • Nicebull

    first time im this excited for a youtuber getting a new house, just imagining all the fun content we will get is giving me goose bumps.

  • Mr Horseman
    Mr Horseman

    I hope Pewdiepie makes a reaction to this soon

  • Goukenslay

    "if a friend brings a game console over" bro no friends our age does that anymore

  • Skelten454

    You need a wormwood game table for playing games on in the VR room.

  • howard wu
    howard wu

    11:17 YES,LINUS

  • Wayazaexa

    Doing that megapro ad must've hurt in his soul when they're working on an LTT screwdriver! 😬

  • Buzo

    May I have your old house please 🥺?

  • Nicolas Gonzalez
    Nicolas Gonzalez

    I mean you could remove the old thermostat and run new four strand thermostat wire in the same routes as the old ones. Just tie or tape the new wire to the end of the old one and fish it down or up (depending on where your unit is) and buy your smart thermostat, wire the base plate up and make sure the products are communicating properly. Once you've verified that you can sync to your choice of device to control.

  • kevin young
    kevin young

    The only reason people do these vids is just to say look at my big house I have loads of money I am alright jack .

  • aswMarc Steffens
    aswMarc Steffens

    your "house" looks like a mansion. how many m² ? 500?

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    DO NOT PUT SOLAR PANELS THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT AND THEY RUIN YOUR ROOF!!!! Wait it out until the solar technology has stepped up its game.

  • Kevin Busker
    Kevin Busker

    This video from Undecided with Matt Ferrell might be an interesting way to heat your water(floors or showers). Unless you are using your LAN room for that. isdowns.info/lift/zYXcraWonqiqjtE/v-deo

  • Butters

    fiberoptic star ceiling in the lan center.

  • Christopher Howson
    Christopher Howson

    Linus beware of putting solar panels on the roof! In Ontario canada the fire department will not put water on the fire if the house has solar panels because a fire fighter can get shocked and die!!!!

    • Christopher Howson
      Christopher Howson

      Just for the record I love solar panels and think they are helping the power grid, I know from experience that what I described will happen even if someone is inside.

  • Drew Kimball
    Drew Kimball

    Upgrade the boiler to a lochinvar knight boiler. Be a lot easier to be able to upgrade the boiler system to a smart home.

  • Christopher Ott
    Christopher Ott

    Advice for theater room, be the first to have a legit 4D home theater.

  • flow

    8:05 i would suggest using a Heat pump (even more efficient than new gas boilers for heat and water) instead best if you combine it with a solar installation ,both water and Electricity on the Roof, later will be interresting for charging your ev too

  • flow

    7:20 i would do the same thing if you just have 2 wires

  • QurttoRco

    You have 2 ways of doing the thermostat, spend 100 hours finding right product, setting it up configuring it. Have it fail multiples times then give up and get proper wires routed. or just get proper wires routed and move on

  • Owen Metcalf
    Owen Metcalf

    Projector in the theatre with an acoustically transparent screen.

  • Bun Maska
    Bun Maska

    Wall mount the PCs in the LAN room!

  • danny smith
    danny smith

    seems lovely house and i really like that idea of Office space for the kids that's one of the thing i always have on my mind no computers/devices in bedroom.

  • strain121

    USE YOUR EXISTING IN-FLOOR HEATING FOR COOLING!!!!!!! stop over complicating things.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Are you going to get battery storage for your solar power so that if the power goes out you can still use everything?

  • Chase Gurganious
    Chase Gurganious

    Need to play games in every room?

  • Hezekiah Domowski
    Hezekiah Domowski

    On a mansion, this is less true: but you need to insulate and seal like crazy. A whole house heat pump could be more efficient than individual room minisplits (which are the most efficient for energy consumed to cold air output). The reason is that the whole house can be 'thermal mass' and lock in the temperature. Especially with a variable speed system, as long as the temperature is close, it doesn't need to work that hard. But in 'catch-up' mode it's pulling a lot of energy. Matt Reisinger would be a great channel for you to connect with.

  • Eryn

    for the home theatre i would suggest to you have a pro come in to design the theatre room then the actual intall you could do the install

  • Hezekiah Domowski
    Hezekiah Domowski

    Are you running fiber to every room? Now is the time...

  • The What-Not Project
    The What-Not Project

    for the theater room, you need to get Zeos Pantera from ZReviews to come help you set up a damn good system

  • Murphy Nuglene
    Murphy Nuglene

    6:01 Like the only time I've ever seen his slip Canadian. Forget aboot it.

  • some1udontlike _
    some1udontlike _

    “I want my own room” *linus buys house* I wish I had rich parents

  • Bahaa Eldin
    Bahaa Eldin

    for a second there I thought that Linus has finally achieved the long awaiten task of dropping the dropper himself

  • Alex Leiva
    Alex Leiva

    Hey Linus you should use Home Assistant, you probably know how fragmented the automation ecosystem is but HA brings it all together. PS, get rid off that old sonos grandpa

  • Melissa Brewster
    Melissa Brewster

    For the theater room I would look into sound proofing the room it can help with clarity of the sound and less bouncing off walls

  • Jeroen van den Berg
    Jeroen van den Berg

    Don't do separate desks, take countertop or furniture boards and mount them using either 90 degree bends or legs to mount them to the wall. So much cheaper and you can get them in one or 2 continues runs and you dont hit your knees when you roll around with your chair. Also: PVC or cast floor, don't know about the options available in the region, but its ideal with kids, robot vacuum cleaners and rolling gaming chairs.

  • warmygreenfields

    That hot exaust from the furnace (and other devices) should go into an energy recovery unit instead of outside. It wil make the system as a whole more energy efficient.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    Its not a house its a mansion

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly

    My home only had 3 dual wire thermostats. 2 of them I ran new 3 conductor wire for to add the common leg so that the 24v AC power supply would power the thermostat. One of them was too difficult to pull the cable (please don't staple cables behind drywall people) and we went with the ecobee thermostat that uses AA batteries to power it. Honestly I prefer the Ecobee

  • Jesse Calamo
    Jesse Calamo

    For the LAN cave consider dividers so the individual gamers cannot see each others screen. Ideally ones that can be removed to open up the room but also placed to prevent the inevitable cheating that comes with being able to look at the other player's screen. Was going to suggest a face to face setup but then you would not be able to parent and see all the screens as easily.

    • Jesse Calamo
      Jesse Calamo

      But at the end of the day lets be real, kids are (or are not) going to do shit they shouldn't on the internet regardless of screen orientation. Comes down to educating them properly. (also, it is Linus after all he'll find a techy way to monitor and protect the kids from the internets anyways).

  • Tangwes

    Add a gaming room

  • icefox

    Linus house tips

  • Goat

    I wish we had basements in California rip

  • Confuséd Rosé
    Confuséd Rosé


  • Thomas R
    Thomas R

    I'm a local apprentice electrician that'd be down to helpout

  • WatermelonSoda

    Giant LTT neon sign on LAN centre wall pls

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Remember the movie 'The Money Pit'? This appears to be its sequel. That movie was hilarious. This sequel? Probably not so much. Memo to Linus: Good God man, what were you thinking? Your channel has gotta be bringing in better coin than what you spent for this fixer.

  • Pete Marchetto
    Pete Marchetto

    0:41 A E S T H E T I C

  • James Elliott
    James Elliott

    As a new homeowner, please keep doing the home updates. I don't care if you're showing how to patch a wall, I know that it will be well researched.

  • Nath Rivu
    Nath Rivu

    Linus should focus more on environmental concerns while using technology. He can install solar panels in his new house to set off the carbon footprint and focus towards a carbon neutral lifestyle, if not carbon negative because being a tech enthusiast a lot of energy is used in powering the electronics. He should use the in-floor heating and air conditioning using green energy. This will not only help the environment today but also set an example in the whole ISdowns community Linus Tech Tips being a major channel with several sister channels. He can do the whole thing DIY which keeps up with his open source motto and may take help of Brian, the Electrician. A video series on this may eventually lead to net zero on very less cost on Linus' part and be a great motivation towards green technology. Lets not forget that Linus brought the new house for his kids and he should also ensure that they have a safe and healthy future. "With great power comes great responsibility" ~ Peter Parker

  • Zane Miller
    Zane Miller

    Also have you thought about slapping solar onto your roof? and geothermal?

  • Zane Miller
    Zane Miller

    so i take it the house is permenent

  • Uncle Anon
    Uncle Anon

    So you didn't expect your kids to want their own room?

  • That Canadian Kid
    That Canadian Kid

    ecobee. ECOBEE IS LIFE

  • Manuel

    why not use a projector for the home theater

  • Manuel

    i think the main reason you bought a new house is that it'll give you an infinite number of new videos to make about. so the house practically pays for itself lol.

  • Manuel

    burgundy walls. yuck.

  • Manuel

    why wouldn't you check if fibre is available BEFORE BUYING THE HOUSE