Nintendo Switch (OLED model) - Announcement Trailer
Meet the newest entry to the Nintendo Switch family! Nintendo Switch (OLED model) brings the versatility of the Nintendo Switch experience with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, and more. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) releases on October 8.

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  • Padz Padlan
    Padz Padlan

    Nintendo wake up when September ends...Wow New Nintendo switch...what are the new Features........Screen..😢 🦾Ps5 XBox🤜 👋 Steam Deck 👋

  • joe ken
    joe ken

    just what we need is a bigger screen to get cracked for $450 CAD

  • Rohith

    0:52 th how's dpsp running on it XD

  • Mambaa711

    There is one part of the show that the community rejoice

  • Minimalist SG
    Minimalist SG

    7" screen is still too small, there are still bezels that can be fully filled for an 8" screen.

  • lupino _bp
    lupino _bp

    Well, im waiting for the day to play "bad fur day" again and remastered ... please nintendo, it will be so succesfull!!! that day i will buy the oled screen, not before

  • Arokiyamary Rajendiran
    Arokiyamary Rajendiran

    Actually they upgraded hardware like battery life is more like u can play upto 5-7 hours and it has wider screen enhanced audio and 1080p 60fps

  • Saii TH The Penguin
    Saii TH The Penguin

    I'm getting this for my birthday this year! :D

  • Catherine Hintz
    Catherine Hintz

    Why would I want to pay a bunch of money just to get a new switch that has a bigger screen? I already have an Nintendo switch don't need a new one

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Song and band? Please tell me this isnt a nintendo exclusive commercial song.

  • Jonathan Rocha
    Jonathan Rocha

    Hahahahaha the biggest highlight is a slightly bigger screen 😂

  • Nicholas Challenger
    Nicholas Challenger

    People are gonna get mad it doesn’t have 4K as if Nintendo hinted at this a long time ago instead of people hyping themselves up for a console they hoped was coming out.

  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez

    Nintendo: Time for my next-gen switch Me: They just want to fit in with Next gen

  • helthen elvince
    helthen elvince

    Nintendo spend 3 years on screen and port connector only, such a disappointing

  • Reflecterr

    Nintendo Switch Pro: -wider by half an inch -actual kickstand *wow pro model looking worth it rn*

  • Magic Wanner Card
    Magic Wanner Card

    It seems nobody knows Nintendo... 4k will probably be on the next new Nintendo console. But the Nintendo Switch is the first and the only hybrid console for the moment, so it's too early to make big upgrades for the Nintendo Switch


    What's the song for this?

  • George Space
    George Space

    It’s good when is sakurai going to release the last fighter in smash bros ultimate

  • CrazilyRyan

    And they still haven't fixed the joycon drift... smh...

  • Goal Crypto
    Goal Crypto

    Sorry we're out of stock

  • DeTrippe

    Wait, is this everything?

  • Nurazrie Hatta
    Nurazrie Hatta

    Does the person suggested this “upgrades” never played any games on other platform or stuck in 2015

  • raw_commentary

    The fact it’s only .8 inches bigger and people are fantasising about it

  • Will O
    Will O

    Who's planning on getting the oled switch? Like: Yes Reply: No

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User

      I also don’t have the Switch. Imo Nintendo is losing its identity. They tried to make consoles for great gaming experiences, but now they just throw another unnecessary version of the Switch on the market to make more money from it.

    • Nathan Washington
      Nathan Washington

      No. Because I have a Nintendo Switch.

    • Nope Nope
      Nope Nope


  • roknroly

    They should have made it oled to begin with

  • ILikeMtnDew

    @Nintendo how much is that thing

    • ILikeMtnDew


    • 𝙈𝙚𝙧𝙪

      @ILikeMtnDew 350

    • ILikeMtnDew

      @𝙈𝙚𝙧𝙪 I'm actually talking about this

    • 𝙈𝙚𝙧𝙪


  • gitauura very nice
    gitauura very nice

    Plainrock124 is typing…

  • Roghjo Gallagher
    Roghjo Gallagher

    Anybody know the song played in the video???

  • Gabriel Maquilon
    Gabriel Maquilon

    Nintendo should have definitely used the same strategy that they used for the Mario version and made the border or housing of the Nintendo switch white. If they would have done so it would have made that improvement to the screen stand out even more turning that black border into a white border and making the inner screen a black border even smaller. I honestly don't know why they didn't take that approach. They could have even taken it a step further like they did for the Nintendo switch light and colored the border White as well. I'm just not understanding approach that they took in just stretching out the screen alone.

  • Noah Mir
    Noah Mir

    The real question is. Can you connect the headphones with Bluetooth ?

  • Im_Not_Roul_ 705
    Im_Not_Roul_ 705

    Well... At least i hope this lowers the price of the normal switch lol

  • kevin santos
    kevin santos

    I just bought one ): gosh dangit LOL

  • JuicyCantelope 67
    JuicyCantelope 67

    Sakurai get up and go fix your doo doo game

  • tecslol

    As much as an annoying company Nintendo is, they're still gonna sell. So I guess they don't see a point in actually trying OLED technology is over a decade old and they're flexing an actually functional kickstand. They're obviously in a market of their own

  • Wasteful Buzzkill
    Wasteful Buzzkill

    Put Mr. Sandman from punch out in smash bros ultimate or I'm gonna insult your mother

  • Will kolo
    Will kolo

    What is the song called in this video? Anyone know?

  • Gamer Legend
    Gamer Legend

    Buying this with a gaming pc and ps5 and oled or qled tv

  • unicorn boy gaming
    unicorn boy gaming

    What its this I want a Nintendo switch pro Nintendo please

  • Devv Nandan V
    Devv Nandan V

    ~Nintendo Switch (OLED)~

  • Aidan 5
    Aidan 5

    I can't believe they just did this... Get ready everybody, gear up... Nintendo is about to feel the true wrath of using an outdated arm and CUDA architecture combination.

    • MTY1983

      😆it was already outdated when the original came out and people still bought it

  • Lisa Gates
    Lisa Gates

    All games focus on Mario Amoyo adventures

  • Bia

    Am I the only one who spend the whole video reading all the hilarious comments here?

    • Monica Diaz
      Monica Diaz


  • Anime Gucci
    Anime Gucci

    I would’ve loved to see a d-pad on the new switch and then maybe I would be more persuaded to buy it as my first switch

  • Sid Shrivastava
    Sid Shrivastava

    2016-2017 was the golden age of Nintendo switch

  • 5wpe

    1980: We will have flying cars in the future! 2021: Still no bluetooth on the switch

  • 5wpe

    Why should you buy this if they couldn't even be bothered to put bluetooth on it.

  • Gamer Legend
    Gamer Legend

    Love it

  • Gamer Legend
    Gamer Legend

    Buying this

  • Dtac Sho
    Dtac Sho


  • Mac Plays2064
    Mac Plays2064

    I’m glad the switch pro rumors can die

  • Zodak Ak
    Zodak Ak

    Wow, this is useless

  • ifinnishboy

    Lmao nintendo This is an absolute joke

  • donnie's dark hoe
    donnie's dark hoe

    Wow this would’ve been great for December 2018

  • Нора Чилева
    Нора Чилева

    i hope they sell the white joycons

  • OneWithTheJeff

    I would so get this, but… I always trusted Nintendo switch so I wouldn’t feel compelled to get the newest model. They just made more variations for certain people. But now I’m not completely sure.

  • reckless _ prodogy
    reckless _ prodogy

    Nintendo sucks because they're not letting SuperMarioLogan use the plushies and now his channel is getting deleted

  • Damien Gill
    Damien Gill

    I would have liked this when I was younger, but I am less blinded by stupidity now to know the truth.

  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore

    I better be able to play splatoon 3 and botw 2 on my normal switch, if not I’m going to riot, and I’m sure a ton of people will as well.

    • Lord N
      Lord N

      There is no hardware update, it has some overall improvements, but it is basically the same Switch. So don't worry.

  • Christian Gibbons
    Christian Gibbons

    So, what’s the difference between the Nintendo Switch Lite VS the Oled Nintendo Switch??

    • Christian Gibbons
      Christian Gibbons

      @Lord N Thanks😎

    • Lord N
      Lord N

      @Christian Gibbons Yes, yes it is

    • Christian Gibbons
      Christian Gibbons

      @Lord N Is the Oled bigger???

    • Lord N
      Lord N

      Lite is still just handheld and a cheaper, inferior version of the Switch. OLED is just the normal Switch, with some overall improvements.

    • Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar
      Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

      Uhhh Uhhhh

  • robb1324

    So 4 years later and just a better screen? I mostly play docked anyways, pass. Disappointed that there isn't a beefier cpu, gpu, or RAM

  • TheBackDoor

    is nintendo serious right now? if theres 500 million people who play on their switch more than 430 million people mostly play on tv or their monitor so my point is why cant you guys make something else not a copy of our sort of og 2017 SWITCH

    • TheBackDoor

      @Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar bruh im just giving an example

    • Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar
      Jose Julián Jacinto Tobar

      90 million*

    • TheBackDoor

      maybe you guys couldve been creative and made like a console thats like a ps5 that goes on tv and monitor only and stuff

  • G2A productions
    G2A productions

    I just got mine today and Im so excited to play luigi’s mansion 3

  • dano pylican
    dano pylican

    Think I'll be checking out the steam hand held when it's release this is just the same console with a bigger screen ooooooo

  • dano pylican
    dano pylican

    Soooo you just made the screen bigger? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Ana Zuniga
    Ana Zuniga

    Is new 2021

  • HooniL


  • Ana Zuniga
    Ana Zuniga


  • Jeremy Gilmore
    Jeremy Gilmore


  • Kido

    The only good thing about this ad is the music.

  • Ashton vr
    Ashton vr

    Yay a new switch there's better hardware oh wait the isn't it's just a new screen a LAN Porat and a better stand 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • TheCryinGame

    Curse you for sueing sml

    • TheCryinGame

      Still bye your games thi

  • t kermi
    t kermi

    ❗I really hope this uses *RGB pixel structure* (Super AMOLED Plus) and not a PenTile matrix 🤞🏻. ~209 PPI doesn't look good with a PenTile structure 😬.

  • Andi Gilang Pratama
    Andi Gilang Pratama

    People: Are u sure about this bro? N: ABSOLEDTELY Yes! People: Everybody is on the way to QLED 8k bro.. N: Chill bro, it still 2021 we're just finish OLED things

  • Delus1on_L

    Me: “… it’s exactly like the old Switch, but with a bigger screen.” OLED owners: “BUT IT HAS A BIGGER SCREEN!”

    • Etan Marlin
      Etan Marlin

      it has an actually functional kickstand

  • John Ritter
    John Ritter

    They could have put falcon punch literally anything but Mario final smash reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jose Villatoro
    Jose Villatoro

    I need it

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr

    The best part is that its white

  • Black asian doggy gamer doggomcdogson
    Black asian doggy gamer doggomcdogson

    why do we need one thats slightly different? i saved up for the animal crossing switch and gonna save up this for my travel switch


    Nintendo just hang it up bro.

  • Officalcornbread

    People who wanted 4K are unrealistic to double the resolution is crazy

    • The Ostrich
      The Ostrich

      Easy do to with DLSS.

  • Obsidian

    I quit switch and moved to pc, tired of stick drift, thats a joke. Won’t be getting my money anymore.

  • Masuta.G

    Fix joy con drift now NOW

  • Obsidian

    *Can you believe we get to see our sticks drifting in HIGHER QUALITY*

  • LufLoxGrazer

    Me who just bought the v2: bruh is time against me?!? Tf why!!!

    • Lord N
      Lord N

      Get a refund

  • V6ix

    Switch is dead, the refusal to keep up with the hardware upgrades and actual more mature gaming library will cost them dearly. Thanks to steamdeck

    • MTY1983

      @Ste rus some people just refuse to realize nintendo is not a tech focused company

    • Ste rus
      Ste rus

      Its dead yeah, still sells millions and will still sell like nuts. Deck is niche and pricey. wake up. Nintendo has never been about hardware and mature gaming library, u come from the moon apparently.

  • John Gerling
    John Gerling

    0:46 Unrealistic af. When i come home from school, I’d be going straight to my room, I wouldn’t just stop right there 🤣🤣

  • Raiza Rivera
    Raiza Rivera

    Team Jesus: Princess Peach, Shadow The Hedgehog, And Amaya The Princess Minions (Minions Mom) is Galeem Once Again Adriana Gonzalez is Galeem’s Thank You Mr. Sakurai!

  • Maximum Sams Anderson
    Maximum Sams Anderson

    Does it have more graphics

    • Yuuki


    • The Ostrich
      The Ostrich


  • Maximum Sams Anderson
    Maximum Sams Anderson

    Really all you did with this new model is made the screen bigger at least give it a bigger battery that’s all I want a battery lifespan I wanna play breath of the wild for 10 hours if he can do that it’s worth the higher price

  • Kysar

    Wow thanks Nintendo for inventing chess

    • Bubba

      They didn't invent chess, They ARE Chess!

  • Splatendo

    Just announce no joy con drift and you’ll be like $100 million more rich

  • Carlitos Marquez
    Carlitos Marquez

    Not bad bueno the joycon drift Was a problem

  • niño ñoño xd doritos
    niño ñoño xd doritos

    Que te pasa nintendoooooo la regaste con la switch q led deberías hacer otra mejor si quieres mejorarlo y aparte deberías subir lo gráficos para que corra mejor los juegos de la época :(

  • Crab

    Please just don’t ignore the drift problem

  • Plz187 RBLX
    Plz187 RBLX

    this is racist

  • MIke White
    MIke White

    so good, so much better. OLED, 7" small bezels, a REAL kickstand ( not that small, off-center skinny kickstand which never worked for me), a NIC port - I traded up to get the OLED for $140(EBGames/Gamestop). Can't wait. Probably not realistic to have 4K as it would have to have 1080P/720P(hand help mode) and 4K dock mode, as this would be an issue for developers.

  • gangs 08
    gangs 08


  • Namo Genius
    Namo Genius

    Play chest like wii u

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27

    This would be disappointing if the music wasn’t good