Sidemen React to Grossest Things Actors Had To Do For A Role
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  • Pacifique Uzabakiriho
    Pacifique Uzabakiriho

    Harry saying *it's true* should be a meme

  • Conor Godfrey
    Conor Godfrey

    It’s to the point where I like the video before I watch it 😂

  • Abdul Haji
    Abdul Haji

    Bruh Ethan face before jj even talks 💀 like he seems sum what keen in what he is bout to say n den jus hears sum BS

  • grubby

    collab with flight reacts

  • Curt Yt
    Curt Yt

    Fuck me this video just keeps getting better 4:30 cmon tae fuck Harry pal , wash that hair ya grease baw hahahaha no way!!! Wtf man ??? Just me ?

  • Curt Yt
    Curt Yt

    2:40 KSI ….. just what the fuck bro ??? That is all 🙅‍♂️🤣🤣

    • Curt Yt
      Curt Yt

      Your that guy in the friend group that we don’t want our parents to meet everywhere in the uk 🇬🇧 but we still love you 😂😂all love ❤️

  • Nicholas Alves
    Nicholas Alves


  • Ronni-Q

    0:37 the accuracy

  • ProximusVX

    JJ: "what do you think he did" hehehehehehehe. ROFL

  • Aiden Kotowski
    Aiden Kotowski

    imagine if jj never lost his virginity, we could get through a vid without a sexual comment 😂😂

  • Adumm

    Wait.. JJ mentioned sex? Wow that’s sooo rare!

  • Loui P
    Loui P

    How you gonna complain about Nicole Kidman pissing on you

  • joel azareel
    joel azareel

    Should have been grossest thing actors did for money

  • Issa Ronaldo
    Issa Ronaldo

    Ethan is scamming a living off sidemen etc, at least put some energy in vids rather than just pointlessly shouting or doing nothing...

  • DocFreakBeast

    KSI: "I'm not sexual guys" Also KSI: 2:34

  • Dr. Dent Hungary
    Dr. Dent Hungary

    They get paid million for this Theres nothing they should complain about

  • Cain

    0:40 Vick can you see me??!


    I think harry don't have a channel now he owns sideman😆

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    I'm honestly super surprised they didn't have Joaquin Phoenix in that list. What he did to play the joker was mad

  • SR212787

    Oh shit! I love that JJ has seen The Serbian Film 😂

  • Shannon Fox
    Shannon Fox

    0:39 ummm.. anyways 😃

  • Olivia xoxo
    Olivia xoxo

    I’m that vlogger fan:(

  • Ryan Dilday
    Ryan Dilday

    Had to give a thumbs drown for JJ cringe jokes

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt


  • Jack Jaballah
    Jack Jaballah


  • HH 909
    HH 909

    yo what 11:39

  • Dark Souls 297
    Dark Souls 297

    11:38 why is vik in space

  • Dragonator

    Didnt Shia Labeouf have one tooth removed just for the movie Fury?

  • Thomas Wynn
    Thomas Wynn

    Why Ethan pmsing

  • The Real ZG - Music
    The Real ZG - Music

    I got Covid but still tune in to watch these videos cause there amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • hamza yoseph
    hamza yoseph

    I was eating

  • Panda Hero
    Panda Hero

    No even 3 minutes in to the video and JJ does it again

  • Leyetelle Blue
    Leyetelle Blue

    What does Vik say at 6:49?

  • Nafea Syed
    Nafea Syed

    I didnt see a Harry fun facts bit when he was talking ab the shampoo and I'm disappointed

  • Dylan Robinson
    Dylan Robinson

    yo harry speaking facts u know the reason u have lot of greese wen u dont wash ur hair is because u wash ur hair so u stop the naturla way humans clean hair from happening there for its an abundance because it hasnt been used in ages

  • iamNRG

    Sidemen reacts be like: ⚫🟤 ⚪🔴

  • Ꭱite


  • Oliver Beerworth
    Oliver Beerworth

    Where the fuck is jj. We fucked up his schedule by dissing the show. LOL

  • Alex Shine
    Alex Shine

    At this point, the boys are just not having it when it comes to JJ's questionable remarks lmao

  • Scully Osis
    Scully Osis

    Jesus loves yall so much

  • Nicki jones Plat
    Nicki jones Plat

    jj just makes everything better - pure content

  • Name that Tune
    Name that Tune

    Two things smell like fish one of them is fish Allegedly

  • banjoUk88

    A Serbian film (jj mentions at the end) is probably the most fucked up movie scene in particular was very difficult to watch!!

  • Elliot Simpson
    Elliot Simpson

    i back harry with the hair washing theory

  • Gavin Honan !
    Gavin Honan !

    Harry is right about the hair you know y’all should research it

  • Gavin Honan !
    Gavin Honan !

    Nah we still like Casper

  • Salmonfishead 1
    Salmonfishead 1

    System broken

  • Syrix BT
    Syrix BT

    2:37 JJ makes it weird again 😂

  • JUXE

    the grossest thing an actor had to do for a role was sleep with harvey weinstein

  • Archerpool

    Harry is misinformed over hair being self cleaning. Natural hair oils cling to hair follicles and the scalp. Oils protect the hair, but the longer the oils are left results in your hair becoming sticky. It also physically hurts at the root. The oils stay on the hair and scalp which makes it itchy and thickens the scalp which can thin your hair and result in hair loss. The oils produced also produce a foul smell while on the skin for more than a few days. The scalp and specifically behind the ears will eventually smell like vomit.

  • Joseph alehandro
    Joseph alehandro

    wait wasnt jj the one that gor pissed on by deji or smtg???

  • ساكالولو باري
    ساكالولو باري

    Why is jj not uploading in his channel


    2:35 Ahh Shit! Here we go again!

  • Sean Mutanga
    Sean Mutanga

    I am happy every time I see JJ

  • Rsvp Nakia
    Rsvp Nakia

    2:35 | Ay, he might be on to sum’

  • Susan Wearn
    Susan Wearn

    Pleased in not an actor👌❤👍✌

  • Crow and Raven
    Crow and Raven

    Well JJ lasted nearly 3 mins before making it weird.

  • Wolf

    Coming from someone who got pissed on by his younger brother

  • Thunder Man
    Thunder Man

    Nah man, ksi should dial it down just a little bit

  • Dark Fox
    Dark Fox

    I love how JJ doesn’t comment on the fact that Casper Lee said the N word in “Laid in America”.

  • ᴋɪɴɢ ɪɴᴀᴍᴏ 5017
    ᴋɪɴɢ ɪɴᴀᴍᴏ 5017

    aight decided to watch this while eating

  • ZFare

    JJ's madness is so entertaining and funny :D

  • Sammy Farbrother
    Sammy Farbrother

    In the "peach scean" he dosnt "f**k it" he uses the juice to.... pleasure himself lol. Still pretty tapped

  • Tobias Eldridge
    Tobias Eldridge

    I’m South African and I only found out now why Casper’s career died now. Why wasn’t this info more public?

  • JZX90Chaser

    KSI being a weirdo actually isn't funny I swear

    • BUTTER PANEER मसाला के साथ तंदूरी रोटी।
      BUTTER PANEER मसाला के साथ तंदूरी रोटी।


  • Wesley Maafu
    Wesley Maafu

    Raw fish really ain't that bad.

  • Haisham Mohamed
    Haisham Mohamed

    Dont shout in the first second harry 😭

  • Unkown

    I doubt ye one actually went 2 years without washing the hair, rlly fk off

  • Liam Hutchinson
    Liam Hutchinson

    Unpopular opinion but fuck me dunno if it’s cuz I’m tired but jj in this video was just draining to watch and no one else on the video was vibing with it either🤷🏻‍♂️ #donthateme #dont@me

  • TheRandomOne054

    idk this video harry felt like a younger mark goldbridge

  • Osvaldo Rivera
    Osvaldo Rivera

    Bro I’m from America, and I didn’t know Caspar Lee did that 😂

  • Middle Age Teenagers
    Middle Age Teenagers

    Can you guys do “how the joker changed Heath ledger for good”

  • Soviet Pigeon
    Soviet Pigeon

    I am tired of this every time JJ is in a sideman react he has. to make something sexual 😂🤦

  • Brahma Bull
    Brahma Bull

    Can we please have vik outta videos ?

  • ZRL

    JJ has a new record of making things sexual, 2 minutes and 36 seconds

  • Unknown B
    Unknown B

    Harry is defo gonna try that peach out

  • october bird
    october bird

    you hair does self Clean naturally, native Americans never used to watch their hair and had long silky hair. it just takes a while to adjust. it gets greasy as it over produces oils due to the shampoo and showering washing the natural oils off. so once your hair readjusts to no more showering it'll stop. we don't actually need to wash our hair.

  • Broken-cup324

    Day 37 of asking the sidemen to react to NHL Hardest Hits Compilation

  • Oliver Newton
    Oliver Newton

    Does Ethan want to be there? lol he's had a long day

  • Niclas Meyer
    Niclas Meyer

    Idk what harry talks about, just googled it " Hair unfortunately doesn't “self-clean” in aconventional sense; just produces oils over a slower period of time "


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 content

  • MegaStorm252

    It's funny and sad that JJ went from being the one that 'bullied' Vik, to the one that the others bully now (not genuine bully but you know what I mean)

  • Kakashi

    Ethan : * talks * JJ: * laughs *

  • thamas mark
    thamas mark


  • MysticStrike Force
    MysticStrike Force

    I feel bad for stunt doubles they don't get to much praise.

  • Amar Baccas
    Amar Baccas

    Ksi ur right

  • Thomas Angeloni
    Thomas Angeloni

    *caspar lee* now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.... a long time

  • Smoking Duck
    Smoking Duck

    Ksi sex jokes are dead

  • Cpt. Kaden
    Cpt. Kaden

    Thumbnail is 75% KSI

  • ak plays
    ak plays

    9.00 not grose just fun

  • Kao Segale
    Kao Segale

    JJ's not weird his just a unique character & always cracks me up no matter how am feeling

  • dumolay


  • Sammy 2Chinz
    Sammy 2Chinz

    You should record some of the sideman reacts in the new sidecast studio! This could make some better in person content as well as help some of your schedules be a little better by just staying and recording for another 30 minutes after a podcast or by getting there 30 minutes before!

  • Hey May
    Hey May

    So Nicole Kidman actually peed on Zac Effron? Well shit..

  • Keith Savio
    Keith Savio

    ive given up on jj not being able to not make things weird

  • Saint Arj
    Saint Arj

    Certain actors moving mad

  • Tristan Padayachee
    Tristan Padayachee

    Where's tobi and Josh lmao

  • Kurt Cocaine
    Kurt Cocaine

    Slowly turning into Ethan, with KSI's jokes now. Started out hilarious, but now.. I.. I just can't

  • Arthur Danson
    Arthur Danson

    Jj is actually not funny at this point

  • hussein abdi
    hussein abdi

    ethen has nigga in his name be5inga nig5a

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460

    Lol 😂