Duncan's 4th Birthday Special!
Duncan's 4th Birthday Special! Happy birthday, Duncan! We spend the day at home, with visits from grandma \u0026 grandpa and Colleen and her family. Duncan opens his birthday presents and watches his favorite show with his siblings. Duncan wanted a Star Wars, Tangled Adventure, Robin Hood birthday theme -- So we have lots of fun decorations, including lots of Duncan drawings! All of our videos are closed captioned and always family friendly.

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  • Lila Jassen
    Lila Jassen

    I love the Forky Duncan!

  • Emmy Walkoviak
    Emmy Walkoviak

    Oh my gosh my birthday is May 11

  • ayjia autry
    ayjia autry

    Orange is also my 3 year olds favorite color ❤️

  • Allyson Baribeault
    Allyson Baribeault

    hi duncan

  • Mikayla Roth
    Mikayla Roth

    That’s my mamas birthday

  • Teagan Anderson
    Teagan Anderson

    i have to be honest here! i love the regular duncan and the theme song guy duncan!! happy birthday!

  • Buzzie Bee
    Buzzie Bee

    Why she gotta laugh so fake it's very obvious doesn't it hurt to smile like that all the time

  • Dana Williams
    Dana Williams

    the kids always asking “can i help” to their younger siblings and not just grabbing things from them is so sweet and kind, they really are such good kids 😭

  • Abby Cipriani
    Abby Cipriani

    can we just appreciate how sweet it was that when duncan was opening HIS presents, he immediately said “flynn will like this”. i just thought that was so sweet

  • Megan Mcleod
    Megan Mcleod

    poor Jacob aww

  • Jaimy

    "did you want legos?!" '.....no' I love how honest kids are lol

  • zoë

    the platinum blond hair on duncan is everything, ik it will change but heres hoping it doesnt lolol its just too cute

  • jpeanut100

    Parker is such a sweetheart

  • Diane Pilot
    Diane Pilot

    My birthday is 17 may

  • Becki Schmidt
    Becki Schmidt

    rue duncan is my fav

  • Olivia Sage
    Olivia Sage

    Regular Duncan is my favorite Duncan💛


    luke is so cute i wish a had brother like luke and dukin .

  • XxLillianaVlogsXx

    I feel like parker is more excited 🤣🤣

  • Samantha Marte
    Samantha Marte

    Please baby name 🍩

  • A V
    A V

    17:47 and 18:11 made me LOL hahahaha "maybe flynn will like this" so honest and so cute

  • Zafaruss

    I love Luke so much. I need like an entire Luke vlog. His smile is precious.

  • Gillian Murray
    Gillian Murray

    minion roblox minnie mickey and dunkin duncan r my favs

  • Gillian Murray
    Gillian Murray

    All the kids r so cute 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Iona McArthur
    Iona McArthur

    That s my mum's birthday

  • Harsha Gobinath
    Harsha Gobinath

    Did not expect that regular Duncan though😂

  • Harsha Gobinath
    Harsha Gobinath

    The Pony Duncan gotta be the best!

  • Harsha Gobinath
    Harsha Gobinath

    The Salacious Duncan made me go bonkers!

  • Victoria Brouillette
    Victoria Brouillette

    Flynn saying "that's for you Duncan"🥰🥰

  • briana

    duncan donuts. genius

  • Nicole Klepcyk
    Nicole Klepcyk

    the duncan points are my absolute favorite😭🥺 happy birthday Duncan and also Parker.

  • Mariah Alexandra
    Mariah Alexandra

    Dobby Duncan!❤️

  • Justin balinger
    Justin balinger

    Parker birthday now!

  • Allison Stansberry
    Allison Stansberry

    Hearing Duncan say "I can't wait to build this with my brother Jacob" after he opened the minion Lego set made my heart melt ♥️

  • Simplelyf

    Happy Birthday sweetie Duncan

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis

    You have the most beautiful family inside and out! I hope to one day have that (hopefully in a couple years.) My boyfriend and I are turning 28 and 30 this year and watching yours and colleens vlogs are giving us baby fever, haha. Also, his name is Christopher too, just with a K :)

  • K Costley
    K Costley

    The Kuzco appreciation in this video is top notch 👌🏼

  • Kelly

    Pun can duncan, picking strawberries duncan and rue duncan are so cute

  • Katie K
    Katie K

    Definitely the most interesting family ever 💝

  • sarah t
    sarah t

    Here since Dunky wasnt born yet. Getting so big!

  • Violet Woitkiewicz
    Violet Woitkiewicz

    the intro goes so fast i cant even follow along

  • Abbey

    I loved Dobby Duncan!!

  • Ashley Macy
    Ashley Macy

    The unbuttoned onesie is such a dad move. My husband does it all the time. 😆

  • kayfaceisthebest

    Lol Duncan's honesty with the Lego made me chuckle. They're all being brought up so well, Jacob took that so much better than most kids would.

  • Frankie Frank
    Frankie Frank

    Did I see a Michael Scott Duncan?? 😂💙

  • lara

    Duncan pizza and doby duncan for sure!

  • Eraina eve Hunt
    Eraina eve Hunt

    Duncan pizza a

  • talulani mandiwana
    talulani mandiwana

    Happy birthday

  • Lydia “Stormy” Stormberg
    Lydia “Stormy” Stormberg

    My dad would do the same thing with the onesies thing it was the funniest thing ever

  • thalia kabbani
    thalia kabbani

    "i cant wait to build this with my brother jacob" I'm crying

  • ali

    so happy to hear that duncan is a jeremy jordan fan lol. varian is also one of my favorite new characters on tangled the series also just to let you know, a lot of more merch for lesser known things like tangled the series can be found on redbubble. the art is normally drawn or edited/designed by people and put up on the website so it’s a great way to support small business type creators!

  • Mary

    I saw the unbuttoned onesie but honestly just though “yup, done that”

  • Tyler LeBlanc
    Tyler LeBlanc

    Have y'all ever noticed, and I mean this as the greatest compliment... that their family is like the Weasleys from Harry Potter? Mostly boys and one girl? I love it.

  • kylee_97

    Luke in the onesie that Chris thought was a shirt 🤣

  • Omosubi 00
    Omosubi 00

    I personally love the Memory Game Duncan and the seemingly unnamed Minion Duncan. Also Duncan Doughnuts, I mean c'mon, that's gold! 🤣

  • LuciferslAngel

    I love the sibling bonds so much. It was so sweet of Parker to be so hyped up and exited for Duncan’s birthday and Jacob making the crepes and cake, Bailey helping with the reading.

  • Kate & Chaka
    Kate & Chaka

    Kinda sad there is no yoda Duncan

  • Brianna Buckner
    Brianna Buckner

    I’d have to say the Dunkin’ Donuts was my favorite…😂 Happy Birthday, Duncan!!😁

  • Rabid_fanboy

    Me as a varian lover getting excited young kids can also like him

  • Purva Sreekaanth
    Purva Sreekaanth


  • Ruby Louise
    Ruby Louise


  • Rae Jay
    Rae Jay

    I think Jessica might be Roo’s favorite. I love that!

  • Monica Miller
    Monica Miller

    I love how you added Rue to the end of the intro! 🖤👏🏻

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie

    I need a side by side of Jacob and Parker. I kept getting them mixed up during this.



  • ArabellaWilmot

    Jacob’s cake looked fantastic! Yule logs are challenging and he did so well!

  • Kennedy Marie
    Kennedy Marie

    Chris’ drawings and handwriting is amazing I would pay good money for those drawings!!!

  • ArabellaWilmot

    Themed Duncans are so cute!

  • Mariahwashere

    I haven't checked out this channel in awhile, and wow they are all so grown up!!

  • a arguellez
    a arguellez

    I Feel bad for Jacob highkey when Duncan said "😐no, but it's fine ig" 😂 sometimes lying is okay 🤙🔥😂


    Happy birthday Duncan🎉

  • Judith Allen
    Judith Allen

    Duncan seems to be imitating Parker now in this stage. . . . they must spend a lot of time together playing. Cute.

  • Upnorth 3390
    Upnorth 3390

    I just have to say Jacob's cooking and baking skills are very impressive!!! I couldn't even attempt to make some of those meals or deserts. Seriously outstanding!!! The Duncan drawings are all wonderful and very hard to choose a favorite again but "Duncan Doughnuts" was clever and "Play Dough Duncan" was cute.

  • Meg G.
    Meg G.

    That is one happy boy!



  • Maryana's Gaming Channel
    Maryana's Gaming Channel

    That is my birthday happy birthday Duncan

  • Upnorth 3390
    Upnorth 3390

    Happy Birthday Duncan!!! Oh my gosh you could always tell when my kids got dressed by my husband and he was even sleep deprived. Luke looks adorable!!!

  • Aahana Ray
    Aahana Ray

    Notice how their intros are getting longer and longer 😂

  • Vanessa M
    Vanessa M

    "I can't wait to build this one with my brother Jacob" - That was so cute!

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    All the Duncan pictures were cute. Its hard to pick just one! I got tears in my eyes a few times because Duncan and Flynn were sooooooooooo cute!

  • Noah McFadden
    Noah McFadden

    That’s one pampered pooch..

  • Gianna Schrader
    Gianna Schrader

    Regular, rue, pascal, or pizza Duncan is the best

  • May Day
    May Day

    Rue Duncan

  • demonsandlords

    17:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh Duncan lmao

  • Kristin b
    Kristin b

    I love on every birthday video when they sing, Bailey makes it a whole production & sings her heart out lol she's so awesome.

  • Creative Spark
    Creative Spark

    When Duncan shook the box and guessed Legos. Lol that's what my husband does. He loves to guess what the gift is.

  • Tori Elmore
    Tori Elmore

    Does anyone know what the kids use to take their online classes?

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S

    13:24 “i can’t wait to build this with my brother jacob” 🥺🥺

  • Mel Russell
    Mel Russell

    whats a crape also happy bday duncan

  • Linda Hicks
    Linda Hicks

    You are the sweetest family!!! Love how you make each person feel so special on their birthdays and all of the details!! (From the Duncan drawings to the beautifully sung birthday song) Also, the sweetest grandparents and extended family. Flynn got so excited about the gifts. 😊 Parker was so patient to help him open things. 🥰 Happy birthday to Duncan from Texas. 🎉

  • Eve

    I love the jojo spray on his face at the end hahaha

  • AHemi520

    Duncan and I share a birthday 🥳

  • Jess Young
    Jess Young

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUNCAN!!! Omg, I can't believe he's 4! I remember watching his birth video when I was 16. Seems nuts that I'm 20 now and he's 4! Feels like a couple years ago tops. I love that all your kids are BEST FRIENDS!!! Obviously they must have they're falling-outs, but they're so sweet together! Seeing Bailey and Parker walking down the stairs holding hands made me smile :)

  • ashton mcclure
    ashton mcclure

    im neurodivergent and i never fit in with my family. my whole family is “normal” and doesnt understand how to handle me. i feel like if i had been raised in a household like this that is so loving and accepting, id be so much better at this point in life. life is full of “what ifs” but im so happy these kids dont have to grow up the way i did. i am so grateful that they have parents like you to love and guide and support and understand them to the fullest extent. you embrace the “different”. you embrace breaking tje social norm. you let your kids live THEIR lives the way THEY want. you dont try to mold them to the social norm and i am so grateful to see that parents like you really do exist. i strive to be parents like you. i strive to break the pattern that my parents tried to create. you guys are huge inspirations and you inspire me to become my best self so i can be able to have a big happy family like ive always wanted. thank you. thank you for living authenticity. much love

  • Shyma Shya
    Shyma Shya

    Can you do baby boy pregnancy updates.......😙❤💙💛💚☺

  • Mackenzie Leigh
    Mackenzie Leigh

    When Duncan said, "I can't wait to build this with my brother, Jacob" I could have cried from the sweetness. It doesn't get much more wholesome than that! I love the love that all of them have for one another.

  • Traci Crawford
    Traci Crawford

    Happy birthday Duncan looks like had fun day

  • The Ambracer
    The Ambracer

    The kids are adorable! I hope that Duncan had an amazing birthday! Looking forward to celebrating Parker's with y'all soon and whatever amazing milestones come next ^_^

  • J Freeman
    J Freeman

    He’s such a tiny 4 year old! No hate just observation this is so sweet I remember watching videos when he was born ahhh 😍😍😍

  • KittyCat74

    OMG the golden gift my brother got the same thing for his 14th birthday and they both have a 4 in the number!!!

  • Ashley Allin
    Ashley Allin

    Jacob and his cooking 💛. A Yule log?! That’s amazing...even if you’re not happy with the icing it is impressive for a fella your age. Funny guy! I see so much of myself in you haha.