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  • Zion J
    Zion J

    Ok hold on, why does this have so many dislikes?

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    Why so many dislikes..

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    Marco Rizzo

    why this video has 33k dislikes?

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    why all the dislikes?

  • Master XD
    Master XD

    Why the dislikes?

  • lazare dvali
    lazare dvali

    okay, but how to learn the names of the moves?


    why is there 33k dislikes?

  • Ruzgar Ozutam
    Ruzgar Ozutam

    Congrats for being 2800!

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    Captain Jin

    What is up with this like/dislike ratio?

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    Sanan Chaudhry

    whats with the like to dislike ratio lmao

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    Gail Harper

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  • Kamran Sadigli
    Kamran Sadigli

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    Adria Nicolle

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  • croc rock
    croc rock

    Shoutout to floatalongfillyourlungs, good taste in music and streamers

  • Jose’s Gaming Channel
    Jose’s Gaming Channel

    The last game was probably due to time pressure and he rushed. I think he was winning and lost due to the time pressure. Was still fun to watch the games.

  • bigboomer eater
    bigboomer eater

    damn he got more than half dislikes cuz he said f*ck

  • Christopher Sandlin
    Christopher Sandlin

    can some federation or whatever just make him a gm already weve been waiting for too long

  • SebastianPL11

    who disliked so much :(((

  • toxiq72

    why so many dislikes??? its a great video, congrats Levy!

  • Planespotter 2022
    Planespotter 2022

    Thumbnail is wrong

  • Vasco Vicente
    Vasco Vicente

    Why so many dislikes? I don't get it. Did I miss something?

    • chess with xavier!
      chess with xavier!

      He had drama with indonesians

  • artur le perokè
    artur le perokè

    Am I late to something? Why does this video have 30k dislikes? Is it because youtube thinks about banning dislikes lile other platforms did?

    • artur le perokè
      artur le perokè

      @chess with xavier! ahh.. some people have too much time

    • chess with xavier!
      chess with xavier!

      He had drama with indonesians

  • Tuan Anh Nguyen
    Tuan Anh Nguyen

    The Russian lad was definitely having too much vodka while playing

  • Benonek

    What's up with all the dislikes?

    • Selvaris

      i think it was during the chess cheating accusations

  • Comical Gamer
    Comical Gamer

    anyone tell me why so many dislikes on this vid?

    • Heavenly Devil
      Heavenly Devil

      @Comical Gamer yw

    • Comical Gamer
      Comical Gamer

      @Heavenly Devil ohhhh thanks because the dislikes are wayyy more than the like

    • Heavenly Devil
      Heavenly Devil

      He had a drama with an indonesian player earlier but now its clear gothamchess apologized

  • Marie Rose Haggi
    Marie Rose Haggi

    why are there so many dislikes, can someone explain the Indonesian controversy to me please

    • chess with xavier!
      chess with xavier!

      He played against a indonesian player and Levy suspected he was cheating and his chat reported the cheater. Indonesians were very upset because they didn't believe he was cheating but he actually was lol

  • Chess Learner
    Chess Learner

    33k dislikes??? Why?

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @Ale x go read the news caveman

    • Ale x
      Ale x

      @Shining Darkness When did he cheat ?

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @chess with xavier! I don't care about those guys you crybaby

    • chess with xavier!
      chess with xavier!

      @Shining Darkness dewa kipas blundered his bishop against irene and was rated 2400 on chess.com

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @chess with xavier! lol stay mad little kid. You will know the truth when you grow up🤡

  • WonderfulLife

    Caro-cann bro Caro-cann

  • WonderfulLife

    How could forget Caro

  • WonderfulLife


  • Whats Your Game
    Whats Your Game

    Why are there over 50% downvotes?!

  • Edward Namora
    Edward Namora

    Please make these videos can always be downloaded, so we can learn to play chess ♟️

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    Why so may dislikes?

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @Ale x lol no one asked gtfo

    • Ale x
      Ale x

      @Shining Darkness Shhh it will all turn out fine kid... Don't worry

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @Ale x I know you have low self esteem but you don't need to project that onto me lol

    • Ale x
      Ale x

      @Shining Darkness I feel bad for u. Don't insult him guys... This kid might have some real problems...

    • Shining Darkness
      Shining Darkness

      @Varyl If you are done then stop crying and grow up. Don't come at me with your "my country is important" rubbish

  • LeggyFishy

    why does this video have so many dislikes??? please explain

  • Speedster14 5
    Speedster14 5

    How did you keep getting randomly matched with the same person?

  • Maiku osu
    Maiku osu

    why does this have less than 50% like/dislike ratio

    • Quan Le
      Quan Le

      because idiots want to show that they love their country

    • eddie is a little retard
      eddie is a little retard

      the dislikes are probably Indonesians

    • eddie is a little retard
      eddie is a little retard

      because this is around the time Indonesians were threatening levy over a cheater called dewa kipas

  • XDTrokts

    Yay 2800

  • Sam M.
    Sam M.

    I finally got 1000 Elo... yeah... wowie...

  • David Batchelder
    David Batchelder

    at least your honest, library

  • Pranav Jangamareddy
    Pranav Jangamareddy

    why isnt he a GM

  • TheZotmeister

    10:50 Shoutout to the commenter that said "Hi levy I'm your biggest fan, I'm 26 stone" (that's 364 pounds or 165 kilograms)

  • Wahyu Widdy
    Wahyu Widdy

    Do you rememmber "Dewa Kipas"?

  • Shrey Neol
    Shrey Neol

    i am starting to loveeee his videos

  • Uros Stankovic
    Uros Stankovic

    Lots of illiterate clowns in the comments 🤡 🤡 🤡

  • Garrett

    Congrats man, GM next

  • James Oliger
    James Oliger

    Gotham Chess is the undercover GM

  • Vasily Morozov
    Vasily Morozov

    LETS GO GOTHAM 2800!!!! I know the grind wont stop and your getting 2900 and 3000 soon! If you are reading this make sure you also leave a nice comment.

  • Lukas

    Nice Video :)

    • Oke Lah
      Oke Lah

      Who are you dumb

  • Łukasz

    Great job on the video.

  • Chillin Villain
    Chillin Villain

    Leaving a 5th nice comment cause you asked. You're a good chess player

  • Vasily Morozov
    Vasily Morozov

    leaving a nice comment to stop the brigade as gotham said on stream

  • Aditya Kashyap
    Aditya Kashyap

    Man how is he not a GM

  • gillespie2482

    Congrats Levy!

  • cereal4u

    I love sitting on the toilet and playing chess

  • ron peterson
    ron peterson


  • arbanafal

    Props to Anatol; I would have ragequit every single time ;)

    • Guts

      Indeed, Russians are very stubborn lol

  • Yesy _
    Yesy _

    Aye bro, ignore the hateful comments. You are an absolute legend

  • Drake is loving Tu is tinker
    Drake is loving Tu is tinker

    I’m 2179 well my son is 2047

  • TheGuyMain

    whoa what's up with the like/dislike ratio

    • Nathaniel

      @PauWoW some random indonesian cheater got exposed on this channel, made some fake claims about how his father was a grandmaster and he didn't cheat, people listened to his bs and tried to cancel gotham

    • PauWoW

      @a cat with blue and a red eye why Indonesians hate him?

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech

      Indonesia has around 300 million people.

    • a cat with blue and a red eye
      a cat with blue and a red eye

      Indonesian haters in masses

  • Varun Dhawan
    Varun Dhawan

    I dont get it, why are there so many dislikes?

    • AlIF503

      Not bad

    • Syahidulhaq Alhafidz
      Syahidulhaq Alhafidz

      Indo cry babies

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech

      Population of Indonesia is ~300M

  • elZyngaWTF

    Why too many dislikes?

    • AlIF503

      Do you know Indonesiaan people?

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech

      Dewa Kipas controversy

  • Sam H
    Sam H

    Can someone please explain why there are 34k dislikes??

    • Marco Locatelli
      Marco Locatelli


    • Marco Locatelli
      Marco Locatelli

      I don,t know but i think they are all thinking that he is cheating somehow, like 5.57 is a pretty sus moments

    • Charly

      An Indonesian cheater got banned on Chess.com, blamed the ban on mass reporting by Levy's fans and made a whiny FB post about it. It made news in Indonesia and so many Indonesian people swarmed en masse Levy's videos mindlessly downvoting them.

  • Rawsht Mohammed
    Rawsht Mohammed

    What is this like/dislike ratio

  • Rock N Roll
    Rock N Roll

    Good job Gotham , time to break into the 2900 rating now.

  • Young T
    Young T

    Good shit

  • TheCrystalCave

    What’s with all the dislikes on this video? It featured good chess and acts of kindness

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover

      He got swarmed by toxic shovinism, as a person from a third world country, the sheepness of such populations is a shame.

    • Jim

      indonesians got mad he got a cheater from their country banned, it made rounds in indonesian media with unfiltered sympathy towards the cheater, and now a bunch of people who dont even know what a chess engine is started brigading all his videos and social media

  • Marco Locatelli
    Marco Locatelli

    Why is this video getting so Many dislikes, wtf

    • Jim

      indonesian cheater got banned after playing against him, indonesian media picked up and believed the cheater's fake story causing a bunch of indonesians to brigade his videos and social media.

  • Sir Poopsalot
    Sir Poopsalot

    I'd be upset at the dislikes but Levy doesn't mind. Let's keep the algorithm flowing bois.

  • Sarman

    What's up with the dislikes?

  • Crni Džek
    Crni Džek

    Why are there so many dislikes?

  • Spooky F4
    Spooky F4

    5 days in the future: I'm now 3500 and I rival hikaru God of the chess.com

  • Hairy Putter
    Hairy Putter

    Not perfectly balanced, as no things should be

  • anturangga Tantra
    anturangga Tantra

    Sumpah, orang Indonesia malu2in bener emang. Kemaren Microsoft, sekarang Levy. Dan orang2 ini bahkan gak paham catur dan cara kerja Chess.com nentuin sebuah akun mencurigakan atau tidak.

    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      @KEEP UP TheBeat yeah, get a life, the cheater has been exposed

    • anturangga Tantra
      anturangga Tantra

      @KEEP UP TheBeat dude, get a life

    • KEEP UP TheBeat
      KEEP UP TheBeat


  • Anna Maria Mircheva
    Anna Maria Mircheva

    This is ridiculous. With all due respect to the Indonesian nationality, all of the haters should stop with these negative comments because Levy, a.k.a. GothamChess, does not deserve any of it. If you watch his videos, you'll see that he is a great person and chess player, who always excells at educating and entertaining his audience at the same time. If you're not here to encourage him or make valid points in terms of what you don't like and give constructive criticism, it is better to not make any comments, rather than wasting your time spreading meaningless hate.

    • Anna Maria Mircheva
      Anna Maria Mircheva

      @Lavalodon G An Indonesian player, Dewa Kipas, beat Levy and fans started reporting him for cheating on chess.com, which led a lot of people to believe that Dewa Kipas got banned because of the big number of reports, while in reality, there are machines which determine whether a player has cheated. He might not have done so in this game in particular, but it has been detected that at one point he did cheat. The number of reports has no role in determining who is a cheater and who isn't.

    • Rosish

      ​@Lavalodon G He accused an indonesian player of being a cheater (they got banned). That player's son then posted on facebook that his father is a "retired professional" chess champion, and that his account got banned because Gotham's community massreported his account. Though you can't find his name anywhere in any records, so the chances he is telling the truth is pretty slim. The biggest reason he got banned is that his entire chess.com profile is very sketchy. New account, insane winrate, 10-15 seconds spent on every move no matter if it's the only possible move or not.

    • Parallel

      @Lavalodon G An obvious cheater from Indonesia got reported by GothamChess on chess.com and his account was suspended and now Indonesians are mad

    • Lavalodon G
      Lavalodon G

      What’s the hate from?

  • Fares 610
    Fares 610

    Why is there 29k dislike ?🤨

    • just pussy
      just pussy

      @rich jal a cheater got banned and make hoax about levy, so many people dislike him coz the hoax

    • rich jal
      rich jal

      @Jakub Wójcik Cheater? Wdym

    • Jakub Wójcik
      Jakub Wójcik

      Because 3rd worlders from indonesia are mad that some indonesian cheater got banned XD

  • Grace Miao
    Grace Miao

    i’m so confused why are there so many dislikes???

    • Rosish

      He accused an indonesian player of being a cheater (they got banned). That player's son then posted on facebook that his father is a "retired professional" chess champion, and that his account got banned because Gotham's community massreported his account. Though you can't find his name anywhere in any records, so the chances he is telling the truth is pretty slim. The biggest reason he got banned is that his entire chess.com profile is very sketchy. New account, insane winrate, 10-15 seconds spent on every move no matter if it's the only possible move or not. After that, a lot of indonesians got pissed and decided to form a mob and massdislike Gotham's youtube channel.

    • Florin Gheorghe
      Florin Gheorghe

      So, Levy played a guy on stream. This guy was sus af for being a cheater: new account, insane win ratio, huge rating in rapid but small in blitz and bullet, crazy accuracy. This guy beat Levy, Levy's followers mass-reported him and he got banned by chess.com. Some time later, his son said that the owner of the account is a professional player, he can't handle short time formats, hence the small blitz rating, but he is good at rapid. So now, all the Indonesians (this guy was from Indonesia) are angry and mass disliking Levy, even tough it's not his fault and that guy really seemed to be a cheater

    • Jimothy Pickens
      Jimothy Pickens

      Basically Levy played a game against an Indonesian on chess.com and lost. Levy thought the Indonesian was cheating but apparently, they’re a 60 year old former tournament winner who plays a lot with bots and writes down their moves on paper to analyse later, explaining why they play like a bot and why they take 5-10 seconds between moves. How believable this is I’ll leave to you. As a result, a bunch of Indonesians disliked Levy’s vids, after the Indonesian took to Facebook to defend himself. Also Levy got a bunch of controversy for allegedly encouraging cancel culture with his ‘expose the cheaters’ episodes, but it looks like he’s taken them down

    • Beregond Ibram
      Beregond Ibram

      Some Indonesians got tilted because of cc ban. Don't concerns yourself with it

    • Tahmeed Chowdhury
      Tahmeed Chowdhury

      Gotham played against a cheater from Indonesia, who got banned after their game together by chess.com. The cheater went on to make this huge bogus post about how it was his 'father', an alleged retired professional chess player, who was playing on the account. After that, thousands of Indonesians have been disliking his videos and have been attacking him on his socials, because they just blindly believed the bullshit story the cheater made up.

  • Citizen 645
    Citizen 645

    These Indonesians really back up their countrymen, even when their countrymen are cheaters


    Why does this video has more dislikes than likes even tho the video is great

  • Abraham Li
    Abraham Li

    Why is the like to dislike ratio so bad

  • Arka 2905 CH
    Arka 2905 CH

    About gotham chess and Dewa kipas. With translate indonesia/english jadi gini guys... tentang dewa kipas , mereka udah damai sama gotham chess, alasan dewa kipas ke banned karena dari sistem bot anti cheat ... para bot tersebut mengira kalau dewa kipas bermain dengan curang padahal dewa kipas bermain jujur ... tapi sekarang dewa kipas dan gotham chess sudah damai ... pak dadang atau si dewa kipas ini udah nyuruh para netizen dimohon agar tidak menghujat lagi. Translate english So guys ... about Dewa kipas, they are already at peace with gotham chess, the reason Dewa kipas are banned because of the anti-cheat bot system ... the bots think that Dewa kipas are playing fraudulently even though Dewa kipas are playing honestly ... but Now the Dewa kipas and gotham chess are peaceful ... Mr. Dadang or this Dewa kipas have told netizens to be begged not to blaspheme again.

  • Pent A
    Pent A

    Can someone explain what is going on in this comment section? What is with this outrage? Levy is a good man so what is all this from Indonesia?

  • Satvik Sharma
    Satvik Sharma

    Can't stop laughing at the brigading attempts

  • Malcolm Mckenzie
    Malcolm Mckenzie

    Can anyone explain what the duck is happening?

  • Zane Trante
    Zane Trante

    I'm from Indonesian I'm sorry for many bad comment I think you need to clarify what really Happened to dewa kipas.

  • jozan9

    Fuck Indonesia

    • AlIF503

      But wibu

  • John Dela Cruz
    John Dela Cruz

    As a person with Indonesian blood within me, I would like to apologize for these negative comments, and the threats that you've received across your various social media networks, not all Indonesians are like this, and please continue making content I really find them informative.

  • i NFTEW
    i NFTEW

    Imagine if every single one of us donates 1 euro to charity, 700k is a lot of money, and we are not even that many people...

  • M2 Fe
    M2 Fe

    Serang dah

  • RH 23
    RH 23

    Lapettt lapetttt

  • Roy khan
    Roy khan

    Mau silaturahmi

  • Angga Permana Putra
    Angga Permana Putra

    Lose =Report !!! Woakwoakwoakwok !! LEMAH

    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      Emang si dewa babi itu emang cheater, dasar bocil yang percaya secara buta sama Ali si anaak tolol.

  • Deni Pake i
    Deni Pake i


    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      Lu yang idiot

  • Uswan Ridho
    Uswan Ridho

    Ghotamchess idiot

    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      Lu yang idiot uswan

  • Muhammad Zaini
    Muhammad Zaini

    And You Noob 😂

    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      Dia itu IM (Internasional Master), dan lu dapet title di catur apaan? Gak ada wkwkwkwkwkkwkw

  • Ryan Rizky Akbar
    Ryan Rizky Akbar


  • Nanda Romadinda
    Nanda Romadinda


  • Nanda Romadinda
    Nanda Romadinda

    Laporkan kah gas

    • M.Naufal Fadlurrahman
      M.Naufal Fadlurrahman

      Ogah, dewa kibul udah ketauan