Funniest Moments in Gaming!
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Funniest Moments in Gaming

  • Tejas Rathi
    Tejas Rathi

    Play Human fall flat


    josh canyou make a need for speed vidow

  • ™Ꭰᥲʀκ͢☢Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ]


  • Rhythm Gaming
    Rhythm Gaming

    Sidemen should play fortnite again

  • BRANDON nova2
    BRANDON nova2

    Was that need for speed or forza horizon?



  • Archie Dennis
    Archie Dennis

    The boys need to play rainbow six siege

  • Jamie Harris
    Jamie Harris

    What is the horse riding game called cause that made me laugh 😂

  • Joel Kirkland
    Joel Kirkland

    W2s and friends react

  • CHOMP -2005
    CHOMP -2005

    React to Frankyy

  • Spark Gaming
    Spark Gaming


  • Nate Uchiha
    Nate Uchiha

    Anyone know the background music

  • Isadore Fagin
    Isadore Fagin

    The imminent baseball jelly murder because judge expectably pat notwithstanding a miscreant playground. rare, jumbled climb

  • Skit Su
    Skit Su

    What's the name of the funky song?

  • Dr. Funko
    Dr. Funko

    Bet nobody in the comments is older than 10

    • Nate Uchiha
      Nate Uchiha

      I haven't been born yet

  • Theodor Wara
    Theodor Wara


  • boondoxkid21

    The animal that was flapping was a cougar from farcry 5


    Anyone know the original video link?

  • Dxnyxble

    God still loves you it isn't to late to repent

  • Antti Syrjälä
    Antti Syrjälä

    6:54 yep, just a normal day in Fallout 4.😂😂

  • Antti Syrjälä
    Antti Syrjälä

    0:58.. by his sister

  • DCLightning314

    5:24 Redkeymon that's a name I haven't heard in years

  • AntiIock 0w
    AntiIock 0w

    1:48 the game is forza horizon 4

  • Peter Vickers
    Peter Vickers

    I remember the vid when harry smashed his chair over FIFA and the guy danced like a chicken

  • Emyli Ava
    Emyli Ava

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  • Maria Dolan
    Maria Dolan

    6:21 by the way it’s a lion

  • Al_Alemania

    Some hands

  • noel dunberg
    noel dunberg

    warzone is buy based match making not skill based

  • Sofa boy boy boy
    Sofa boy boy boy

    How can u hate rainbow six siege

    • Tyler Felts
      Tyler Felts

      No hate to them but they honestly are probably terrible at the game and just refuse to play it.

  • Troy Normans
    Troy Normans


  • Mohd Daanish Amyr Mohd Ashraff
    Mohd Daanish Amyr Mohd Ashraff

    I still to this day dont understand why harry is sooo bad at games except fifa....maybe....

  • BigRandomUn

    Happy to be watching this now and being able to eat because of Ramadan passing. (Ramadan is a blessed month with great intentions, I also like to eat food during what would be the fasting hours)

  • CHASE world of cars and series games
    CHASE world of cars and series games

    No cap i would like the sidemen too try out my favourite game called NFS Heat

  • Ethan Foster
    Ethan Foster

    The ultimate trio

  • Redilas Remuiase
    Redilas Remuiase

    The supreme gorilla subcellularly examine because t-shirt mathematically measure afore a spiteful triangle. second-hand, grouchy bomb

  • Mr Nocturnal
    Mr Nocturnal

    Big ups harry for knowing redkeymon lol dude’s a legend

  • Donovan Powell
    Donovan Powell

    Do an reaction vid to Rainbow 6 it came very far

  • Wyatt Clarke
    Wyatt Clarke

    Skyrim is way better for funny moments


    what they say: welcome to sidemen reacts what i hear:welcome to simon reacts

  • Locker-Room Dwarf
    Locker-Room Dwarf


  • ABM

    Idk they literally coulda just watched thedooo playing rainbow

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Thought Josh said oh hell nah st first

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    I have the perfect bed kinda

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Fair enough

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Rainbow 6

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Harry has some dodgey hands

  • Mr. 4ut
    Mr. 4ut🤍

  • Mr. 4ut
    Mr. 4ut❤️

  • Tyler Dunbar Talbot
    Tyler Dunbar Talbot

    Is it just me or does harry sometimes look like a grandad (and acts like one too)

  • Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey

    #wap #hungry

  • Ethan Polkey
    Ethan Polkey

    Harrys not shit people are hust arse swets

  • EMIC

    What’s the original video?

  • Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 946

    Hi god bless have a good day

  • Kolby Bounleuth
    Kolby Bounleuth

    Wait wait wait. 5:50 Harry pulled a JJ “is it a dog”

  • Isaac Spurr
    Isaac Spurr

    It’s a bear

  • JannicOMG

    the goal keeper part reminded me of karius

  • L MaskedRaccoon
    L MaskedRaccoon

    Why is no one talking about there being a 360 controller in the thumbnail!?

  • zeblossom1

    Name of the original video please?

  • S1mple

    The outdo is sickkkkk

  • Thx_Mikeboss


  • FAC ayden
    FAC ayden

    They need to react to FaZe Jev raging

  • Levi Nentwig
    Levi Nentwig

    I’m American it was a mountain lion we have them all over where I live

  • Bungas

    I find it ironic that cyberpunk works better on ps4 than on ps4. The only major problems on ps4 is framerate


    Bro did he really just say he really hates siege

  • AgentMunky

    In case anyone is wondering 3:25, 3:37, and 5:58 is from Far Cry 5, and that's a cougar. Also its a really fun game

  • Pison Sam
    Pison Sam

    0:48 Its called dexterity

  • Will Andrews
    Will Andrews

    You guys did well with this one because the original videos a stinker but you made it somewhat entertaining😂

  • kobrata

    I have a bunch of funny fifa videos

  • Oliwer Persson
    Oliwer Persson

    That is the game in 7:36?

  • Jack Nelmes
    Jack Nelmes

    The game way far cry 5

  • Clone force 99
    Clone force 99

    They need one with all of them in it

  • Bajram Fatjon
    Bajram Fatjon

    They really said rainbow six is hard 😂😂

  • tm blasian
    tm blasian

    Sidemen play vr would bang

  • AMV P-X
    AMV P-X

    Harry used to watch redkeymon???!

  • skk q
    skk q

  • Sobi

    react to Dlow(the beatboxer guy that came to sidemen talent show) and have Ksi in it as the beatbox community was offended by his attitude( even tho he was acting..but still) we wanna see an honest reaction to might as well wanna react to a bunch of other similar beatboxers as well and some battles..from swissbeatbox

  • MJ Bridges
    MJ Bridges

    Stg jj is narcoleptic

  • darko

    06:20 its a bear lmao how tf you think thats a cow lmao

  • Lewis Weatherston
    Lewis Weatherston

    I have 2100 hours in overwatch n I'm still only plat

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    3:32 this is far cry 5

  • TheMaverickJB

    Was expecting to good ol' Leroy Jenkins show up here. These were pretty decent though.

  • Ekson

    2:39 nobody talking about how they the same thing exactlt in sync aswell

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    6:16 harry and josh move their heads perfectly together

  • Lauren Josie Nemeth
    Lauren Josie Nemeth

    I feel exactly the same harry. I have tried and wish I was good at games like COD etc but I just can't play them

  • theodorus has expired us
    theodorus has expired us

    Do a sidemen plays warzone

  • FM T
    FM T

    8:33 gotta love the Irish flag popping up as a car gets blown to kingdom come.

  • SpiritualStudioss

    The game is the crew 2. Enjoy.

  • TheDwarf

    6:09 it’s a cougar


    hello fellow gamers

  • Ryan Kalan
    Ryan Kalan

    Yooo you guys have got to play Skyrim elite game

  • SkiiTz

    bruh farcry is something different

  • Sheesh Kebab
    Sheesh Kebab


  • imogen grace
    imogen grace

    I love Harry in these videos omg

  • ALPHA Adarsh - BGMI
    ALPHA Adarsh - BGMI

    Play pubg mobile

  • Aidan Green
    Aidan Green

    u guys should react to a wasdcommunity video abt rocket league. he does good vids i tell u.

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    They need to play fortnite

    • Scxr


    • Random


  • Xct8

    3rd game was The Crew

  • Hype Beast
    Hype Beast

    Simon Josh and Harry are such an underrated trio

  • Snipers Montages
    Snipers Montages


  • Tixkzy

    R6 👀😎