Conor McGregor REACTS to Machine Gun Kelly FIGHT at VMAs!
Entertainment Tonight
ET caught up with professional fighter Conor McGregor after his intense confrontation with Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday, Sept. 12.

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    Entertainment Tonight

    Check out this new angle of Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly’s scuffle on the VMAs red carpet ->

    • Kevin Keane
      Kevin Keane

      Did everyone get Audio on this video or have I done somthing wrong it's just when I turn the sound down full I can't get any sound when I try to turn it back up🤔

    • CEW MO
      CEW MO


    • FïtCãmp

      We support Conor we can do anything for him can fight anyone its gang time ,mark my word man 🤬🤬

    • Zam Nabukalu
      Zam Nabukalu

      @Tk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzaaaa

    • Heraldo Medrano
      Heraldo Medrano

      @Leo Luna fake dram

  • Sam

    These comments mane, no shit UFC professional Conor McGregor would fuck MGK up

  • Lucas Gates
    Lucas Gates

    Where her like 2 ten year old kids.where is Brian Austin green in all this.come get your soccer mom. Wth

  • alldeeznuttz inyomouf
    alldeeznuttz inyomouf

    mgk and fox is such an industry plant 🤢

  • alldeeznuttz inyomouf
    alldeeznuttz inyomouf

    ja who?

  • Christinaanna5

    Ja Rule on Fyre! Oh wait...

  • Hector Colon
    Hector Colon

    It's ja, ja can you tell us what you think at a moment like this?

  • Camilo Cardenas
    Camilo Cardenas

    what await us .

  • Na Ich halt.
    Na Ich halt.

    Conors face bloated from all the cocain amd whiskey

  • Mark A. Demaline
    Mark A. Demaline

    Pathetic junkies, everyone of 'em.

  • Playboikrill

    Conor - I don’t fight littile vanilla boy rappers

  • life with twins and a fur baby
    life with twins and a fur baby

    Looking at this vulgar celebrities I feel so bad about all those girls who are in the hands of human traffickers and had to unwillingly do such stuff which the woman proudly showing off!!

  • j toet
    j toet

    2:50 Whahahaha Were is Jaah Rule Men Jaah Jaaah hahahaha lol

  • Rabah Madini
    Rabah Madini

    Whats on MGKs face 😂😂😂

  • Iyi lombi
    Iyi lombi

    MGK 🤣wft my heart is beating so fast....but I'm okay my guards are near me..🤣🤣🤣

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    Ja rule is on MGK side dont aks me why 🤫

  • ItsJustRain

    Connor McGregor just seems like a douche who’s angry he cant win a fight anymore

  • B. B.G
    B. B.G

    Jus roomers!

  • DeStresser


  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger

    Nothing happened Machine Gun Kelly acting like a bitch this is a clear cut how the media is fooking trash!!!

  • Jacob Hamilton
    Jacob Hamilton

    Watch out for McGregor's broken fucking leg and 2 losses

  • Jacob Hamilton
    Jacob Hamilton

    You're so washed up you're like Connor McGregor talking about Connor McGregor

  • Clay W
    Clay W

    Thank God we have Ja Rule to make sense of all this.

  • Joel Childs
    Joel Childs

    Its like highschool... lol

  • Sean Hammon
    Sean Hammon

    connor needs to lay off the coke. come on connor. you got a problem man tighten up.

  • Kevin Hinojosa
    Kevin Hinojosa

    Finally we get to know what Is Rule thinks about this.

    • David Downs
      David Downs

      Great grammar 👍🏻 🤥

  • John Key's Dealer
    John Key's Dealer

    Megan looks awfully ratty these days 🤣🤣

  • keyona johnson
    keyona johnson

    They cute but the stuff coming out her mouth was actually cringe idk

  • T

    😂 These people are such freaks

  • Stash Beardsley
    Stash Beardsley

    Ja, snitches get stitches.

  • Dahami Samarathunga
    Dahami Samarathunga

    MGK looks like Howard Stern with blond hair lol...

  • KryspyKrust

    McGregor would squash Kelly so quick. He needs to take his lanky meth lookin ass home with that megan fox made of plastic. 🤮

  • Mahin Khan
    Mahin Khan

    Conor picked up the weakest dude from the crowd and he happened to be machine gun lol

  • Budak Janda Baek
    Budak Janda Baek

    Omg so embarrassing

  • Mini Grande
    Mini Grande

    We are stupid Connor you got angry over something You can't even own your own actions so stupid soon the US government won't renew your visa

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    From watching this video I don’t think McGregor even he even knows the guy

  • Julia Fox
    Julia Fox

    Shoutout to Megan Fox for protecting her girlfriend MGK. Many singers used the site *Authentic views* for views, but i'm not sure that Drake used it or not.

  • Josh Place
    Josh Place

    Ja rule ?? Didn't em kill this man ?

  • Shootingblankzz

    Mgk.kicked him in the shin, his foot was a titanium balloon

  • Amir Shahbazinia
    Amir Shahbazinia

    Who the foook is that guy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ahmed Said
    Ahmed Said

    Ja rule sitching again out there🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira

    Conor is new signing whit shady to finish EM job😂😂

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez

    I’m sorry but they’re such a fucking weird couple. Gross.


    Why conor at vma's btw?did he releasing albums?

  • Jay Andrew
    Jay Andrew

    Conor sweats better than anyone..undefeated

  • Hassan Waleed
    Hassan Waleed

    Whats mcgregor doing there?

  • yenzel tv
    yenzel tv

    Ja rule nitch

  • Joker Brain
    Joker Brain

    Conor just seems thirsty for Megan with his girl there, but Fox only dates winners these days

  • joeolcay

    Still dun get it how Megan end up wid this guy … dayum… he must have goldballs or smthn

  • Ferd San
    Ferd San


  • H

    All those fvckin cameras and you're telling me not a single person got a video of the fight?! Wtf man

  • Just Will
    Just Will

    Rapper JA who? The goof who tried to rip thousands of people off.

  • jimmy cricket
    jimmy cricket

    These people are ridiculous. Somebody should tell them.

  • somebody

    Plot twist: Conor just slipped by mistake, and people thought he wanna punch MGK. LOL 🥺🤣

  • gear grinding
    gear grinding

    No fight gezz click bait

  • The Antagonist
    The Antagonist

    Conor:I don’t even know the guy except he is with megan fox Also conor:I don’t fight with rap boys 🤣 Conor such a dumb moron

  • Cian Doyle
    Cian Doyle

    wow source straight from ja rule. most trusted man in the world

  • Bob Daniels
    Bob Daniels

    Conor thought it was Logan Paul - FACTS

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Fake rapper vs real man

  • Schoolboy Terrance
    Schoolboy Terrance

    1:13 at this very moment.. mgk became pussy

  • Elmer Herrera
    Elmer Herrera

    Mcgregor gave him a new name...WGK, Water Gun Kelly 🤣🤣

  • Дк

    Did she just say rapper Mgk😂😂😂


    Can we get a celebrity fight between the 2 please? I mean a hard ass rapper gangster, should be able to hold his own right.

  • Help.

    Hi 👋 I comment on every video

  • Jeremiahzzz Real
    Jeremiahzzz Real

    Lets be reall how tf is mgk get any pussy the man looks like a bird

  • The Exterminator
    The Exterminator

    Conor McGregor that friend who keeps fucking up a good night out

  • Tony Parra
    Tony Parra


  • Wendy Lynch
    Wendy Lynch

    Megan is minging


    Room full of narcissists .

    • Wendy Lynch
      Wendy Lynch


  • Alex G
    Alex G

    I thibk mgk would give McGregor the beats

  • Brian Wilhelm
    Brian Wilhelm

    Plastic surgery is ugly af. These show business folks belong in a mental hospital. What does that say about the brain-numbed fans who idolize them 😳

  • Sharon 2708
    Sharon 2708


  • Brian Wilhelm
    Brian Wilhelm

    Megan Fox looks fookin horrible 😳🤪

    • Wendy Lynch
      Wendy Lynch

      Yes finally someone agrees with me

  • DZ Malekvali
    DZ Malekvali

    J rule go fix your focking teeth

  • Dee Chandler
    Dee Chandler

    Ashanti cold af!!😍😍

  • emraan hashmi
    emraan hashmi

    American culture 😄😆

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Thats a nasty infection on his face might want to get that checked out .

  • AnUnapologeticApologist

    Something tells me Megan is in Connor's DMs

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald

    Wtf is he doing there

  • John Batterton
    John Batterton

    She looks all drugged out. And try's to hard to convince the world that she is so happy. She just doesn't look happy to me.

  • Craig Maloney
    Craig Maloney

    (sigh) McGregor desperately trying to remain relevant. Sad.

  • SeymourColumbus

    Squirt Gun Kelly isn’t a rapper anymore- Eminem killed that noise!

  • Yeller Heller
    Yeller Heller

    Ja Rule looking side to side making sure Em 50 and D12 aint around...... Slapped Ja into retirement Slapped MGK into punk

  • Pebri Ziosandy
    Pebri Ziosandy

    He's gonna break his ankle again

  • Michael McMillin
    Michael McMillin

    Conor would've wrecked him

  • David Howe
    David Howe

    How the fuck is ja rule still a thing in 2021

  • ASAP windows
    ASAP windows

    Megan calls her man a boy lol

  • Pauds McMack
    Pauds McMack

    Why is Conor even there

  • Crazy TRK
    Crazy TRK

    The F happen to Machine Gun Kelly XD Look like a fruit cake the F


    Machine gun Kelly your girl love you for your money, how cant you tell .

  • Isla Rory
    Isla Rory

    I actually thought ja rule might of said something for some clout... my bad

  • Jeremiah Huffman
    Jeremiah Huffman

    Publicity stunt, good show fellow Irish man ;)

  • Oblivion & Criterion OFFICIAL
    Oblivion & Criterion OFFICIAL

    He told him....Bruva tell meggy conner will see her later mate

  • RealRavenCorps

    Is the guy with Megan Fox in the Back Street Boys?

  • blonde chick
    blonde chick

    I can’t stand Mgk. He thinks his shiz don’t stink. No one can stand him!

  • Jordan McIntosh
    Jordan McIntosh

    0:12 EARL said NOPE. .

  • Sabre F4i
    Sabre F4i

    All the shit and drama that's going on with the world and these clowns are parading around like prima donna it's disgusting