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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

  • Rad Tad
    Rad Tad

    the fuck did they do to smuckers

  • Слава акулов
    Слава акулов

    i watch this video in to russia

  • humbleprobe

    if somebody didn't already do this then i'll make two fun facts about aussie companies fun fact 1: dunkin donuts here in australia is actually called donut king fun fact 2: burger king in australia is called hungry jacks

  • Fundane Gaming
    Fundane Gaming

    Honestly with Dunkin’ Donuts changing their name to just dunkin it will probably sound like a clothing store to those who have no idea what they do

  • Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
    Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers

    Hey guys anyone want some ' I'll pay!

  • Miro Heartech
    Miro Heartech

    Where Can i buy that t-shirt? Also im disappointed for the lack of raid shadowlegends


    we need a part 2 for this please 😭

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis

    These new logos all make me feel like I'm going back-to-school shopping

  • The masked engineer
    The masked engineer

    I saw a Dunkin’ Donuts just say dunkin and I got physically angry

  • ya boi
    ya boi

    Hold the fuck up the chair he used for the car seat is the same one i have at my desk

  • ButterknifeSwordsman

    take the shares and share them with everyone

  • MackenziePerrault

    This guy definitely watches Sam Hyde

  • Jaltair’s Creed
    Jaltair’s Creed

    I saw you in the warpath ad and you were just yourself and all your hilarious when your that way translation you were perfect and awesome

  • Glitch Remix
    Glitch Remix

    For anyone who cares, Anno Domni is Latin for, "Year of our Lord."


    is it bad that Jon tron made a good animal planet logo

  • Kole Westerman
    Kole Westerman

    Have you heard of a movie called Ratatouille

  • BornAsAGamer

    Why the hell are you in a warpath ad

  • John Veril Oyson
    John Veril Oyson

    I knew what I was expecting when I saw Apple, but I didn't think it would be that funny.

  • Artur mugan
    Artur mugan

    I came here to say, what’s with you appearing in warpath adds?

  • Sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
    Sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    WHAT IS THIS I saw jontron on an advert for warpath and thought I was tripping balls lol

  • Ghost 213
    Ghost 213

    How did i miss this video

  • Identity_ Shadow
    Identity_ Shadow

    Annnnnd jon is gone AGAIN

  • Inky Black
    Inky Black

    *Shows Warner Bro. Logo for an example* *Warner Bro. Ad pops up immediately* Stonks

  • Kingjohn917 ,
    Kingjohn917 ,

    Let's go to '

  • LeoGio

    I actually had a dunkin ex… president? Chairman? Some previous dunkin higher up came to our school and explained how they did a survey and the reason they changed the logo was bc people only said dunkin not the donut part and it pissed me off. Although he did give us books and metal straws

  • charlie bareiro
    charlie bareiro

    you drink donuts???

  • Aaron FromWesternMass
    Aaron FromWesternMass

    Christian Movies youtube channel.... enjoy.

  • ALittleCuppaTea

    As soon as the Warner Bros logos came up I got a Warner Bros ad and the logo looked even worse than both of the other logos

  • Gábor Benedek
    Gábor Benedek

    I would love some '

  • Roblox Ninja
    Roblox Ninja

    Old is more detailed then the new one. New one is too simple and has no efforts in it.

  • Kamryn Rai
    Kamryn Rai

    Jonathon tron can't whistle

  • Patrick Wilk Mortensen
    Patrick Wilk Mortensen

    I just love to imagine that the companys in this video are watching this video, and is really getting pissed

  • poker454

    What getting rid of all the liberal arts majors does to a corporation

  • CerebralAilment

    Can't believe I didn't watch the last 3 minutes until now. Bravo Carl WIlson!

  • Suilujz

    G A P

  • Scott Winfrey
    Scott Winfrey

    I wonder how many fans accidentally run into him while he's out filming skits on the street like that.

  • Donald's Thumb
    Donald's Thumb

    Can we get a jaques update?

  • Reality Champion
    Reality Champion

    CAN WE PLEASE CUT A BOAT IN HAL TOGTHER ? I got the costs too

  • logan wirth
    logan wirth

    Nice ending atleast he wasn't tackled or something lol feels like most things in public with this show are rehearsed but um not that "let's just go for it" lol love the video

  • Lil Bean
    Lil Bean

    Where is jaque

  • Sahill Sekhon
    Sahill Sekhon

    Jon I miss you jon where are you jon?

  • Nick Widmer
    Nick Widmer

    Ive never been on a NYC street that quiet, probably because I shot a man on 5th avenue

  • Xzoa


  • Copper Sponge
    Copper Sponge

    I was born In 2008 and I remember seeing the first animal planet logo on tv Wtf?

  • Raminmin

    Imagine if Jon tron changed his channel pfp to that logo he made

  • Frog With Hat
    Frog With Hat

    his look hasnt changed in 7 years.. anyone could remember him

  • Ricky Raaccoon
    Ricky Raaccoon

    Man. Just say him in a warpath advertisement on ISdowns

  • Donkey Butt
    Donkey Butt

    I haven't watched this channel for about 5 yrs I stop following it when I had to work overtime and just simply forgot about until now, so I'm asking does he still have that bird in his videos, is it even still alive, because I thought those kinds of birds can live a very long time? Jw that's all thanks have a great day! 🦜 🐦🎥

  • Frostbite


  • JudgeDread

    Woah now Jon your gonna spoil us 3 posts in 3 months!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The rainbow apple logo works well today

  • Reece Evans
    Reece Evans

    I saw a warpath add, and u know what I’m talking abt… u sell out 😂

  • kewl Boi
    kewl Boi

    CAAAAWFEEEE: The Simple Straight Foward CAWFEE place. A must have for wall-street, high efficency, share sell, share sell, share sell, individual. We only have 2 drinks. CAWFEE. and MOTHERFUCKING CAWFEE.

  • Ruan de meneses
    Ruan de meneses

    4:09 cameraman lauthing hahahahahahaaa

  • mr_toasty

    Eh john you good i haven't seen you upload lately

  • Angelus Ramos
    Angelus Ramos

    Sell me a life’s whatever t-shirt

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Why do so many logos look like testicles?

  • Melchor Maldonado
    Melchor Maldonado

    Bodunkin donuts

  • AP0K 45
    AP0K 45

    Animal blanket

  • semcoster _
    semcoster _

    We need the old intro 🥺

  • Aaron Justice
    Aaron Justice

    Is there a VPN that makes it look like I only look at nonbinary furry porn so if the commies take over they think im one of them?

  • Be Mercado
    Be Mercado

    The stop gap ❌ Stop the gap ✅

  • Halfbug 981
    Halfbug 981

    You forgot the S in the logo

  • Abiz4shiZ

    I'm down to get some '

  • Collin Fox
    Collin Fox

    Its that magical time between uploads when you not quite sure if Jon will bless us mortals once again with his content, or if he must return to Mt. Olympus to recuperate

  • Ethereal 0927
    Ethereal 0927

    React to flex seal max please

  • Listeno Grapdi
    Listeno Grapdi

    Come on, Jon!

  • hee-hee

    Adobe wtf.

  • Candy_ ApplesGacha
    Candy_ ApplesGacha

    The shirt is genius



  • Mark 13
    Mark 13

    Thank you sir

  • Merdic Magic
    Merdic Magic

    I mean it represents our society: -uninspired, boring and minimalistic aNd NoT oFfEnSivE

  • The Cool Guy
    The Cool Guy

    That guy at the end seemed pretty cool

  • Natjo

    For a company that sells products for designers, Adobe sure as fuck doesn’t have any competent designers on their team

  • GhostLee

    11:32, now this is why I watch jontron

  • Asher Sedwick
    Asher Sedwick

    Ik as soon as I watch a Jon trot vid that I’m gonna be dying laughing

  • ethan spaziani
    ethan spaziani

    I would totally buy that JonTron shirt

  • Riley Richardson
    Riley Richardson

    Imagine if Jon had seen the Dunkin' cups that just say "Dnkn'"

  • Emulated Excitement (Kanawha County WX)
    Emulated Excitement (Kanawha County WX)

    Hey all, Scott's back.

  • trogdorstrngbd

    With a little work that Animal Planet tusk is actually a great idea.

  • Stoned Viking
    Stoned Viking

    What in the hell takes you so long to make videos?

  • Valeri Petkov
    Valeri Petkov

    Flex tape 3!

  • Martin Labbad
    Martin Labbad

    he sounds like nathan lane if he was gamer/youtuber

  • DiamondCalibre

    The Smuckers new logo looks like a goddamn health insurance company or investment firm what the fuck

  • Vincent Black
    Vincent Black

    What is confusing in street logos, when you can see the whole assortment through the glass? It's like putting a banana sticker with "banana" word on banana so nobody is confused what fruit it is and what is it's name. Plus big companies makes logos simpler, because they have good recognition. When logo is simpler and name shorter, you can make it a little bigger on the street side and it is readable from a distance. Complaining about it is like complaining that people use shorts like lol or wtf, because you can't say what it means unless you learn it. Everybody knows this shortcuts, when you see lol you immediately know what it is, reading or typing "That makes me laught so loudand" will take extra time and space, it's ineffective. Those companies ale known worldwide so you can as well use circle for logo, if nobody else uses it ;) . When you put a color on this circle and start using branding and start promoting people will known what it means anyway. When you have poor company with no recognition at all, then making complex logo and long name make sense. But only if for example single shop in whole country. But when you want to start promoting it, this will only make the process harder. There is another story to it. Some time ago people loved decorations because adding decorations was costly and make things looks less ordinary. For example furniture. There are still some tendencies from this times. Now people want product with best quality, decorations are cheap. When brand is solid and expansive this will make products more valuable, not putting details in every corner and making long names. Fonts that allows fastest reading are most often sans-sherif, especially when you use screen. Do you want to have fancy complex font, so you know that text is about cooking, because it uses "culinary font" or do you want to read triple as much durning a day? Anyway, you can put anything in people's mind and make them think that it's valuable or wrong. Dissonance comes from schooling system witch have a hard time catching up with changes in modern world and is based around tradition and authority. Few dacades will pass and probably nobody will miss the old extra world or some extras in logo, it will feel like unnecessary addon. Teams responsible for making changes in big brands have solid market research and many arguments for their decision. It's not like a random guy enters the meeting and puts idea which he made few minutes ago and everybody agree to implement it. Rules are simple: if changes make cash flow, then decision is right. There is less and lessplace in this world for a rigid people with fixed views and opinions. Anyway those are my loose thought. Hope someone after reading them can make his own conclusions, maybe more accurate than mine.

    • Vincent Black
      Vincent Black

      I must agree that Adobe icons are confusing. They are kinda ok because you can easily tell, which icon is under Adobe brand but when you start using more software and icons starts to have similar colors, that leads to many miss-clicks.

  • Pip The Penguin
    Pip The Penguin

    The 2008 animal planet logo is so memorable to me because that'd be the only thing I'd watch other than DianeyJr or something like that...

  • KrimsonQuincely0

    Jon should review the cubii which is like a sit and work out thing i thought fit jons types of videos

  • Monkey_Gamer


  • Jack Bowman
    Jack Bowman

    "It looks like the Michelin Man if he was a burn victim" that caught me so off guard but darn if I didn't straight up guffaw

  • ThisIsAVeryOriginalChannelName


  • hnutor gaming
    hnutor gaming

    John there’s a new bubsy game for the ps4

  • chef frosty
    chef frosty


  • Halo

    Life is good went from "Life Is Good" to "'S Aight"

  • Duncan from Wyoming
    Duncan from Wyoming

    Donuts do make me cool. I feel attacked...

  • Sam Arnold
    Sam Arnold

    The last 10 seconds of the video was the best part.

  • Nubby Need
    Nubby Need

    The second he showed the Warner brother logo I got an ad for a Warner brothers movie

  • Jaydee 8652
    Jaydee 8652

    Redesign your logo, we know what we’re doing, we are here to help you, everything is connected.

  • Raccoon God
    Raccoon God

    magic eye puzzle is waves lol

  • Geared Up Octo
    Geared Up Octo

    Idk why but when I clicked on this video again, it was right at the spot where Jon calls me an idiot and wrong.