First Day for the Newbies and Rashford Misses Jesse Already! | Player Arrivals | Inside Access
The England squad arrive at St George's Park ahead of their upcoming fixtures with Croatia and Spain, and Marcus Rashford is already missing his pal Jesse!

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  • Kamran Ali
    Kamran Ali

    I swear down every player has got gucci bag or suitcase Hahaha 😝

  • Man United
    Man United

    I​ am​ handsome​

  • Nia🥀

    When Marcus realised Jesse wasn’t there he looked like he was about to cry

  • Jeon Jungguk
    Jeon Jungguk

    can someone say who’s this women? like where they were entering the building and hugging this women

  • Carter ryk
    Carter ryk

    jadon packing then diors

  • Miss Ellé McManus
    Miss Ellé McManus

    Mason asking if there’s food when he turns up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sophia

    Where was Jesse Lingard?

  • katie


  • Reissthebeast Gaming
    Reissthebeast Gaming

    Come on England

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly

    Kyle is so corny.

  • Jackie Bear
    Jackie Bear

    Jadon is so cute 🥰

    • plain jane x
      plain jane x

      He’s adorable bless his soul

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly

    Sancho is so sweet and lovable.

  • Jordine Dombele
    Jordine Dombele

    Why do they have to give their trainers ???

  • Nurul Shazwani
    Nurul Shazwani

    Shout out to Mason Mount !! 😍😍

  • Helen shaw
    Helen shaw

    She loves kisses with the player s 😂

  • qiks1x

    jesse isnt all rashford missed

  • Yaz Beautygirl101
    Yaz Beautygirl101

    Who arrived with Sancho? Also what was wrong with Jlings at the time?

    • Hebeh Heh
      Hebeh Heh

      reiss nelson and he didnt get called up

  • Nsunsa Kinzinga
    Nsunsa Kinzinga

    Play sacho

  • Laone Diseko
    Laone Diseko

    Here after Sancho signs for UNITED

    • Patience Ramanamane
      Patience Ramanamane

      Me too. Rashy and he soon to be doing a madness at United. Who knew? 🙌😊

  • fffancy 03
    fffancy 03

    mount is cute

  • AdamEvans

    Who’s here when it’s Euros 2020 & Mount has won the UCL 😭😭

  • Rahimi _7
    Rahimi _7

    Barkley looks like John cena

  • Razz0r ric
    Razz0r ric

    Love this young team

  • Chulo G
    Chulo G

    Jadon & Marcus were meant to play together

  • Blue

    who is the women welcoming every players

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    The FA seems more interested in diversity than winning trophies.

    • XOCFC

      youre weird

  • musafir channel
    musafir channel


  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang

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  • JeanMarc Delmolino
    JeanMarc Delmolino

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  • mike jordan cryface
    mike jordan cryface

    Why she huggin up on all dem like that 😭😭

  • Dafydd Davies
    Dafydd Davies

    How is joe Gomez there. He’s a fifa card

  • Aavash Thakuri
    Aavash Thakuri

    Why were they giving away their boots? Someone explain to me please !

  • Dino Robinson
    Dino Robinson

    I want to play for this country in the future

  • realg 4life
    realg 4life

    Lingard😟 dele Ali😖 Harry kane😫 phil foden😢

  • たらたや、た、gmgwg.


  • Rajput Durgpal
    Rajput Durgpal

    Looks like Kyle Walker is on vaccation

  • Ye Heain
    Ye Heain

    Can anyone tell me what's the meaning behind everyone hand over their boots?

  • Alex


  • Aryan Barve
    Aryan Barve

    Did anyone else notice James Maddison carrying Leicester City bag also Southampton one I don’t know his name

  • Rez Irvani
    Rez Irvani

    What was Eric Dier doing 🤣

  • Thabiso Mourel
    Thabiso Mourel

    Why are they collecting the boots and shinpads?

  • Jacob Dobbins
    Jacob Dobbins

    The dream

  • Louis Nunn
    Louis Nunn

    Who tf is that at 5:22

  • Zak Soualmi
    Zak Soualmi

    Who was the the player walking in at 15:21

  • Sean Hanley
    Sean Hanley

    deadest vid in the world

  • Alpha

    What are the shoes called exactly at 4:49 ?

  • Alpha

    Can anyone please tell me what is the shoes name at 4:49 ?

  • kni

    Time to bring back lingard

  • Moin_786 Gaming
    Moin_786 Gaming

    Yo neymar sunny innit

  • Laksh Virk
    Laksh Virk

    Whats the name of the player at 4:12

  • Ryan Hannigan
    Ryan Hannigan

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  • Leoul Ghetnet
    Leoul Ghetnet

    They all have the same bags

  • Ayodeji Atunrase
    Ayodeji Atunrase

    Why does ben chillwell look like a 12 year old😂

    • ANAS Sharif
      ANAS Sharif

      I Also Wondered 😂😂

  • Ayodeji Atunrase
    Ayodeji Atunrase

    The way that lady hugged rashford was pretty sus😂

  • BD

    Mount and Sancho looked starstruck when Rashford walked in lol

  • conor kirkman
    conor kirkman

    All these ballers r millionaires and r still carrying around 1 pound plastic bags 😂

  • Sopiha Grace
    Sopiha Grace

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  • Kylie_Jenner

    8:49 ay Kyle what’s going on here 🥴

  • Emmanuel Obiegbu
    Emmanuel Obiegbu

    4:43-4:48 was low-key awkward

  • HANG 17
    HANG 17

    Now Harry Maguire with Marcus Rashford is teammate🔴

  • Adamrrrrr

    Kyle is actually like the most entertaining English football personality there is isn’t he. Loved him on training days

  • Sopiha Grace
    Sopiha Grace

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  • Noah Kenny
    Noah Kenny

    Jaden sancho such a nice guy

  • Itz NateZino
    Itz NateZino

    What’s the name of that women who always greets them when they are inside

  • Oscar Hicks
    Oscar Hicks

    Even rage ems handshakes are like how he runs 😂😂

  • Austin Chy
    Austin Chy


  • Magic Kicks
    Magic Kicks

    Such likeable group of guys. Really excited to see these guys in Qatar 2022 !

  • Karan united
    Karan united

  • Dan Skizza
    Dan Skizza

    They all have the same hair cut pretty much 🤣🤣 there really not the superstars they think they are 🙄 especially Pickford

  • Pomeo
    Pomeo lanzarote ..

  • Hieu Võ
    Hieu Võ

    Jesse is trash, why is he even a footballer?

  • Ryan Yim
    Ryan Yim

    3:35 we miss u jessie :(

  • A Black Man
    A Black Man

    You can see Sancho really likes Rashford.

  • Franck Jerry
    Franck Jerry

  • Score

    Guys anyone see lingard

  • Mari Sappleton
    Mari Sappleton

    Rashford walking in like a real G 😂😂😂

  • jezza

    Why did he look so disappointed 😂😂😂😂4:18

  • Fantasy Football League
    Fantasy Football League

    Ronaldo vs Lewandowski

  • Snaker Mafia
    Snaker Mafia

    Just a few more years and Greenwood will join in

  • Chris Thompson Gaming
    Chris Thompson Gaming

    Enhlandis dp bad

  • Hadhi

    One lucky woman.

  • Semere Manchawi
    Semere Manchawi

    Wait maguire with lecester's bag

  • Fujitsu 2000
    Fujitsu 2000

    That girl at reception loves a cuddle lol

  • zein

    Everybody say about rashford "where's Jesse" but I can't find it where rashford say that

  • Le Quoc Thinh
    Le Quoc Thinh

    Rashford with all smiles

    • s4m1 k104
      s4m1 k104

      He'll be happier when sancho is at man utd

  • James Winny
    James Winny

    England is sooooo talented, how they manage not to win all these international tournaments is beyond me.


    I think England has the most quantity of first team players anywhere in the world

  • realmadrid1000

    No more handshakes like these after corona sadly 😢

  • Alvin Suffian
    Alvin Suffian

    Manchester United really like the talented England nationals 2019 only harry maguire and aaron wan bissaka.2020 jadon sancho will join United and Henderson will return to united after 2 years with a very interesting performance.United fully with talented England nationals.United have many great talent for England team.😊

  • Finhas Legesse
    Finhas Legesse

    Is it just me or are mount and sancho ignoring each other

  • Made Sumertha
    Made Sumertha

    goodluck trent joe and hando !

  • XboxDom

    Who’s watching in 2020?

  • Brad Horn
    Brad Horn

    Poor camera man never gets an answer

  • Gene H Suh
    Gene H Suh

    Where is Lingardinho?

  • Katie Gillen
    Katie Gillen

    Does the woman annoy anyone else

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Crikey they are pampered...

  • Viktor Borgos
    Viktor Borgos

    why are they taking the boots?

  • Andri Jacob
    Andri Jacob

    I don't know, why all player so serious? No chemistry... Maybe EPL so competitive.. I hope england can win world cup..

  • Zayyan


  • ahmed jobs
    ahmed jobs

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