I Skipped 7,200 Hours Because I'm Lazy in IdleOn
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As with all things, the answer is more damage. I forced my army of underlings to rack up upgrades and gain profit in this idle adventure. Maybe being a powerful overlord is the key to my success.

  • DangerouslyFunny

    Play Legends of IdleOn! on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1476970/Legends_of_IdleOn__Idle_MMO Or Download on Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lavaflame.MMO

    • 🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆
      🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆

      It took me over 3 weeks to get level 10 mining

    • Overrated

      @cherrylyn bayani i doubt that there are poeple who play for moths and use money and are only like lv 70

    • Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper

      @Lava Flame2 Haha

    • Grim Reaper
      Grim Reaper

      Meh I already have this game

    • cherrylyn bayani
      cherrylyn bayani

      Me who just played it's week ago and lvl 100 without using money

  • John Bakuri
    John Bakuri

    11:41 How you get so many diamonts?

  • Savvy Lion
    Savvy Lion

    I really wish this would of turned into a series. Can I get a like?

  • MegaDarthvadar

    I miss NotAnIdiot :(

  • Michael Fade
    Michael Fade

    This game looks alot like maplestory... Like.. lawsuit levels..

  • 🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆
    🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆

    You have to many time candys

  • 🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆
    🍆Cloud and Cookies 🍆

    I started playing this game ages ago also how do I have so ma my time candys!!!!?!!!!?!!

  • vlad anton
    vlad anton

    i deal more damage then u noob

  • Skenjin

    You might love the flash idle Anti-Idle

  • Zorgdub

    It's painful to watch him play so poorly.

  • Leonardo Ganhão
    Leonardo Ganhão

    yo lava if you see this comment send me 500 candies each as well & Sanyazin thank you homie

  • Snowfield

    Sry but that Feels incredible bad when you Failed by skilling and let everything lay on the ground. the cards are very Important. And your Dmg is the Same like my ranger at lv 20....

  • Gaming With Ivan
    Gaming With Ivan

    I'm trying to figure out how you got all those candies you didn't explain

  • 16thnote Gaming
    16thnote Gaming

    As a midgame no-life with my most used character a lv. 59 jman, this really hurt to watch

  • 16thnote Gaming
    16thnote Gaming

    Oh shit, on of my favourite games is on this channel? Damn

  • MynameisKHOA

    Where did u get that much candy?

    • I L
      I L

      was sponsored

  • getrekt

    Just auto and wait 69 years you get billions of gains

  • poke noob 909
    poke noob 909

    Part 2 pls

  • Hugo Norling
    Hugo Norling

    was 1h like 15minutes in the game

  • Ev Gaming
    Ev Gaming

    Play more of this, it’s awesome

  • Reviancy Lianah
    Reviancy Lianah

    Watching this video as level 14 player on idleon is painful.

  • Guard Of Rome
    Guard Of Rome

    it hurt to watch this video.

  • darrent alvinno li
    darrent alvinno li

    If u want skip time Gold U need Time candy And Iron Pickaxe

  • Alexsandro Bolduan
    Alexsandro Bolduan

    What tha shit?!

  • Japheth Tlantulien
    Japheth Tlantulien

    i literally spend 4 hours on this game in one day lol

  • Person Baba
    Person Baba

    Umm bad news, to have an axe like "that guy" you have to be a warrior.

  • Marco S
    Marco S

    you play like a noob with alot of money

  • Spyqui

    I watched till the end just to know how a new player had so much loot lmao

  • glitch games
    glitch games

    Dude your the worst player I have ever seen other than me when I started playing

  • DevonsTooMuch

    why is this basically maplestory 😂

  • Alex Caffri
    Alex Caffri

    I love this Dev’s games

  • hju edr
    hju edr

    The shrill mini-skirt unknowingly excite because seeder thoracically kick outside a pathetic cultivator. upset, stale peace

  • MasterOfGames

    id did not know nor expect to see df playing an mmorpg out of all games

  • Dual Gladius
    Dual Gladius

    Who added a texture pack to pre-BB maplestory 🤨

  • PeteOnFire

    Any experienced Idleon players : "TF ARE YOU DOING???"

    • Ninja Ender12H21
      Ninja Ender12H21

      @Saneees ty for the info Im now level 41 on main

    • Uzayr


    • Saneees

      @Ninja Ender12H21most of idleon is researching stuff and being afk

    • Ninja Ender12H21
      Ninja Ender12H21

      Teach me play Im to lazy to check wiki

  • kingofdoggos

    time to donwload and maybe binge this game to tommorow morning at 8am

  • Reactivity Series
    Reactivity Series

    watching hijm use 2 days worth of candy without gaining anything gave me cancer, i cant with it ooof

  • Mehistro Azhe
    Mehistro Azhe

    Fun fact, the unedited version of this video is actually 7,218h:24m long.

  • ryan tan
    ryan tan

    Can u make more videos on this gam

  • bannana lord
    bannana lord


  • death trap23
    death trap23

    How did you get the candy

  • Alban Bell-Suveg
    Alban Bell-Suveg

    How did he get all the time candy?

  • ItsViktor

    How did u get so many time candy?

  • The Real Ati
    The Real Ati

    how did you got all of this candys?

  • ayden Maxwell
    ayden Maxwell

    Lavaflame2 is my man

  • Yeetlord Entertainment
    Yeetlord Entertainment

    Ngl Amarock is broken. I easily did over 25k damage with my pyro build, but his healing is annoying as fuck

  • Doodle Jumper
    Doodle Jumper

    That wand is one of the weakest weapons in the game

  • Destin Frank
    Destin Frank

    click on the sewer in the town

  • nefarious k
    nefarious k

    ......so i guess u are sponsored so u get all those amazing AFK CANDIES??! =0

  • Joseph O'neill
    Joseph O'neill

    And here i thought he was gping to tell us how to get all those sweat sweat candys

    • Saneees

      He got sponsored by the game creator and given all that sweat sweat candy

  • theresult Dasen
    theresult Dasen

    I afked 3 accounts on copper,froglegs and gold

  • Jhett Jones
    Jhett Jones

    Lava + DF isn't something I ever expected to have to deal with, and I'm not psychologically prepared.

  • Hots Katana
    Hots Katana

    Not pay to win?

  • Sussy buoy
    Sussy buoy

    No wonder lava sponsored him lmao

  • 1One1

    What I want to know is... how much actual cash would you need to spend to get that much Time Candy?

  • enrico florentino
    enrico florentino

    i want more of this

  • Bryson Thurman
    Bryson Thurman

    Gow did u get the candys

  • MonkeyboyGWW

    Wow 30% more damage! and 30% of 8 is, 8.3. Yes well spent talent point

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    oh man watching how he plays is so frustrating, i know he doesnt understand it but still >.>

  • widowmainbtw (widowmainbtw)
    widowmainbtw (widowmainbtw)

    he got farther than me in a day than i could in a year

  • Templar679

    Wish I had that many time candy's 😭

  • Gavin Cork
    Gavin Cork

    How did u get the candies

  • Fabiana Cavalcante
    Fabiana Cavalcante

    I know lava comented here i just neet to search...

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog

    I like how the dev is just chilling in the comments lol

  • Eternalvagabond

    am i the only one who found this actually painful to watch knowing that ppl with think that his talent point allotment is something that you should do ?

  • DemolisherMan

    Only DF can get away with using warrior stats on a mage character


    This is freaking cheating 😭😭

  • Contra 502
    Contra 502

    This looks like ghetto Maplestory...

  • Hollowstarfire

    Aw man, I wanted to download it but it’s not on the App Store

  • Cheri Johnson
    Cheri Johnson

    ima type random thing (help run google took take hook spent over $5,049,000,000 on click months)

  • TomDog200

    watching this video hurt me on the inside. All the waste. All the pain. He has so much but treats it as so little.


    Just wanna let y'all know that the progress is not slow in the game, the person is just inexperienced lmao, I'm wayyyy head in the game even though I've only spent about 1/10th of the time

  • Majd Zoaby
    Majd Zoaby

    Join my guild name:FreeFire

  • MasterWalt

    This is a cute game, I was looking for a small game that I can spend a lot of time playing

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett

    dope but I feel like getting all those cadies is cheating and not the real grind but still love yah

  • Andrew

    I have spent nearly 400 hours on this game since April 4th. It released on Steam April 2nd.

    • Andrew

      Oh I forgot to say that I enjoyed watching this video haha

  • Dennis Robbins
    Dennis Robbins

    I wish I could play this :(

    • Saneees

      You can if you have a computer or a laptop

  • Rage Madd (Beiwan)
    Rage Madd (Beiwan)

    I've spend 300 year's killing frog's. 😉

  • Xmenjade

    i would love to see more of idleon ! loved that you took the sponsored deal on this amazing game, you are by far one of the best to feature this game along with all your other idle content

  • Eljohn Famorcan
    Eljohn Famorcan

    pls continue this series


    So thats what those candies do...... I fucken sold like 100 of them

  • Bad Revs
    Bad Revs

    Started this game because of this video. Makes me cringe all my gluteal muscles to see him not pick up stuff, and sell others, this game is a beautiful grind, to see him not even caring for the scaling is a mix of anxiety and a whole lot of fun! Content really cool, my feelings after the video are just horrible. At lv48 you are not happy with just max 400dmg !! xD

  • natronlauge

    How he puts points into gilded sword instead of sharpend axe brings me physical pain

  • Over Drive
    Over Drive

    how did you get those candies please tell us you asshole

    • I L
      I L

      it's sponsored lol, the dev gave them to him

  • Click the Creator
    Click the Creator

    This is painful to watch because I play this game 24/7

  • Rõsegarde

    Btw if you guys want smith xp, when you make a new character just go first to the smith and produce materials and later when go and take them u get xp. Nice way to lvl up. Use drops to upgrade the smith to get more xp and materials. Gloves are very good weapon for farm later, dont throw them away. Imagine if he crafted some decent armour and upgraded them... the xp he would get xD

  • Kamsopro

    I got an idle on ad

  • fino_trains


  • Marcelll (LITS)
    Marcelll (LITS)

    How did you get 500 time skip candys??

  • Raihan Syifa
    Raihan Syifa

    Plz play this game again

  • CyberSentient

    When Lava said he's gonna sponsor youtubers I never knew it was gonna be him lmao

  • Just Noob
    Just Noob

    The game HUD kinda reminding me of MapleStory

    • I L
      I L

      its inspired by games like maplestory

  • Alessandro Treglia
    Alessandro Treglia

    The way you were playing triggered me in a hard way

  • Realm Sattire
    Realm Sattire

    I like this game.

  • EpicSmartz

    Would love to see you continue into this game! Ever since the video i've been enjoying playing it myself without all the Time candies :)

  • Legend Of Raven
    Legend Of Raven

    Bro legenda of idleon is badass i love this game! U should play thos more

  • Mason Dillon
    Mason Dillon

    i just broke a controller and i think that im dead, i am also sad

  • Nevy Lastname
    Nevy Lastname

    Even in 2021 I got an add for IdleOn right before this vid, nice coincidence if I do say so myself.

  • Ats Herman
    Ats Herman

    Please play more!!!

  • twisted freddy23
    twisted freddy23

    How did u get da candy

    • I L
      I L

      by the dev, he gave them to him

4,9 m.
4,9 m.