Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Teaser Trailer
The creators of the Batman: Arkham series are back with a brand new action-adventure shooter. The
most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill
the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You are the Suicide Squad.
Coming in 2022 to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.
#DC #DCComics #DCUniverse

  • Aandunno

    John Cena as Superman tho

  • SaMoore llc
    SaMoore llc

    Hopefully we can play more than the four featured in the trailer, like Polka-Dot Man, or TDK, etc

    • SaMoore llc
      SaMoore llc

      @A I know

    • A

      @SaMoore llc yeah I know I was just making a Batman tas refrence

    • SaMoore llc
      SaMoore llc

      @A Mitchell Mayo was never a part of Task Force X, I meant members that were in the comics and the two live action films

    • A

      Or the uncanny condiment king

  • scantopup

    it's simple, we kill the batman

  • kevin Zakama
    kevin Zakama

    Superman looks like John Cena and O'm loving it

  • Alma

    I can’t see who they are supposed to be killing...

  • Lee Huynh
    Lee Huynh

    I'm getting a little bored of Evil Superman stories but as long as this game will be awesome, I won't be a crying jerk. :P

  • chickenpotbiebro202

    honestly this looks way better than Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers

  • A M Dante
    A M Dante

    superman's face looks just like cena

  • 100 Miles N Runnin
    100 Miles N Runnin

    Superman without morals is the best villain ever

  • Ismael Forest
    Ismael Forest

    no one gonna talk about how boomerang is a speedster now?

  • KJ

    1:45 when Arby’s says they have the meats

  • Kaz Zet
    Kaz Zet

    Nutshell: Flunkers 4v1 the Valedictorian

  • Azzerotti

    why Superman face look like John Cena?

  • truck- kun
    truck- kun

    My goodness once they realized superman was their target, they knew they knew they were screwed.

  • Christopher Telesford
    Christopher Telesford

    Where the hell is Batman?

  • Craig Sinclair
    Craig Sinclair

    Wow! Why can't we have this for a movie!?

  • Gummy prophecy
    Gummy prophecy

    If only this was a movie

  • The Baconator
    The Baconator

    I can’t stress how perfect the superman design in this game is. It looks exactly how I think he should look in terms of a comic to game adaptation. I hated injustice 1 and 2’s design of him coz he just looked too old and he had brown hair and a receding hairline. It just didn’t look like superman

  • Codyiguess

    Ngl this seems like it might be a bit lame

  • Roberto Gomez
    Roberto Gomez

    I did some digging about Deadshot in this game, and found out that this guy is possibly Will Evans, someone that was trained by the ORIGINAL Deadshot(Floyd Lawton) and became a somewhat unofficial successor to the name. Although, he claims that red isn't his color and had a blue suit, but they must've kept the red suit to let us know that Deadshot is in the game.

  • Felipe Amaral
    Felipe Amaral

    A aler tá feia demais

  • Peter W
    Peter W

    Rocksteady should make a new Matrix game after this. When i see the Spider-Man games on Playstation 5 i see some potential.

  • Tommy Ortuno
    Tommy Ortuno

    Why did they give Harley Quinn a fat girl face?

    • Tommy Ortuno
      Tommy Ortuno

      @Addison Bower yeah only fat girls have a face like that though

    • Addison Bower
      Addison Bower

      It's called a square shaped face😭🤚

  • Lucifronz

    I expect the game will probably be great, minus WB trying to ruin it with shitty practices.

  • Blaise Tighe
    Blaise Tighe

    This doesn’t feel like the same continuity as the Arkham games. The characters look/sound/act differently, the tone is over the top silly/campy and I’m sick of seeing Superman as a murderous bad guy. I’m gonna have to skip out on this one.

    • Addison Bower
      Addison Bower

      I feel like it'd feel more like the arkham series if the just made it nighttime

    • Blaise Tighe
      Blaise Tighe

      @Occ Rocksteady confirmed it. It’s set in the same universe.

    • Occ

      It says the same creators not the same continuity

    • Blaise Tighe
      Blaise Tighe

      In the Arkham series Supes was referred to as a Boy Scout, King Shark was a genius and Dead Shot was white. Harley and Boomerang are pretty accurate, but they’re literally the only two people in this game that feels like part of the Arkhamverse.

  • Matthew Uselman
    Matthew Uselman

    My god... the graphics... they're so good...

  • Blaise Tighe
    Blaise Tighe

    Why is Superman always on the cusp of being evil or just a straight up sadistic murderer? He’s supposed to be a symbol of hope, not terror.

    • Occ

      @Blaise Tighe Alright then, have a nice day

    • Blaise Tighe
      Blaise Tighe

      @Occ many.

    • Occ

      How many times am I gonna see your comments here?

    • Blaise Tighe
      Blaise Tighe

      It was cool in Brietburn and The Boys. Even in an alternate timeline where Lois dies it would make sense, but nope. Let’s just make him insane, violent and destructive from the getgo. I wouldn’t care much if this wasn’t in the Rocksteady universe, but when Supes is referred to in the Arkham games, he’s always mentioned as the goodie goodie from the comics. Not the neck snapping psycho from the DCEU.

  • Hellias Stradford
    Hellias Stradford

    Harley reeeeeeeally feels like Jinx in this...

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    I really hope to play as superman

  • DaeDae 2x
    DaeDae 2x

    Shoulda said in beginning it’s rocksteady?! They never miss 💯

  • max bricker
    max bricker

    Best video game trailer ever

  • Godfather 300
    Godfather 300

    Outkast? Noice 👌

  • nErF Mk11plz
    nErF Mk11plz

    Everyone gansta till u play as dead shot and start missin

  • yuvashnie mohammed
    yuvashnie mohammed

    Please,tell me its gonna be on ps4

    • Addison Bower
      Addison Bower

      @yuvashnie mohammed Honestly though, plus they'd get more sales if they made it available for ps4.

    • yuvashnie mohammed
      yuvashnie mohammed

      @Addison Bower Yeah,you think that SS continues from the arkham series it at least has to be available to ps4

    • Addison Bower
      Addison Bower

      @yuvashnie mohammed Ikr😭, at least we have gotham knights. It just sucks that it doesn't continue the story of arkham knight.

    • yuvashnie mohammed
      yuvashnie mohammed

      @Addison Bower Then we shall suffer together

    • Addison Bower
      Addison Bower

      @yuvashnie mohammed No☹

  • King Lord
    King Lord

    All these superman fanboys pissed that he’s the villain what do you expect he’s the only character in DC who is the powers to pretty much kill everyone also he is the most boring character as he has no weakness which makes him predictable fair enough there is kryptonyte however how often will it be found so making him the villain makes him interesting

    • Occ

      I dont like superman for other reasons but he has wayy more weaknesses. Most of the magic users could take him in a fight

  • SpottyFloppy

    I love when superhero (or is this case villain) games don't take themselves too seriously


    3:09 i like how only Captain Boomerang who gets blow up

  • Vermaak

    "Figure out who the target is?" *Everyone points to Superman who just turned a pilot to dust like Thanos* "FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC"

  • seabass 9922
    seabass 9922

    why is deadshot black?

  • xenomorph

    Wait so this is gonna be a video game?

  • MeowCow 21
    MeowCow 21

    I hope all the writing for this game is as good as this trailer. That's what makes the suicide squad so great.

  • Aaron McMahon
    Aaron McMahon

    Never forget Australian Channel 7 mistook this for thé James Gunn Suicide Squad trailer

  • jugador de team fortress 2
    jugador de team fortress 2

    At this point the movies will end up like the saga of fast and furious, from simple mercenaries doing crimes to saving the world from an alien invasion.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      The suicide squad never does crimes they are used by the government to save the world all the time

  • Dude Amazing
    Dude Amazing

    If you can play a character that claims he “never misses”, then expect them to give him aim bot, otherwise I’d be heavily disappointed

  • Asif Rahman
    Asif Rahman

    Truly, if Justice League starts killing poeple, no one can stop'em. "Ahhhhaaaggh. He's here. Somebody sa....."

  • Monster dawg290
    Monster dawg290

    Finally a suicide squad game I want my fishy boi as my avatar

  • Killagunz5

    Hope this is at E3

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99

    When did Captain Boomerang get super speed?

  • FrozenMJ

    Hope to see a gameplay trailer on the next DC Fandome.

  • Linton Harvey
    Linton Harvey

    Why would she even tell NORMAL Superman that they're on a top secret assassination mission? Like Clark's gonna be like "Okay notorious villains, kill who you've gotta kill. Gotta rescue a cat."

    • Linton Harvey
      Linton Harvey

      @Barbar 5 Yep, you're right. I wasn't trying to, it sorta popped in my head and wouldn't leave until I expressed it. I hope they show Deadshot or Shark face palming after the line or something.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      @Linton Harvey You’re thinking about it way to hard

    • Linton Harvey
      Linton Harvey

      Okay I know it's being funny,'s also the truth. It's like if a mistress calls a husband's phone and he jokingly says to his wife, "No worries baby, it's only the other woman." All I'm saying is that crack would've had them fighting Superman either way. (If Waller didn't trigger the explosives first for compromising the mission.)

    • TheRobbyVerse

      Cause it’s a joke?

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      I’m pretty sure that’s the joke

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores

    Watch there be riddler trophies everywhere

  • Madyn Chavez
    Madyn Chavez

    So Harley is Spider-Man now... nice

  • Johnson


    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      B.O.B by Outkast

  • Unlce_Knn E
    Unlce_Knn E

    So cool captain boomerang is a speedster

  • Pug 1
    Pug 1

    So is this in the Arkham series universe?

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5


  • Roast Beef
    Roast Beef

    There has to be an achievement called “king shark is a shark”

  • Duck_Billed_Atheist

    My only problem with this is we've already seen dead shot in the Arkham series. So is this a new one? Or what?

    • Duck_Billed_Atheist

      @Barbar 5 I mean, that's better than them just erasing the old version

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      Yes this new one apparently killed the other one

    • Ronan

      Yes he is different

  • Gaming Cantina
    Gaming Cantina

    Its possible either starro or brainiac could be controlling supes.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      @Gaming Cantina I guess I just see the JL as the antagonist instead of brainiac but we won’t really know for sure till we get more details

    • Gaming Cantina
      Gaming Cantina

      @Barbar 5 I'll respect ya if you want him back for this game , sorry that i can't feel the same if you do 👍

    • Gaming Cantina
      Gaming Cantina

      @Barbar 5 My point still stands that i want to have a different villain take the spotlight, we've had brainiac for like 3 games. Pretty sure starro aint ever been a main villain in any game.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      @Gaming Cantina Seriously? You think he was the same in LEGO Batman 3 and Injustice? Also I do think this is different since it’s going full on mind controlled and invasion

    • Gaming Cantina
      Gaming Cantina

      @Barbar 5 Kinda think Brainiac has been overdone in video games, and they never anything new to bring to the table with him.

  • julia kang
    julia kang

    Is it just me or does Harley look like Katherine Langford?

  • Rory Lawrence
    Rory Lawrence

    fun fact: did you know king shark is a shark.

  • Wxrldツ

    I hate to point this out but they need to stick to one race for dead shot bro first he is white then Italian, Mexican and now he’s back to black like homie chill

    • Ontos

      I mean its a different guy

  • Angelus Umbra
    Angelus Umbra

    My favorite part of this is how much fun they seem to be having... Before brain washed Superman appears anyway.

  • Billy Lenz
    Billy Lenz

    So it's going to be The Boys except with the Justice League?

    • ihatekpoop

      Except the supes in the boys is incompetent

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac

    I really gotta wonder how boomerang got the super speed he somehow has, yes yes its probably just to give him an ability in the game but like.....boomerang man now speedy boi?

  • cummy

    Please add killer moth

  • N'wah Boi
    N'wah Boi

    Instead of Captain Boomerang boomerangs always coming back to him, he always comes back to his boomerangs.

  • Harvard Ford
    Harvard Ford

    this is going to be the most badass game ever i cant wait dear god the arkham series was perfect this is going to be INSANE

  • Sad Lapis
    Sad Lapis

    Deadshot should have auto-aim, and friendly fire on Captain Boomerang and no one else

  • Uncle_aughie

    Waller: we need a team that can be beat super man Me after seeing the team:Real smart Waller Superman can be beaten down with a bat and some guns including a boomerang

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      Maybe a Kryptonite Bat Kryptonite bullets and Kryptonite Boomerangs

  • Tico Goose
    Tico Goose

    Rocksteady will never cease to amaze me

  • Juan Tony
    Juan Tony

    This better not be some Online RPG Game. I don’t wanted a game that’s referencing the ones like World of Warcraft, League of Legends or Hearthstone. I wanted to be a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Marvel's Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed, RDR2 or Far Cry. I hope this game will be awesome.

  • Ape With AK-47
    Ape With AK-47

    I love Shark’s reaction to Superman arriving 😂

  • sergio diaz8
    sergio diaz8

    Harley looks like stephen curry's daughter

  • Carter Morrison
    Carter Morrison

    I was hoping they make another game in in the Arkhamverse series. But of course it wasn't going to be Batman since in the end of Arkham Knight everyone found out his identity and those killed himself or fakes his death. I think fakes his death. And if it was about that people are tired of it anyway if something about Batman. I was actually hoping for a game about Nightwing but this game looks very interesting. We get to play as Harley Quinn instead of Batman shoot people. The things we get to do seem unimaginable. King Shark is voiced by Samoa Joe one of my favorite wrestler of from my youth. I love to play as Batman but I want to see what we can do with Harley Quinn the first I need to get the PS5 I don't have that yet.

    • Carter Morrison
      Carter Morrison

      I know that.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      This game is in the Arkhamverse

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Fun hahahahah ❤️♦️♦️♦️

  • Varun J
    Varun J

    John cena superman

  • Scott Powers
    Scott Powers

    Please let this game be single player

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      Single player but you can play the whole game with 1-4 players

    • Ronan

      It is singleplayer

  • ima Nugget
    ima Nugget

    How is shark alive didn’t he die

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      The movie and comics are most likely not canon anymore

  • Tony O Riordan
    Tony O Riordan

    Everyone is complaining about deadshot being black instead of white like in Arkham city but king shark had his head blown off in the tie in movie assault on Arkham 🤷🏻

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      That movie and the comics are probably not canon anymore

  • Oogaga

    Wait so is captain boomerang supposed to have super speed?

  • Moshe

    Watch it get delayed to 2024

  • William Arnold
    William Arnold

    is it kill the justice league or just kill superman??

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      @William Arnold oh well we can see the symbols for Batman and green lantern on the balloons that king shark pops and on a panel they teased flash

    • William Arnold
      William Arnold

      That’s what I’m saying. Only superman was there but it’s called kill the justice league

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      Read the title

  • We wuz
    We wuz

    I now like captain boomerang more

  • Arki Blow
    Arki Blow

    They should have will smith voice deadshot

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes

    They spent all the money on this trailer. Game play is gonna suck lol

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      It’s rocksteady so it won’t

  • Moshe Telles
    Moshe Telles

    Despite losing the Joker, Harley looks like she has recovered and is doing amazing!

  • Steven Mariga
    Steven Mariga

    13 reasons why to play this game😉

  • Ainhoa Santana Sánchez
    Ainhoa Santana Sánchez

    Hopefully you can go wherever you want like the Spiderman 2018 game, I would love to go throughout the metropolis with Harley Quinn😍😍

  • Ainhoa Santana Sánchez
    Ainhoa Santana Sánchez

    Ojala se pueda ir por donde quieras como el juego de Spiderman 2018 , me encantaria ir por toda metropolis con Harley Quinn 😍😍

  • Nick Valentine
    Nick Valentine

    *Everybody gangsta when Superman is the target and then you forgot kryptonite weapons, KRYPTONITE WEAPONS!!!*

  • Australian Bucket
    Australian Bucket

    Kinda wish bane was in the game, then again he's probably too smart to get collared by waller. well, except for thato ne time in telltale but we don't talk about that.

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      The game is a shooter so he doesn’t really make sense

  • Sarthak Painuly
    Sarthak Painuly

    What's the name of the rap song ?

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      B.O.B by Outkast

  • K-Choi

    Why do I think this is gonna be a Battle Royale game?

  • Christian Portillo
    Christian Portillo

    it looks like a game lol

    • Barbar 5
      Barbar 5

      Maybe because it is

    • Yoshi's Gaming World
      Yoshi's Gaming World

      yeah its a game

  • That Gamer Cat
    That Gamer Cat

    look its superman the mighty superman just saved that pilot" when i heard that i was thinking "something is wrong here

  • Luis Fuentes
    Luis Fuentes

    Attack on Superman

  • PhantomStranger

    Lol, this looks fun😂

  • TAMH 5 End Game
    TAMH 5 End Game

    If justice league is Exist in Arkham Verse then y batman whole army alone in Arkham Knight

  • Nick J Calcaginio
    Nick J Calcaginio

    I just wanna play it as my wife Harley 😁❤️

  • Kevin M Abraham
    Kevin M Abraham

    the nightmare from suicide squad movie became a reality in this one: superman becomes evil