THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)
First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • Siddharth Jain
    Siddharth Jain

    Yuck, Robert Pattinson sucks as batman. Christian bale was the best, hell even Ben Affleck is better suited than Robert.

  • Frank Jason
    Frank Jason

    The heck. Why should i need to maximize my brightness just to watch this trailer 🤦‍♂️


    Too bad Ben affleck Batman was wasted preferred his look

  • sachin kangotra
    sachin kangotra



    I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • KiratjotSingh

    Seriously after Joker and now this, I have a feeling Marvel won't be my favourite for long

  • mekhi shackelford
    mekhi shackelford

    “You won’t kill but you’re fine with traumatic brain damage”

  • 1234 4567
    1234 4567

    waiting another failure version of Batman

  • AZ Astro
    AZ Astro

    How many times is batman gonna be rebooted till they get it right? Seriously batman has like 5 different origin stories just since 2000. They have told half a dozen origin stories for the joker each one astronomically different. Take a page from marvels playbook already and get your damn movies made right.

  • uneed2see

    I want the snyder cut already

  • Grand Wizard
    Grand Wizard

    This is the batman movie we deserve

  • luis chacon
    luis chacon

    I don’t know about this one.

  • Nate Strasburg
    Nate Strasburg

    no thanks

  • ayouliyouli

    Is the Imperial march the new Batman theme ? (at 2:07, it's quite obvious)

  • Ibrahim Rashad
    Ibrahim Rashad

    It looks like shit, but oh well

    • samantha smith
      samantha smith

      ikr it need more islam bomber allah huanabakar

  • TexasDad

    Turning all the superhero and sci-fi movies into the skinny jeans fuckboi versions of what they once were lol.

  • João Almadanim
    João Almadanim

    The time you know you are old now because no one talk about Nirvana song at the beggining. Super!

  • Kritesh Kumar
    Kritesh Kumar

    They should have shown just a black screen.

  • Vexs

    isn't the actor the guy who complained about to wanting to workout to be fit for the movie

  • Rowan

    These batman movies keep getting darker and darker. Seriously, the next one will probably be a literal black screen

    • milkly

      Looool best commet

  • DustOvisioN

    So no one has noticed this is OWL man's Theme music

  • TacShooter

    Wonderful. More dark shit. All the world needs.

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      it’s supposed to be dark. it’s batman.

  • Westher Alcántara
    Westher Alcántara

    Christian Bale was the best & nobody can´t change that jajajajajajaja

  • Luciano de Brito
    Luciano de Brito

    Vamos ver se o Cedrico se redime de sua atuação em "Crepúsculo".

  • Seve Hynes30
    Seve Hynes30

    1:47 “NOW TALK!”

  • Ultimate guardian pheonix
    Ultimate guardian pheonix

    What rated you think this movie will be

    • Sk11py

      @Ultimate guardian pheonix yeah probably

    • Ultimate guardian pheonix
      Ultimate guardian pheonix

      How Batman punch this guy it feels like it could be r rated

    • Sk11py

      But we haven't seen quite enough to say yet

    • Sk11py

      I feel like we haven't seen a whole lot but probably R

  • Get Clapped
    Get Clapped

    He is the worst actor for Batman!!!!! Does not fit the description at all!!! Man they fkd up!!!

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      people said the same thing about heath ledger wait until the film releases

    • Ronan

      Just watch the movie first

  • Confused Rowlet
    Confused Rowlet

    man. I'm just glad his career is still intact.

  • Blenderis YO
    Blenderis YO

    Its just not intresting anymore

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      there’s multiple new interesting things about this. it’s not nolan’s trilogy

  • stallin

    The batman takes place in joker universe change my mind

    • stallin

      @Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments proof pls

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      it’s on an entirely different earth tho

  • William Knight
    William Knight

    I'm Batman

  • LFCLukeyy

    The truth is dc films are far better off being dark and the Batman trilogy is a perfect example, they’re trying to be marvel and it doesn’t work they should stick to what they’re good at, then maybe they’d have more successful films.

  • Malek Baroud
    Malek Baroud

    I will have to wear night vision goggles to watch this movie

  • Mike Genson
    Mike Genson

    leave it to the evil of hollywood to continue to fuck up a good character

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      they’re not fucking up anything this time

  • NmH

    This seems cool actually, might be great casting there. Kind of a heavy dark mindset in that guys characters... kind of pale and diseasy rather than flashing a rolex and being grumpy in the shadows

    • Sk11py

      It's a breath of fresh air. DC returning to the dark style rather than the MCU like style. I enjoy this a lot

  • jaketaz

    After Heath Ledger's Joker, I've learned it's best not to pre-judge Batman films.

    • Z K
      Z K

      You make a good point. I remember people being weirded out by that choice initially

  • Kellynn Nielson
    Kellynn Nielson

    I really hope they're planning on a different story for him. Like the Darkest Knight arc or something.

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man

    I wish I was in that Batman movie 🎥

  • greg Madore
    greg Madore

    I think they should have kept Ben Affleck as Batman but instead we get the vamp boy from the twilight series 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      @greg Madore I agree WB is a pack of morons. This is really the only thing they have going for them outside of other previously successful titles

    • greg Madore
      greg Madore

      @Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ come on DC lol they should be killing marvel in my opinion because they could go darker but they definitely have the wrong people calling the shots over there

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      @greg Madore oh yeah Zack’s Justice League was Ben’s send off movie. after the whole fiasco y’know. this is an entirely new universe not connected to anything previously established. lol.

    • greg Madore
      greg Madore

      @Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments really? My bad, didn't know that. I thought he was pretty good in justice league. So are they changing the whole batman story in the DC then? Or is he just picking up where Ben's Batman left off?

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      ben did not want to be batman anymore.

  • Lawrence FaithS
    Lawrence FaithS

    from a vampire to batman...goddamn.

  • Cos LéonArt
    Cos LéonArt

    Nirvana song and no the voice of Curt ? Poor Curt :/

  • Habiba Ansari
    Habiba Ansari


  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero

    Thug: “who the hell are you supposed to be” Batman: “this mustn’t register on an emotional level”

  • Atomic Forever
    Atomic Forever

    “Something in the way” I’m sold ♥️

  • Luminiscentric

    So who's the villain in this movie? Looks like Hush from the wrappings around his head

    • Sk11py

      It's the riddler lol

  • Uraz Oktay
    Uraz Oktay

    This movie is going to be awesome.

  • Henny DaWillow
    Henny DaWillow

    My favourite thing so far is how gotham looks. They're shooting in Liverpool to capture the gothic feel and adding in the skyscrapers in post. Already my favourite depiction

  • morning tard
    morning tard

    “I don’t kill, I just paralyze them and put them into life long comas”

  • Ryder Rogan
    Ryder Rogan

    1:38 when you spam X

  • VoidLOL

    it reminds me of GOT Finale

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      It's nowhere near as dark

  • Daniel rivas gonzalez
    Daniel rivas gonzalez

    este batman es un chiste parece una princesa en ese traje

  • Lavinia de Mortalium
    Lavinia de Mortalium

    I hope they lean hard into the "I'm a manchild dressed like a bat, who's only slightly less unhinged than the people I take down."

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      I hope elon musks in it



  • Jose Rafael Laruta
    Jose Rafael Laruta

    Gay Bat

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      I can't wait for Joker and Batman to kiss

  • Sicario Megrella
    Sicario Megrella

    Maybe the British speaking companion was his enemy.

  • Bruce Blackerby
    Bruce Blackerby

    Every reboot is darker and more violent than the previous one. How about a reboot with a plot that doesn't rely entirely on violence from start to finish?

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      They've said they're leaning into the detective aspect of this film

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      it’s apart of his character arc. what, did you expect batman to just talk down an entire group of thugs and send them home with a warning?

  • jc sanbuenaventura
    jc sanbuenaventura


  • dd

    Christian Bale ONLY

  • Crazed Wanderer
    Crazed Wanderer

    Daaaaaamn. The movie is so dark, that even Commissioner Gordon turned black.

  • Brother Mayhem
    Brother Mayhem

    “Batman doesn’t kill” batman: 1:38

  • SIGA

    Brightness unknown.

  • xuchilbara21392

    Wasted potential. He could have been great for the role of "batman beyond", we have to many classic batman origin stories already

    • Jackie

      You do realize Terry is a tennager right? Robert Pattinson looks nothing like a teenager.

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      this isn’t an origin story. it’s year two.

  • BloQver

    Is Gordon seriously black?

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      Yeah but he's got the Gordon vibe going so it doesn't bother me.

  • DIO

    Bruh... Imagine if they added Joaquin Phoenix Joker's laugh at the end of the movie

  • 12:38

    I must know when this movie drops

  • HooksandBeats

    1:34 - When you litterally know the traps and say fuck the system!

  • Ghost Lead Gaming
    Ghost Lead Gaming

    Looks good except the suit throws me a bit off. Can't they use Arkham knight batman suit or maybe somewhat like dark knight rises one. (It is a bit weird) Other than that everything is bad ass looking in this trailer.

  • chris stath
    chris stath

    from twilight to batlight.

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      Flesh light

  • White Sheep
    White Sheep

    The 1950s Batman had a better suit

  • Kudos

    would love to see a batman movie with hush.

  • Azte ka
    Azte ka

    New era, homosexual batman.

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      I can't wait for batman and the joker to kiss

  • doothedew79

    I may get flamed for this but the new costume for batman is kinda bad

  • しゅーさん

    蝙蝠は本来闇に存在するもの。 彼はヒーローでも騎士でもない。 彼は...バットマンだ。

  • Jason Misacango
    Jason Misacango

    Honestly though, who really wants to see this Let me know

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow


  • Turki Kaboha
    Turki Kaboha

    Am batman.

  • Rei

    "Who the hell are you supposed to be" Batman: I'm the combo god

  • Stardust From Nebula
    Stardust From Nebula

    I'm vengeance.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Maybe this batman will have joaquin phoenix’s joker

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      Joaquin Phoenix wouldn't stand a chance

  • Swordi the sword
    Swordi the sword

    I feel like the Batman movies are starting to get Darker in tone. Batman 2045: R-rated movie.

  • Doughboy_0105

    what’s the song used in the trailer?

    • JacobFromPostmates

      Something in the way by Nirvana

  • Rafael Figueroa
    Rafael Figueroa

    i think this guy is going to top all others BATMAN, and honestly i was not into him untill i saw this' ill see if am wrong....

  • Maaz Voices
    Maaz Voices

    This movie is gonna be fucking awesome more than dark knight trilogy (I love christopher Nolan don't hate on me) because in this movie we will see the dark side of the batman not the justice fairytale.

  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez

    Batman: Puts guy in a coma... Batman: now talk !

  • R W
    R W

    How come none of the billionaires in reality do this? They just get married and meddle in affairs they have no business meddling in.

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      I demand elon musk to do this

  • Jared Van Houten
    Jared Van Houten

    Batman in 1966: Screams hysterically while running with a lighted fuse bomb over a bridge. Batman in 2022: *_I'M VENGEANCE_*

  • Mario Fatovic
    Mario Fatovic

    It looks awful. Between the fight choreography, the amount of characters they're shoving in there, the costume, and how gothy they're going, I don't have high hopes for this movie at all. Too bad Robert Patinsons name is probably going to be dragged through the mud for this when it won't be his fault.

    • Henny DaWillow
      Henny DaWillow

      Yeah batman has a lot of gothic inspiration idk why that annoys you

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      there’s one fight scene in this trailer that isn’t even the final product. they got the guy who choreographed john wick for this. calm down. the costume isn’t his final suit, is just an early prototype since he’s just starting out as batman, and batman is SUPPOSED to be gothic. this isn’t nolan’s trilogy. it has as many villains as it does because it’s taking from the detective stories from the comics like the long halloween and dark victory where multiple villains appear. building up the rogues gallery to appear all throughout the trilogy like they’re supposed to be instead of having one and done villains.

  • haran sugahfoot sanders
    haran sugahfoot sanders

    lol you watch dub? sub is bett-1:38

  • Alex Leary
    Alex Leary

    I’ve seen this around 30 times now

  • Tor-Andre Kongelf
    Tor-Andre Kongelf

    I feel like after Nolans Batman movies, any movie about Batman that is not by Nolan is not a proper Batman movie :P

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      nolan’s trilogy was good but wasn’t exactly the best BATMAN movie. it’s a crime thriller with batman painted over it

    • Zenitura Gaming
      Zenitura Gaming

      As if Nolans batman is a proper batman movie lol a proper live action DC movie hasn't been made yet

  • Павел Тарасов
    Павел Тарасов

    Who are you? I’m Edward Calen and I’m shine!

  • Kan I.
    Kan I.

    why chosen Robert Pattinson all he could be is Robin not a Batman!!!

  • 2008 Faqun
    2008 Faqun

    man i taught it was about batman who laugh thing lol

  • Jaffa T
    Jaffa T

    Can I just many fucking times is Hollywood going to make Batman?

    • Jaffa T
      Jaffa T

      @Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments I couldn’t agree more. Bond has been over done for years. Jurassic World is just remakes of Jurassic Park.

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      idk how many times are they gonna make star wars or bond or godzilla or jurrasic park or halloween or-

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown

    I can definitely see this taking place in the same universe as the 2019 Joker film and that's why the thugs are wearing clown makeup after joker made an impression.

    • Jacob Bauguss
      Jacob Bauguss

      Interesting take but that Joker film would have taken place about 25ish years ago from this film

  • Nara

    done watching black screen for 2 minutes.

  • Ash Bryan
    Ash Bryan

    I wonder how alfred would look in this one?🤔

  • rhys null
    rhys null

    Twilight all over again

  • Commander

    Just a woke bs for gen z kids

    • Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments
      Michael Demiurgos is In The Comments

      how is this woke. you’re reaching

  • Ryan SoccerVids
    Ryan SoccerVids

    Finally a violent Batman

  • Aaron Chismar
    Aaron Chismar

    What if this movie is just Batman going around Gotham finding 243 riddler trophies