Latest Data from Ingenuity on Mars. New Videos and Panoramic Photos
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It goes without saying that the beginning of the 21st century may be called an age of amazing achievements in science and technology.
The launch of the Ingenuity rotorcraft on Mars is one of the most recent groundbreaking events.
By now the helicopter has completed several test flights. And now let’s look at each of them more closely.

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  • Kosmo

    Hi, everyone! Would you like us to carry on with our updates on the mission?

    • David J.smith
      David J.smith

      @fort one There are several entrances to what seem vertical caves. Scientists think these may be 'lava tubes' from ancient volcanoes. These are available to view on you tube.

    • Michael Paumgardhen
      Michael Paumgardhen

      A big resounding yes!

    • mika nokia
      mika nokia

      yep more cgi bs images please

    • Vignesh Bhat
      Vignesh Bhat


    • Ross Smith
      Ross Smith

      Actually, I'd like to see what's at the bottom of all the seas and oceans here on earth but since you're there, by all means, please continue

  • JoshFish Videos
    JoshFish Videos

    It's Real Life Wall E And Eva

  • Keith Prossick Studios
    Keith Prossick Studios

    More more more And also more

  • sardir zewar
    sardir zewar

    Thes efforts of the USA and China are losing time and money ---- that star is not for human life the dust, bad breathing air, no water --- no any human living material--

  • Tim Umphreys
    Tim Umphreys

    NASA ROCK'S and the Mars helicopter. Fly baby fly

  • Tom Ratchford
    Tom Ratchford

    Show what Ingenuity recorded.

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous

    My new home 🤗

  • Nabanita Paul
    Nabanita Paul

    Informations are very beneficial for us.

  • Calvin Owen
    Calvin Owen

    what an amazing time to live in

  • Jorge Duarte
    Jorge Duarte

    Yes, keep the good work 👍👌

  • Martin Angeles
    Martin Angeles

    Please explain to me in the 21st century their still taking black and white pictures

  • Christian e.g.
    Christian e.g.

    "I'm gonna flyyyyyy like an eagle, to the sea... flyyyyy like an eagle, let my spirit carry me...."

  • tom reid
    tom reid

    LOL, no rotor wash on takeoff. The Mars surface is bone dry right? We can go to Mars, but returning to the moon would be too expensive? LMFAO

  • qwerty ytrewq
    qwerty ytrewq

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  • ph am
    ph am

    Wait for a few years later when the return sample rocket back to earth

  • james guarino
    james guarino

    Yes love the info u are telling us

  • CMC

    Y use cgi ? I guess it's too expensive

  • mika nokia
    mika nokia

    seriously do u blieve this?

  • mika nokia
    mika nokia

    straight to the atlantic hahaha

  • Jay Major
    Jay Major

    I've said this before we came from MAR'S thouthzends years ago then we all came across th earth 🌎 from the red planet MARS 🔴 and now we are here and the same things happening here the end of earth and now thay want to go back to MAR'S

  • F R
    F R

    I wonder if ingenuity will be taking pictures of apophis for us????

  • Tom Luna
    Tom Luna


  • Huri Think before
    Huri Think before

    O M F G!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debobrata Brahma
    Debobrata Brahma

    Can you tell the music you used in this video.

  • A L C A R Y L E R O N
    A L C A R Y L E R O N

    Ingenuity: take pictures of me while I fly Perseverance: sureeee

  • Liam

    Can we all appreciate this mind blowing achievement at the fact we are literally flying an air craft on another planet

    • שונה בר
      שונה בר

      Yeah Sure.. and I am a Dinosaur .. Keep believe this science fiction bullshit

    • dom toredo
      dom toredo


  • Danny Hopkins
    Danny Hopkins

    It would be nice to see any real footage of their so called accomplishments haha

  • Ck digital The Q of 6th
    Ck digital The Q of 6th

    They forgot to make a land tray/bay on Preserverance, so ingenuity can mount or land, making little M.I.H be an Ariel flight drone officialy to task. I vote on no more sober flight test, its ready for safari photography, without all that tire track pollution happening first.

  • Grandpa Rocks
    Grandpa Rocks

    JPL: Simply the best for over 50 years!

  • Grandpa Rocks
    Grandpa Rocks

    XLNT Mini Docu

  • Rohit Das
    Rohit Das

    Great Video! Thank you.

  • heideh madjzoub
    heideh madjzoub

    Yes ❤

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    That's just a drone in the Sahara desert 🏜!!! 😶

  • Chakala RSA
    Chakala RSA

    But this is nonsense.

  • themarbleking

    Having propaganda music over the top is weird.

  • Richard Landers
    Richard Landers

    Looks like a dead planet

  • Daniel Espera
    Daniel Espera

    I’m extremely interested in what NASA isn’t sharing with the public

  • Orbital Lizard Studios
    Orbital Lizard Studios

    4:09 thats such a cool photo. its weird and cool to think about how its on a whole other planet

  • Arcapo mixed
    Arcapo mixed

    How they took video on ingenuity and the rover both? During the castoff of the ingenuity

  • andrzej kowalski
    andrzej kowalski

  • News1st - Tracy Mapes
    News1st - Tracy Mapes

  • larry tucker
    larry tucker

    How does that mini copter fly with no atmosphere? What are the blades pushing against? Millions of dollars and it flies for a full 51 seconds, such a deal👎🏽👋🏾💰.

  • Howard B Bailey
    Howard B Bailey

    When I was a kid (60s & early 70s) Mars seemed much farther away.

  • Lillybell Bell
    Lillybell Bell

    But people here on earth can’t even get a refrigerator delivered that isn’t bashed, scratched and broken.

  • estallione “e” GarganoGambino
    estallione “e” GarganoGambino

    Is there air on Mars? does the helicopter achieve lift?

  • 82ndVet


  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin

    Yeah more rocks and dirt technology is cool though.

  • Gary Nicholson
    Gary Nicholson

    Yes. Let's keep in touch

  • Adilson DeSouza
    Adilson DeSouza

    It's fascinating my ignorance.

  • Adilson DeSouza
    Adilson DeSouza

    No mama africa yet to milk on?! Hooo : (

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams

    What's even more amazing is how parachutes work and this thing flies in almost a supposedly total vacuum. 1% atmospheric pressure of Earth.

    • שונה בר
      שונה בר

      supposedly.. all is a lie !! bullshit

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams

    Why do they call this thing a helicopter ? it's a friggin drone.

  • Papa T
    Papa T

    I thought the whole point of putting a drone on Mars was so it could spot points of interest for perseverance to explore and identify obstacles for it to avoid.

  • ColeOfCentauri

    I think Ingenuity is telling us “Getcha asses to Mahhhs!”

  • RDC Tarantula
    RDC Tarantula

    Masks turns me off 🤮🤮🤮🙄

  • awizardalso

    Yes, I would like to see more videos from Mars. I just subscribed and selected 'all'.

  • Z3R0 H3AT
    Z3R0 H3AT


  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe

    Big deal. They flew an over priced RC toy on Mars now. Wonderfull. Now the over grown kids need to get back to work and put their toy away.

  • Bobby Mason Brown
    Bobby Mason Brown

    The video of the rover n drone in same shot. Fake

  • Bobby Mason Brown
    Bobby Mason Brown

    I thought mars had a rough atmosphere. How can this little drone even fly then. And what I see appears to be cgi. Cartoon clips. Somebody help me out here

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper


  • Teeny Tike
    Teeny Tike

    what is the gps network called on mars? mgps?

  • Jay McGuffie
    Jay McGuffie

    Looks like Mars has more of an atmosphere than we initially thought.

    • Jay McGuffie
      Jay McGuffie

      The martian dust super storms suggest more of an active system than we are lead to believe.

    • Lee H
      Lee H

      If you check the original data before orange lensing became a standard for NASA to overlay on pictures it always showed blue sky and clouds Unaltered Hubble and fly by pictures also show plenty of atmosphere There's even pictures showing what looks to be trees and bushes from orbit in some places

    • Liam

      Mars is around the same atmosphere as earth 100,000 feet up

    • Alpha Omega
      Alpha Omega

      Well I've been there plenty of times and never had any issues. In full disclosure I'm also a zombie 🧟‍♂️. 😶

    • themarbleking

      1% of earths. Amazing!

  • siva sobhan babu Pedagandham
    siva sobhan babu Pedagandham

    Wonderful latest developments on mars.

  • Steg human
    Steg human

    But the really amusing thing is how can that drone fly? The Martian atmospheric pressure of 0.095 psi would not be enough for the props to "propel" any gas let alone create lift. Earth's atmospheric pressure @ sea level is 14.7 psi.

    • Fred Planatia
      Fred Planatia

      That was the question the Ingenuity team set out to answer 6 years ago, and after a lot of work developing prototypes, and tests in chambers simulating the martian atmosphere, the answer is a resounding yes!

  • iman gholi
    iman gholi

    Aliens do exist, we are aliens there


    If you see some form of life or they were some civilization reveal it to the world so all these bullshite we have been believing for centuries would fall down to shite. And the truth will prevail.

  • D. A
    D. A

    The pictures were taken by ingenuity, what took pictures of it? Perseverance and the other ones were off somewhere.

  • iq O
    iq O


  • MrSwimfinz123

    Ingenuity: the 4lb rotorcraft with a BIG HEART! Awesome! Yes, keep up your yeoman work JPL /CalTech!

  • Blue Current
    Blue Current

    so fake!

  • Hawres TNW
    Hawres TNW

    Co to za gówno. Zwykła animacja komputerowa a ludzie myślą że oni mają roboty na Marsie, hahaha. Ale z was kurwa idioci haha. Na żadnym marsie i księżycu nikogo nie było.

  • Костя Веремейчик
    Костя Веремейчик

    Is it true or false? I don't see actual video.


    The music is so emotional,

  • lgwjr white
    lgwjr white

    Absolutly plz

  • Unknown Origin
    Unknown Origin


  • sathianandan nair
    sathianandan nair

    We are lucky that we are able to see such wonderful videos of other planet sitting in a corner of the earth, thanks to human intelligence. I wish I had lived long enough to see many more such marvellous scenes.


    👨🏼‍🚀💭...All of this is fake..."🖕🏼🤖🖕🏼"

  • Chandulal m.chavan
    Chandulal m.chavan

    hard and noble works by nasa jpl

  • The Woodys Surf Instrumental Band
    The Woodys Surf Instrumental Band

    Can you imagine owning one of those rocks on Mars?

  • Thomas Olsen
    Thomas Olsen

    The updates are great, nice work!

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams

    Yes! Please keep us updated! With Elon's SpaceX starship,he plans to send ppl to mars in 2024... I hope NASA and SpaceX join forces and make it possible for very talented individuals to flourish beyond the impossible.. I am extremely blessed to witness this,and to help younger generations pave the way to poverty

  • Milorad Menjic
    Milorad Menjic

    Pretty green for the red planet.

  • Paul Yiu's Travelogue
    Paul Yiu's Travelogue

    Thanks for the update

  • Jap Joe m
    Jap Joe m

    Here on earth 150 mph winds throw cars around like toys,but on Mars 400 mph winds don't even move the rover ,which weight's less than a car! You can decide if the rover is on Mars or not

    • Jap Joe m
      Jap Joe m

      @Fred Planatia 60 mph winds,seems Mars weather is more predictable and calmer than Earth's ,lol

    • Fred Planatia
      Fred Planatia

      You need to take more physics courses. The force of the wind depends on the density of the atmosphere. When the wind blows on Mars, less stuff is hitting you and imparting an impulse (dig?) If the atmosphere is only 1% as thick as on Earth, what do you think that means for the force of the winds on Mars? And by the way, the maximum wind speeds on Mars are about 60 mph, not 400mph.

  • pat pat
    pat pat

    yes this is very informative so keep giving us these videos. thanks


    That copter just obsoleted rovers

  • Shubham Kuldeep
    Shubham Kuldeep

    It's so good to see the marvels we are achieving.

  • Douglas Seab
    Douglas Seab

    I wonder if they can use the little helicopter to blow the dust of of the Old rovers that are on Mars and try to get them started up again from their solar panels

    • Kyoraku Shunsui
      Kyoraku Shunsui

      It's not worth the risk of losing ingenuity

  • MadPaperPeople

    how did it find it's way back to start point NO SAT NAV....???

  • Agent orange Scatpack
    Agent orange Scatpack

    Bull shi-t show

  • Tommy Filmz
    Tommy Filmz

    why cant they jsut take off and start recording. was all the up n down smh



  • Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson

    Ooooooo , look , rocks! Rocks and dirt. Ooooooo

    • Fred Planatia
      Fred Planatia

      Oh look, someone who doesn't understand or appreciate what scientists do. Maybe a geologist who spent 20 years studying and working in the field does see more than dirt and rocks? Maybe that's why we know a lot more about our natural history and physical environment? Because someone did something called research? OOOoooo, gee, maybe modern life wouldn't exist as we know it if someone hadn't made an effort to understand what they are looking at instead of just saying 'its just rocks and dirt'.



  • Tony Hampton
    Tony Hampton

    We must have a agreement with the Martians because they haven't bother any thing we've sent there

  • Pizarro

    vv cool but ino a dust storm will wreck ingenuity, if only they planned it to be made for reconnaissance, perseverance could have like a hub to protect it from storms

  • Michael Keymont
    Michael Keymont

    Fuck Mars...

  • Sarwar Studio
    Sarwar Studio

    There is water on Mar but very deep under the thick layer of Ash and Sand. Due to heaven strom of sand on Mar the water is disappeared from Mar surface.

  • Harish Wala
    Harish Wala

    Wonderful 🏵️. Congrats and BEST of LUCK to You. I'm from INDIA 🇮🇳👍

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    When I was young we didn't have a remote for the TV now OMG . Thankyou you amazing people who in my lifetime have accomplished so so much and Thankyou Kosmo for bringing this into my loungeroom 🥰

    • Brian Daclac
      Brian Daclac

      hahaha I used a long stick as a remote! My brothers and I still laugh about this from time to time.

    • Todd Williams
      Todd Williams

      We had a remote with tuning forks in it, when someone rang the doorbell it would change the station.

  • Robert

    Wow space in HD