I put HAMMERS on a piano then hired PRO PIANISTS without telling them
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Links to the pianists if you’re curious about them! (not affiliate or any other agreements)

First pianist! (Maria)

Second pianist! (Jane)

Third "pianist" hehe

  • Mattias Krantz
    Mattias Krantz

    Grab Atlas VPN for $1.39/mo before the deal expires: atlasv.pn/MattiasKrantz

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      How did your date with black shirt gurl go?

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      New subscriber here man.... You rock!!!🤣👍

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    You could have given her a plastic bucket and two nun chucks and she would have made music

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    WAS THAT.... FLIRTING?! from mattias obviously not her.

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    Dan The Man

    I believe most pianist doesn't really take much notice on a piano if it sounds about correct.

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    just wow, this is so pathetic - I've actually decided to check how to how to block video from this creator to ever show in my home YT page, and make a post so other people don't waste their 29:01 of internet time on this.... 29 min of a ginger guy being a D

  • N.A.A

    I think it sounded nice. An to me it seemed like they like it an it's sounds. just a few spots that could use some tweaked.

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    Lexi Wth

    it actually sounds really good-

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    Lea Alano

    Saint Davie504 patron of bass 2:54

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    d flowers

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    Ondřej Světlík

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    Professionals are to professional. Thats why you go for local artist that are good but not to good.

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    Raphael GR Galban

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    Royal_dragon Larrion

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    Florian Wendelborn

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    Should've gone swedish with subtitles, but glorious otherwise

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    Hungry Refrigerator

    Not much of a prank, more like play on my messed up piano.

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    The thing is it doesnt even sounds bad, just different.

  • Rachel Michaux
    Rachel Michaux

    Wow, this was a 'prank'? I don't think you know what 'prank' actually means. The pianist clearly knows how to play, and your augmentation of the instrument didn't change her competence. Again, do you know what 'prank' means? I think it backfired on you.

  • Jason Wright
    Jason Wright

    The First Lady... Phenominal! 💛 I think you need to give her a second chance after you fix the broken keys and maybe lighten up the hammers for better playability. Ya know... I think the second gal should definitely be given another shot. Wow!💛💛💛 Oh.. Wow... Wasn't expecting a 3rd pianist ... Give her another go on that beast after it has been fine tuned.

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    Habiburahman ruli alif

    Did I watch 23 minutes of Scandinavian man having social anxiety just to get Rick rolled by the pianist? Lol....

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    Keira Fox

    Are you subscribed yet? No. I came on here for Ed Sheeran bad habits choreographers for a 3D model I’m making and dancing to the song. But it was a great watxh! Maybe if you dance to Ed sheeran with your own style. I’ll subscribe. 😂😂😂

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    Hamura Otsutsuki

    Man, you are crazy. Keep doing it.

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    Zoe Sims

    Ohhhhh for some reason i watched this whole video thinking it said ‘I put hamsters in the piano’ !!


    Liked, subbed and shared. I hope to god your recoup your investment on this one haha. Brilliant video.

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    Theresa Hartwigh

    10 minutes before she actually started playing ngl I skipped it all to listen to the song

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    giacinta mitchelia

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    hohes opoil

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    Thomas Beauchamp

    The hammers make it sound similar to an old harpsichord.

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    Jordan Mayton

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    Terry Thai

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  • Nakaru Rikka
    Nakaru Rikka

    the fact that 2nd lady dont know how to say the word anime, but play both of them from memory-

  • E.T.

    I have to admit I love the way it sounds!

  • Erik

    Also, I think to give you some context -- classical pianists/musicians will meet this sort of shit in their normal education too. This isn't a novel idea (the hammers being altered). Composers (especially modern ones) will alter the piano in different ways. We call these "extended techniques" as a broad term for any way that a composer changes the way a musician plays their instrument. It could be something like an electric guitar playing by using a hammer on the strings, a harpist bowing their strings, or even making a pianist pluck the strings instead of playing with the keys.

  • Erik

    Thank you for supporting the arts though lol

  • Erik

    Sounds like a dulcimer lol.

  • Uub Willemse-Jacobson
    Uub Willemse-Jacobson

    Contemporary composers ask for modifications to instruments all the time. Usually nothing as drastic as what you did, but professional musicians will be far more used to expecting the unexpected than you'd expect.

  • Dyanlee

    It sounded really amazing. But you can easily see the pianist struggling with the heavily weighted keys.

  • Seth Van Swircaa
    Seth Van Swircaa

    The first pianist was amazing even with the extra key weight and hence the timing issue. The second pianist seemed like such an awesome person and was very talented ... She was also scared that you might murder her for at least the first half of her being there... Look at her face when you say so you can cut it later.... That's the look of someone trying to play it cool.. lol She didn't know why you were so nervous and I'm willing to bet that the back of her mind jumped to the worst conclusions first. But once she knew you weren't a psycho killer it seems like she really had a good time and got paid for it. " You wont read this anyway (I'm an engineer)" lmao..... The third pianist would have probably been more nervous but she seemed to be confident that she could kick your ass if she had to lol... And as for the engineer; another brilliant creation.. Some stronger hammer springs for faster playing and this thing is completely awesome.

  • PortalMaster2011

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  • Matthew Currey
    Matthew Currey

    Congratulations you've made a harpsichord, and it sounds awesome.

  • Major Grey Valvstein
    Major Grey Valvstein

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    gnarghh fps

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    Ayomikun Isaac

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  • le poivron ROUGE 2
    le poivron ROUGE 2

    The megalovania part is actually my favourite part I think

  • Kek Talks
    Kek Talks

    Hey! I read the CUT board! Some people prolly actually read it too xD Was curious when I didn't see any numbers on the board

  • wren

    Great video! I appreciate your empathy for the people you pranked. I read your channel description to see if I should subscribe but you said no one reads those anymore :( mind changed?????? Lol

  • JoanKSX

    Luckily the piano strings didn't just snap like that... It's so painful to see the metal hammer on the piano strings but seriously Tokyo Ghoul and The Entertainer sounds really amazing on the cold hard hammer piano =O Yea, it sounds like harpsichord XD

  • JoanKSX

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    ZiYi Wu

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    Kan S.

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    Mark Donohoe

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    evening melody

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    Colin S.

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    Matt : Adulting

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    Jason Lucero

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    please help

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    Abhimanyu Shekhar

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  • Rocco Ruscitti
    Rocco Ruscitti

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    James Crudele

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    Undead Knight

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    Noblesse Oblige

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    Arzt Schwanzfurz

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    Engineer gaming?