Amazon’s Big Game Commercial: Alexa’s Body
It took us a while, but we've found a new body for Alexa. Who knew Alexa had abs? Watch now and vote for your favorite ad on Ad Meter!


    You better bring my blue excalibur‘s today aura all fucking kill go to Rockvell


    amazon is gonna take over the world.

  • Pratiba Hari
    Pratiba Hari

    Adhe Thangachi

  • Josiah Bower
    Josiah Bower

    Imagine if they switched the genders. Everyone would be up in arms about objectifying a woman.

  • CTM

    Don't buy on Amazon at all they are the enemy of the people retailer. They don't pay enough taxes, they don't have stores except for food stores they don't pay rent they don't pay enough workman's comp because they believe in automation labor and their goal is to take over FedEx UPS USPS DHL carriers to provide their own services putting them out of business and putting retailers out of business don't give a single dollar more to Amazon. Retail stores need business too and you don't want to live in a society where you don't have any more stores left it's all online. Forget about the convenience support American jobs in retail stores like Sears Kmart you name it.

  • Diweni

    How many times will need to watch this to be satisfied 🙈🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • The World of Crafter
    The World of Crafter


  • Pamela Moore
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  • Manish Kumar - insightsDNA
    Manish Kumar - insightsDNA

    Great content! Thank you!

  • Drake


  • Eduardo Tavares
    Eduardo Tavares

    Flamazon ❤️🖤 eu shippo muito esse casal.

  • Jay Rathod
    Jay Rathod

    and then husband divorced and remarried the Kardashian.

  • scorpion stingz like a bee
    scorpion stingz like a bee

    What's that song playing in the background?

  • scorpion stingz like a bee
    scorpion stingz like a bee

    I LUV this commercial

  • Diana Serrano
    Diana Serrano

    lol so funny i love Michael b Jordan he one awesome actor he nailed it

  • pricture

    On aside, the videos *"Don’t Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa!"* and *"The Dream of Technocracy - Why Big Oil Conquered The World"* by The Corbett Report are worth a watch. Also *"The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance"* by minivanjack (Jerry Day).

  • Jack Colson
    Jack Colson

    0:29 _that's what she said_

  • 9583 name
    9583 name


  • xavdixe17

    This man doesn’t even like black women, stop portraying black women as desperate 🙄

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    For Amazon.

  • IRunzthis

    I'm in the minority, but Michael B. Jordan ain't that cute.

  • Dewi Lew
    Dewi Lew

    I hate this commercial.

  • Kristine Ilochi
    Kristine Ilochi

    As a dark skinned Black woman, I find no humor in this commercial. If we are not going to be promoted positively instead of as a thirst bucket for a man who definitely doesn't desire or date unambiguous dark skinned Black women, then don't put my likeness in commercials like this. It was cringey and embarrassing. Shame on you, Amazon!

  • Grace A
    Grace A

    I hate this commercial, honestly embarrassing.

  • frenchryah

    This is embarrassing

  • monica webster
    monica webster

    MBJ doesn't go with Black women other color. He only gh does with light skinned or mixed women. So therefore this commercial is a slight to Black women, she is dreaming of him but she isnt his type bc shes cocoa colored.

  • High Maintenance Minimalist
    High Maintenance Minimalist

    😬 Michael B Jordan just...doesn't do it for me. Now, if the man has Idris in his name...😏

  • Alexis Keys
    Alexis Keys

    This is extremely problematic. Why do they have DSBW thirsting after a man? Why not their preference? This is degrading and embarrassing.

  • Tishidiv

    This black woman needs to value herself because this is just embarrassing

  • UTubesLast DaysBYE!
    UTubesLast DaysBYE!


  • Mercy Olajobi
    Mercy Olajobi

    this commercial is so gringe and not cute at all

  • Mercy Olajobi
    Mercy Olajobi

    this commercial is gross

  • Mercy Olajobi
    Mercy Olajobi

    ewww michael b isnt even hot

  • sumeya ahmed
    sumeya ahmed

    Why are they making her act like this It is 🤢 disgusting. They are making it look like all black Woman are thirsty for a black man . I like myself with some white chocolate too.

  • Miss Gurl
    Miss Gurl

    To the black women in the comments please don’t accept this. All this shows is that darkskin bw are desperate for bm who don’t even claim them, why is that the only time dsbw get representation in the media it’s to be the token “ratchet” girl, in a slavery movie, no hair or ones like this, where they are thirsting the love of a black man but had it been a light skin bw, ww or racially ambiguous Michael would have been thirsting for her. There is nothing cute about this and is actually very detrimental to young darkskin black girls growing up; they will feel compelled to date solely black men for “the culture”.Pls disliked so we can get better representation this cannot go on!💁🏾‍♀️😤

  • Black Sovereign
    Black Sovereign


  • Nona Gem
    Nona Gem

    This is ridiculous we all know mb just like most dsbm don't prefer dsbw. Shame on these fools.

  • Chinny B
    Chinny B


  • Aliana Wood
    Aliana Wood

    Wish they had used a better male actor. MBJ is just not it.

  • Shaniqua Campbell
    Shaniqua Campbell

    Pander Pander Pander HARD!

  • Cody12

    This is horrible commercial. Why are BW always reduced to these roles?! 🤮

  • Cherry Val
    Cherry Val

    I don't get how people, especially black women, could watch this, it's sickening. She looks so desperate for a man who has made it clear he doesn't like dark skin woman. This is crazy, the media really knows what it's doing. It knows most BM don't want BW but BW want BM, so they go and make her look desperate. But hey BW are desperate we really out here man-stroking guys who have made it clear they don't want us. Wow 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, honestly I don't even know what to say anymore, this is like someone insulting you and saying it's a joke and you proceed to genuinely laugh about it.

  • K B
    K B

    A commercial in where a dark skinned black woman is lusting after a black man...who would NEVER date a dark skinned black woman. Black women even white media sees how desperate we are.

  • Temple Rose
    Temple Rose


  • LaTosha Stanfield
    LaTosha Stanfield

    This commercial is stupid Michael B Jordan doesn't even like black women and if he does like a black woman she's not dark skin

  • Abdulkader Khojema
    Abdulkader Khojema

    Imagine if the roles were reversed with the husband having a female Alexa which actually makes more sense cuz Alexa's voice is female but then you would have brain dead feminists complaining about how women shouldn't be serving people 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ Actual news program topic from one of the British channels, look it up!🤷🏻‍♂️

  • k p
    k p

    Seriously I'm afraid to order from Amazon.... last week I ordered a hundred dollar floodlight and the package ended up delivered to my neighbor's door step. My address is correct on the order but somehow it was sent to the wrong house...I called Amazon they said they'll replace no charged but the second order went to the same next door neighbor neighbor said he didn't see it but the pictures Amazon sent was his house...Amazon finally refunded me....that guy now stole two floodlights from Amazon...I even gave directions to delivery guy to called me but they didn't...this shouldn't happen...I now use Amazon hubs but it's limited on size of packages...I had no choice but to order a similar product from EBAY....they never ever messed up my packages like Amazon....I'm really really mad at Amazon.. i spent thousands on Amazon'm just pissed...Amazon has the best deals but I just couldn't m buy them knowing what neighbor is a jerk...I just didn't want to call the police ...

  • Ryanshi Crazy World
    Ryanshi Crazy World


  • stop surveilling
    stop surveilling

    There are WAY too many black people on TV these days.

    • Aaliyah Everett
      Aaliyah Everett

      The racism tho...

    • K B
      K B

      Turn your TV off then.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    You're a poop person

  • Jo El oh el
    Jo El oh el

    This is my favorite commercial 🤣

  • Keisha Carr
    Keisha Carr

    Absolute best commercial of all time!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Michael Hauger
    Michael Hauger

    So I remember watching that Alexa commercial on TV back in 2016 and I thought that would control your whole house. Right now, I learned that you need to have compatible devices like smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart TVs, etc for Alexa to control your home.



  • americawhereareyou

    Did the Actors here have to pee in bottles, defecate in bags, and wear diapers too? Were they paid little more than half the going rate while you proclaim how "good" you pay them? My guess is they weren't. Why? They have a UNION.

  • Meat Popsicle
    Meat Popsicle

    A great commercial with a great actor. But your employees have to go to the bathroom in Bags in their car Because you Will Fire Them if they are not fast Enough. Amazon are Slavers.

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin

    Can you provide? This for Grants Pass Oregon. (1) Can we destroy and remodel and Design? Can you work with Little Caesars? Wendy's You start your in April 2023? Wendy 1829 NE 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526 Can provide? Vegetarian with 70% your Menu Can you have Smart Technologies your Fast Food? (2) Can we destroy and remodel and Design? Can you work with Nintendo & Pepsi? Arby's You start your in May 2023? Arby 140 NE Terry Ln, Grants Pass, OR 97526 Can provide? Vegetarian with 65% your Menu Can you have Smart Tech in your Fast Food? (3) Can we destroy and remodel and Design? Can you work with Samsung & Microsoft? KFC You start your in June 2023? KFC's 280 NE Beacon Dr, Grants Pass, OR 97526 Can provide? Vegetarian with 45% your Menu Can you have Smart Tech Computers your Fast Food? (4) Can we destroy and remodel and Design? Can you work with Walmart & Amazon? Jack in the Box You start your in July 2024? Jack's in the Box 120 NW Hillcrest Dr, Grants Pass, OR 97526 Can provide? Vegetarian with 86% your Menu Can you have Smart Technologies Device like Soda Machine your Fast Food?

  • Anita Chandra
    Anita Chandra

    Love it when people( usually men) pull the "if roles were reversed y'all would be mad!" Card. You mean like how women have been put down, objectified, humiliated and bashed in music, media, laws and everyday life for generations? This is the roles being reversed LoL. Y'all never had a problem until women started doing it.

    • Krixta L
      Krixta L

      Exactly. These whiny ass dudes make me glad I'm not straight.

  • Malltopia

    Amazoon beat you...😜

  • bloodwashedsaint

    Repent and turn to Jesus he’s the only way to heaven

  • Nicole Bowman
    Nicole Bowman

    My fellow sistas, other than Micheal, name your top 3 celebs who would be just perfect for this role . They can range from chocolate thunder to caramel goodness. Don't be shy!

  • Raymon Tiglers
    Raymon Tiglers


  • A S
    A S

    Dions dad from raising dion

  • Finsterboii

    Open Hygergamy

  • Viktor Demi
    Viktor Demi

    As Shapiro points out. Switch the genders and this is the most sexist commercial of the century. Sexism is a two way street. It’s sexist for a man to use a woman for her body why isn’t it for a woman to do the same for a man?

  • moto angela
    moto angela

    I am a seller in Turkish Amazon, I will go to court for their irregular, illegaly process. deactivateed my account and blocked my money inside with a randomly efected process. Can you write me a mail adress who works in amazon please ?

  • Hann Sern Young
    Hann Sern Young

    are we not going to talking about the placement of the 'arrow' in the end?

  • David's Dance Podcast
    David's Dance Podcast

    When you party with your shirt off 0:34 , but bathe with a shirt on 0:48 🤣

  • Ernest Sloan
    Ernest Sloan

    Whomever thought of this should be well rewarded

  • Brogan Awesomeness
    Brogan Awesomeness

    Release the Alexa man lol

  • Sahil Mohammed
    Sahil Mohammed

    Amazon should support blackberry mobile phone company

  • Earl Mcraw
    Earl Mcraw

    Love is A.I in Chinese.

  • Spinafexx

    "Things will get way too wet around here"

  • Felicity Soaps & Butters
    Felicity Soaps & Butters

    Boy, boy, I wish this was REAL!🤤🥴

  • Redroom trainer Played
    Redroom trainer Played

    This is creepy

  • King G
    King G

    I still see those bumps every time he takes of his shirt

  • Muhammad Abdullahi
    Muhammad Abdullahi

    *techlord19* on IG is the best to work on any hacking job base on spy whatsapp, icloud, suspended whatsapp, can't believe he did all this for me when I needed it most

  • Original Man
    Original Man

    People in the comments are acting like the actor who portrayed the husband is Sidney Poitier. He played a broken, henpecked, punked simp. What man with his balls still attached would allow their wife to lust after a man as he bumbles around trying to prevent it? Enjoy this fantasy ladies, because the closest you'll get to it in real life is watching this commercial 😂

  • 최주화

    한국에 이베이코리아 인수해서 한국시장 진출하시고 장학하세요...

  • rogerio maria
    rogerio maria

    Honey things getting way too wet around here.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • VCC Soldat
    VCC Soldat

    Detroit Become Human

  • Warning Sirens of Colorado
    Warning Sirens of Colorado

    I did not know Alexa was a dude but props to Amazon

  • My Name
    My Name

    Unionize Amazon Workers! Unionize!

  • Csigabigalotetu cske
    Csigabigalotetu cske


  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    I came back today just to laugh.... it's still funny ah😭

  • Daniel

    Who went directly to Prime Video to see “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” from this add? because I was one 😂😆🤣

  • Tyler Sass
    Tyler Sass

    Sell your company and split the money with ALL BLACK AMERICANS OR YOUR ARE RACIST! - The Wizard

  • Ed Lutz
    Ed Lutz

    AMAZON AMAZON AMAZON why don't your drivers deliver your large packages? All you do is bury USPS with them!

  • *sanyahhh

    Guys Jesus is coming back turn from your ways and go to him he’s coming

  • Bequanis Looby
    Bequanis Looby

    Guys, did you peep that amazon arrow placement?

  • pat the legend
    pat the legend

    fuck you piss off

  • Cirino saldana
    Cirino saldana

    If Amazon offered to make Alexa how ever I want it to look, I'd tell them to make her look like the girl of my dreams........I'm lonely 😔

  • Lalaina Nomena Ravelosaona
    Lalaina Nomena Ravelosaona

    This is the ad we will never never be fed up with ❤️❤️❤️ the one we'lee never skip, 😂😂😂

  • meme Winton
    meme Winton

    It was the chemistry and the interaction between her and Michael B. Jordan that really set this AD on Fire! Love it! Oh, and the first time I watched it, I watched it over 20 times on the first day!

  • Ellia

    Amazon can you please like hurry with the packages because it's kind of rude when we put it in a day but you don't bring it in the exact date

  • Gollo Perme
    Gollo Perme

    Reverse the sex in this ad and feminazis will lose it😂😂

  • Jacaso Asheland
    Jacaso Asheland

    *cough* Liberal Media Double Standard *cough*

  • nvj29

    A friend just informed me that the poster on the bus is the movie MBJ is staring in on coming out on Amazon.

  • justin rey
    justin rey

    A commercial where we see a women fantasizing cheating on her husband so fucked up ,stay away from marriage fellas

  • Richard Avalos
    Richard Avalos