Film Theory: Dear DC, I Fixed Your Universe! (Justice League Snyder Cut)
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So now that we've all finally got to see the infamous Snyder Cut of DC's The Justice League, we're good right? Wrong! Now the people want to make it CANON! Well Theorists, what if I told you it already was? What if the original vision of Zack Snyder's Justice League has ALWAYS been canon? That's right! Before you send off that #RestoreTheSnyderVerse tweet, watch this video! It may have you saying #SnyderVerseIsAlreadyCanon instead.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Erik Valhalla
    Erik Valhalla

    This is absolutely genius.

  • Jalyn Moore-Allen
    Jalyn Moore-Allen

    I watched this video in 360p

  • Diamond Tacos
    Diamond Tacos

    If this is true I have to say not even marvel can top that To have 2 of the same movies be so different As well as the ending being identical but different with one being a baron waste land and the other being a Floral land of beautiful flowers and grass growing everywhere is perfect

  • Sawyer Griswold
    Sawyer Griswold

    I wish you were in charge of dc

  • NDK

    I didnt have interest with the DCEU but, because of this , i want to keep up with their movies Can anyone tell me movies that i should watch before justice league??

  • Lol gut gud 2021
    Lol gut gud 2021

    I’m sorry but I still thought it was overhyped garbage

  • vasilis Keisidis
    vasilis Keisidis

    Mat his original name is Professor Zoom

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi

    hey mattpatt, i dare you to make a whole timeline for the mcu and/or dc universe?


    I wish they create another movie where they show the nightmare sequence coming true


    I just wish jack see this and go, " hey matpat, wanna design our movie timeline and fundamental story?"

  • I’m Signal
    I’m Signal

    If you think Snyder fans are bad, wait till you see the K-pop stans or the Minecraft Java ISdownsr Stans

  • Docei Deer
    Docei Deer

    What is amazing is that it would cost them nothing to implement into the existing story. Except you know... their egos.

  • :[ DoApSoAp48 ]:
    :[ DoApSoAp48 ]:

    This could also explain Barry's moment with the girl at the beginning of the snyder cut. Could be the woman he loves and leaves behind at the end of the flashpoint movie. He sees her again here and makes sure to treat her with love and care because he's got a real connection to her and not because she's cute and he's crushing like the snyder cut suggests. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • John Paul Tamayo
    John Paul Tamayo

    #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, for real this time.

  • ColeTrain

    Ill be honest, idgaf about the snyderverse, think its pretty wack overall buuuuut what I do want is an actual decent roughly 2 1/2hr cut of justice league using both cuts of the JL movie

  • Luis Aeterno
    Luis Aeterno

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, if it’s done right (like this video has explained) I have NO problem tossing ALL my money into these coming movies!!

  • Tom N
    Tom N

    So if you follow Barry's experience through the whole DCEU, the timeline would be: Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984 Man of Steel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition (without the Flash scene) Suicide Squad Extended Cut Birds of Prey Wonder Woman framing scenes Josstice League Aquaman Shazam! Batman's nightmare The Flash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition (with the Flash scene) Suicide Squad Extended Cut Birds of Prey Wonder Woman framing scenes Zack Snyder's Justice League

  • LegendaryKing

    I have never watched a DCEU movie but this theory made me look forward to Flash movie if its actually Flashpoint

  • TheAdvertisement

    Sincerely, thank you Zack Snyder. You gave your all to make this a better movie, despite the tragedy you've face in your life.

  • matt jones
    matt jones

    You know the kind of messed it up still because barry allen has not ever reached to getting top speed (blue lightning) he's at like a yellow so what I am saying is they should have switched him with wally west (fastest flash)

  • Sean IRL
    Sean IRL

    This movie theory absolutely rocks. So FlashPoint, could have the flash traveling back to undo the JossticeLeague. Then jump to ZSJL epilogue and finish telling that story

  • Michael Alameda
    Michael Alameda

    David Ayer told us that WB panicked when Batman V Superman failed and Deadpool succeeded.

  • Juma Bukenya
    Juma Bukenya

    It is true?


    There is a new movie on the horizon. zootopia 2 watch the trailer an make a theory please

  • dux fot
    dux fot

    briliant hopeful theory for dceu ruined by a single plot hole. mera accent in knightmare sequence is the same as in snyder cut which means knightmare timeline is continuation of snyder cut not josstice league.

  • Favila Menéndez Cotgrove
    Favila Menéndez Cotgrove

    You literally just saved the DCEU

  • YXNG_Anxel_05

    Bro you’re a genius 😂

  • Yusuke Hoshi
    Yusuke Hoshi

    I do have a theory that's probably a lot more complicated than this one here, but might actually be more probable. My theory is that there's a third timeline that predates both timelines shown here where Man of Steel was followed up by a version of JL which has Superman all the way through, but eventually leads to the "Knightmare" sequence. This is leads to a second timeline where MoS and BvS happen, then Joss Whedon's JL, and also leads to "Knightmare". The third one is just the second one but replace Joss Whedon's JL with the Snyder Cut. The reason why I think this is what's actually happening is because this would explain how Barry could show up in BvS whilst also starting off both cuts of JL with Superman being dead. The way that MatPat showcased his theory made it sound like BvS is on a different timeline to Joss Whedon's JL, but that wouldn't make sense since the events of BvS would have to happen for Superman to be dead. They could just say "Sh*t happened and Superman died in the process", but that sounds like a cheap copout. The only thing I can't explain with this theory is what happened between MoS and JL in the first timeline, though since I've already made a different version of an already existing movie let's just say everything in BvS happened except for Superman dying at the end, which makes my cheap copout criticism very hypocritical.

  • just passing
    just passing

    I don't like batman taking the fall, but this excites me. Gives that DCU feel on levels

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130

    Not bad Matpat

  • Josellrey Gabunilas
    Josellrey Gabunilas




  • Soren

    how dose the man of theories make a better timeline than the people themselfs

  • Lennon Ladroma
    Lennon Ladroma

    After watching invincible, hired those fucker who wrote that tv series if you want gritty, gory, grounded etc. TAKE MY ADVICE WB. WELCOME

  • Kate Olivier
    Kate Olivier

    DC please do this it would save your messed up timeline

  • YF21_Septic

    I’m typing this before watching the video, if matpat doesn’t talk about flash time travel scene I’m gonna be pissed

  • edwin kurniawan
    edwin kurniawan

    But hoe come aquaman doesn't even know meera name in aquaman

  • EpikDream

    POV, you just clicked this video after being recommended to you dozens of times

  • KillerCornMuffin

    You know, I tend to get up in arms when someone tries their videos like this. I gotta protect my DC baby. But this... This was really solid. If this works and they explain it properly it can save the DCEU. I still need the lanterns though, it's weird to not have one in the lineup.

  • WokeAF

    If this would be true, holy moly, WB's image would be restored, instantly.

  • Shappzin Johnson
    Shappzin Johnson

    Someone get this to DC and Zack NOW!!!

  • Hanif Muhammad
    Hanif Muhammad

    I like this theory

  • Lexie Schilling
    Lexie Schilling

    Guy i hat a confession to make I LIKED THE ORIGINAL JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!! Please dont hate me

  • sunyeob kim
    sunyeob kim

    if josstice league is in the first time line where batman v super man didn't happen how is super man dead in the start of josstice league cause super man died in the end of batman v superman

  • Undernerd Cosplays
    Undernerd Cosplays

    So basically the DCEU is becoming the Zelda universe and the MCU…multiple different timelines, different deaths, different relationships. Very interesting. 🤔

  • willi ice
    willi ice

    Everyone dm zach snyder and send him this video

  • Toxic Poisn
    Toxic Poisn

    Someone get this to DC

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme

    "95% from fans" ^ Film theory should know better than to promote speciousness. There is no such thing as a fan score. This is an internet poll. You can't document that the person polled actually saw the film, payed to see it, or that the same person is not review bombing the film. *It's worthless.* The most respected audience metric is CinemaScore which polls *ticket buyers* right after they exit the theater. This can *never happen* for Snyder Cut, since it is *hidden* behind a paywall on HBOMax. Per HBOMax - Snyder cut is *less popular than* Godzilla vs. Kong. Mortal Combat. and even... Wonder Woman 84. ⬆️ This provides actual meaningful context.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme

    The plot of this film is objectively even more idiotic, and there are no stakes either. it's a 4 hour garbage fire vs. a 2 hour garbage fire.

  • Shmerrie 2730
    Shmerrie 2730

    Justice league mustve been the most confusing movie ever (in my opinion)

  • K. Badguy
    K. Badguy

    The original was a stinky pile of trash, MapPat, whether you enjoyed it or not.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme

      Snyder cut is just as bad.

  • Cory Howell
    Cory Howell

    Only problem is, Mera still has her British accent in the Knightmare sequence. If the Knightmare world is a result of Whedon’s version, Snyder would have her without an accent.

  • ebox64 maker
    ebox64 maker

    I have that book

  • AdamChef85

    Honestly the more I hear about joss the less I like him

  • Sage of The Lotus
    Sage of The Lotus

    Hey MatPat, weird flex but ok.

  • Tsepo Dladla
    Tsepo Dladla

    Yho someone better drop a link of this video to WB execs or any of the dceu actors. Even Snyder would be pleased.

  • Lightning Strike
    Lightning Strike

    when the multiverse is the 4th wall break of movie sequences itself also, this thing seems oddly familiar.... ah yes! the mutants.... past of future days....

  • Aadi Vivek Padhi
    Aadi Vivek Padhi

    10:18 there is a problem with your theory MatPat. If there are two timelines in the DCEU, one being the josstice league (bad timeline) and the other being the snyder cut (good timeline), why is batman v superman in the good timeline? i mean i know that some of the hallucinations where in batman v superman, but superman did die IN batman v superman, and if superman died in the good timeline with the snyder cut coming after, how is superman ALSO dead in the start of josstice league? i mean in both versions of the film we see the other members of the Justice League ressurecting superman, BECAUSE superman died in the hands of Doomsday in batman v superman, and if batman v superman is in the good timeline with the snyder cut, how was superman ALSO dead in Josstice League if batman v superman did not occur in the first place? so, in my point of view, the josstice league timeline had all the events of batman v superman, except for the dream about the knightmare future that Bruce Wayne had. But in the snyder cut timeline, ALL the events of batman v superman did happen, including the dream that batman had.

    • Aadi Vivek Padhi
      Aadi Vivek Padhi

      @Summer Tyme normally MatPat has AMAZING theories, and this one is also amazing he just needs to re-think the batman c superman part

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme

      I only made it thru half the video. His 'theory' is nonsense.

    • Aadi Vivek Padhi
      Aadi Vivek Padhi

      also everybody please read the FULL comment before replying

    • Aadi Vivek Padhi
      Aadi Vivek Padhi

      i know hard to understand ask me if you have any questions hopefully if you ask me a question i will get notified for it

  • Finn Valspire
    Finn Valspire

    Somebody tell DC,WB and Zack Snyder this vid.

  • Nani 98
    Nani 98

    DC:Write that down write that down!!!!

  • BewareTheCarpenter

    I've never liked the idea of multiverses since it ultimately makes everything meaningless. If there's an infinite number of batmans one of them dying doesn't matter. If I wanted conflicting timelines I would make sure I established who was the storyteller of each version: This is the recount of a soldier who fought in the war but he's lying to protect the honor of his friend. This is the official story the government told to the masses. This is the story told a hundred years later by a bard who embellishes by giving everyone superpowers. All of the stories have some element of truth and you can make it horror or romantic comedy depending on the teller and you can retcon whatever you want so long as it's plausible the stuff your ignoring came from a source who didn't know/ misinterpreted the real story or had motive to lie. Let the fans try to piece together what REALLY happened.

  • Takashi Kamiyama
    Takashi Kamiyama

    Way to long, horrible hazy contrast filters, removed all the heart and added woke garbage.

  • Ultra Seven
    Ultra Seven

    No thank you. #RestoreTheBurtonVerse

  • Khalid

    at12:12 i remembered that your going to say ''that's just a theory A film theory" and it broke my heart

  • Alucxrd

    We live in a society where a man can make a universe better than D.C.

  • Sebatomic 870
    Sebatomic 870

    8:23 you forgot about cyborg

  • The Phenom
    The Phenom

    Why are you geh?

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    No joke I watched the whole vid in 360 p because he said so at the beginning

  • The Void King [Ethan]
    The Void King [Ethan]


  • Mr. Geo
    Mr. Geo

    I love DC but the DCEU is terrible... It needs to borrow from the DCAU (Timmverse), Young Justice and even the MCU...Not the New52, there are stories and characters I like but they need to do what the Timmverse did and give us their most iconic version of these characters. Give us comics not some dark depressing grey mess... Lex Luthor was more Riddler than Luthor, Supermans parents were terrible, Batman should not be assembling the Justice League that should be Superman or Wonder Woman... Dooms Day was more Bizarro, BvS shouldn't of started the cinematic world ( I know MoS but BvS really set up this universe) the nightmare bullshit is weak, The fact that there are 2 different movies that are the same movie kinda... is a fucking joke and says everything I am trying to ×100. Joker was terrible. Harley is ok but getting pushed like John Cena in 2005... Suicide Squad was maybe the worst movie with the best trailer im the history of movies... Wonder Woman is ok, Shazam was a good pick. Aquaman isn't Aquaman lol... He's ok but he's not my main issue so W.E. Flash was ehh.. The Universe needs to be replaced and Flash Point could be perfect but that means we still could get him as Flash and I do not want thR

  • Vote_To_Kick

    Why does joker like like he has a snapchat filter for a face

  • Joshua Samu'el
    Joshua Samu'el

    This went from film theory to godsend

  • Lilly Reilly
    Lilly Reilly

    I want to watch this movie

  • Varsha Patil
    Varsha Patil

    The starting hurts because I only watch video at 360p max I swear to god I have poor network connections.

  • Apoorv Gupta
    Apoorv Gupta

    About 2 Batmans. I guess one will be Bruce and other will be Thomas.

  • Chirantan G
    Chirantan G

    I think that the fact that Barry going back in time and meeting batman (batman v superman) and telling him something crucial, but it ending up as a dream, was well... idk. Also I’m pretty sure that the dream happened even before Bruce saw the footage of Barry and his speed.

  • Chirantan G
    Chirantan G

    Ngl Matt could actually work for a planning committee with Zack or with Kevin Fiege. This man is a legend. The amount of creativity and research this man has had to do for each video is.. is.. idk how to say it. Hats off to you mattpat

  • Chirantan G
    Chirantan G

    Correction: when you said that in josstice league there was no reference to a higher authority or a superior being to steppenwolf, that’s actually not true. At the end of the whedon, steppenwolf starts his attack and releases the parademons free, he says “For unity” “For darkseid” It was poorly put in. I’m sure most of the viewers are normal people who know batman and superman (not stereotyping ) and don’t know the villains that are comic only. So that line fell on deaf ears, to most. I bet some would’ve heard it as dark side too.

  • AJ

    Josstice Leage isn't the original cut..

  • Vendetta JRJ
    Vendetta JRJ

    This was absolutely brilliant !! My mind was blown.

  • Kreddi

    The original Justice League being a 71% on the audience score says heaps about the DC fandom

  • Usman Qureshi
    Usman Qureshi

    To everyone saying it's incredible Matt has a better plan than WB for DC. The reality is that I, my immigrant father who's never seen these films, current senate chairman Chuck Schumer, former senate chairman Mitch McConnell, my immigrant niece, the fucking Walt Disney corporation, and you, that's right, you reading this comment, have a better plan for the DC franchise than the higher-ups at Warner Brothers.

  • Cooper Fullmer
    Cooper Fullmer

    wait what if it’s still a trilogy

  • Dishtroyer 1
    Dishtroyer 1


  • Quantum News52
    Quantum News52

    You should do a theory on how (Jl) barry can interact with (cw) barry after crisis.

  • adham maged
    adham maged

    WB lasten to this guy please

  • Gift From God
    Gift From God

    they must be completely out of their mind to not have Znyder and only his version expanding. We want that, the dollars are in that and their reputation is in there. But then again, companies in the entertainment industry is whacked today. For example: sony scratched the Days Gone 2 development to make a Last of Us next gen remake that NOBODY asked for, especially after the fiasko of TLOU 2 and The Avengers fiasko of a game shut down Deus Ex. These companies makes what THEY think will generate more money while the audiance who are to give them the money gets dissapointed, backstabbed and fooled which does the opposite to their visions. Oh well, guess they want to push their luck on being untouchable of the cancel movement but they're gonna be scraping of bubblegums on the sidewalk if they keep pushing it - and tbh, a part of me sincerely think they deserve it

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya

    Telling WB not to blow it. 4K Josstice League released: *insert Jared Leto Joker laugh*

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya

    "Those are a few bad eggs" Finally someone that doesn't think all fans are the same.

  • sabbiewabbiewasabi

    dude can someone share this to the ppl in charge of making the movies :")))) if this theory is true ill be so happy atm dc is such a mess but i love dc heroes

  • Longbow120

    What even is this thumbnail

  • Andrew Eng
    Andrew Eng

    bro bootleg injustice movie

  • LiveDieRespawn

    Why does everyone always misspell "cojones" as "cajones"???

  • Mason Harrell
    Mason Harrell

    This has to be true. It just has to be

  • Sandra Sandra
    Sandra Sandra

    One of these days someone from these big studios will finally acknowledge MatPat basically creating all these lores and universe plans and we’ll all get the best cinematic universe out there!

  • Slayer 96 DA 2ND
    Slayer 96 DA 2ND

    Triggering snyder cut fans Josstice league part 1 Snyder cut league part 2 Next cut release part 3

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly

    You just made what seems like terrible films into a stroke of genius. Seriously I know that this prolly isn’t what they had in mind when starting the DCEU and honestly I don’t really like Zach Snyder much but if they could pull this off that would be pretty interesting

  • Adri Cruz
    Adri Cruz

    You know it's a good theory when I'm a Marvel can and now I'm hype for the future of DC if they do it like this

  • Sideshow Sworld
    Sideshow Sworld

    I kinda hated Leto's Joker. But I like where he's going with it. Less is def more in this case

  • Eva-Marie Alimezelli
    Eva-Marie Alimezelli

    This was your best video.