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  • Will Corbett
    Will Corbett

    U remind me of morgz’s friend Ryan lol

  • Hamza Ramadani
    Hamza Ramadani


  • Jake Magical99
    Jake Magical99

    Does it still work?

  • talal alidrissi
    talal alidrissi

    I got tots sabitser davies and angilinio form my 83 x 25

  • sMiX Dark
    sMiX Dark

    Im here since fifa 20 ngl

  • Lewis Jarrald
    Lewis Jarrald

    My friend got goretzka and I got sabitzer

  • El indi cado
    El indi cado

    6:35 koundé DC?😨

  • Νίκος Κούλογλου
    Νίκος Κούλογλου

    omg what the actual fuck is that quality from the first clip

  • Mert Zorlu
    Mert Zorlu

    Caner erkin 💙💛💙💛💙💛

  • AOC32

    I got biglia. I thought I pulled messi too

  • Bear_127

    Anyone else noticed that Mbappe wasn't a duplicate before he brought it back?

  • Summerr

    Can sm1 tell me if it’s safe to buy 1mil on u7buy

  • danbull99

    I swear you remind me of faze booce 🤣


    Got Vidic😑😑😑 Win or Lose

  • Nicholas Ottley
    Nicholas Ottley

    I got 98 Messi in a player pick, I was legit shaking. Couldn't believe it... The pick right before Messi I got Alba, and then straight after Messi I did the 85+ player pick, and got Carrasco. Mental day for me!

  • SamReno 16
    SamReno 16

    Crazy how we both sang ‘wake me up’ at the same time


    I watched this live

  • Nemanja Kovačev
    Nemanja Kovačev

    I packed 97 benzema in 84+*20

  • xBH clan
    xBH clan

    Lol I got Suarez and de jong out of my 84 x 20

  • Jose Tapia
    Jose Tapia

    Packed moments Owen, W or L??

  • Reiss HD
    Reiss HD

    who hasnt done it yet

  • Benscott7 !!!
    Benscott7 !!!

    I’m with manny I do not like eto I played headliners felix I’ve him

  • Cesar Andrade
    Cesar Andrade

    Got benzema in my 83x25


    I opened the 84 x20 and got Jordi Alba tots and two more tots

  • Samjayperks

    did 81x25 and got 97 benzema🤣

  • zaid khan123
    zaid khan123

    17:00 my man said aboobikar

  • Axel Nilsson
    Axel Nilsson

    Bro I’ve packed both Varane and kounde today

  • REMU

    Emagine being ea and putting such a shit league like the Turkish league🤡🤡🤡 The only reason they did that is bc they want to put shit players into packs.

  • D D
    D D

    20 is Vingt

  • Chris Moyle
    Chris Moyle

    Did the 81+ didn't even get a walkout 1 85 rest 83 and under with an inform 81

  • xliver on 60 frames
    xliver on 60 frames

    i got de jong from my player pick

  • Fifarocketleague

    2:08 when the teacher looks at you so you pretend you are thinking

  • FK-Cl49Z

    This guy deserves more subs

  • Flxcks Yt
    Flxcks Yt

    I swear everyone’s 81x25 were awful, I got tots Varane and like 4 walkouts out of mine😂

    • Bole Dmvc
      Bole Dmvc

      They are shite i wasted 1 token for that and the best player i pulled was fookin arthur

  • Daniel Kollstrøm
    Daniel Kollstrøm


  • Will Donz
    Will Donz

    Anyone else saving theirs for Ultimate TOTS?

  • KOSTAS Iliopoulos
    KOSTAS Iliopoulos

    Oloi oi ellnes xarikan otan eidan mpakaseta

  • Nikki Fright
    Nikki Fright

    I packed 98 maradona. 😱😱😟👑

  • cesar camiloaga
    cesar camiloaga

    Just suscribed man nice content :))

  • billy smith
    billy smith

    I have mid eto and hes a beast

  • Clappingtons

    2:40 the only people you miss out on is Suarez and Messi so u could definitely get varane or Suarez 😂

    • Clappingtons

      @EggEnBread that’s what he meant

    • EggEnBread


  • Remi James
    Remi James


  • Tiggerplays

    I’m trying to get the 81 x 25

  • Daryl Atkinson
    Daryl Atkinson

    What does liking a video even do?

  • Rhocad C
    Rhocad C

    I’ll save this 81+ to 84+ when best of tots is out in a mouth 😂

  • Zak Bower
    Zak Bower

    Hi man keep up the good work

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez

    I packed suarez out of the 81x25

  • Alfie Lowe
    Alfie Lowe

    This man is a legend

  • CianO

    Got moments laudrup 😢

  • Uncle Toe
    Uncle Toe

    84+ I got blue de bruyne

  • Sotiris Kiveris
    Sotiris Kiveris

    i realy care about cause he is from my country greece!!

  • Onepott FN
    Onepott FN

    haber can u pls ask ur mods to unban me from chat my name is “1pott”

  • Tomas Poggi
    Tomas Poggi

    I got tots Messi and Llorente 😍🥳

  • Tim Hiller
    Tim Hiller

    I got saurez from 85+ player pick very juiced

  • Στέφανος Τζαννης
    Στέφανος Τζαννης

    Bakasetas only ρε μαλακες

  • Sultan Alrasheed
    Sultan Alrasheed

    I got 3 tots from the 81 x25 I got kounde aboubakar and the 85 gk

  • Micah Pickus
    Micah Pickus

    Haber, I did the 85x5 and the 85+ la liga pp across two accounts. The results couldn’t have been more different. On my main, I got base gold Alisson, base Bruno and some 85s in the 85x5. In the pp, I got Courtois. On my 2nd account, I got De Jong in the pp. In the 85x5 I got TOTS Varane, Lucas Vasquez and Gerard Moreno.

  • Bandicoot Blue
    Bandicoot Blue

    From the 83x25 I got 1 87 5 85s 3 84s and the rest 83s if anyone got worse than me please tell me cause I'm quite depressed atm

    • Nathan Balzan
      Nathan Balzan

      I got david silva and pique 😃😃😃

  • Zac Box
    Zac Box

    Knew he would be uploading snuck outta class to watch

  • john kamel
    john kamel


  • EcLiPsE Clan
    EcLiPsE Clan

    I did the 83 25 and got benzema I screamed without the s

  • Patrick Amaechi
    Patrick Amaechi

    Oh Biglia why did you have to have a good season 😂😂

    • Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7

      @Liverpool Fan 👍

    • Liverpool Fan
      Liverpool Fan

      @Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7 he means the only other Argentinian tots in packs rn

    • Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7


    • Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7
      Hazard10 Mount19 Kanté7

      He said biglia was the only other Argentinian tots, he forgot tagliafico

  • Matthew McTaggart
    Matthew McTaggart

    PSA don't do the 81x25, they are so bad

  • Alex Sharkey
    Alex Sharkey

    Mbappe is the best player

  • music store
    music store

    Should I do+84 x20 or +81 and +83 together

  • 1903 Aralinho
    1903 Aralinho


  • Γιάννης Μαργαρίτης
    Γιάννης Μαργαρίτης

    Wtf bro your content is just amazing!

  • Ashwin Venkat
    Ashwin Venkat

    5:04 why does this person have a hunter on Mbappe?! Some people are genuinely diabolical! Awesome video Haber, keep up the great content. It's been fire lately!!

    • akaksr

      @Miles Baughman his toty and tots is one of two , marksman or engine

    • Miles Baughman
      Miles Baughman

      what would you put on him

    • akaksr

      I swear I saw someone gave TOTY mbappe and Cristiano a hunter

  • Billy Gates
    Billy Gates

    drinking game: take a shot everytime he says llorente or koundé

    • WoodyxVII

      Tbf tbf tbf so fucking annoying.

    • Bracket Busters
      Bracket Busters

      or everytime he says to be fair

  • Mohamed Arale
    Mohamed Arale

    Patiently waiting for Ligue 1 tots

  • Galipoglu

    I am Türk, i was waiting for Turkey Tots and thank you so much for The video. I decided to make 84+ asap :))

  • Leigh Carolan
    Leigh Carolan

    Why are you still considering doing the sbc if you just got the man that's literally baffling

  • Corey Ritchie
    Corey Ritchie

    Just recently found your Channel and I’m absolutely loving the videos, always out quick with the new content keep up the good work.

    • Mr. muffin man
      Mr. muffin man

      Same lol started watching a day before the first tots

  • alek horsman
    alek horsman

    I pulled tots Varane from the 85+ player pick

  • The Games Narrator
    The Games Narrator

    saving my for ultimate TOts yall should do the same

    • Vincent Löchner
      Vincent Löchner

      @TheNoPred the best off tots, where all the best players are in

    • Jonathan Wilson
      Jonathan Wilson

      So should i go for fodder packs first then ucon packs in the 2nd set of swaps

    • Thom

      @TheNoPred still got Serie A, Bundes and Ligue 1 tots so probably about 3/4 weeks

    • AmDHyper 7
      AmDHyper 7

      @TheNoPred jesus

    • TheNoPred

      What’s ultimate TOTS? This is my first fifa

  • Ig- Jozofnbr
    Ig- Jozofnbr

    Imagine if you already complete swaps i complete absolutely zero at the moment🤣🤣

    • Uros Kovacic
      Uros Kovacic

      People do them in 1 day after they come out and complain about lack of content.

    • Callum Smith
      Callum Smith


  • Josh Bot
    Josh Bot

    That intro was dead

  • Rocksteady

    no one else noticing the Hunter on mbappe? 5:04

    • Rocksteady

      @Gladius Oh nothing mate. He can do whatever he wants with his card lmao. Its just weird seeing an Hunter card on Mbappe. It's not like he needs it. Marksman would make the card so much better.

    • Gladius

      @Rocksteady So what if he has a Hunter on mbappé?

    • Rocksteady

      @Oliver Lester Yes i know. And he had the Hunter chemstyle on his already owned Mbappe

    • Oliver Lester
      Oliver Lester

      He packed a dupe

  • An0nImOwY247


  • Xoitlajeno

    Bruh fuck all that am just doing Vieira I'll get the fodder through objectives 😂😂

  • runthefutstore fifa
    runthefutstore fifa

    Best ISdownsrrrrrr

  • John Franklin
    John Franklin

    Great watching this after I got prime del perio 🤢 and half the Turkish tots in my 84x20. Praying I get a good moments later this week

  • Keano Vz
    Keano Vz


  • Hashem Younes
    Hashem Younes

    I did 84x20 and got TOTS messi and suarez

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      I want Suarez for liverpool past and present got coutinho already

  • Cha0tix

    I got varane out of the 20x84 it was insane for me

  • Ben Harkerss
    Ben Harkerss

    how does he tell if its a moments or prime

    • Xiao Winged
      Xiao Winged

      It would be. Brighter

  • Ak Tekks
    Ak Tekks

    Haber can you unban me on twitch bro my name is what it is in my profile

  • xXArmitageXx

    Damn people are really grinding hard

  • Angad Vaswani
    Angad Vaswani

    Haber should try different content or subs won't increase content is too monotonous

  • Lewrobbo

    Every video uploaded.. fastest in the game. Upload times unreal at this point!! ALWAYS the top comment too!! Sick Haber 👌

  • Aaron Rabin
    Aaron Rabin

    These are craaaaaaackkkkkeeeeedddd

  • kj neymar
    kj neymar

    how do u know if its a prime or moments?

    • Invaluable GOAT Sterling
      Invaluable GOAT Sterling

      moments has a yellow-ish flare while prime has full white flare

    • eddy.hneineh

      from the flairs i think the brighter means prime the more darker means moments

  • Can Polat
    Can Polat

    Anyone else get that Biglia troll?

  • Fxnn 1337
    Fxnn 1337

    I opened the 83x25 and didnt get a tots, and just 1 walkout who was rated 86

  • Satvik Rastogi
    Satvik Rastogi

    unban me haberrrrrrr4

  • Vinicius Carro Bomba
    Vinicius Carro Bomba

    im brazilian and i love your videos

  • Nufc

    I did the 83x25 and didn't even get a tots 😭

    • Nathan Balzan
      Nathan Balzan


  • Paradox

    Best player in my 83x25 was keylor navas 🤡

  • Guxrra

    Wow content in the packs is trash omg, how you gon get only 1 walkout in 20 84+ wtf is this EA

  • scotty finlayson
    scotty finlayson

    Jesus have you slept

I Was Wrong
860 þ.
I Was Wrong
860 þ.