Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms
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Theorists, I'm guessing most of you have seen at least one M&M commercial in your life. From the classic Santa is real one that's been circulating for YEARS or more modern versions, one thing is clear. Those M&Ms are being EATEN! I'm not just talking about being eaten by the humans in the commercials, the M&Ms are eating each other! Yet, I'm not sure that means they are committing cannibalism... Why? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • SwathingPath707

    "i am in a weird mental place" me who is watching this as research for m&m fanfiction: o-o

  • Cat Cake
    Cat Cake

    But the full chocolate one

  • Nick Nick Johnson
    Nick Nick Johnson

    Dude stop this is ridiculous

  • catitude maxitude
    catitude maxitude

    You want cannibalism? Look. At cinnamon toast crunch gosh dangit

  • Connor

    But crispy wasn’t always a different species so if he eats red it is

  • King puffer
    King puffer

    Really blue m&m did eat another one of his kind because hazelnut spread is blue and he ate another hazelnut spread

  • Bator Erdyniev
    Bator Erdyniev


  • 啊嘛Steven


  • Danni Blade
    Danni Blade

    Maybe they just ate too many M&M's and became one themselves, and still can't stop eating M&M's :D "You are what you eat!"

  • Addison Morley
    Addison Morley

    Didn’t peanut m&m eat peanut m&ms? Doesn’t that ‘technically’ mean he is a cannibal?

  • Jack Barnicle
    Jack Barnicle

    Ha ha Ethan give you my coyote third I am love you no cat cat

  • jack llido
    jack llido

    But yellow ate a peanut m&m. Red m&m would have only eating his ‘clothing’ (shell and chocolate are considered the clothing) but yellow (part of body made of peanuts) ate m&m’s with peanuts in them.

  • Kimi and Keyzie Show
    Kimi and Keyzie Show

    I would like to order some CANABALISM

  • noflexingallowed

    Food Theory, I found a loophole in the commercial of the 3 m&ms and the guy. Earlier in the episode u said there weren’t cannibals because they weren’t eating that respected family in which they were gone but, in the commercial I’m referencing they were at first because yellow was eating peanut m&ms the other 2 as well. I believe this to be considered a cannibalistic act.

  • Smileyツ

    How are you actually suppose to eat leftover cake? Do you microwave it, re-heat it I need the oven, or do you eat it cold? (Matpat notice me pLeAsE)

  • Tozicity of a green
    Tozicity of a green

    Did I just Watched a guy that is talking about m&m cannibalism and enjoying it? Yes yes I did

  • L!zz!€


  • CDO499

    but the peanut line is SUCH a good pun

  • Laura Ramos
    Laura Ramos

    Why was the brown M&M in jail? She didn't eat any of her kind!

  • Your Local Monke
    Your Local Monke

    mhm yes, wilber soot can fulfill his wish

  • thomas aquinas
    thomas aquinas

    M&M's are a great invention: imagine a candy you can eat at any volume and leave the rest, confident it won't get the chocolate shortcomings of changing color or melting. Whether you know it or not, manufacturers 'harden' their chocolate for the environment. In other words, you can have M&M's, a pretty steady product, or chocolate that's been changed for the environment, such as the difference between Minnesota in winter and Georgia in high summer. They change the ratio of ingredients to do this...

  • Niveds Mobile Videos
    Niveds Mobile Videos

    M and MCU

  • Brother and sister squad
    Brother and sister squad

    Can you do resses

  • klj video prodcuctions
    klj video prodcuctions

    And if you disagree you can call the cops. Game slash food theory is no good

  • klj video prodcuctions
    klj video prodcuctions

    Canibulism week go home mat pat your drunk and. Mat pat was never good

  • Gengar the egg
    Gengar the egg

    Yes but yellow and orange are there insides

  • Gaster_789 Gaming
    Gaster_789 Gaming

    No one:. ... matpat: CaNnIBaLiSm wEeK

  • Rose Alina
    Rose Alina

    wilbur needs to know about the brown m and m-

  • Kaitlin Hein
    Kaitlin Hein

    Wrong lever!matpat WHY do We Have That lever?!

    • Kaitlin Hein
      Kaitlin Hein

      That's from uh um I don't remember the name it's the one we're he gets turned into a llama 🦙

  • Matcha Roll
    Matcha Roll

    This man has the facial expressions of doge

  • ShinyPenUnlimited

    Name your burger place McPatrick’s

  • Sarah Snyder
    Sarah Snyder

    You are giving me nightmares. - shudders -

  • Sarah Snyder
    Sarah Snyder

    what.... your ruining my favorite candy which i eat EVERYDAY

  • Electric Pepperoni
    Electric Pepperoni

    Wait till TheOdd1sOut sees this oh boy Matt

  • Nerdy Bunn
    Nerdy Bunn

    3:23 mnmsccu also known as the M&M Spokescandy Cinematic Universe.

  • Caden Victors
    Caden Victors

    Thanks for doing theories so we don't have to

  • Jayden Loko
    Jayden Loko

    More fun here:

  • Algeria windows
    Algeria windows

    "cAnNibalism ìS uNaTuRal" it is idiot

  • Dustin Francis
    Dustin Francis


  • a random pug
    a random pug

    but they can chage flavors. is that like changing species?

  • JJsWorld KidsTV Nguyen
    JJsWorld KidsTV Nguyen

    I love how he put animorphs in there

  • Tomas Palacios
    Tomas Palacios

    Wait Peanut was eating a peanut m&m

  • Hello*there

    He should also make a music theory channe, just me? 😂

  • Lazy_Hydra

    Where are the hazelnut spokes spokescandys limbs?

  • TIKY

    My mental is biting my arm it gross but I'm not a cannonball but my mental is playing games I got blind in the another eye the left eye


    Ok matpat, can we talk about how they’ve been promoting cannibalism towards children for years? I’ve seen SO many commercials were sentient food characters start eating one another! They make it seem TOTALLY fine but only for children? It’s quiet odd, and vary bad.

  • TGUltraSupreme

    I feel like the almond m&ms get ignored in favor of peanut.

  • DritzyDraws

    Wouldn’t both orange and yellow be considered guilty though. If the pretzel or the peanut respectively are part of them- and they ate peanut and pretzel m&ms wouldn’t that be like a peanut eating a peanut?

  • Autumn Babb
    Autumn Babb

    If the penut m and m mascot eats a penut m and m it is caniblisum

  • Buttered Toastx
    Buttered Toastx

    Okay but why the almond m&m kidna hot

  • Gavin Davis
    Gavin Davis

    i want the green one to eat me

  • Fat Engineer Gaming
    Fat Engineer Gaming

    The only M&M'S ads I had are a girl being a bed with the red one

  • Sara Garber
    Sara Garber

    You want to know who els is cannibal?… THE CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH! Because you know the adds!

  • Rodriguez Productions
    Rodriguez Productions

    So maybe the chocolate are under garments, (underwear or bra)

  • JOel ELsen
    JOel ELsen

    Theory: is wine actually made of grapes?

  • Rueue Euehe
    Rueue Euehe

    They can remove there four skin

  • glitchytheshapeshifter

    someone send this to wilber and tommy

  • witchy90210

    "And we havent even gotten to the cannibalism yet!"

  • Amanda Shoemaker
    Amanda Shoemaker



    this is almost as bad as when i saw the g-man virus images. (please dont look that up)

  • ????????????????

    i hope you have a nice day!

  • House of Cards
    House of Cards

    Eating your clothes is cannibalism since there are skin cells on them

  • Petar Filo
    Petar Filo

    I hate m&m's

  • Deku


  • Platinum_Noelle

    I thought the green m&m in the commercials was the mint chocolate flavor?

  • Yuri Crazy
    Yuri Crazy

    Uhm- so they ARENT cannibals? Good to know

  • Deku

    Nooo not my favorite candy

  • f o
    f o

    "cool food theory. still murder"

  • The memer
    The memer

    I mean he ate his christmas tree

  • Nic W
    Nic W

    Throw the same they're just different breeds basically

  • elle p
    elle p

    Somebody to call you the food fetish freak

  • Drageneye Jv
    Drageneye Jv

    Thats taxonomy

  • AChammer 0906
    AChammer 0906

    To me their chocolate is their skin because incountless commercials they even sometimes say their "naked" just because one ripped his chocolate off doesn't mean it was clothing, countless times we as humans seen that our skin are removable by force (wait why am I descusing boit this ... What am I)


    I like to believe the chocolate is the skin and the add where yellow takes it off is just….. not cannon.

  • khlixia -
    khlixia -

    U should do Cinnamon Toast Crunch there adds are like eating each other

  • mini skeloner
    mini skeloner

    Uhhh só plants do fell pain sooo take that that vegan teacher

  • Yoosung

    there goes my favorite channel ruining my everyday life

  • Emily Doyle
    Emily Doyle

    Cannibalism :>

  • nightmarefoxy

    The yellow one is spose to be peanut and in that camaical he was eating same with the blue m and m

  • James DeSellier
    James DeSellier

    cannibalism week…..

  • Joventer567

    10:50 broke my brain

  • Momo Yaoyorozu
    Momo Yaoyorozu

    Look at brown does she eat eat m and m no is she vegan maybe think 🤔

  • UwU

    Horror lore in food i love it

  • Fnaf Fan
    Fnaf Fan

    All the ads sounded 18+

  • Liv Clark
    Liv Clark

    So is the milk chocolate technically like underwear. So do they basically just eat the clothes M&M's.Why is nobody mentioning this in the comments!!!

  • where's my chicken nuggets Covert
    where's my chicken nuggets Covert


  • where's my chicken nuggets Covert
    where's my chicken nuggets Covert

    the funny part for me is when yellow m&m takes choclaate off of him to revieal peanut

  • Kodie King
    Kodie King

    Well, technically orange and yellow are cannibals. In the commercial, they ate their clothes and subsequently the hazelnut and almond inside the clothes. The nuts are included in the diagram of their body

  • DaDumbOne


  • TheSprinkleGirl

    Steph: (sleeping peacefully) Matpat: *C A N N I B A L I S M W E E K*

  • Minallutii

    If a peanut is in peanut m&ms DNA (or at least a part of their body~) that doesn’t mean eating a m&m with peanuts in it as the peanut m&m counts as canabilism?

  • Mario and sonic fan 2006
    Mario and sonic fan 2006

    Now let’s wait for m&m to send a package

  • Frostbite

    theres also probably some lore in the video games too

  • S.O.S MT
    S.O.S MT


  • Your local spoon
    Your local spoon

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is happy with you.

  • Brayden Jenkins
    Brayden Jenkins

    I’m not the only one who noticed that Eminem’s for years kids of been watching M&Ms eating their own babies basically and what will they do exactly what people owning dogs Wayback then what do they read to get German Shepherd different kind of dogs right now the Eminem‘s are breeding to get more delicious kinds there cannibals I’m finally happy that someone recognize

  • Okho hena
    Okho hena

    Matpat don't eat someone I swear to God


    MMS naked is the last thing I want to see on my recommendation

  • Sean Young
    Sean Young

    Cannibalism weak

  • Ahmet Erdogan
    Ahmet Erdogan

    Am i the only one that tries to move my head along with the intro ?