NASA’S Perseverance Rover’s First 360 View of Mars (Official)
This video shows the first 360-degree view of the landing site of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars, as captured by the rover’s color Navigation Cameras, or Navcams. The Navcams are on the remote sensing mast (or “head”) of the rover. Perseverance possesses the most cameras of any Mars rover to date, with 19 on the rover. Perseverance landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. These images were obtained on February 20, 2021.
A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.

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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

  • Shawn Uchiha
    Shawn Uchiha

    I refuse to believe that there is literally no living thing out there.

  • vishnu Narayan
    vishnu Narayan

    its beautiful

  • CHITUS➊⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Incredible, beautiful and scary at the same time ..! (words cannot convey) Show the Martian tornadoes. 🌪🌪🌩😍💙🌑

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  • Ryan Eddy
    Ryan Eddy

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    the baron47

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    twenty 20


  • Alex Francisco Menezes da silva
    Alex Francisco Menezes da silva

    you could plant some plants on mars some that can withstand heat cactus or grass that grows even without rain

  • helicoptersrkool

    A real 360 wouldn't need to be cropped off so severely when looking up like you see in this? Why cut out what's above the camera? Nasa's images are ALWAYS manipulated to deceive and most non free thinkers will just accept without questioning.

  • Mrigank Verma
    Mrigank Verma

    Is there algae?

  • The Friggin DEVIL
    The Friggin DEVIL

    I guess it don't work on tablet.

  • josef bagol
    josef bagol

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  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez

    So fake

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  • Christopher Schotts
    Christopher Schotts

    Official your arses. Hoax yes. It's an official hoax yes as there isn't even as much as a ball bearing from Earth on Mars, this isn't even a joke because telling 7 billion people on Earth that NASA has a Rover and as much as a little ball bearing would be a lie and people have had their taxes stolen so the government could make a mars film production about Mars landings and its evil, lying and theft through taxes is not funny at all

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    Ss Ss

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  • Tiernan304

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  • Farhan Riyadi
    Farhan Riyadi

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  • Dipesh Masodkar
    Dipesh Masodkar

    Incredible work Love from India 🇮🇳❤❤✌👍

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    emy shan

    so i think thattt so amazing and i like that

  • Humble 9300
    Humble 9300

    And why should I believe this?

  • Frog Dogger
    Frog Dogger

    Mars is such a gloomy planet with its beige haze of a sky and vast, dull deserts.

  • Manusia Biasa
    Manusia Biasa

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  • PoppySeed84

    why is mars so boring? it looks the same everywhere.

    • Pepsi_Man_6900

      It's probably due to the fact that the rovers have to travel on flat land so these plains areas are best.

  • WideAwake

    Nasa Because filming in a swimming pool is easier...

  • WideAwake

    A funny thing happened on the way to the moon...

  • WideAwake

    Nasa... What Van Allen belts? 😆 😆

  • WideAwake

    Using the same Cgi they used in the Floyd "beatdown"

  • WideAwake

    Maybe the fake rover will test positive for a new strain of the Cofraud19 virus because someone on Devon Island wasn't wearing a worthless mask or social distancing from the 📷 shop software. FakeNews19 TinyHats BigLies

  • WideAwake

    "That's one small theft from man... One giant theft.. From mankind."

  • WideAwake

    Nasa... Because we lost all the telemetry data from the 60s and we can't repeat a feat 60 years later with technology 100x better....

  • WideAwake

    Devon Island. NASA... Stealing tax dollars since the 50's.

  • Павел Маслов
    Павел Маслов

    Good afternoon. The rover's photo shows the trimmed wires. Is that how it should be?

  • jupiter rules
    jupiter rules

    NASA is scam entity. Faking mars with Devon Island images. First rainbow is lens flare now its fake image. That image cant be faked. adobe photoshop shows rainbow not lens flare.


    i bet geowizard can still find the spot

  • Shadow the hedgehog
    Shadow the hedgehog

    Looks like Dune. NASA: We need the spice!

  • Aleeza Khan
    Aleeza Khan


  • Richard Villarin
    Richard Villarin

    Is that a New York City pigeon just to the left of center?

  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil Khan

    Wow we can see Mars wow 😲by moving phone

  • Fiza Khan
    Fiza Khan

    Omg its amazing , thank you for this ..

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    And why do you keep putting solar panels on top put them underneath and have a reflective plate on ground

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith

    So strategical theory , in a desert on earth you would find least amount of life forms to a point. They put this thing in middle of an empty lake , or farthest spot from any civilization

  • Jahlil Gore
    Jahlil Gore

    Wow I actually got the Hot Wheels version of this Rover

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    terra plana


    • WideAwake

      Sooo fake. Fake as Cofraud19 and The Boston Firecracker

    • CrazyCactus5736_YT

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  • TheHookUP

    Why hide the mars sky?

  • mr buffwoop
    mr buffwoop

    Uhhh Nasa, weird request but can you put a cam on the moon? (When you have the time to do so of course)

  • SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев
    SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев

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    I. Shiva

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  • kevin l
    kevin l

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  • Db Berns
    Db Berns

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  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif

    Was a 360 camera on a stick too heavy to send?

  • Mehdi Saadi
    Mehdi Saadi

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  • mark 2007
    mark 2007

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    Next time pls, send to Mars mouse, crocrose grass etc

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    Mesa Santikant

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  • Jew Man
    Jew Man

    A dark room with one light and an object moving around it and that object gets light on all sides. Let’s double the light by spinning the object as it goes around the light. Goodnight NASA

  • Guilherme

    If you pause the video and look in detail at the second wheel on the right, you can see that it has a cut that looks like an image edit.

  • Bosnalı Gariban
    Bosnalı Gariban

    Turkey/Bayburt ?

  • Kent Adams
    Kent Adams

    Now that's bad ...🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 666camel666

    how can it be so dusty with no air?

    • 666camel666

      @Steve Adams ok thx

    • Steve Adams
      Steve Adams

      Mars has an atmosphere. It’s less than 1% as dense as Earth, but more than substantial enough for wind and to suspend dust.

  • Roy Millane
    Roy Millane

    How about a panorama shot while moving ?

  • Mujaga Fazlic
    Mujaga Fazlic


  • Genilson Feitosa
    Genilson Feitosa

    "Na moral,parece o texas!" Nasa,corrida espacial,tudo isso é um tédio,a muito mais a ser feito em terra,que imagens montadas pra impressionar meninos,bilhões de dollares jogados no lixo,pra um belo filme de ficção espacial,o que mais tem pra nós,além do micro-ondas,e fotos da lua?

    • Guilherme

      Coloca em 2160s e pausa o video, você vai ver na segunda roda na direita que tem um corte, aparentemente uma falha de edição de imagem.

  • Cosme Araújo
    Cosme Araújo


  • Elizabeth Hudson
    Elizabeth Hudson

    CGI BS...NeverAStraigtAnswer. NazisAreStillAround. wake up deep state money laundering.only space travel ever done was by the Secret Space Force, now called The Space Force, Nasa never left LEO.

    • John Hazenhousen
      John Hazenhousen


  • Narmin Muradova
    Narmin Muradova


  • Rizalardina Hamid
    Rizalardina Hamid

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  • Milli Milli
    Milli Milli

    Thanks for the great view LIARS!

    • Milli Milli
      Milli Milli

      @WideAwake lol

    • WideAwake

      @Milli Milli lol yeah If you utilize critical thinking they go ad hominem and call you a "flat earther".

    • Milli Milli
      Milli Milli

      @WideAwake well said!

    • Milli Milli
      Milli Milli

      @CrazyCactus5736_YT then you won't be here obviously

    • WideAwake

      Lying since the 60s Stealing tax dollars since the 50s "That's one small theft from man... One giant theft.. From mankind."

  • Ron Erickson
    Ron Erickson

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    Булa Маикудук

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    reno jk

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  • Auntie M
    Auntie M

    I hope it’s looking for a Stargate. ❤️

  • Muspedia indonesia
    Muspedia indonesia


    • CrazyCactus5736_YT

      people these days smh, stupidity

  • Alex Supremo
    Alex Supremo

    Which button controls the rover movement?! I want to explore the mountains

  • Alvin Sluis
    Alvin Sluis

    where are the draco reptilians?

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    Bob Loblaw

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    Chandan gowda

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  • Jessica Winslet
    Jessica Winslet


    • CrazyCactus5736_YT

      @Guilherme thats when they had to get every angle for the 360° view

    • Guilherme

      If you pause the video and look in detail at the second wheel on the right, you can see that it has a cut that looks like an image edit

    • Maddie Adler
      Maddie Adler

      @Milli Milli Yes this is awesome!

    • Milli Milli
      Milli Milli

      Better to deceive you with my dear!

  • Ool Skool
    Ool Skool

    How about you visit the Capital city of Mars? cmon rover

  • Lord Hekko
    Lord Hekko ....

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    Arjun Kumar

    Whole world knows you people are awesome..somebody deny this please 🙏🙏

  • Melon man
    Melon man

    Why I Can't See Stars?

    • CrazyCactus5736_YT

      theres a sky on mars you cant see stars through that unless it’s night time

  • Gabor Kollo
    Gabor Kollo

    It would be 360 is the sky was actually shown. It is a secret apparently though.

  • Mikhail Kurassov
    Mikhail Kurassov

    Пустыня Гоби перед дождем-один в один. Плохая подделка.

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  • Computer Shutoff
    Computer Shutoff

    Looks like a plain old desert

  • Lilan Morales-Carbajal
    Lilan Morales-Carbajal

    I hate this a lot

  • Tom Reagan
    Tom Reagan

    the whole planet is an entire desert

  • Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More
    Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    Wonder what the temperature is outside the Perseverance rover. I cannot fined it anywhere on ISdowns or the regular internet.