Sex Education | Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
We grow older. We grow stronger. We grow together.

Season Three of Sex Education arrives September 17th.

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Sex Education | Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Word of the "sex school" gets out as a new head teacher tries to control a rambunctious student body and Otis attempts to hide his secret hookup.

  • Matthew Blake
    Matthew Blake

    I kept shipping Rahim and Adam. They seemed to have a whole vibe. I know that’s messy but I can see it. 👀

  • Silvia Gullone
    Silvia Gullone

    I hope they'll make a season 4, if they don't I'm ready to sign a petition 😂

  • Prayashpreet

    There are lots of interconnected love triangles more than that of my high school geometry book.😜

  • Editor Chunk
    Editor Chunk

    Miss Rubby and otis❤

  • Alisha

    Who would've thought Ruth and Otis??

  • Oliver Hollingdale
    Oliver Hollingdale

    I actually would have preferred Ruby and Otis! also I love Lilly forever!! My favourite character

  • dalam indira
    dalam indira

    Ruby and Adam deserves better

  • Ace Gabriel TV
    Ace Gabriel TV

    I really love aimee's character here, aimee and maeve friendship is the best!!! ♡

  • Mashrafi

    Don't know Why but I love to see ruby and otis whole day more than Maeve and Otis:((

  • Mashrafi

    Me after binge watching sex ed season 3 all in one day and i have to wait for another year for new season:((

  • Madhavi Shinde
    Madhavi Shinde

    Maeve better come back from America. Cause there are rumours that Emma is leaving sex education

  • 20BEBME045_surya.R Suryanini
    20BEBME045_surya.R Suryanini

    Issac🤬 ommala thevidiya paiyan

  • LennyJay l
    LennyJay l

    Still need to get used to Maeves hair 🙃

  • Abe Parker
    Abe Parker

    Eric is a friend not everyone deserves....


    Season 3 was very complicated they didn't show us anything... What happen then what happen to rubi seriously I can't stop my self from thinking oh man... But it was really Gud.. Hope S4 will make us smile ❣️


    Pls bring season 4 also 😀😍😚

  • Kapil Goswami
    Kapil Goswami

    In this season small cameo done by Otis mustache

  • Isa Lola
    Isa Lola

    I hope this serie never ends

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris

    What song is playing in the background?

  • coolman dench
    coolman dench

    We need at least just one more season to get ruby and Otis back together .

  • veronicaisgone

    best series netflix, ever.

  • Saukhyad Mohole
    Saukhyad Mohole

    Okay, that's looks pretty interesting!

  • Mandar Mahadik
    Mandar Mahadik

    Everybody forgot Ola's sister. Where is she? Ola and Jakob mentioned her in the 1st season but she never showed up.

  • Cucuraki

    I could've probably paid for maeve's scholarship, if I got a penny each time someone said 'shit'

  • Yash Dhiman
    Yash Dhiman

    Now, i want Otis and Ruby to be together wtf!

  • Hikarie Da
    Hikarie Da

    Totally worth to wait, I really love every character in this series (except Isaac) the story is not so slow and moving forward fast but not too rush... I love how Ruby being honest and show her true colors to Otis, Ruby might be a manipulative girl but once Otis tell about how he feel and wanting to know her more. She really listen to him well and not so stubborn which make me in love with her character more. As for Maeve in this season I don't know she's look confusing and still not convincing about how she feel, but I hope in the next season she can get better. And by watching this I also get some education from the series

  • Kim Khôi Trần
    Kim Khôi Trần

    a bit disappointed of Hope character, one-dimensional and unconvincing

  • Noble Spirit(BR)
    Noble Spirit(BR)

    It is normal to be attracted but they need to know phase and self control. Lust attraction and attachment. Teenager should not be like animals

  • Kiven Pirajan diaz
    Kiven Pirajan diaz

    Team Otis and Ruby

  • pierluigi meluzzi
    pierluigi meluzzi


  • warren transue
    warren transue

    I love the Big Lebowski reference during episode 3.

  • SmokeyPillow

    They actually copied the scene from 1917 lmao

  • Htut Aung Lin
    Htut Aung Lin

    Tell me that THIS WILL HAVE SEASON 4

  • Ajani Shillingford
    Ajani Shillingford

    The reason why this is a good seriea, because it's relates to everyone one way or the other. And teaches us an important message that it's ok to be different, and never change yourself for someone else.

  • RJ's footrest
    RJ's footrest

    it's been three seasons guys we're tired of this push and pull bs 😭 can they just get together already (and now their chemistry doesnt even look believable anymore im sorry)

  • RJ's footrest
    RJ's footrest

    spoiler I find it a bit hmmm that all the three main characters break their partners' heart instead of the other way around. I can't explain it but i don't like it like that

  • Satya Prakash
    Satya Prakash

    Is it only me or anyone else loves Adam's character. I think he has done a great job to his character ❤️

    • Oliver Hollingdale
      Oliver Hollingdale

      Adam and Lilly are my favourite

  • Mitch

    Good lord this show sums up the complete degeneracy and crumbling of western civilization. RIP

  • Shaun Naude
    Shaun Naude

    What a horribly bad season. Otis and Ruby were tops but all the other shit they forced into one amazing series...ruined it completely!

  • s w 4 m p
    s w 4 m p

    lets be all honest. the season 2 trailer was way better

  • Walker_Wall

    U still waiting Season 4?


    Bruh they went all woke in this season . S1 and s2 were great untill they started their woke propoganda . Had to drop in 4th ep when the new black "non binary they/them girl wasnt ready to join female classroom

  • Jannatul Mawua Smrity
    Jannatul Mawua Smrity

    I never thought I'd say this but I hate Eric for what he did to Adam. His character development was so beautiful to watch. Like Eric said he really grows into you.

  • 14 Reasons
    14 Reasons

    The humiliation rituals continue. The sadistic amusement of demoralizing White people. It continues full steam ahead. And the people on board with shows like these. The people who like shows like these...they are modern day monsters. Sort of dysgenic mutants. Spiteful, deranged, mutated beasts, that want to destroy everything wholesome, organic and beautiful in this world. This show is evil. And the people who made it are even more so. You know what you're doing. And one day the people who made theses sorts of evil shows must be punished for their aiding in the destruction of a civilization and the Genocide of an entire race. Examples must be made out of the monsters destroying the West. Censor my comment now. It makes no difference. I know everything I just said to be true. You're monsters. And one day you must suffer for your evil.


    Ready to know the trailer by heart

  • Richard II
    Richard II

    Netflix we NEED SEASON 4

  • MP003

    we need season 4 please

  • Siba Godana
    Siba Godana

    Low-key really wanted Ruby and Otis to workout, smh.

  • LakituLP

    what is this? Ugh. We Millenials have a lot to answer for if that is the standard for "entertainment" those days. This is more like a gta parody of current society...

  • kender babeliano
    kender babeliano

    This was the worst season. Eric and Adam had like 6/7 fights just to break up. And they ruined Maeve character. She became wayyy to nice. And moments when she was "rude" it was litterly how she normally was s1. And i hated the school director (Hope) cliché. This season failed IMO, because if you compare this season to the others. Its like comparing Dragonball evultion to The dark knight.

  • Skepdigger

    Can somebody tell me the Name of the Song Please???

    • Joseph Formage
      Joseph Formage

      White Lies - Death

  • Danganronpa _
    Danganronpa _


  • Danganronpa _
    Danganronpa _


  • юля лаванда
    юля лаванда

    Are Maeve and Otis gonna kiss or not? omg

    • Mashrafi

      @Joseph Formage Oh Thank you, nice to meet you, first time i talking to a Belarusian:(( 😊😁

    • Joseph Formage
      Joseph Formage

      @Mashrafi You too! Greetings from Belarus ⬜️🟥⬜️

    • Mashrafi

      @Joseph Formage hmm no problems, thanks for your concern, i finally find subtitles, Have a nice day, nice to talk to you from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    • fahad sk
      fahad sk

      @юля лавандаThey shouldn't have kissed I felt very bad when they kissed.

    • Joseph Formage
      Joseph Formage

      @Mashrafi youtube delete all my comments with links.

  • Jasiyah Eggleston
    Jasiyah Eggleston

    here after finishing the season in two days. & yeah, Ruby, & Adam deserve better

  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _

    Season 3 was trash

    • SAWRUB

      They went full woke in this one ..had to drop when the new black girl was fighting over going to female class or male class. Bruh how these people dont understand the Difference btw Sexuality and gender. Otis and ruby were great until ep 4 .

    • Baked Beans
      Baked Beans


  • Marius16k

    I can't beleve you guys made me want Otis and Ruby to be together much more that Otis and Maeve :)) tbh now i don't mind if Maeve ends up with Isaac or something (i'm at episode 4 at the moment.. I take it slow to enjoi these season in case we don't get another one in the next 2 years.. Again:) )

  • Ali Waris
    Ali Waris

    Please season 4

  • Manas Singh Rajput
    Manas Singh Rajput

    I am happy for otis 🥲

  • Spicy Chip
    Spicy Chip

    Unpopular opinion!: I hate maeves character! Her and Otis should never be together.She’s never held accountable for any of her shits. Please don’t ever put them together. 🤢 i really likes ruby and Otis together. Would be nice to have Otis finally stick to a good gal. He deserves to be happy.

  • Cee Daughton
    Cee Daughton

    Why does no one feel for Hope??? She was so finee I wish I could call her milf But unfortunate... Lel ... My humor is at its darkest

  • Guneet Deol
    Guneet Deol

    Just Awsome

  • thomas swords
    thomas swords

    I love this series

  • M H
    M H

    episode 5 was really heartbreaking... pls season 4

  • Dinupa Sankalpa
    Dinupa Sankalpa

    otis and ruby broke up break my 💔💔💔

  • Piyush Sharma
    Piyush Sharma

    Season 4 maybe??

  • Prashanth Joseph M
    Prashanth Joseph M

    I really loved Hope. Very brave, strong and smart character.

  • sai subham sahoo
    sai subham sahoo

    I just completed season 3 and I am already thinking of season 4 but there are many rumours or hints given by the actress Emma who plays Maeve that she will not be returning for season 4. I have to agree that I was a little heartbroken because there is no sex education without her. Please 🙏🙏 🥺 don't leave the show

    • Isa Lola
      Isa Lola

      Omg noooo

  • nanazee 00
    nanazee 00

    dude I cannot stop throw some hate on Eric, pity Adam and I hate the ending. Ruby needs some love too not that freaking "that's nice" wth Otis I really hate you sometimes

  • Mcb

    Reverse Gear😂


    Usually when a good netflix series releases its 3rd season it will have at least a boring episode or the whole season is boring but this series is totally different... I liked this season even more than the previous seasons

  • Gian Garnica
    Gian Garnica

    I ship Otis and Ruby!!!

    • Mashrafi

      Same here 😊, they both look super cute and also their chemistry also so good, isn't it?!!

  • Nothing Box
    Nothing Box

    Eric's face at *Episode 3 **22:51* 😂😂😂😂 I was dyingggggg

  • Udvabon

    This gonna crazy.

  • Baskar Sasi
    Baskar Sasi

    I'm here after binging the whole show in just 10 hours

  • Lee Sook Na
    Lee Sook Na

    This show has a complicated story, Otis dated every female characters. And the thing that I hate the most is Otis never ends up with Maeve. When they already told their feelings to each other Maeve move to America, I'm waiting for their chemistry but it's never gonna happened because Emma Mackey quitting sex education, and ofc this show will end. This show just wasting my time!

  • kritika allay
    kritika allay

    Need a season 4 soon 🤗

  • BK Status
    BK Status

    Finally 1yr

  • Hej Ok
    Hej Ok

    i really liked this season far better then 1&2

  • Sid

    Otis and Maeve deserve each other, never believe anything else!

  • Hairy Styles
    Hairy Styles

    Otis and Ruby forever ,any day.