How Norway's Prisons Are Different From America's | NowThis
NORWAY'S PRISON SYSTEM: ‘The most important thing is how we treat people’ - Norway has developed a prison system that looks a bit different from that in the U.S., which has the world’s largest incarcerated population.
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  • Blissful Existence
    Blissful Existence

    NORGE!!! 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 Just expressing my national pride. Wouldn't trade my working class life in Norway for a life of luxury in the Bahamas.

  • my opinion
    my opinion

    Too much diversity in the U.S. inmates fight because the other inmate is a different race and one wants to be better than the other. I hope we all get alone 😔

  • Aezathgora von Phobious
    Aezathgora von Phobious

    Norway: *Sees issue with current system so they change it* America: "hope you like getting killed by a cellmate and beaten for it"



  • Boredhau

    3:00 best point i have ever heard

  • Carolyn Sweet
    Carolyn Sweet

    I wanna move here and become a cop here, I stand for this, where is this prison located?

  • Lone Snowboarder
    Lone Snowboarder

    How beautifull heter?

  • greg mcgee
    greg mcgee

    Dang, this is as nice or nicer than the assisted living facility I live in and I'm paying over 3000 dollars a month. Americas crime problem is dark complected Democrats. Eliminate the young to middle aged part of that group and crime would drop 95%

  • Violet Synthesis
    Violet Synthesis

    America is a third world country. Change my mind.

  • ernie page
    ernie page

    I worked in Texas prison for 7 years and assisted with state regulated execution. Y'all have and maintain respectful relationship with your inmates, where here it's considered a weakness by the inmates.. I would love to tour one y'all lock down units.

  • insanity 2
    insanity 2

    Norway prisons looks so cool i wouldnt be suprised if someone married someone there

  • M. Riggs
    M. Riggs

    Sad to know that guy came from an brazilian prison. His analogy between both sound pretty accurate to me, as Brazilian, considering the things I heard about our prisons all my life.

  • _Red_Panda_

    Norway shows how shite the USA is

    • King kunta
      King kunta

      My question is would you be happy if someone murdered your family member and was living like this

  • •I'm_NO_OB•

    How to have a good life *We go to norway and steal moneh then gib back moneh then go to beautiful prison* You mad? ::troll::

  • TwoIsTaken

    Dad: ITS MY BIRTHDAY SON WHAT DID YOU GET ME C: Me: uh- a free day to Prison

  • Royal Legend
    Royal Legend

    I'm coming frome Norway, happy to see someone know where we are, most people don't even know that Norway exists, I think its because we have not really news material sich amlost no one get murdered and amlost everyone have enough food, idk

  • fredric.

    Og har mann da blir vant till brakkerigg så er jo det det samme som fengsel det også menn du får da lønning innpå kontoen og du får ditt eget lille romm så er da ikke akurat store forsellen heller så er mann vant til og oppføre seg i fengsel så går det sikkert knakanes gått og bo på brakkerigg også .

  • fredric.

    Gla i dere kriminelle i fengsel er skall jeg fortelle dere og trenger dere jobb så bare og kontakte bygge industrien så er det da jaggu nokk og gjøre omm mann vill jobbe det er i vertfall sikkert.

  • fredric.

    Kann fengsler sveise pene porter rekverker?

  • fredric.

    Hei vorfor kommer det norske innsatte til meg og snakker og så spørr jeg da Di innsatte hei har dere noe sikelig arbeidstilbud inni fengsel i Norge så sier da nei det er bare ett par plasser i Norge som fortsatt produserer paller Og så tenker jeg som sveiser forskalingsnekker høm vordann er alle deres sveise verksteder og så tenker jeg hømm vemm sertefiserter deres sveiser og da vorfor ikke starte rekverks produksjon i jigger på fengslet ommeråde så bygge industrien kann bestille si bare i Oslo det skall bygges masse bolig blokker og så med trapper ja vemm sveiser rekkverk kunne bygge og anlegs industrien foreksempel vi trenge noen mil med rekkverk til våre trappe oppganger til våre bygg produserer dere det da omm bygge industrien hadde rinkt inn bestilling på rekkverk foreksempel?

  • Alexei Darrylovich
    Alexei Darrylovich

    Hard sell, I don’t like the idea of a child molester/killer NOT being executed, murdered in prison or shot by angry parents

    • Thomas Norbø
      Thomas Norbø

      Why stop there though? Why not mutilate thieves? Hang murderers? Maybe shoot the political opposition? Oh, wait, that is what people like you want... Fascists and bloodthirsty animals.

  • Donquixote Doflamingo
    Donquixote Doflamingo

    I prefer rehabilitation over punishment. What has happened had happened. You can't change it. What you can change however is the person who committed that crime. If some day they are gonna be out, Then make them a better person. Teach them skills to survive normally. You can't torment a person for a decade and expect them to function normally after release. I know victim's family may want revenge. But if you don't want anyone else to suffer in the future then rehabilitation is the key not punishment.

  • Jasper Percabeth
    Jasper Percabeth

    Who knew Vikings would be so peaceful

  • Im bad
    Im bad

    Unfortunately America is full of ignorance so change won’t happen for years

  • badrrharri

    But Norway is a small country, this wouldn't work in America.

  • The one
    The one

    Ok, guys, this is a pathetic poor excuse of a prison. Complete joke.

    • The one
      The one

      @apple oof KSA

    • apple oof
      apple oof

      @The one them where do you live

    • The one
      The one

      @apple oof I don't really know a lot about the US nor do I believe that prison like that is better than the US system. But where I live, prison is probably way harsher than in the US and it works so well.

    • apple oof
      apple oof

      @The one in practice it works better than the US's does

    • The one
      The one

      @apple oof I don't think so

  • AirportHobo

    Treat someone like an animal and an animal they’ll become.

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith

    The Norwegian system is much better than the American is

  • Xecnalxes

    Wait a sec. What about the heinous crimes?

  • Amal

    i'd rather live in a norwegian prison than in my home

  • Erika Solberg
    Erika Solberg

    jeg er norsk

  • Micro Tree
    Micro Tree

    Norway STAYS winning

  • Kassie Gaming
    Kassie Gaming

    As a French Norwegian that’s moving soon seeing my country is very good

  • Pandora Staff
    Pandora Staff

    Some rehabs i Norway are worse( and few handfuls are much worse)than Norwegian prisons..think about can kill someone and have it nicer then one who has a drug problem and trying to get clean👀you get treated worse by smoking weed then if you robbed someone at gunpoint 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Ed Sutan
    Ed Sutan

    Collect just enough money to get there and do crime.....then u live in a hotel for ads

  • Inger Jacobs
    Inger Jacobs

    So many opinions. Mostly from a country ridden by conspiratory theories. Punish - punish- kill - kill. Shut up and get the vaccine.

  • Felix Guerrero
    Felix Guerrero

    Norway is a tiny high trust ethnically homogeneous northern Europea nation, none this is relevant in the American context. Norways prison system will radically change as immigration increases, this has already happened in countries like Denmark and Sweden, where the majority of inmates are people for immigration backgrounds. (Denmark's prison is over 85% at this point)

  • MemeOverGamer

    love Norway

  • DSP The Sphinx
    DSP The Sphinx

    The US needs a constant supply of workers...not only for the State as a whole, but also for the major corporations. The State doesn't want you to reintegrate into society because they'd lose a massive, free workforce

  • charmedleblanc

    Reminds me of the best psychiatric hospitals. And since a great number of inmates are mentally ill, that's a good thing. I would rather be in prison there than a lot of other places.

  • la mulata linda Martinez
    la mulata linda Martinez

    When people tell you America is the "Greatest country in the world" think of this video. This system in Norway is how a civilized nation functions and if they treat inmates in this fashion, how do they look at all those in their society? As Human beings.🌍The moral of this story is, America is just awful

  • SherlockWho

    Had i been treated like this when i first went to prison and actually got help, it may not have taken me until i was 33 yrs old to get clean and stop going to prison. Everytime i went in i just got angrier and more resentful. Most likely i would have never gone to prison in the first place had i done my crimes in Norway. I feel like they would have at least attempted to help me.

  • Theodor CTH
    Theodor CTH

    Japan should be a model...they have death penalty and harsh laws (not harsh like North Korea, China)...but I think their laws are better balanced it depends on what you do. Japan has very low criminality rate too... is a big country and very developed one much over Finland or Norway or whatever other European country!

  • MIA

    It's more like a rehabilitation center than a prison! You can really see that it aims to help the inmates fix themselves.

  • TheNorwegianPro

    The problem with america implementing this, is that its very expensive. Also the fact that Norwegians accepted that a terrorist who killed close to 80 people only gets 21 years in prison(in theory), even parents of the fallen feel that thats justice. Americans want them to suffer. (Im not talking about all americans, just generalizing a bit)

  • BolasDaGrk

    Not only does this form of corrections show more humanity to the prisoners, but also the officers who are in their with them. This is closer to the meaning of corrections. I wonder why we don't just have communes in general. Give the people the option to self sustain in an automated system rather than deal with capitalism. If we did this in a country, this would redefine the word "freedom" that is often abused in America.

  • jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
    jõřğəñ Þøýöđą

    Like how in Norway you have too go college to become a cop and the competition is so hard only the best can enter. Meanwhile in america. If you can shoot a gun. Your a cop

  • Blue 30's
    Blue 30's

    How do you get to live here? I don't want to work, pay bills or see anybody anymore.

  • Blue Turtle
    Blue Turtle

    I was in prison in Germany which is great compared to the US as well (low bar). You need to build prisoners up into better humans, not break them down even more - unless you plan on locking them up forever.

  • Gee Funk
    Gee Funk

    Brah i spent 5 years in the California Youth Authority it was the most inhumane, disgusting, maniacal experience ever, not even adult prisons can compare a bit... and this prison is like wow, a hotel

  • Yuhon Ho
    Yuhon Ho

    It is OK to get incarcerated in Norway, and have a good time there in Norway's prison, because it is like living at home.

  • Anonymous

    Hope they dont treat murderers like this too... Oh no wait they do. The guy that killed over 80 people got only 21 years lol

    • Oscario

      @AnonymousPeople in Norway really hate him (unsurprisingly) so I believe he would have been killed if he was ever let out. I would say he would be much better off inside of prison for the rest of his life.

    • Anonymous

      @Oscario ok i get that. But sentencing him to prison for 21 years in the first place is ridiculous. Even if he fakes and behaves like an angel he doesnt deserve to be set free. He killed 80 PEOPLE

    • Oscario

      @Anonymous He might sit in prison for life if he is seen on as a threat to society after those 21 years.

    • Anonymous

      @Metrofilmer88 i understand that for robbers but murderers should rot in jail. Out of respect for fhe victims they killed.

    • Metrofilmer88

      Yep. The point is to work to help the prisoner rejoin society with the resources he needs in order to make society better rather than worse

  • Big Money
    Big Money

    First of all, American prisons are run by corporations that make fortunes on the slave labour of prisoners. This will never happen in the US,at least not during my life time. When smth is making money, you have a lot of things against you, men in power that want things to stay the same

  • xMrAmity

    In a super capitalistic culture the outcomes could be different, a good example is a culture of "hustling" which is other people admiring you for being able to take advantage of other people

  • Air conditioner
    Air conditioner

    Brunost for livet!

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    6:22 I don't think the practice of "humane prisons" is the main reason for this... Their people are already among the most educated, you wouldn't expect someone that can learn from its mistakes and that's been punished once that they'll try again.

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    2:15 Are you telling me a prisoner is acting as a guide 🤨😮? It's not something "intuitive", to say the least...

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    0:35 They have 655 out of 100 000 people incarcerated... how many of them don't deserve it? If we took those out, we could probably reduce the number to 300-400, if not below.

  • احب لك الخير 🌹🥀
    احب لك الخير 🌹🥀

    And your cod is one cod there is no deity Worthy oF Worsh ip except Him the Entirely MerciFul 🌹🌹🥀🌻🌨️

  • Filip Andreas Fedøy
    Filip Andreas Fedøy

    Noen fra Norge?

  • Adama Halilovic
    Adama Halilovic

    Is it possible to improve the United States or is it just too far gone? To an outsider it appears that in the USA there is money to be made out of locking up people. From the Judges, police, lawyers, food providers, jails to be built etc. The US also has private jails (?) which seems unethical. So many wasted lives for nothing.

  • Kevin194

    U.S.A - not good prisons, way to expensive healthcare, taxes for goods. Norway - best prisons in the world, free healthcare for those under 18 and relitivaly cheap for those over 18, no taxes on goods. Norway is a great place to live :)

    • Kevin194

      @EDGELORD 2 well at least in norway people want to go to the hospital if they have broken a bone.

    • EDGELORD 2
      EDGELORD 2

      It's also expensive

  • Novur

    When I was a kid, I didn't know that "correctional facilities" were just prisons, and thought they were different things; one for Bad Guys with bars and jumpsuits, and the other to learn to be a Good Guy again, for those who made mistakes or caught some tough breaks. Naive as it was, I'm glad this place lives up to what a name like "Correctional Facility" implies it should be.

    • Metrofilmer88

      Agree. Currently, the term Correctional, is very misleading when being used in the context of the US prison system

  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies

    In US, the prisons are moneymaking business; and the customer is always wrong.

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen

    This does a propose a question or morality vs humanity, however. If the family of a victim sees the murderer living a beautiful life and not suffering, although they will appear as happy seeing the murderer change, deep down they will wish revenge. This is how humans are, most of us just have revenge engraved in our mindset.

    • Berhard Brodar
      Berhard Brodar

      Don't you understand that the goal isn't punishment

    • Craven van Draak
      Craven van Draak

      The difference is: Option 1: Kill the murderer - Sadly not uncommon to kill the wrong guy and we haven't yet found a way to cancel capital punishment afterwards. Option 2: Lock him away forever - Humans change and a 60 year old might be different to his 20 year old counterpart Option 3: Lock away for extended period of time a) "revenge" First victims family pleased, too bad he killed an other guy as soon as he's been released b) "rehabilitation" victims family maybe not happy (even though in humane societies these prison sentences are broadly accepted as a valid punishment) but the guy's out there being a productive part of society again, maybe he even contribute something important.

  • cowboybebop1998

    Norway prisoner " I don't gotta steal,kill or rob anybody I can actually be a better human " American prisons " I don't get treated like a human I get treated like monster for stealing money I will never change this is my life now "

  • PhantomPhoenix

    America should have a system like this in place. For PEOPLE who actually want or could change overall

  • mratg

    So commiting a crime gives a free hotel. Nice logic.

    • Metrofilmer88

      Rather, if you commit a crime, Norway works to help you and give you the resources you need to get to a point where you can go back into society and be someone who makes your community better rather than taking away every option for a normal life from you when you commit a crime and get you to a point where you are forced to commit more crimes.

    • Berhard Brodar
      Berhard Brodar

      Yeah, but it works

  • Kara Prichard
    Kara Prichard

    These cells are literally nicer than some NYC apartments.

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    "we have to interact and be human" - guard (cool title though, contact officer) That people, is a rehabilitation focused criminal justice system.

  • arktiko

    People would want to break into this prison, not the other way around.

  • PrimaVodka

    And people wonder why the Nordic/Scandinavian model works as well as it does. This is why, people. We are actually human about stuff like this. Go Norway! Love from your neighbour and best friend - Denmark 🇩🇰❤️

  • Bob Grubbs
    Bob Grubbs

    I wonder what the difference is between the population of Norway and the US? Did anyone spot it?

    • Synnøve Lange
      Synnøve Lange

      Despite Norway's population being smaller, even with a larger population less prisons would be needed, due to Norway having roughly 10% as many inmates as America, per 100.000 citizens. This can contribute to better resources at the remaining facilities

    • Berhard Brodar
      Berhard Brodar

      Why does the population matter?

  • Harold

    Funny how y'all want criminals to rot for the rest of their lives, but then demand prison reforms... 😭🤣

  • C Rowlands7
    C Rowlands7

    A prison where people want to break in not out

  • He_lives_in_a Pineapple_under_the_Sea
    He_lives_in_a Pineapple_under_the_Sea

    The US is as bad as Brazil. US prisons are big business and big politics. The usa disgusts me.

  • The Grumpy Musician
    The Grumpy Musician

    Get a hint, America

  • Animal Awarness With Jackson the Budgie
    Animal Awarness With Jackson the Budgie

    so they spend so much taxpayer money on criminals? well dont take 60% of my income. Ill keep that!

    • Berhard Brodar
      Berhard Brodar

      No they spend less money because more crimes are stopped before they happen, it really works

  • Your Typical Coaster Enthusiast
    Your Typical Coaster Enthusiast

    I’m glad the officers treat them like human beings and that Norway wants to change things for the better. Norway is one of my bucket list countries I want to travel to, always has been. I can’t wait to travel to Norway/Scandinavia in a few years! 🇳🇴

  • Kiko Lee
    Kiko Lee

    Because they’re human not animals. But for some inmates, they don’t deserve this at all

    • Berhard Brodar
      Berhard Brodar


  • Da Yeti
    Da Yeti

    *cries in India

  • Ishaan Srivastava
    Ishaan Srivastava

    So Norway is USA's first world country.

  • Hhh Szsz
    Hhh Szsz

    So, instead of punishment, the murderer gets a ticket for a free vacation, during which he has better conditions than most people in the world. And all at the expense of the taxpayer. Breivik is serving his sentence in a similar facility. Indeed, very civilized. 🤣🤣🤣

    • RMD

      @Adsper2000 That 20% stat is BS meant to push an agenda

    • Adsper2000

      In essence, you would prefer a system that results in vastly more crime just because it makes you feel better.

  • Modern Day Templar
    Modern Day Templar

    I think ultimately in the end, every country has it's ways including America

  • Patrick Talbot
    Patrick Talbot

    Even considering per capita Norway also has less than 20% of our crime rate. Its easier to focus on reform when crime is already so rare

  • Amanda na Escandinávia
    Amanda na Escandinávia

    As a brazilian living in Norway it definitely took me some time to accept this idea, our prisons are even worse than american prisons and you grow up thinking that its how it should be. But now I am extremely proud of how Norway deals with the problem, the reintegration levels are really good compared to Brasil and US and the former prisoners very rarely will go back to committing crimes.

    • Chris

      The american system is set up for repeat offences. It keeps the poor poor and pumps taxpayer dollars into the prison owners pockets. Disgusting.

  • ElChapo The Taco
    ElChapo The Taco

    It really is amazing just how much progress can be made when you have a culture that sees a problem and puts actual effort into fixing it. There are problem solvers and there are problem announcers. You can tell which country is which.

  • Dracon S
    Dracon S

    OK so while these a are cool and all I feel like there are some problems. Like what happens to people who have committed really serious crimes like serial killing and stuff like that. How would the family's of the victims feel if they knew that the person who killed a family member gets to spend the rest of their life in what is basically a hotel?

    • Amanda na Escandinávia
      Amanda na Escandinávia

      The maximum sentence is 25 years but they will always reevaluate the case before setting someone free. If they are still considered a threat to society then they get more time. Someone like Anders Breivik will never get out of prison.

    • Amanda na Escandinávia
      Amanda na Escandinávia

      They believe that losing your freedom is enough punishment. Well, at least the ones Ive asked about this, of course I cant speak for all norwegians, but in general they tend to be against violence.

  • Lady Azkaban
    Lady Azkaban

    Their prison is better than my flat in Indonesia

  • DThackz

    Something failed to be mentioned here is that 13.4% of the United States population is black compared to only 1% of Norway being black.

    • Ktjthhc 1
      Ktjthhc 1

      And that means what?

  • Kristina Asimova
    Kristina Asimova

    I loved their documentary. Unfortunately, I think the goals are too different: Norway wants inmates to integrate into the community and live normally, the US wants to keep things unchanged because it’s profitable - american jail are private businesses and inmates are cheap labor, it’s a legal slavery - if you take into account the fact that the half of the population in prisons are black… So guys, this two countries have very different values - human life vs profit.

    • ATP Engineer
      ATP Engineer

      Ik about community service and parole, but I'm not very informed on US prisons, what other labor do they do that's outside the prison?

  • ˙ᴥ˙ Pixie Bear
    ˙ᴥ˙ Pixie Bear

    The truth is You will never be as civilized as Scandinavian countries.

    • Maurits

      The truth is, Scandinavian countries give the blueprints on how to build a society that values wellbeing, but American corporations are the reason those blueprints will remain untouched. If you want societal reform on this scale, it starts by taking away power from the corporations.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    There’s a difference between being humane and babying people who ended up in jail as a result of their own actions. Human beings are calculating creators who weigh risk vs reward before acting. I know some pretty dangerous people who learned to think before they act after a couple stints in jail (North American jails) because they realized the aren’t immune from consequences and jail is not a fun place.

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      @A Grand I remember when I use to think like that but no human experience doesn’t lie when enough people have the same experience. And no, statistics are deceiving. In Canada they point to a small decline in the crime rate in the 1990’s as a reason to not to be tough on crime, but they overlook the fact that the crime has gone up over 600% since the 1960’s. It’s also starting to be acknowledged that more crime is being unreported. Also, people’s experiences aren’t delusional just because you think so. People know what they experience when they are the victim of a crime. It’s that way of thinking that is the reason you have these white collar resort prisons in Scandinavia in the first place…because politicians follow ideology and dismiss real life human experience & knowledge. Anecdotal evidence is what makes the world go round, to believe otherwise is to live in a bubble insulated from the real world.

    • A Grand
      A Grand

      @Andrew Smith Unfortunately, human experience is subjective and inherently flawed. It can't account for anything further than the individual. It's often riddled with errors and inaccuracies. Leaders shouldn't be making important societal decisions based on a few anecdotes. Leaders should be making those decisions based on objectively verifiable facts. Human experience lies all the time. Delusions, hallucinations, superstitions, cognitive biases... you name it. That's why the particular commenter said "Norway's statistics don't lie". It's a far superior metric than personal experience.

    • Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      @Isaac Noneyabizz You know what doesn’t lie? Human experience. I know some pretty dangerous people who learned to mellow out & think before they acted because they were scared of going back to jail. I know all too well the criminal mindset because I was one myself. You’ll learn one day.

    • Isaac Noneyabizz
      Isaac Noneyabizz

      Norway's statistics don't lie though their incarceration rates are extremely low, and the lowest recidivism rate in the world. I think their system works well. The American system is built like a business, they make it hard af to make it in life, after imprisonment.

  • DoctorJT

    The Truman Show, but everyone know's they're in a fake reality

  • cornedbeefloaf

    what if y commit a crime to live here

  • everythingzone

    The prisons are different because the entire justice system is different. Misleading narrative.

  • Faze Bams
    Faze Bams

    I an glad i live in norway haha for that one. Big reason holy

  • Andrew Almada
    Andrew Almada

    I like Europe. America is a horrible country. It’s all about money when it comes to the American government.

  • Artur Elz
    Artur Elz

    So the guy who committed the Utoya massacre in 2011 by killing 69 young people gets to live in a paradise?

  • Michelle Christy
    Michelle Christy

    Wow, this could never happen in the USA, we only care about making a profit off of anything that breathes. Could you imagine...the police and correctional officers treating people like human beings?

    • Michelle Christy
      Michelle Christy

      @ep Changing how officers treat people costs nothing and taking capitalism out of the prison system would not add that much in taxes. Plus there would be less incentive to keep arresting more and more people just to make a larger profit.

    • ep

      This may seem attractive. But it's also a fat 40% off every paycheck that you get