What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries
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What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries
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  • Mait Kalda
    Mait Kalda

    i think im the only one who wants to go to switzerland

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    Does anyone wants free NON-COPYRIGHT ISdowns Music?

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan

    I'd go to Australia and I live in Australia

  • zacy

    a bro that's Queensland-Australia go to Sydney and you can get a small apartment

  • Nick Partridge
    Nick Partridge

    In Toronto 1 Mil gets you a shed


    1mil = 20billion in our country

  • David

    You couldn't pay me enough to live in the shit hole that is south affrica.

  • Matthew Machell
    Matthew Machell

    I can tell U you barley get a block of land in Aus with no house of that size for under a million

  • 4d_hoodz

    i would go switzerland

  • Nathan Hulm
    Nathan Hulm

    I saw them look at Queensland and simon says "why are we still here" me in NSW like "come to Australia boys

  • baheejah toffar
    baheejah toffar

    Love from south Africa 🇿🇦❤

  • rdub202

    Hahah that one "Amsterdam" view was San Francisco, California.

  • sohrab poorfard
    sohrab poorfard

    Sooooo cap a mil in Vancouver gets u a crackhouse

  • PlaneDiamond748

    I live in Vancouver my house 4 mil and worse then that I got scammed

  • Will Buckley
    Will Buckley

    15 minutes of 3 brits realising their country is tiny and expensive.

  • Nathyn McKenna
    Nathyn McKenna

    I would live in Australia or the New York one just because new York is a big city so I wouldn't have to like drive like 2 hours to get into the city I'd already be there and then I could just take a cab or Uber to wherever I need to go or even a bike. The Australian one that looked really nice and the fact that it was like close to the beach


    i already live in that apartment from dubai hahaha


    Australia well because I’m friom there

  • Stephen Armstrong
    Stephen Armstrong

    Love this video but you will definitely not get that amount of space / area in Vancouver 🤣

  • LG_09

    Sidemen (Br)exit😂

  • Victor Kipchirchir
    Victor Kipchirchir

    Never have I seen rich people feel so poor

  • Happy Aimz
    Happy Aimz

    YeH you guys should come on down to Australia it is the best here and in Queensland were the house was its normally hot so you can go to the beach everyday

  • Ryan Barthel
    Ryan Barthel

    Paris may be a shit-hole, but it has the best pizza in the world

  • Billy Standen
    Billy Standen

    “sidemen move to india” 😂

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse

    They said Delhi india and showed Sri harmandhir sahib (golden temple) which is located in Amritsar,Punjab

  • Peter P.
    Peter P.

    I'm a fan from Thailand. It's so sad but with the current situation that we have right now, you should change your mind Harry. lol

  • Anton Bate
    Anton Bate

    Already in straya mate

  • Will Smyth
    Will Smyth

    surely sidemen move down here to australia

  • Harrison Grant
    Harrison Grant

    Yes, sidemen come down to Australia mate.

  • DMitraMQ

    Australia? Hell nah there's snakes and spiders crawling up the toilet

  • Man united 5
    Man united 5

    “Paris is a shit hole” well, there’s goes my future holiday destination in the bin.. thanks for saving me from disappointment boys!! Respect ✊

  • Jove Sapkota
    Jove Sapkota

    Harry said a 1051 sq ft is huge 🤯 We are building a 1500 Sq ft house under 30k usd in Nepal 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohd majid Mahid
    Mohd majid Mahid

    Simon: Why we still here Me: just to suffer

  • Sreenihal Premjith
    Sreenihal Premjith

    Being an Indian that was not a million dollars....that might be more of a 100k

  • OneRule YT
    OneRule YT

    The dome you saw in Vancouver is science world

  • Ragged_blade-gaming 07
    Ragged_blade-gaming 07

    Yes bois let’s goo Australia

  • ruth Kizige
    ruth Kizige

    South Africa

  • Theo Johansson
    Theo Johansson

    Close your eyes and listen to harry 12:40

  • Was Up
    Was Up

    The video shows golden temple and says delhi

  • Rooi oë baby.
    Rooi oë baby.

    As a South African,I see now why many Foreigners come n live here.

    • Kira Magowan
      Kira Magowan


  • yee ftf
    yee ftf

    U guys should just check Sydney average amount for a normal house lol

  • HadleighScholeyFitness

    £1mill house in Notts ain’t bad yanno 👀

  • Brayden Anderson
    Brayden Anderson

    dont insult science world

  • Hamza_Daradkeh

    In this video the sidemen realise they are idiots for living in London 😂😂😂


    as a south african it pisses me off how people pronounce Gauteng

  • Dylan Socha
    Dylan Socha

    So after watching this I’ve came to the conclusion. 1.) the sidemen are about to gtfo of the UK after seeing how they can get an entire sidemen house basically in another country. 2.) I need to make some money ASAP so I can get out of the USA and get myself a nice place with a great view

  • Craig Mortimer
    Craig Mortimer

    come to straya mate!

  • Sion Ap Pedr
    Sion Ap Pedr

    Should look up houses in Pwllheli or abersoch in wales if they looking for nice place

  • Liam Dior
    Liam Dior

    Yea im from qld yea the boiz


    8:18 that's not Delhi it's Goa 😂😂😂

  • RudyPhile

    5:35 :- Simon " Why are we still here " Me:- " Just to suffer "

  • AussieDong

    When u live in Australia

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid

    More reasons Texas is great


    I live in india and i have a house of 1800sq and its 2 floors and its under 100k dollars 😂

  • Sim Pickens
    Sim Pickens

    In london, you can get a premium cardboard box dating back to 1066

  • 。Name 。
    。Name 。

    In America, 1M$ can get you 2 rolls of bandages & a bottle of Alchol.

  • 。Name 。
    。Name 。

    In America, 1M$ can get you 2 two rolls of bandages & a bottle of alcohol.

  • LS lover
    LS lover

    That NYC apartment for $995000 is a banger for NYC. I've literally seen 1 bed/1 bath that is less than 500 sqft and a fixer upper for that price.


    I would go to Australia because i already live there

  • one.direction

    I love how in Queensland you can get a whole mansion for a mill while here in Sydney you can buy a normal small house for more than a mill

  • Manan Sethi
    Manan Sethi

    TheRichest says delhi and shows Punjab

  • Elijah Warhurst
    Elijah Warhurst

    the queensland one is fake that would be like 3 million dollars i live in australia

  • Arthur Knight
    Arthur Knight

    pretty sure Vik's cousin owns a hotel or hostel LMAO

  • Jesse

    As an Australian I was very very surprised that you could get something like that for only a mill in Aus. Also, I have never felt more wanted by Vikk!

  • Fsx-777-pilot

    Imagine spending a million on anything just for it to depreciate in value.😅 don’t forget you’re spending your time not money.

  • Sharp Xenon
    Sharp Xenon

    with a million dollars you can buy the entire country of India

  • NH2 astro
    NH2 astro

    If u do come to South Africa 1mil is around 14.6 or 14.5 million rand

  • Dr Fox
    Dr Fox


  • _K_r_a_K_e_N_

    Lmao this video showing random images for same house. Look at the source credit and you will see.

  • Cameron Chalmers
    Cameron Chalmers

    Vik, that was a kiwi accent... defo not Aussie

  • Asim Kiani
    Asim Kiani

    JJ can buy all of them

  • derpy tiger
    derpy tiger

    i live in Aus that house would not be 1 million dollars

  • chevy_btw

    Them saying let's go to Australia and then they come and see one of them giant ass spiders nope back to the UK😂😂😂

  • P A Nanjappa
    P A Nanjappa

    Well then Vik's cousins are the Ambanis

  • John

    Swear that German flat overlooking the centre is George square in Edinburgh, Scotland 🤣🤣

  • Cryptic Legend
    Cryptic Legend

    I’m Australian and 1million dollar houses are amazing but don’t go to Sydney it’s packed and a bunch of traffic

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    I'd argue that these houses are gonna look Hella different in the Capitals of half these countries. For example they mention Guatent but not Cape Town

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    I can't imagine the Sidemen in South Africa

  • Ronaldo

    Alternative title: Sidemen Go House Shopping!

  • DavidOBrien 1970
    DavidOBrien 1970

    australia the best


    Bruh he says Delhi and shows Amritsar...in cites other than Mumbai and Delhi you can get pretty good houses for 1 Million Dollars..and yeah I get Vikk building a house costs less than buying one....and yeah I feel Vikk exaggerated cause 30 bedros? No one has them I guess, 30 rooms sounds possible, it must be an apartment building where the whole family could live..

  • Alanna

    Seems unfair to just count a home in NYC... I've got more space for a hell of a lot less than that in the Midwest. Would be better to compare the median or average home sold at 1mil.

  • Benedict Cheng
    Benedict Cheng

    Hongkongese is telling you "Couldn't buy sh** with 1mil, mate"

  • Ndumiso Zibani
    Ndumiso Zibani

    South Africa 🔥🔥🔥

  • ilyaas davids
    ilyaas davids

    Sidemen to South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Ravex

    Vikk was taking notes for his next Investment.

  • Ski

    Dubai is cap u get like one little shed in the desert that u share with 50 ppl

    • We be trees org
      We be trees org

      Lmao what. I just checked and it seems like the prices aren’t that bad

  • Taylor Corbett
    Taylor Corbett

    I don't know how the guy managed to say "Queensland" wrong. It's one of the easiest states to pronounce ffs

  • Big Boax
    Big Boax

    I'm choosing Gauteng SA because I don't have to move out the country.

  • Dylan Furness
    Dylan Furness

    South Africa, Gauteng and they show a beach for the most landlocked province in the countries (I'm South African and say cape town is much better0

  • yonatan bitterfeld
    yonatan bitterfeld

    the Australian is in no way a 1 million dollar house, I live in Australia in a 400-meter square unit and it is valued at roughly 900,000 unless this house is in the outer regions, It may be close but I doubt it.

  • lasersoldier234

    1,000,000 in Luxembourg, maby a house far from everything usefull

    • lasersoldier234

      Apartment in the capital are like 1,6M or higher

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo

    My house in mumbai cost $500k and it has 800 sq.ft and 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms lol

  • Ninja Shoyo
    Ninja Shoyo

    And if you come to Mumbai you get 1000 sq. Ft and 3 tiny bedrooms

  • mayur mogal
    mayur mogal

    You can't buy 1 penthouse in mumbai with this much money 🤣🤣🤣

  • HaloLohan

    The way he said Gauteng😂

  • Tejas Sumriya
    Tejas Sumriya

    For 300000$ in Kenya you can get 5 bedroom 6 bathroom mansion. And for 700000$ you can get a 8 story building.

  • Tetsuro Mise
    Tetsuro Mise

    new york was a lie i live in a brown stone it was 6.5

  • Clayton George
    Clayton George

    Gauteng does not have a beach...dont know why he showed that

  • Caitlin Naude
    Caitlin Naude

    When they show a sea for Gauteng😭