Reunion With My Brother
Big up my bro Jj!
His channel:

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  • Madden Tre
    Madden Tre

    so when is the ''scary games'' gameplay?

  • Lb boi
    Lb boi

    This is amazing…

  • ZF21Cisco

    Well that was a short break

  • Ryzza Jane De Vera
    Ryzza Jane De Vera


  • Sp1ral

    Hey dej I’m happy that your improving your mind and mentality it’s for the best and what happened to dunja

  • Ks Raul
    Ks Raul

    Cant wait till deji comes back fucking jacked

  • Unknown Hero
    Unknown Hero

    Deji we want you to get your abs and muscle on another level and bring home the W

  • L Thomas
    L Thomas

    harry and william

  • A H B M K M
    A H B M K M

    Dom Toretto would be proud.

    • Dark God Duty 785
      Dark God Duty 785

      If you can't think of something good to comment don't comment at all

  • IP RaHuL
    IP RaHuL


    • Dark God Duty 785
      Dark God Duty 785

      If you can't think of something good to comment don't comment at all

  • aden entertainment
    aden entertainment

    R I P deji 1996-2021

    • TPSE [GD]
      TPSE [GD]

      @Troy really

    • Troy

      @TPSE [GD] nah he drowned in a tub

    • TPSE [GD]
      TPSE [GD]

      Sir, he is taking a hiatus.

    • Dark God Duty 785
      Dark God Duty 785

      He is not dead he just taking a break from social media

  • kim dawid
    kim dawid

    man love seeing u both pls upload like this... at the end of the day whats left is family❤️

  • XxWhiteRusherxX

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

  • Joshua Valenzuela
    Joshua Valenzuela

    This could've made me cry and hyped at the same time

  • Zulu-Bravo2

    He better look like a gigachad when he returns

  • Mr KaNoodles
    Mr KaNoodles

    "Dom toretto has entered chat"

  • Cyril Sneer
    Cyril Sneer

    Is Deji hiding like he’s Ann?

  • Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur
    Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur

    “Aunque digan que soy Un bandolero donde voy Le doy gracias a Dios Por hoy estar donde estoy”.

  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez

    Wonder what Deji will have in store for us once he comes back?? 🤔

    • ssj3 MHZ
      ssj3 MHZ

      Your not funny 😐😐😐

  • Some Entertainer
    Some Entertainer

    If you trying to cut a water, you'll never gonna make it. That's how bonding of family are.

  • Dark God Duty 785
    Dark God Duty 785

    My contents more better than yours people love my videos

  • Hanat Hassan
    Hanat Hassan

    Cant believe this was a month ago

  • LoganPaulJakePaulhater5024

    Almost had 1million likes lamfo

  • the meme inator
    the meme inator

    This was.... 1 month ago holy f

  • k.p


  • ALS

    How long till Deji comes back

  • AUDA 17
    AUDA 17

    "The most important thing in life will always be Family!"- Dom Toretto

    • Mitsos52 __
      Mitsos52 __

      haha so funny

  • SlipTV

    Finally a trending Deji video

  • Dre Santos
    Dre Santos

    I honestly don't care if you win in boxing or not but you will always be my favorite ISdownsr.

    • Dominic Colangelo
      Dominic Colangelo

      Same here! 😊

  • skrimsh HDM
    skrimsh HDM

    U still alive??

  • Khalid mehmood
    Khalid mehmood

    love it uh two make my day

  • Hanzo FN
    Hanzo FN

    “this is family” dom toretoo


    Can’t wait 4 dej to post a pic of him in shape

  • Rehan Siddiqui
    Rehan Siddiqui

    No one cares

    • RS_Shadow

      I have 20/20 vision and still can’t find who the fuck asked

  • Drapeydon Don
    Drapeydon Don

    I still dont know how he had the balls to troll epic games in the awards

    • N43U N4Z
      N43U N4Z

      He was dared to do it

  • Progirl 677 Backup
    Progirl 677 Backup

    Deji shouldn't be on ISdowns because he's black

    • xxCrimsonTerrorxx

      Am I missing the joke?

    • RS_Shadow

      This ain’t 2019 scrub

    • Kaneen Sophia
      Kaneen Sophia

      Not funny

    • N43U N4Z
      N43U N4Z


  • AstroPengiRBLX

    "There's nothing stronger than family." - Dominic Torreto

  • Flvntox

    This gon be on the history books. The kings are together again 🐐💯

  • Peter Aukuso
    Peter Aukuso

    12:01 wat a voice crack

  • Mr. Championator
    Mr. Championator

    Vin Diesel is proud


    hey Deji make Minecraft videos

  • SKy

    Finally you're both back, because hate doesn't last forever, hope you both help and care for eachother

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    They can't even look each other in the eye

    • Joseph Sung
      Joseph Sung

      Max stan

  • kian lowes
    kian lowes

    Deji where you have u gone 😢

    • Joseph Sung
      Joseph Sung

      Not until he has abs

  • Harry Bellyou
    Harry Bellyou

    Can you come back already dej

    • Joseph Sung
      Joseph Sung

      Imjust thanks that was what I was about to say

    • ImJust-_-TooWavey


    • Joseph Sung
      Joseph Sung

      Not until he has

  • Shamraz Ahmed
    Shamraz Ahmed

    Dads hair 😂🤣😂

  • Peer


  • ivan perea
    ivan perea

    Deji you need to get your shit together, your no fighter , stick to eating 5 day old McDonald’s burgers

    • ivan perea
      ivan perea

      I found it funny when he ate the old burgers , seeing him fight is sad to me , just taking damage for pay , a real fighter fight for other reasons

    • Abdur Rahman
      Abdur Rahman

      I disagree he could change but let see in his new vid. If he is same as he was after one fucking month, yea i have no hope for him but if he made progress then yea.

    • Zolo

      You cant stop him he stops when he wants

    • Arrow In The Quiver
      Arrow In The Quiver

      He's doing it.

  • Nathaniel Vinsek
    Nathaniel Vinsek

    I am glad to see the boys back together

  • ganpachiro drop
    ganpachiro drop

    Big up deji One thing I won't to say bring back tekken7 gameplay

  • ‎

    0:08 lmao



  • LARRY 21
    LARRY 21

    Damn, no upload in July

  • Punny Funny
    Punny Funny


  • Trophäensucht

    Nobody: i like Deji

  • i8ursnacks


  • S A D
    S A D

    See you soon Deji...

  • zayan khan
    zayan khan


  • etenal vert
    etenal vert

    Vin Diesel Be Like: that's what you call family

  • Ryan Carroll
    Ryan Carroll

    18:00 and still hella funny😂😂

  • Ultra_k1llsh0ts -
    Ultra_k1llsh0ts -

    I want him to start posting:(

  • Wiza125

    Who’s here on the 31 jul and it’s been a month since this beast has posted bruvv😫

  • Kylan Hasselbring
    Kylan Hasselbring

    Really hope deji comes back for revenge fight hope he’s training and getting in shape for this moment

  • KOA_ Jacob
    KOA_ Jacob

    Can’t wait for dej to come back to yt

  • OuTeRsPaC3


  • J Pa
    J Pa

    When is he coming back

    • wilums

      @SMOKO cappppl

    • SMOKO

      When he looks chiseled as fuck

  • Šćřęęñż

    I aint got no time for when i wake up yeah Believe me i see through a lotta fake love yeah But imma let it go cuz it aint a thing to meee.... I still focus on mah trip crew flyin (oh shit wrong lyrics well i dont gotta worry, cuz 'my mentality changes when my Mentality changes', most positive quote of all time)

  • Mysterious Habitat
    Mysterious Habitat

    Dom Toretto: Family is everything

  • Sharad Chandra
    Sharad Chandra

    Wow both brothers successful utuber.

  • Eskah

    Good to see you lads together again

    • Deniz Beytekin
      Deniz Beytekin

      what had happened between them do u know?

  • Gonçalo Pinto
    Gonçalo Pinto


    • Deniz Beytekin
      Deniz Beytekin

      what had happened between them do u know?

  • Bleeding Pen
    Bleeding Pen

    Deji is a nut case

  • Siyanda Cele
    Siyanda Cele

    "famliy":Vin Diezil is happy,,

  • Siyanda Cele
    Siyanda Cele


  • Isak Wessmark
    Isak Wessmark

    We love you deji, hopefully you come back and put the work in

  • JJCP

    Yoo Dej me and a lot of people are going to re-sub because we wanna see you transform G you got a do it we are going to support you bless up mad thing Ps man dont need grammar

  • mattronimus


  • Taffy

    dude upload

  • RossMurrayFam

    this guy training with Viddal black and black can mix

    • RossMurrayFam

      @Panda ok Sir

    • Panda

      @RossMurrayFam then edit the comment

    • RossMurrayFam

      @Panda I mean black n balck

    • Panda

      what? viddal aint white

  • Oren Manshirov
    Oren Manshirov

    hella awkward

  • Sabiha Begh
    Sabiha Begh

    When is deji coming back I miss him

  • The988

    ISdowns rewind stuff

  • BA18-062


  • Everything rowdy ~edits~
    Everything rowdy ~edits~

    I honestly thought they were gonna play a horror game

  • Berserk Dragon
    Berserk Dragon

    Dom toretto was very happy to see this.

    • Deniz Beytekin
      Deniz Beytekin

      what had happened between them do u know?

  • Reina_Kousak.a

    Look at these two shrimps that made it out the Titanic..

  • kevingabriel lagman
    kevingabriel lagman

    Dominic Toretto Approves

  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith

    Deji return will be big just watch I am Confident he will be insane when he comes back

  • Me_Nols Plays
    Me_Nols Plays

    2-0 and 0-2, such contradiction

  • laurel kendel
    laurel kendel

    I enjoy this alot more then ur actual vids , just being mature having honest talk , good shit

  • PartyRoyale


  • kamib5466

    You can see they're brothers by... *their massive chins*

  • Xyz Abc
    Xyz Abc

    7.5 million views so far. He's making bank on this one video.

    • AgentXP

      He didnt put ads on this one thankfully

  • TrailBlazer

    can I get ur Fortnite account

    • LaggyDim

      Yeah I will give you mine

  • pranit dolare
    pranit dolare

    Vin diesel is smiling in corner .....

  • Kevin Bonnie
    Kevin Bonnie

    My God this was only a month ago

  • King ChrissyBoi⚡️
    King ChrissyBoi⚡️

    Listen from the heart when I take L I feel so sad like I want the ground to suck me up but if u keep tryin and believe u will achieve

  • Idk


    • EpicBlast


  • Aprameya

    My man gonna get bomb bois we r having high hopes deji dont disappoint us

  • Dex Dex
    Dex Dex

    Now this puts a smile on my face

    • Deniz Beytekin
      Deniz Beytekin

      @Dex Dex can u explain a bit Iam curious

    • Dex Dex
      Dex Dex

      @Deniz Beytekin no they weren’t

    • Deniz Beytekin
      Deniz Beytekin

      @Dex Dex what was the reason? were they pissed to each other?

    • Dex Dex
      Dex Dex

      They just haven’t seen each for a long time

    • Dex Dex
      Dex Dex

      @Deniz Beytekin what do you mean

He's Still Going
2,8 m.
He's Still Going
2,8 m.