SKYRIM NECROMANCY ONLY CHALLENGE IS BROKEN - Skyrim is a Perfectly Balanced game with no exploits
Skyrim is the ultimate RPG game designed by Video Game God Todd Howard and Exploit Creators Bethesda. In Their divine wisdom they gave the players of skyrim the most overpowered spell imaginable and said that they could have it from as early as level 1. So how on earth can a player beat skyrim with only necromancy a skill which is exceedingly limited and has few overpowered gameplay features. Well it turns out that the ritual stone will make a skyrim necromancy only challenge not just easier but it will turn the game into a walk in the park. You can take a level 1 character and turn them into the most powerful character in the entirety of the elder scrolls universe. So lets see if The Spiffing Brit can prove if Skyrim is a perfectly balanced game or if spiff can exploit skyrim and beat the game with only necromancy.

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this Skyrim Necromancy only challenge! How on earth can one english bugger beat Skyrim Special Edition with only raising the dead!! Its the most overpowered build yet.

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Title: SKYRIM NECROMANCY ONLY CHALLENGE IS BROKEN - Skyrim is a Perfectly Balanced game with no exploits

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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit

    *Get ready to have your to be bones raised by The beautiful necromancer Barry Today*

    • BirdKeeper Sky
      BirdKeeper Sky

      Did this with my arthas the lich king build bit I used a two handed weapon ice magic and the ritual stone

    • Savage fox
      Savage fox

      Mega mage

    • Metal Man
      Metal Man

      yes! i am 300th reply!!! 6.9 K LIKES FOR THE WINS :)

    • No Cubes
      No Cubes

      300th reply

    • Craig Camsey
      Craig Camsey

      So, what would happen if the crown was duped? Could you potentially bind individual crowns to each stone and switch standing stones on the fly? Just rewatched this and wondered 😅

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple

    oh no

  • Existedtoast4

    3:31 mmhh yeah he raises my bone alright

  • Razale

    33:45 The mudcrab coming up the stairs is ADORABLE XD

  • Razale

    18:10 "And there we go i've passed some time and all my friends have died" Spiff 2021

  • Keith Stewart
    Keith Stewart

    so do you have to be level 1 for it to work properly

  • Kevin Nitta
    Kevin Nitta

    You rock for a Brit at least. lol

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional lamp appropriately trot because march orally develop over a low stepson. hapless, spotty poppy

  • Piano Man
    Piano Man

    My necromancer turned to ash, ig they made it less op, that kinda sucks

  • Zajir Ayman
    Zajir Ayman

    anything is a feature unless it is the developer who said it is a bug

  • Toby Marshall
    Toby Marshall

    Dude, why all the water marks on your stock images? Stock photographers gotta eat, too...

  • ToastyTea

    Bone raiser ;)


    I had to physically restrain myself from going straight to the Ritual Stone.

  • JPreciado

    Honestly it’s still pretty balanced because of how tedious it is.

  • Eric Swenson
    Eric Swenson

    I exploited Elemental Fury so hard I broke the Mirak fight. Had to reload and hit him less so he would actually do the whole sequence.

  • PoCanDo _
    PoCanDo _

    please do an exploit video on one of the Witcher series!!

  • lili klein
    lili klein

    The taboo encyclopedia realistically squeeze because fridge alarmingly haunt beyond a free talk. abiding, apathetic range

  • Iwai :p
    Iwai :p


  • Ulric Steyn
    Ulric Steyn

    How do you become a necromancer

  • I dunno so why should you?
    I dunno so why should you?

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Disney Princess Edition

  • marcus

    oh so you have an army. thats cute. i got a dragon 😁

  • Apex Legend
    Apex Legend

    In my opinion fire is better for some enemies I say that because sparks is good for some characters weak to it but fire spells are sometimes better because the over time fire damage is better than no overtime

  • Thomas Trijin
    Thomas Trijin

    Can you revive a dragon?

  • John Calloway
    John Calloway

    Necromancy only..... the first thing I see is a bow in your hands 🤣😅🤣

  • Sietse Hoogeveen
    Sietse Hoogeveen

    Imagine this guy being your friend and he narrates all movies and games you're playing with him... everyday would be hilarious.

  • GB Barroa
    GB Barroa

    Next challenge should be destruction spells only run at legendary difficulty

  • ImGonnaDie

    Will Barry please rise me after I commit suicide so I have a reason to live?

  • l MrHumpHappy l
    l MrHumpHappy l

    I've literally lost count of how many different times they've re-released Skyrim

    • bad idea generator
      bad idea generator

      Skyrim re-re-re-re-re-release number 2 electric boogaloo edition

    • Alek Wales
      Alek Wales

      Its such a good game that they just upgrade the game

  • SyPhEmUs ParaDoX
    SyPhEmUs ParaDoX

    I can see a necromancer novel with a story like this in my mind😂

  • Savannah Wise
    Savannah Wise

    "Necromancy only" uses a sword and sparks in the tutorial

  • Grimm _
    Grimm _

    *How the Zombie apocalypse actually started*

  • Christina BlackFeather
    Christina BlackFeather

    I was bursting out laughing at work over the chickens!!! Made my night!

  • 7ovin Adventures
    7ovin Adventures

    looked into his eyes and he became barry the boner raiser

  • WackyRussianDude

    This entire video is basically the "Hundred men, charge again, die again" bit from one particular song

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Just so you know the dwarves didn’t all die

  • Ирина Толкачева
    Ирина Толкачева

    The exciting exclusive land numerically battle because modem physiologically scatter under a melodic neon. three, voracious whorl

  • Blue

    I sneezed at 32:03 and as I looked back, I saw this

  • Zheref

    The fact that i did all this exploits u have done in your channel and still watch because of the entertainment is amazin

  • Kanu Sunu
    Kanu Sunu

    Great video, as always :D I'd really like to know whether this works on even bigger enemies like dragons - and how it would look like if you'd "recruit" all inhabitants of Skyrim :D Would the game start to struggle with the huge amount of characters on the screen? :D

  • Clint Beastwood
    Clint Beastwood

    Take a sip of tea every stock image

  • igor mehandziski
    igor mehandziski

    27:59 Hey that map is from Macedonia!

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    This was my build in Diablo II

  • Arianna Vitone
    Arianna Vitone

    Now I've gotta try this....granted I am on console and not PC...

  • Martis Endrell
    Martis Endrell

    Well...looks like I’m playing Skyrim again.

  • Spidergod

    Not sure if they have nerfed this exploit as was trying it today and the necromancer and the skeleton vanished after a while after I brought them back to the living death.

  • Vanmeijer

    You basically became Potema

  • Ben-utzer

    If someone told me one year ago that i would spend 37 minutes of my lifetime watching Barry the Boneraiser building up his great army of bandits and mammoths i never would have taken him seriously... Well here i am...

  • Ryan Bergener
    Ryan Bergener

    Your videos suck how do you have so many veiws

  • Ed Kennen
    Ed Kennen

    was feeling nostalgic

  • Patrick's Goatee
    Patrick's Goatee

    Imagine doing this during the Civil War story when there's dozens of bodies laying all over the place.

  • EKotta

    Alternative Title: Skyrim, but I’m Leveling Solo (If you know what I mean)

  • Monte Leon
    Monte Leon

    This guy just keeps doing the same thing and keeps saying the exact same thing’s for the whole video.... smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Raymond Htet
    Raymond Htet

    I second for Mega Mage

  • FredRated1967

    The nice thing about the SE version of Skyrim is that it just appeared one day in my Steam library.

  • zekrotan

    Literally anything: *exists* Spiffing brit: "You have been recruited for the undead army!"

  • ThatGuyInTheRain

    Why all the hate toward Necromancers? Can't a guy just raise a family in peace?

  • Deedee Megadoodoo
    Deedee Megadoodoo

    As a woman my bone is definitely raised

  • Orcbolg

    The bone riser.

  • SnapClap

    Probably the most terrifying build to fight against. Imagine you’re a bandit and someone kills your chickens, then those chickens rise up and murder your dog and then your dog and chickens rise up and murder the lower level bandits and then that guy gets up etc etc until everyone is just dead and revived again 😅

  • Grant Green
    Grant Green

    You make it seem like this is broken, but you didnt bother to take into account how tedious it is. Who cares how broken this ability is with how much work you have to do to make it work. Even the equip/uniquip is still annoying as hell. Some one will just make a mod to use the ritual stone as much as you want.

  • SewFieSie

    30:25 Wabammmm

  • Shane Gonzales
    Shane Gonzales

    18:10 what I'll be saying when I'm 80.

  • ErrADDict

    Which DLC do you need for that crown?

  • Metal Man
    Metal Man

    Each one that falls is another soldier for the army of the dead.... Winter is khooming...

  • Djurren

    "Can the chickens be resurre- OH MY GAWD the chickens can be resurrected!" That one necromancer that has an army of undead chickens: "Took 'em long enough."

  • Serena the 002nd
    Serena the 002nd

    This is the only game that I already know all the glitches to, or at least all of the ones that are stupid op

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric

    gods bless Necromancy!

  • Michael Fortner
    Michael Fortner

    I actually got a cup of tea

  • Grim The Reaper
    Grim The Reaper

    Did anyone See The Horse Eat The Bandit

  • Thomas Stamper
    Thomas Stamper

    I could listen to this guy all day

  • G M
    G M

    Now do this with a dragon!

  • Araya

    He literally make ryuk

  • Nazeem

    Just take off the crown then put it back on. It is quicker and works

  • Matt Brabo
    Matt Brabo

    This is just amazing.

  • Deathstranger

    Well this little knowledge will definitely help me on my journey to completing the xbox one port for them easy achievements

  • Namia Kurenai
    Namia Kurenai

    I used to be a necromancer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee!

  • King Ford VR
    King Ford VR

    *the skyrim version of the dark ones*

  • IceStoneVulpix

    Spiff plays The Elder Scrolls V: Manimarco simulator

  • Riften Guard
    Riften Guard

    Casually failing the necromancy only challenge by using an iron sword on those Stormcloaks. Real men let Hadvar take care of business.

  • Lucca

    Skyrim: Solo leveling edition

  • David Favors
    David Favors


  • Liam Andrews
    Liam Andrews

    I'm curious. Does it raise dragons?

    • nervous melon
      nervous melon


  • Horizon

    Istg yt unsubbed me from you bc I’ve been subbed for mad long

  • Ranger A117
    Ranger A117

    i love barry, i did this and i had soo much fun with my army, but it was like time consuming when you didnt get the dwarf artifact, though it still works awesomely bwhahahahah i had to remake a new toon and just roll around for fun ty

  • Mr.Raptor

    “It just works!”

  • Raman OZone
    Raman OZone

    He should've called him Barry Boner

  • Lewis Fisher
    Lewis Fisher

    Spit I broke Skyrim worse than you did I actually managed to maintain the undead permanently even after the day they still lived

  • Atomspalter

    nice ameisen

  • The one the only Bob
    The one the only Bob

    I brought Skyrim today and the first thing I did is look up your videos best decision ever

  • kamakazi gamer
    kamakazi gamer

    Ya missed a great great chance Barry the boner

  • E621_OwO

    Barry sure did raise my bone ;)

  • Sam the demon
    Sam the demon

    This reminds me of the “death consumes all” mod

  • Paul Hopkins
    Paul Hopkins


  • CedeTheBees

    ...oh my god I need to start using this stone

  • Kimberly Kjellberg
    Kimberly Kjellberg

    Can a chicken be resurrected? So you never had Serana as a follower?

  • Purplefantasys

    can you do this with the unoffical skyrim patch

    • Dumpling

      no :/

  • randomclips1511

    yar need to res. a dragoon

  • Two Scoops
    Two Scoops

    I love your content

  • Carter Cummings
    Carter Cummings

    Cold tea is better than hot tea Fight me

  • bryce251

    "Hilde why didn't you help us murder your son?"

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see you soon
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