The Accidental Rush for Anthrax Island
Gruinard Island, in the north-west of Scotland, was where Britain tested its biological weapons. That story's been told many times: but I found something in the archives that I don't think anyone's ever noticed before.

Thanks to the boat crew and voice artists!
Location fixer: Vikki McCraw at Locations 365

SOURCES from the National Archives:
WO 188/2783
WO 188/3169
WO 32/20442
DEFE 55/118
DEFE 68/991, 992, 993

One other stories I found but couldn't fit into the video: the government spent a long time trying to work out the legal ramifications of selling the island back. In the end, they agreed to guarantee the cleanup for 150 years, which to me is the strongest evidence that there's nothing dangerous left there: they wouldn't have taken that risk otherwise!

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    This is the first of three videos from the west of Scotland! It's good to be back on the road again. Uh, and back on the water, I guess.

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      I feel like I've stumbled into a goldmine finding your channel Tom... I have so much of your incredible research work to watch. Thank you for informing, educating and most of all entertaining us with your warm personality 🥰

  • Not 2 busy
    Not 2 busy

    Ahha! So, you made up this story so that YOU could buy this island, convincing everyone else that it was no longer for up sale. Fiendishly clever !! I think you are seriously clever at finding these tidbits and bringing them to light. To make something interesting out of what otherwise would have been regarded, by most, as just a lump of rock. Thanks again.

  • A Laputa
    A Laputa

    One of our US reporters unnecessarily heightening the fear factor for views? Never...

    • A Laputa
      A Laputa

      It's too bad mainstream reporting isn't like this. If it was all backed by good research and a cool head like Tom's people wouldn't believe the world is terrible and on fire all the time.

  • Abigail Fennigan
    Abigail Fennigan

    If you go there, you won't be among the living. If you leave you'll be spreading the disease. But don't worry, you won't know. You'll be in a state of euphoria. Like they got hit with a fistful of metal. It's a madhouse.

  • Charlie

    For more information on this story and some of the other atrocities that Britain committed against their own people just look up 'Porton down' on Google.

  • Charlie

    Just like Britain didn't mislead young privates into being used for experiments 😂 good one Tom.

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    Kenny Brunton

    It doesn't sound abhorrent whilst we're in the middle of a pandemic created in a Chinese lab.

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    Mitch Thompson

    Hi Tom, do you know about Operation Cauldron over the water on the Isle of Lewis? Barges with monkeys on board being tested for radiation during the war and after. There's a massive concrete pier that was specifically built to hold the barges.

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    I am here because someone said there was a surprisingly cheap Scottish island for sale, who do I see about it?

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    There's nothing abhorrent about planning for NBC warfare, it's a necessity.

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    Hayden Westfield-Bell (Wodewose)

    Wasn't the anthrax experiment on the island to do with Operation Vegetarian, the goal of which was to explore using anthrax as a weapon against Germany?

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    Carl Trotter

    0:31 - Thanks for pointing it out. That is an attitude that I wish more people had. Scotland’s risk of becoming independent only gets worse because of attitudes like that. -Carl, Glasgow.

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    The Ultimate Reductionist

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    People don’t understand why we need to test these substances, without any knowledge of how to stop, cure or abolish a “problem” we leave our selfs open to an opportunity of destruction. The basic of all concept to get the point is flinching before you get hurt, your body’s aware of the danger and reacts. If you’ve never seen or experienced “danger” you’ll never recognize when it’s coming.

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    Onii-chan is watching you

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      yaliso gioouy

      Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Tom probably spent as much on voice actors on Fiverr as this family on buying back the island

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