How many robots does it take to run a grocery store?
In Ocado's grocery warehouses, thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive. Are they all individual robots? Or is this one giant hive mind? • Thanks to Ocado: (this video is not sponsored, and they had no editorial control).

Reference: Strandwitz P. (2018). Neurotransmitter modulation by the gut microbiota. Brain research, 1693(Pt B), 128-133. -- I should probably have put a "might" in there, but that's a thorough review of research and I think the claim just about holds up!

Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

Filmed safely:

Thanks to Grant Hurst from Casual Historian for suggesting the title:

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    Just to be clear, this video isn't sponsored! I've wanted to do a video about group vs individual for a while, so this worked really well. Ocado invited me for a warehouse tour, but I've not been paid a penny, and they had zero editorial control over the final video.

    • Jimbob Robob
      Jimbob Robob

      Gee...capitalists really hate paying wages to people don't they. This must be an ENORMOUS investment to dehumanize shopping like this. Trouble is the more of this unpaid botwork the less people with the money to buy the goods...

    • Interstellar💥

      @Adam Mc Damn ?

    • Chris

      @Russell Chapman Esq. They are made by Tharsus.


      @MarcusBurkenhare what I’m referring to is a full scale fire which levelled the facility in Andover. Andover did have another small fire recently tbf.

    • MarcusBurkenhare

      @DELL POWEREDGE R720 I think it may be the Erith facility, which recently had a small fire. They are working to fix it but operations were suspended for a while.

  • So Secluded
    So Secluded

    All I see is laziness

  • K Productionz
    K Productionz

    I wonder if one of the robots break its path like in wall-E with the cleaning robot it gets in trouble by the robot police patrolling them 😂… just a thought.

  • Vladoso noname
    Vladoso noname

    This is crazy

  • Liam Ryan
    Liam Ryan

    Very clever but more people with no jobs.

  • Khanh Nguyễn
    Khanh Nguyễn


  • Gavin Thomas
    Gavin Thomas

    That's incredible fair play, I deliver groceries for one of the UK's supermarkets, and apart from online-only, I didn't realize Ocado operated in such a unique way. Amazing!

  • CuteLittleHen

    So... Can anybody explain how can one pronounce Tymczyszyn?

  • mitchtavio

    And people complain about self checkouts taking jobs.

  • Jack Speight
    Jack Speight

    Ocado the supposed ethical grocery store... I definitely question the ethics of leading the way in making the working class population unemployed forever

  • Rajat Rahlan
    Rajat Rahlan


  • Jonodman

    2:26 Just in case the robots get bored, there's an xbox

  • Mohammad Rafi Gulzad
    Mohammad Rafi Gulzad

    So this the plan of new world order to place machine instead of humans .

  • Nadezda Mihajlovic
    Nadezda Mihajlovic


  • craig staggs
    craig staggs

    The beginning of the end .....

  • samxyx

    This must use an exorbitant amount of energy. Neat!

  • samxyx

    Skynet is born!

  • Eric Canadian Gold Boy Gray
    Eric Canadian Gold Boy Gray

    The Hive, isn't this how resident evil started

  • Mike L
    Mike L

    This is scary

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace

    HEB in San Antonio and Houston has new e-commerce warehouses with a version of this robotic system.

  • Blackfeather Tanfur
    Blackfeather Tanfur

    Interesting, they're using an XBOX (at 2:28). That's a creative repurposing of a technology originally designed for something else.

  • Ed Mo
    Ed Mo

    There's enough space to put cheap residential on top

  • Yorkshire Kez
    Yorkshire Kez

    “What is my purpose” “To pass the butter” “Oh my god”

  • Pancho Almeja
    Pancho Almeja

    That's mean humans population soon don't have no more Job because Robot take over more speed and more cheap, humans workers yours have competition with this piece of metal crap in time the computer control the world and that is coming War3 computer robot's vs humans population for took humans food.

  • Dante Regiani Freitas
    Dante Regiani Freitas

    Looks like a minecart item collection system


    2:27 why is there an Xbox Kinect attached to the machine? Can anyone explain?

  • Floodinator

    2:28 Now I know where all the Xboxes were sold to.

  • Maxaker

    I've passed a cell. Cells I've passed a cell. Cells I've passed a cell. Cells INTERLINKED

  • Paulo Pereira
    Paulo Pereira

    Imagine if in 400 years robots that robots will build are going to take their jobs

  • Ethan Thomson グミ
    Ethan Thomson グミ

    so skynet is working at tescos

  • Mr. Nick
    Mr. Nick

    When robots start taking over human jobs, this world is going to see a huge difference, and most people will not like it.

  • Patrick Shannon
    Patrick Shannon

    Constantly trying to come up with ways to do away with the human element so they don't have to pay somebody to do a job

  • rhone81

    Jeff Bezos: "Tell our warehouse workers to run faster."

  • Cee Why
    Cee Why

    Computer science is very scary

  • Peter Cotton
    Peter Cotton

    Goodbye low skilled jobs 🙁

  • Talinthis

    is the hive ran by the red queen?

  • Trisit Chatterjee
    Trisit Chatterjee

    I wonder how many humans would have lost work to these bots. Agree this is a technological advancement - but should be used where it's hazardous for humans to work.

  • AllMightyLancer :D
    AllMightyLancer :D

    2:26 is that a Xbox kinect?

  • Friendly Horse UK
    Friendly Horse UK

    Assume this is Ocado at Erith that had a bad fire recently when robots collided. Orders were cancelled.

  • Lulu AGK
    Lulu AGK

    Is the energy used for this safe for the environment?

  • Kyras

    2:27 "two 3d camera's" X box one kinekts 😐

  • JG310HOE

    Better than all the Amazon workers put together lmao

  • Jessy Built
    Jessy Built

    Should of gotten an KNAPP OSR

  • Toroko12

    Would be amazing, a world without the need of money, without work, just fun and hobbys, time to really life your live and robots which do everything for us.

    • victor

      Would be amazing a world without the way of work we know today: time consuming, stressful and most of the times boring.

  • Gaby

    Rip jobs.

  • Jake Makes
    Jake Makes

    Holy crap we are living in a sci fi movie


    Hurry my ice cream's melting !!!!!

  • John

    Imagine the cost for design, testing, maintenance, and going large scale for this.

  • TheEpicCzech

    i love this dude so random and cool

  • Lo-Fi Lurch
    Lo-Fi Lurch

    This is unacceptable seeing them packed together like battery chickens

  • Joe O’Neill
    Joe O’Neill

    Goodbye jobs for working people

  • A R
    A R

    This made me realize that in the not too distant future we will be living in a world made for robots instead of a world made for humans. Depressing...

    • Melpomene B-Smith
      Melpomene B-Smith

      -Ned Ludd, 1799 to be clear: I think mechanisation - as it is currently deployed, to disempower, alienate and control workers - is bad! just, what do you mean 'in the future'?

  • Personne Connqit
    Personne Connqit

    Employees : 👁️👄👁️

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz

    Great! Take more jobs away from people! Good job asshats!

  • Jens Tolsma
    Jens Tolsma

    I don’t get it, and I don’t need to. Amazing feat of ingenuity

  • jackson jackson
    jackson jackson

    I wonder how many people lost their jobs because of these robots.

  • Linus Leow
    Linus Leow

    Mf this is literally just Sahara from Hermitcraft S6

  • suck'nfuck Supreme DeLaRosa Arriguez
    suck'nfuck Supreme DeLaRosa Arriguez

    Nightmare future is now

  • 5uper5kill3rz

    Omg that camera is an Xbox Kinect camera right?

  • Luke Chudoba
    Luke Chudoba

    All this seems excesive to replace like 6 people to run a grocery store.

  • J Greenseed
    J Greenseed

    None actually. Like the good old days.

  • Ian Siddley
    Ian Siddley

    And how many people could be working there.

  • Armastat

    One Robot, 2300 Mobile Weapons of Death hiding in plain sight.

  • tubebuz

    No wonder this planet is suffering. Total waste of energy.

  • Blk Vanguard
    Blk Vanguard

    Hey Walmart ,come join us in the 21st century.

  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh

    Oh great. A hive mind. It’s like a cross between terminator and the Tyranids

    • Dexxus

      You're an idiot if you think you're in any danger from a bunch of boxes on wheels that pack groceries.

  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh


    • Callum Stephens
      Callum Stephens

      What about honey?

  • Yyyyzyyy

    This is your future entry level work going up in smoke. Sounds cool and fancy until your kid can't get a beginner's job because they've all been automated. This sounds great until you can't get an in-between job while you look for something more stable after becoming unemployed.

  • Dark

    Okay, less cool them I imagined. Just people pre packing bags and leaving them there to be collected by hive roombas Xd

  • lostintime86

    Wearing a mask around robots. Now that shows insanity.

  • Hayden Rei
    Hayden Rei

    I see the robots drive their cars to work! That parking lot is full!

  • Chaminda Ranasinghe
    Chaminda Ranasinghe

    You are taking away all the jobs Who will buy the goods from these stores Where will people get paid without jobs ?? Lot of questions

  • Prowser

    02:28 Xbox????

  • x Rokai
    x Rokai

    How many people could of had a job here? 🤔

  • Flip 5
    Flip 5

    I much rather do my own grocery shopping for the experience

  • Woke My Arse
    Woke My Arse

    It’ll never catch on.

  • DeeJay ViVo
    DeeJay ViVo

    How many squirrels does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  • Georgia Overdrive
    Georgia Overdrive

    Don’t give Amazon any ideas

  • Larry B
    Larry B

    It is inconceivable to have that much demand here in the USA for such a big facility...obviously, folks there are doing MUCH more online ordering of groceries. Here, there is almost none...I know a total of ONE family that does any online ordering, and a few that do occasional "curbside pickup" (which is clearly hand pulled items).

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    Goodbye jobs. As robots replace human workers a lot of people aren't going to be able to afford what they need so what will these robots do?

  • Hezekiah

    This video makes me want to reject the system and hate the antichrist

  • Quixoticizer

    imagine riding on one of these

  • FreshRot

    Part of us? Heck, our souls are prolly our gut bacteria!

  • imthiyas ahmed
    imthiyas ahmed

    I believe humans are the best robots

  • Richard

    What a stupid idea what's the World coming to, yes let's do away all peoples jobs, and let controlling Governments use Robots for Evil purposes which they behind the scenes in a sneaky way , cracking idea if want to be enslaved, crazy World we live in. It's about time people Woke up to all this Nonsense.

  • Sayed Aziz
    Sayed Aziz

    Who knows this? We flew a kite in a public place pum pum pum pum pum we flew a kite in a puuubic place

  • Engineering and Simulation Online
    Engineering and Simulation Online

    Does Walmart do the same ?

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith

    Technically zero, right?

  • I I
    I I

    This is the start of the sad end of keyworkers! So this is how they will gone die from starving because no more work and no more money they make in factories and warehouses.

  • C C
    C C

    Do not like the fact that these robots are taking over humans jobs. Technology can be a blessing in some areas but can be a nightmare in others.

  • Aditi Sharma
    Aditi Sharma

    No more going to the shops! Lock downs are here for ever...

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper

      OKAY, **KAREN!!**

  • Slowtown Sloth
    Slowtown Sloth

    These are the baby steps to hell world

  • Faseeh Rahman
    Faseeh Rahman

    Typically Alien movie. Kill the Queen and the army dies. 😂😂

  • RTL

    Its clever, but kind of ridiculous and over complicated to use this for online shopping. Looking at that robot there will be so many items which the robots cannot grasp requiring human intervention.

  • boy jorge
    boy jorge

    Wow amazing

  • creepster

    Oh my Xbox made the one of the mechanics in this! 2:28

    • ThatNormalBunny

      Yea but it wasn't specifically made for this that is just a repurposed Xbox One Kinect

  • Justin Winstanley
    Justin Winstanley

    Imagine going there on tripping on mushrooms 🍄 😳

  • Smoke

    This kinda explains why there are no handles in delivery shopping bags.

  • K Sum
    K Sum

    Putting even more out of jobs 😡

  • multiforme